This Week in PlayStation

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This Week in PlayStation

We’ll keep this one brief, because let’s be real — it’s officially The Holidays™ and we’ve all got games to play and cookies to eat.

Minecraft is out now on PS3! Somebody build a DeLorean in-game, please.

Other new releases this week: The first episode of Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season Two (tune in to this week’s PlayStation Blogcast for an interview with Episode 1’s director, Dennis Lenart), Terraria on PS Vita, The Pinball Arcade on PS4, and the first story DLC for Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, Freedom Cry.

In between rounds of The Pinball Arcade, I’ve been booting up Resogun and fighting to keep raising my scores. I’m in the 120m range on Veteran (eat that, Sid), but I get really sloppy past stage 1, so I know I can do better. What’s your high score? Got any advanced tips to take it to the next level?

  • I’m playing: The Pinball Arcade on PS4 (Bride of Pinbot and Theatre of Magic)
  • I’m watching: Anchorman 2
  • I’m listening to: Anamanaguchi – Endless Fantasy (on vinyl!)

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