Update on Pinball Arcade for PS4

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Update on Pinball Arcade for PS4

Hey there, PlayStation and pinball fans! We are now officially available on PS4! We’re super excited that we were able to get it out in time for the holidays.

The positive response to The Pinball Arcade has been overwhelming. Reviewers have been raving about the new lighting and reworked physics which take full advantage of the PS4’s powerful hardware. The next-gen experience is alive and well in the PS4 version of The Pinball Arcade.

Some people who own Season One basic on PS3 were not able to purchase the discounted Season One pro on PS4. To those waiting on that Season Pass discount in North America: expect a fix by Tuesday the 24th!

Thank you all so much for your support, and have fun with Pinball Arcade on PS4.

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  • Great news for pinball fans!

  • This is a truly excellent game! Thanks Farsight!
    Looking forward to a fix for the low quality sound. And stereoscopic 3D. In the meantime I’ve already gotten some of my highest scores thanks to the responsive gameplay on PS4. This is the best game on PS4 and is the first must have on the system for me. Excellent work! Fix the sound and incorporate 3D and it will be exceedingly awesome! Monster Bash looks and plays incredibly!

  • Still not cross-buy like ZenPinball, that’s the better purchase. More bang for your buck.

  • Yeah Zen Pinball is definitely the way to go. Better tables, more creative depth in the table designs, cross-buy benefits, and much better sound quality.

    Very disappointed in these supposedly totally remade tables in Pinball Arcade you are better off staying last gen with this title.

  • Ever since I downloaded this game to my PS4 I have not been able to sync my trophy list. It gets to about 33% and then fails every time. Sometimes the game itself will even fail to load and I will get kicked off my account and have to sign back in. I have tried deleting the game, didn’t help, and then tried to download and reinstall, also didn’t help. This is getting frustrating!

  • Did something change in the TotAN table between PS3 and PS4? I’m having the dickens of a time hitting the left loop on PS4 when I didn’t have that much trouble in the PS3 version.

  • My previous comment is being moderated because one of the words I chose happens to have a four-letter word that starts with ‘d’ as part of it even though it’s not a bad word. Guess we can’t talk about a certain British author’s literature here. Thanks PSBlog. :|

    Reworded to avoid having it await moderation: Did something change in the TotAN table between PS3 and PS4? I’m having a heck of a time hitting the left loop on PS4 when I didn’t have that much trouble in the PS3 version.

  • Will there ever be controller vibration support for pinball arcade on ps4 like there is on ps3?

  • I want to know: Will I get those 3 extra tables for the PS4 of Pinball Arcade that I got in the PS Plus edition of Pinball Arcade from the PS3 edition for (paying $50 previously) free?

    C’mon FarSight I want those tables too.

  • As soon as I get a PS4, I’ll get this. Quality over quantity is something people really overlook. :)

    And Merry Christmas!

  • Still NOT re-paying for licenses for tables I already bought!!! You’ve been paid and it’s completely offensive that you actually have the audacity to expect people to pay for the tables again.

    I’m glad that you’ve made improvements to the physics engine as your titles were surprisingly easy compared to the real world examples they’re supposed to mimic.

    Don’t expect any more money from those that you’re trying to take advantage of…

  • Even more offensive. The completely re-worked game doesn’t support 3D and has bad sound?!?! Keep moving along. Nothing to see here…

    As stated by others: “Thanks Farsight”… NOT

  • I haven’t even downloaded this game for the PS4. I have no desire to pay full price for tables I’ve already bought just because I didn’t buy every single table to get the discount. Zen Pinball is definitely the way to go for that cross-buy.

  • I just LOVE :P the ‘Bride of Pin•Bot’ Table :P :P :P It’s just wicked ;) + I like playing bits of both games i.e i buy a few Tables from this game & buy a few from Zen Pinball 2 which is just as cool ;)

  • Do the updated lighting & physics on PS4 differ from the PC / Mac releases? Trying to decide which platform to get all seasons for.

    • The PC version is still running DX9 Graphics. We are going to be updating it to DX11 in the future to match the PS4 version.

  • Zen Pinball 2 out tomorrow !! Good bye Pinball Arcade…

  • Will the update include the discounts for PS+ members? I was unable to ever redeem that so I have been anxiously awaiting it while playing TOTAN.

  • “+ Psychosious on December 23rd, 2013 at 11:32 am said:

    Yeah Zen Pinball is definitely the way to go. Better tables, more creative depth in the table designs, cross-buy benefits, and much better sound quality.

    Very disappointed in these supposedly totally remade tables in Pinball Arcade you are better off staying last gen with this title.”

    No offense to ZEN, I really enjoy their products, but for you to say Zen has better, and more creative tables is where I draw the line. You must first realize that ZEN Pinball wouldn’t even be a *thing* if it weren’t for the amazing pinball designers who’s tables are expertly recreated in The Pinball Arcade collection.

    Anyway, why is everyone always either one or the other.. buying 2 different pinball platforms is not a big deal.
    Imagine if you had to choose only one First Person Shooter.

  • I hated the game because I couldn’t change the triggers from L1 and R1 to L2 and R2.

    You MUST add that option…

  • I’ll be giving this a whirl … thanks for the news.

  • The redone tables resolutions, lighting (which is adjustable in table options) and physics are spectacular and totally worth a double dip on season purchase (or triple dip depending if you play on one of the many other non-Sony platforms the game is available for). However, it would be great if you could get less compressed audio in for the PS4 version. It sounds really really rough, which isn’t a game-breaking experience, but it can take you out of the moment when a clip of sampled audio (which might not be super clear to begin with considering the age and technology that they’re dumped from) is impossible to understand. Also, rumble support should be an easy fix, no? Otherwise, I’m totally satisfied considering the bargain price for S1. (And I was able to successfully get the PLUS discount when it was first up on the store, so that too.)

  • I went to buy the discounted season pack, but just couldn’t bring myself to do it. What really frustrates me with the pinball arcade tables is, still after all this time, the plungers don’t work properly. Was this fixed with the PS4 versions, or is it still almost impossible to control?

  • where is my plus

  • I frankly am disappointed that I’d have to pay full price to upgrade my Star Trek table to PS4. I understand licenses cost money and development costs money. However, I do not see why it could not have been discounted…so unfortunately I’m not going into the next generation with Pinball Arcade.

  • its tryn to say i dont have ps plus and its angering me

  • i have the playstation 4 version and am wondering how you unlock seasons 1 & 2 tables? they are greyed out and it will not let me select them.

  • Woop, woop! Hey, please listen here. You guys should do this, please:

    1. Fix the Powerball in the Twilight Zone table. It’s hard to keep up knowing which is the power ball… plus it’s the Powerball!! It’s suppose to be white! lol

    2. Is there any way you guys could have the option in using the trigger buttons to use the flippers? The reason is so that we can hold up one flipper and not the other. For example in the TZ where there are upper flippers. You guys did this on the PS3 version, but that was because the L1/R1 buttons could sense pressure.
    3. Please bring Jack*Bot!

    Thanks! Great job you guys! I’ll try re-buying the tables again!

  • Awwwwww! I just bought the season pass on the 23rd as a present to my kids! Why couldn’t they have offered the discount BEFORE xmas!?

  • Will there ever be an option to use R2 and L2 for the flippers?

  • wanted to know is this a shared controller game or am I doing something wrong? sucks having to get up and hand the controller to the next person.

  • Any update on when we will get a fix for the sound quality issue on PS4?

  • I purchased Attack From Mars Pro Pack with Genie but I’m not sure why I cannot use it. It shows purchased in the Playstation Store but the game doesn’t acknowledge the Add-On. Is this a bug and if so, when will it be fixed?

  • Having both Zen Pinball 2 (all tables)and Pinball Arcade (All Season1)on the PS3/Vita, I will not be purchasing licenses for my PS4 from you guys. Still open for additional tables to the PS3/vita – maybe. And why are your tables kickstarted and still cost the most? $5 for a single table.

    Thanks Zen Pinball for the complimentary upgrade. I will be buying your tables on my PS4 in the future.

  • I can see the season 1 bundle (discounted) in the (uk) store but it says not available for purchase because I do not own the bundle on ps3/vita. I definitely do, in fact I redownloaded the purchase on my ps3 just to make sure.

    Anyone got any ideas I’d quite like to get the tables but not at full price.


  • I hope you get The Simpsons pinball game. I used to play that all the time at a pool hall.

  • Can we fix the cross buy on this ? From what I understand if I buy this on PS3 or Vita I get the PS4 version with cross buy but if I bought it on the PS4 i get…nothing ? Please tell me I am wrong about this. Had I known about that before hand I would have just purchased this on my PS3 first.

  • Questions to developers.

    Will tables available on other platforms (IE. T2) come to PS4?

    When are patches expected that will allow us to flip flipper controls and deliver force feedback from the controllers?

    I’d love to see a few tables added… Adams Family from the 90s was one of my favourites. “Have a nice swim…” Another was Twister, also based on a movie of that era.

    Love the game, I am huge fan of many of the tables in my misspent youth, I love the history lessons on the tables and the attention to detail that only players of real pinball games would see… such as dust buildup on the rubber pads on the flippers, varying relative strength of the flippers.

    Keep up the good work, I’ll gladly pay for more classic tables.

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