Play the Blacklight Retribution Beta, Keep Your Goods

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Play the Blacklight Retribution Beta, Keep Your Goods

Happy Holidays Agents,

Keep what you have earned and purchased in Blacklight Retribution, then spend your ZCoins AGAIN!

Blacklight Retribution

Yes, we have seen your tweets, emails and Facebook posts, and the answer to those burning thoughts and nagging questions revolving around how the end of Beta is going to affect BLR players is at hand. What will happen to your ZCoins and what, pray tell, will the future hold for your inventory?

Fear not, Agents! The answers you yearn for are at hand. Behold — the end game for BLR Beta!

  • You will NOT lose any purchases you have made (either with ZCoin or GP)
  • Your character progress will NOT be reset
  • All your ZCoins will be REFUNDED to your in-game account balance, such that you can spend them again

Blacklight RetributionBlacklight Retribution

Huzzah! Yes Agents, nod happily at the bountiful gifts this magnificent Beta has bestowed upon you. We here at Zombie Studios concur with your elation and feel this is a great way to give thanks to those Agents that have been helping us by playing and commenting on the Beta. This will continue throughout the remainder of the Beta so jump in game, invite a friend, play, and enjoy Blacklight: Retribution on PS4.

Zombie is also excited to announce we are a proud new member of the PlayStation Community Forums. Keep an eye on the forums for news, announcements and Dev posts!

We’ve also got some other surprises in mind for those of you who played during the Beta! Follow us on Twitter for more info.

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  • The game is great and fun, but after the beta i’d like to know if the trophies will be added. Because it’s something i really like and would be a pity it they weren’t there ;(

  • The game is great and fun, but after the beta i’d like to know if the trophies will be added. Because it’s something i really like and would be a pity it they weren’t there ;(

  • LOL^w^

  • i’ll give this a try sometime this week.

  • The game is pretty fun, are you saying that any real money will be reset so it can be used again?

  • what ruins this game for me is, the GP takes forever to get, yet you can’t perminately unlock anything without real money smh. I understand you guys need profit. Do something more along the lines of say, Warframe, unavoidable time and work to unlock weapons and attachments etc, full buy out. When you do that, people will wanna play more, making em wanna spend more.

  • Can’t wait until invites/parties work properly. Game is fun.

  • Hey everyone,

    My name’s Kyle and I’m the Community Manager over here at Zombie. I wanted to take a second to address some of your questions.

    Regarding trophies as HeadacheHunter-X mentioned: there will be trophies! After the beta is over, trophies will be unlocked and ready to earn.

    Regarding Zcoin refunds mentioned by hnkayjeezus: Whatever Zcoins you purchase during the beta will be given back to you after launch and will be able to be spent in game again!

    Regarding GP mentioned by Teflon02: We’ve drastically lowered the GP prices on all items in game which will help you earn items faster, and will be adding the ability to permanently purchase items with GP soon (working out the details on the perm stuff).

    Regarding party invites: There’s been a bit of a confusion surrounding friend invites and partying up. They do work, we swear! Only when a party tries to join a server that doesn’t have enough slots open to fit the whole group, does it not work.

    Thanks to the PlayStation Blog for letting us bring you all the good news, but more importantly thank YOU for checking out the Blacklight: Retribution beta on PS4!

    Happy Holidays,

    Kyle Manchester
    Community Manager
    Zombie Studios

  • When is the next update coming out to fix the issues?

  • Do we have a time frame for when the beta ends, and the full game will be released?

    Will there be a “buy up front” option? I’ve generally enjoyed the game; I play a few hours a week, and have spent $10 or $15 on Zcoins already. So will there just be a $60 version that includes a bunch of guns and attachments, or will it basically be a tweaked version of this Beta model?

  • I am glad that the problems in the game were addressed swiftly & precise. I know that this will keep expanding over time.

  • trophies??????????? yesssssssss please. i actually like the game, just dont play it because im kind of a trophy whore…but ill be back when they’re on.

  • Thanks for the response, Zombie.

    I would also echo YungShep on trophy support, that would be a big plus.

  • Wow , this is super to hear. I just started playing it and love the game. Friends on my list been asking “How is it ? ” I tell them download and try!
    If your able to add trophies … you will get tons of players cause my friends list includes tons of trophies hunters.

  • I loved BLR when I played it on PC, what I’d really like is the ability to use the account I’ve already spend real money on, on either system. After I found out that my legit money purchases weren’t transferable I uninstalled the game. After playing 30+ hours on pc and spending near $40 I jumped to my ps4 to play with friends only to find out that stuff is locked to a platform, why?

    let me transfer my stuff and I’ll be back in a heartbeat as the people at zombie have created a free to play game I enjoy more than COD or BF, and way more than Killzone. Hook your fans up.

  • gunna be honest it feels like a pay to win game -.-

  • Please be on Ps Vita, please be on Ps Vita, please be on Ps Vita……Is it on Ps Vita also? cause the Ps Vita needs some first person shooters and borderlands wont be all that we need more….I hope this will be on it cause not everyone has a PS4 and not everyone wants to do remote play, i might just want the game on my vita and some people have a vita cause they actually like it and not just because you can use it for remote play, too many indies, lets have more games and more love like the PS4 is having

  • I’m loving the game to bits….but there’s one niggle that’s beginning to frustrate and annoy; wildly varying lag. I’m in the UK and I see, on average, ping values in the game of around 200ms. That makes it very difficult to play fairly and once it steps above this (I’ve had dozens of games at 400ms+) it’s completely unplayable.

    Now, I’d hardly call myself a decent player, but I’d be willing to bet there’s a lot of kills I’m missing because of lag.

    Just in case anyone needs an idea of my connection, here’s a link to my speedtest result:
    My PS4 is hard wired into that same network and is the only thing online when I’m playing.

  • I’ve tried logging into this game for ten minutes now, closest I got was it absurdly telling me my Username or Password was wrong.

    What is going on with the Sony network this fine holiday season?

  • I think there could be better teamwork. ,maybe add extra points for team kills. and other bonuses for teamwork. because one thing i notice in fps’ like this is that people tend to do their own thing. that’s fine but i think that it should feel like a gaming community rather than just people playing together. i mean maybe in team game modes when a teammate has low health or ammo. it puts on the screen that name and what they need. and you can get bonuses. I think bringing gamers together for a common goal builds a community and makes it more fun for everyone along with less insults and hate over the chat and more helpful and encouraging chat. so instead of focusing on kill to death ratio they focus more on a team goal. or maybe a team ratio.

  • Great game but as mentioned above the lag makes it unplayable, we have to play practice matches instead of proper multiplayer. UK player with fibre broadband, console hardwired into the router.

  • Finally got around to giving this a go.

    It’s pretty fun, but the rate at which you earn currency to unlock new guns/attachments is crazy slow. Both the amount of currency gained and rate at which you gain experience need to be tweaked. I understand completely that you guys need to make money on the game, but at this point it feels very pay-to-win, and that’s unacceptable to me.

    Also, had some pretty big problems with lag despite everyone (from what I was seeing) having sub 250ms. And the host migration needs a ton of work. It shouldn’t take almost five minutes to swap hosts, that’s kinda ridiculous.

    Otherwise it’s a pretty fun game. I had a pretty good time with it. But without the above tweaks, I can’t see myself playing it too much more.

  • I’m v happy about the zcoins :) there are a few laggy games n connection probs, uk though?

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