Vote: PlayStation.Blog Game of the Year Awards 2013

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Vote: PlayStation.Blog Game of the Year Awards 2013

PlayStation Blog Game of the Year Awards 2013

Update: The polls are now closed! Thanks for voting, and see you tomorrow for the winner’s list.

It’s time! Time to submit your vote in the annual PlayStation.Blog Game of the Year Awards, a chance for PlayStation players to select the best of the best for 2013.

To vote, just click on your pick from each of the nominee lists below. Don’t see the game you want to vote for? No problem: write in your pick by clicking the appropriate selection on each poll. The polls will close at 6:00pm Pacific Time this Sunday, December 22nd. Then we’ll tally the votes and reveal your winners on Monday. We’ll also toss out some dedicated “Editors’ Choice” awards picked by the international Blog team because, well, we’re egotists.

It’s time to vote! See you Monday for the full list of winners.

PS4 Game of the Year 2013

This category includes both retail Blu-ray releases and digital PlayStation Store releases. If you think we missed a game in our nominee list, vote for it using the write-in option!

PS3 Game of the Year 2013

This category includes both retail Blu-ray releases and digital PlayStation Store releases. If you think we missed a game in our nominee list, vote for it using the write-in option!

PS Vita Game of the Year 2013

This category includes both retail releases and digital PlayStation Store releases. If you think we missed a game in our nominee list, vote for it using the write-in option!

Best Digital Release 2013

A new category that recognizes the best titles that premiered digitally via PlayStation Store or PS Mobile. It spans all PlayStation platforms (PS3, PS4, PS Vita, etc).

Most Anticipated 2014 Game

What upcoming 2014 game are you most eager to play? Vote from the list of nominees or write in your selection at the bottom of the poll.

Now that you’ve voted, tell us what you voted for in the comments and why.

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5 Author Replies

  • I’m looking forward to a Monster Hunter title for PS4 in 2014.

  • It was hard to choose in the “most anticipated game” category, but yeap, to me, Dark Souls II it is.

  • for as much as i want to play Dark Souls 2, my hype goes for MGS V, can’t help it

  • The Last of Us was impeccable

  • the most anticipated game for the next year is watchdogs

  • Wow Best 2013 Vita game was surprisingly hard! I had to go with Soul Sacrifice but I loved Tearaway, Killzone Mercenary and Dragon Crown

  • No kingdom heart 3 in 2014. Sad.

  • The Last Of Us hands down.

  • BF4, The Last of Us, Tearaway, Guacamelee and then Dark Souls 2. Really wish DS2 was coming to PS4…but it is my most anticipated game right now.

  • I can’t wait for MGS V and i hope their sell both games as single disc.

  • Ni No Kuni for the best PS3 Game and the PS Vita and Best Digital Release for me was definitely Guacamelee! I also voted for Second Son and the most anticipated game.

  • PS4 – AC IV
    PS3 – The Last of Us
    PSV – Tearaway
    Digital – Guacamelee!

    All great games in their own ways. I just wish the PS Vita would get more RPGs, especially all the ones Atlus is releasing on the 3DS (Bravely Default, Shin Megami Tensei IV, Fire Emblem, and the new Persona game). I’m beginning to question if Sony is even trying to get games on the PS Vita anymore (actual games, not remote play).

  • There should also be a “Most Anticipated Digital” category.

    TRANSISTOR by SUPERGIANTGAMES would undoubtedly be the winner for me.

  • Why isn’t Ys: Memories of Celceta one of the default choices for best Vita Game of the Year? It’s currently the second highest rated Vita exclusive of the year on Gamerankings (Tearaway being #1).

  • No The Last Guardian option for the most anticipated 2014 title?

  • My most anticipated game, the one I know very little about The Order 1886. Ready at Dawn please blow my mind.

  • PS4 – not sure yet
    PS3 – Bioshock Infinite (though I should have voted Ni No Kuni, too trigger happy I guess)
    VITA – Soul Sacrifice
    Digital – Terraria
    Anticipated – Dark Souls II

  • -BF4
    -The Last Of Us
    -Killzone: Mercenary
    -Metal Gear Solid V

    Those have to win!

  • Can’t wait for Infamous: Second Son. One of my favorite series on PS3 now moving to PS4 and it looks fantastic!

  • PS4 – Shadow Fall – so completely what I wanted as a multiplayer game
    PS3 – Tomb Raider – an unexpected joy from start to finish
    Vita – Mercenary – a nice twist and perspective on the universe
    Digital – Resogun – so hard, but so addictive.

  • Oh and Destiny – cannot wait!

  • hum… The Last of Us is clearly the GOTY

  • My anticipation list /upcoming library collective for my PlayStation 4
    Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
    Planet Side 2
    Primal Carnage
    Diablo 3
    Deep Down
    FF14 & 15
    Infamous: Second Son
    The Order:1886
    Guilty GearXrd
    The Evil Within
    Yakuza Isshin
    ?GuildWars2?crossing fingers for this one

  • Most Anticipated of 2014: Tom Clancy’s The Division (tho it will probably be delayed until 2015 #sadface)

  • Last of Us is going to win, hands down. I think the DLC for 2014 should be nominated for the anticipation category as well.

  • -BF4
    -The Last of Us (Obviously)
    -Soul Sacrifice
    -Hotline Miami
    -inFamous Second Son

  • Ys Celceta isn’t in the top Vita games but Doki-Doki Universe is? What?

    Also, nothing for Vita in most anticipated 2014? No Toukiden? No Daganronpa? Are you even trying with Vita, SCEA?

  • the last of us better win best game

  • I am looking forward to sony accepting my credit card on PS store in 2014.

  • PS4 – AC IV
    PS3 – The Last of Us
    PSV – Rayman Legends
    Digital – Resogun

    Most anticipated title : I’ve got a 3-way tie… Watch Dogs, Destiny and The Witcher 3, can’t decide!

  • My votes are:

    PS4 – Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. This is the best AC game I’ve played since Brotherhood! Enjoying it so much. :)

    PS3 – Dragon’s Crown. I had ridiculous amounts of fun with this game this year and will probably jump into it again with the new dungeon and difficulty.

    PS Vita – Tearaway. This game is also my favorite game of the year across all platforms. Media molecule knocked it out of the park with Tearaway and I recommend it to everyone!

    Digital – Guacamelee! Fantastic game. Everyone who loves Metroidvania type games should give this one a try.

    Most anticipated – Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. I love MGS so therefore I cannot wait for this.

  • -Assassin’s Creed IV
    -The Last Of Us
    -Killzone: Mercenary
    -Metal Gear Solid V

  • Ni No Kuni!!!!!!!

    Honestly, there’s too much hype on TLOU.

  • Dark Souls II is the sole reason I will not buy a next gen console for all of 2014.
    I can’t wait for that game!

  • Dark Souls II is by far the most anticipated. Here’s hoping for a PS4 version, but I’ll just be glad to play the game. I should get back to work on getting the Platinum on the original DS, I’m so close.

  • – Asassin’s Creed IV (Best Gameplay)
    – Grand Theft Auto V (Because its Fu**ing awesome!!!)
    – Tearaway (Love the Style)
    – Brothers: A Tale of two Sons (Beautiful World)
    – The Elder Scrolls: Online (Can’t wait)

  • Great selection for each platform. For my Most Anticipated list, in addition to inFamous, I would also include Watchdogs.

  • I wrote-in Ys for Vita game of the year. that game is fantastic!

    The Order only barely beats out Destiny and Watch Dogs for Most Anticipated in 2014 :D

  • Wow, no mention of Beyond: Two Souls at all. It wasn’t my personal best PS3 game (Ni no Kuni was), but I though it’s worth a nomination. I know, I know, there’s the ‘Other’ box, but still.

  • killzone shadow fall
    the last of us
    MGS V

  • When you post the winners, can you also post the full results so we can see runner ups and such? I know some of my votes won’t be the winners but I will be VERY, VERY interested to see how many people agreed with me. Merry Christmas!

  • PS4 – Resogun
    PS3 – Ni no Kuni
    Vita – Rayman Legends
    Digital – Guacamelee
    Antecipated – inFamous Second Son

  • PS4 – Write-in: NONE
    PS3 – Tomb Raider
    PSV – Tearaway (was tempted to do Dragon’s Crown, but decided it should go to a Vita-exclusive)
    PSN – Guacamelee! (as addicting as Spelunky is, Guacamelee was an awesome experience from start to finish)
    2014 – The Order

    NOTE: It’s really sad there are no Vita games in the 2014 list. I would have voted for Gravity Rush 2 or BL2.

  • NBA 2K14 is so fun on both, current and next gen consoles. Looks and feels so amazing on the PS4 though.
    The Last of Us is hands down the best game on PS3. Naughty Dog and PS3 at its best!
    KILLZONE Mercs and Tearaway are awesome examples of PSVita Greatness!
    Resogun is such an addictive action packed game and a perfect addition for the Instant PS+ Game Collection.
    What a great year for Sony and all of us! Exquisite!

  • Will we have US releases of Freedom Wars and J-Victory Versus for Vita? :) merry xmas guys

  • PS4 – Don’t have a PS4 yet, but I voted flower. I liked it on PS3 so no wonder it’s the only one I played.

    PS3 – Ni No Kuni – Awesome and cute game. It had a slow start, but it turned out to be really awesome. I got the platinum as well.

    PS Vita – Tearaway – Wonderful game. Very enjoyable game. It shows you need no violence to be a great game.

    PSN – Hotline Miami – Only one I played from that list haha. Anyway, really good but difficult game.

    Most antitipated – FFX/FFX-2 HD. Can’t wait to play this awesome game in HD plus trophies AND the never seen before in America international version of the games. It gets better because I can play it on Vita :D The wait is killing me.

  • No Watchdog in most Anticipated 2014…. Wow

  • Resogun is my favorite game on PS4 at the moment. I have beaten it, along with Knack and Killzone Shadow Fall. All excellent games. But seriously none of all the the next gen console games looks and sounds as good and as addicting as Resogun for me (surround sound and bass settings to max on sound system are a must :D ).

    The most anticipated game of 2014 is tricky! I am just insanely hyped for The Order: 1886, Destiny, Infamous Second Son, Driveclub, and Dark Souls 2… I really got to start saving a lot to get them all lol.

    Happy Holidays to all!

  • I voted Resogun, Gta V, Guacamelee as best games for PS4,PS3 and Vita, Resogun again as best digital release and South Park the stick of truth for the most anticipated game category…
    I absolutely loved The Last of Us but GTA V for me is most entertaining,fun and innovative.

  • I selected The Last of Us as my PS3 Game of the Year and totally forgot Beyond: Two Souls. Both were excellent games but that Beyond experience pulled me in as much as Heavy Rain (also an excellent game) did.

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