Happy Holidays from Rum, Cola, and the Entire PlanetSide 2 Team

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Happy Holidays from Rum, Cola, and the Entire PlanetSide 2 Team

PlanetSide 2 Holiday Card

Hello everyone!

2013 has been a very memorable year for PlanetSide 2 – we released a slew of new features and major game updates, enhanced the game’s performance, celebrated our one-year anniversary on the PC, and announced our plans to come to Sony’s most powerful platform – the PlayStation 4.

We know you all are eager to get your hands on PlanetSide 2 on the PS4 and we’re just as excited. There will be nothing else like PlanetSide 2 on the PS4 and we can’t wait for you to experience the epic multiplayer combat and massive battles. Trust we are hard at work to make sure the game launches in 2014 as a complete and robust console offering.

Stay up to date on all the big news by checking back to the PlayStation Blog and sign up for more details on our website.

Wishing everyone a merry Auraximas and a happy New Year; we’re excited to see you all in PlanetSide 2 on the PlayStation 4 in 2014!

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  • Man I was hoping for a beta announcement. I’ve been waiting for you guys to give me a release date that would have been a good Christmas present or at least a PS4 closed beta code or something. I really want this on PS4

  • Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays :)

  • Quantum Dawn outfit leader on Waterson here. I will certainly get a PS4 charter of my outfit when this game goes live. Cannot wait to drive my mag with remote play from my bed!!!

  • Happy holidays to you guys as well. There are alot of folks wanting this game on ps4. I hope you guys can take your time and make the game right.. hoping planetside 2 is 1080p 60fps on ps4..or close to it. Thanks in advance S.O.E MERRY CHRISTMAS..

  • Who need Titanfall having Planetside 2? I hope you can deliver the game on february AT THE MOST!!! XD

  • These guys are so kool and awesome I always watch command center on youtube. I can’t wait to this game comes to the PS4. It’s an amazing game.

  • This can’t come soon enough. I need it so I can finally stop playing Battlefield.

  • I’m just going to swing this question since Warframe and likely Blacklight are BSing me in this aspec. Trophies, have ’em? If not, why not…

  • Can’t wait! Happy Holidays

  • Looking forward to it!

  • If people think Battlefield 4 is massive scale combat….wait till you play Planetside 2

    It aint 32v32 battles there HUNDREDS V HUNDREDS battles

    Looking forward to seeing a lot of the old clans from MAG on this game……my MAG outfit KEQ should be playing this game in big numbers :)

  • Trophies are cool … But it’s crazy how some people can’t seem to fully enjoy a game without them.

  • Well happy holidays, but I was hoping for a release date. Let me guess “Soon™”

  • @11 yep planetside has more people in a match for sure but the battle is broken up over a much greater distance ( for good reason ) … Heres to hoping that the matches have a more intense feel to them … Played planetside on PC haven’t gotten around to playing planetside 2 yet

  • I’m looking forward to PS2 on the PS4 … My whole team is ready !!

  • Hurry up. i dont want to wait any longer!
    I need this game noaw

  • Merry Christmas to Rum & Cola and the PS2 community!

    I used to play on PC back in beta and a little afterwards and was enjoying the game immensely but one dark and stormy night, my gaming rig decided to eat a lightning bolt as a midnight snack effectively crushing my dreams of dominating the VS and TR (NC 4-LIFE!!). Anyways, I should be getting a PS4 soon (hopefully) and I can’t wait to get back to playing my favorite game of all time! In the meantime, I’ve been enjoying watching you guys on Twitch/Youtube (I’ve watched every episode) so please keep doing what you’re doing and I hope that you guys had a very Merry Christmas and I’m looking forward to getting back to dominating the scoreboard in 2014! :)

  • Hope it will be a GREAT YEAR for PS2 on PS4 – PS1 2 Year Vet Signing in and wants a BETA ASAP :) We need that beta to make sure the 2000 player count on the PS4 works according to plan :) I seriously hope that the fps will also be very good on the PS4 but I hear you guys intend to make it in ULTRA Graphics, EYE CANDY ISN’T everything but a Good stable game is EVERYTHING :)

    Remember how PS1 looked? wasn’t that fantastic due to the hardware we had back in the day but the gameplay was great fun, even with the bugs :) I’d rather have less then ULTRA if you actually get it to run @ 60 FPS in battles with 300+ players in the same area. BF4 and KZ4 isn’t always 60 FPS, yet the engine is totally different in PS2 and has recently been optimised for the various fps issues people had on PC which should also help the PS4 version.

    Special Thanks to Higby and Tray and everyone on the PS2 Team for making this happen on the PS4:)

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