Season’s Greetings from the Killzone Team at Guerrilla Games!

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Season’s Greetings from the Killzone Team at Guerrilla Games!

Guerrilla Season's Greetings

2013 has been an absolutely phenomenal year for all of us here at Guerrilla Games, from launching Killzone Mercenary – the go-to shooter on the PS Vita – to the honor of launching Killzone Shadow Fall alongside PS4 this November with unprecedented love and affection from fans old and new.

We stand amazed and humbled by the love that fans have shown, and the thousands of hours of gameplay and live streams that stand as a testament to their engagement. We are committed to supporting you all with many more hours of content and events as 2014 begins. From Guerrilla, best of wishes for this season. *Raise toast* For the Players!

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  • Merry Christmas everyone!

  • Merry Christmas to all of you at Guerrila Games! And thanks for a truely awesome first person shooter on the vita! Keep up the gre at work and support for the vita! Have has a blast playing it. Hope you make more games for the vita! Be safe this holiday!

  • Merry Christmas to you guys! Thanks for giving us the only awesome FPS on the Vita and the PS4 so far.

  • Keep up the great work Guerrilla Games!!

    I am loving this new Killzone and appreciate all your hard work.

    *Raise toast* To Guerrilla!

  • Thanks for making a game that we can play and a community for us to belong! Shadow Fall has been alot of fun.

  • I would hope you guys put some better work into your next game. Especially the story and dialogue choices, along with some discussion on level design and gameplay. At times Shadow Fall felt like a walking movie, and a bad one. The game had really beautiful levels, and then stuff that looked like it wasn’t finished, or possibly done for a PS3 game.

  • Merry Christmas Guerilla

  • Yes Merry Christmas Guerilla

  • Once again the Holidays make me pretty sad/depressed. I haven’t been in the US for over 11 years (I live in Spain), my mom doesn’t celebrate X-Mas (we’re Colombian) even though in Colombia they do. I haven’t had a present from her since the U.S. even though I kinda got use to it. But seeing my friends get presents for anything sucks. Like getting good grades. My mom hasn’t got paid her full salary in MONTHS (works with my uncle) so we’re pretty broke. I have no job so no PS4 nor PS Vita. My PS+ just ended too :( I barely have friends so I’ll just stay home and play the games I have :/

  • Happy Holidays Guerilla :)

  • And yeah trust me I know I have to appreciate what I have and I do but you can’t hate me for not wanting a bit more, especially in my situation compared to many of you who will have presents and probably have a job too.

  • Hey can u guys add Killzone 2 & 3 on psn,i never played the games but i would like to play the series not just the 1st one

  • GG you make one of the best fps games and one of the best well balanced ones, thank you and merry Christmas to all.

  • Yay Merry Christmas and happy holidays to y’all at Guerrilla…you guys are the best FPS devs in the planet…just wanted to make sure you guys know that.Thanks for your hard work bringing KZ to us.

    @ 12 Ax_Man17 – Hey man buy the collection which comes with all the KZ games its the trilogy…’re really missing out.

  • Happy HolidayZ guys )) !

  • Just saying… I want more things Killzone Mercenary! XD

    Maps + weapons + missions + bots + everything!

    Oh yes! Merry Christmas =D

  • KZ Mercenary is the true gift this year. Brava!

  • I still have to get KZ Mercernary for my PS Vita, More improvements for KZ Shadowfall will be much appreciated, things that need to be addressed is players gliding across the floor. But I am confident that guerrilla games will straighten these problems out swiftly & with precision as well. Can’t wait to see what other project you guys have in store.

  • Playing Mercenary right now… can’t talk deployment in 3,2…

  • Please keep supporting the vita, Killzone Mercenary is the best handheld fps ever created.

  • both kz this year are awesome now give us some snow maps and cosmetic customization great job this year guerilla

  • Happy Holidays everyone! : )

  • Happy holidays, I am loving KZ:SF. It is my first KZ game and it’s awesome, I lol at all the lens flares though, totally Michael Bay.

    Please make Bots in MP eligible for trophies. Basecamp hunting and overpowered weapons are making it impossible to get some of the challenges done. All that said man I have logged at least 100 hours into MP and it is amazing. This is my first FPS MP I have ever played and I am not regretting it at all.

  • Dang, was hoping this was announcing a discount for Mercenary on PSN. Been waiting for one ‘cuz I’m not rich. Thought since it’s a Sony game, it would go on sale at some point. Gotta keep waiting now. Would be stupid to pay full price when I could’ve just paid full price on day one. Come on Sony/Guuerilla, what’s the hold up? You might as well take my $18 or $24 ‘cuz you’re not getting my $36. I like Killzone, but not that much.

  • When is the offline Bots update coming out?

  • Merry Christmas Guerilla, BEST SHOOTER FOR PS VITA EVER!!! Glad I picked one up!

  • @DL2000820 Offline bots are already available and have been since launch.

    Shadowfall is an amazing game that was extremely underrated in the reviews. I really liked the idea of the story but perhaps not the execution. The rest of the game is fantastic though. It’s also the best looking next-gen game so far.

  • Merry Christmas from the Rebel Alliance Clan! We have been having a blast with Shadow Fall thanks to the fine crew at Guerrilla, and still play Operations on KZ3. Anyway, if people are looking for some great people to play with, or at least a tactical guide for Shadow Fall, check out RebelAllianceClan (dot) com.

  • I just wanted to say, KZ: Mercenaries is my all time favorite handheld game, and made the Vita a ‘must bring everywhere with me’ device.

    Thanks for the hard work this year.

  • I wish you guys work on new projects other than Killzone.
    The story between Helghast and the ISA is getting old.
    Still awesome game, but a new console means fresh new experiences.

  • Guerrilla Cambridge made a Killzone game for Vita

    Maybe you guys should make a Medievil game for PS4 as a Christmas present


  • Thanks folks!! And thanks for give us such a great game to play with!

  • Happy Holidays, Killzone Team @Guerrilla Games~!

  • Merry Christmas! Shame KZ:SF wasn’t very good. Think KZ3 and SF have pretty much tainted the series forever.

  • Thanks Guerilla games! Shadow Fall is an amazing game! I can’t wait for the new content for it next year.

    Happy holidays!

  • now that we have killzone mercenary from you guys all we need now is a downgraded version of killzone shadowfall for are Christmas present hope you can make this idea possible for vita i have been a killzone fan for years and want to wish yall a happy Christmas as well

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