Season’s Greetings from the Driveclub Team

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Season’s Greetings from the Driveclub Team

Season's Greetings from the Driveclub Team

While the Driveclub team continues to work hard to create an outstanding racing game for you and your friends to enjoy in 2014, we’re taking a moment to thank you all. We wish you well for the holidays, because your support and enthusiasm have kept us fired up all year.

We’re passionate about creating great, long-lasting games (which is why we’re taking more time with Driveclub), and the conversations we have with gamers are a regular reminder of why we pour our hearts into every stage of development.

We’ll keep you up to speed with Driveclub when we have updates for you, so in the meantime, have fun and enjoy the new year with your family, your friends, and with PlayStation. Thanks again everyone — 2013 has been an incredible year, and 2014 is shaping up to be just as exciting.

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  • Spring 2014 release ??? March or April

  • Can’t wait! Merry Christmas guys!

  • Killing me, was hoping for a release date. Haven’t touched my PS4 whatsoever. Seriously need FULL retail games for it and soon. Reserved this and Dying Light the other day, hoping for Feb. and March dates.

  • A release date would make for a fine christmas gift!

  • After another disappointment of the need for speed franchise ,I’m expecting driveclub to be the best racing game yet out on ps4, so please don’t disappoint me! This is gonna be my first ps4 game once I get the ps4 on my hand.Keep up the good work guys and let’s try to outclass need for speed! Until then, merry Christmas!

  • Agree with #3 here. I know its only just over a month since it was released but more news would be good. So far there wont be any real releases until at least March if we are lucky. Some good news for Q1 would be good

  • Merry Christmas

  • Merry Xmas to you too EVO studio, looking forward to try out DriveClub early next year

  • I was hoping to have a DriveClub Christmas, but I know you guys are taking your time to get the game right. Keep it up, and hopefully we’ll get a release date sooner than later.

  • Happy Holidays to everyone as well.

    I hope the Dev team is going to suprise all releasing the game at 60 FPS and not 30 . Please do that.

    Also please make use of Sony propietary API not Directx.

    Hope they listen to me :p

  • Please bring us 1080p/ 60 fps :)

  • As a gamer and a dev I’m looking forward to your game releasing. I was a little saddened this wasn’t coming on release day, but I’m sure the extra polish will be worth the wait. Especially since it has given me time to work on other things and play through my existing PS4 library.

  • Thank you to all involved in this amazing game’s development.

    From recent footage from you guys at facebook I can already tell the extra development time is being more than worth it. Keep up the epic work, after the holidays that is ;D

    Happy holidays to all!

  • Happy Holidays! I’m anxiously waiting for your game.

  • Col Rodgers, who I understand is the game director, has stated publicly that Driveclub will support all PS3 wheels, but I haven’t seen any official word on this since. Is this still the case? Thanks.

  • When is the next time we’ll get info on Driveclub? Happy Holidays Evolution!

  • My Pre-order is ready and waiting on Drive Club. Merry Christmas !!

  • This will be the game that will bring me back to racing games

  • Cant wait for Drive Club :D merry christmas!!!!

  • Merry Xmas! Cant wait anymore!

  • Merry Christmas. Eagerly waiting for Drive Club to release!

  • Merry Christmas EVO. Have a great and saf new years. I can’t wait for Drive Club. I was a little bummed it was delayed but if it means the game will run better with out any bugs I can wait. Happy Holidays PS Nation.

  • Merry Xmas! Keep up the great work and take your time to bring out a fully polished game where the patches that we do get are for additional content and not 6GBs of engine fixes (lol, engine fixes, get it?).
    Look forward to what you have to show us next when it is ready!

  • Please Evolution Studio support a racing wheel controller. if you guys love a racing genre you should know how much better the racing experience would be with wheel. Just make it happen.

  • Happy Holidays everyone! I still don’t have a PS4 yet, but I assure you I will be definitely picking up Driveclub when I get one!

  • Gonna trust these guys with my life.

  • Can you Driveclub or PSN guys please just tell us if the Logitech g27 wheel will be supported? I bought it for the ps3 and it served me great these years. But lack of g27 support has stopped me from buying the ps4.

  • Logitech support specialist says:

    “Unfortunately, we still don’t have an official notification whether or not the wheel will be supported on PS4 consoles. The wheel works with HID drivers found on PS3 port consoles, so we’re expecting the same driver implementation on its current successor. It’s up for the game console developers (Sony) to verify if their driver support will accommodate external wheel controllers, or to update it in a timely manner. I hope this information helps.”

  • i didn get playstation plus in my game package and no games wtf

  • Hi People this is good game !

  • Driveclub team is Evolution studios right?….get those Motorstorm and Pacific Rim servers back online.

    Merry Christmas to y’all…I know I’m late sorry.

  • After getting the grandkids ps4 for Christmas, I’m a little disappointed in the amount of games available. When the kids aren’t here me and grandma have been playing knack and enjoying it. Having not played on any game systems before I am very disappointed in need for speed and no support for a separate steering wheel, I cant go 20 seconds without crashing using the dualshock 4 controller. Please include support for a separate steering wheel, it would make for a much more enjoyable experience.

  • Soooo any news on whether or not the G27 racing wheel is supported? It looks like it’s leaning to a no because it is still in promotional stage and there has been no comment so far. After a massive amount of inquiries. If it did they would have announced it with all of the other features. I think I may pass on this game until/if ever it supports the wheel. Just don’t get quite the experience with racing games on a controller. When it comes to added functions it is not something a company stays tight lipped about. They stay mute on things like not having dlna, mp3, 3d bluray support and external usb support. Too soon?

  • Although the holiday wishes were very kind. Thank you.

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