Play the Blacklight Retribution Beta, Keep Your Goods

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Play the Blacklight Retribution Beta, Keep Your Goods

Happy Holidays Agents,

Keep what you have earned and purchased in Blacklight Retribution, then spend your ZCoins AGAIN!

Blacklight Retribution

Yes, we have seen your tweets, emails and Facebook posts, and the answer to those burning thoughts and nagging questions revolving around how the end of Beta is going to affect BLR players is at hand. What will happen to your ZCoins and what, pray tell, will the future hold for your inventory?

Fear not, Agents! The answers you yearn for are at hand. Behold — the end game for BLR Beta!

  • You will NOT lose any purchases you have made (either with ZCoin or GP)
  • Your character progress will NOT be reset
  • All your ZCoins will be REFUNDED to your in-game account balance, such that you can spend them again

Blacklight RetributionBlacklight Retribution

Huzzah! Yes Agents, nod happily at the bountiful gifts this magnificent Beta has bestowed upon you. We here at Zombie Studios concur with your elation and feel this is a great way to give thanks to those Agents that have been helping us by playing and commenting on the Beta. This will continue throughout the remainder of the Beta so jump in game, invite a friend, play, and enjoy Blacklight: Retribution on PS4.

Zombie is also excited to announce we are a proud new member of the PlayStation Community Forums. Keep an eye on the forums for news, announcements and Dev posts!

We’ve also got some other surprises in mind for those of you who played during the Beta! Follow us on Twitter for more info.

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