10 Tips for Playing Minecraft on PS3

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10 Tips for Playing Minecraft on PS3

Hi again guys, Owen from Mojang, here. Minecraft: Playstation 3 Edition launched a few days ago. We thought it would be nice to get some tips from the developers to help you learn the basics.

I asked around the office and gathered these for you. Hope they help!

  1. Never dig straight down! It’s a lot harder to get back to the surface, and you might end up dropping into lava. Lava is uncomfortably hot.
  2. Never dig straight up! You might end up with a head full of sand, gravel, or the melty hot stuff we mentioned earlier.
  3. If you come to a junction while mining, and one of the routes leads upwards, take that one. Explore the safe options first, and then go adventuring deep underground.
  4. Always watch your back in dark places! There might be something scary behind you… waaah!
  5. Make sure you bring torches. Place them first, then collect the resources later.
  6. Tools are great! Use them and upgrade when you get the chance.
  7. Mean things come out at night. It’s probably wise to build yourself a shelter before it gets dark.
  8. Don’t forget to bring food with you when exploring. There’s nothing worse than going hungry.
  9. Iron armour gives great protection and isn’t too tricky to craft.
  10. Don’t look directly at the bugs. (That one’s from 4J Studios.)

Share your tips below, and have a great festive season! Don’t forget to see your family/friends between Minecraft sessions.

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  • Nice tips! Thanks but I’m a pro!

  • is this available for the ps4 yet?

  • 1. Wait for it to be free for plus

  • im messageing fro my ps vita but is 4j studieos working on minecraft ps vita edition !please reply!

  • Please fix the multiplayer bugs, 4J Studios. The PS3 version’s multiplayer is buggier than the alpha PC release, and that’s just downright embarassing.

  • This may have been asked in an earlier blog but can you say if this will be a cross buy title? Also, hopes for a Vita version?

  • I’m not as concerned with cross-buy, as I’d like to see Remote Play for Vita on this title. I’m wondering if the Vita version would be just a port of Minecraft PE, and thusly a remote play would be better for me personally.

  • @Celestraeh

    The vita version will be the same as all the other console versions. 4J confirmed this via twitter several times already.

  • I know you’ve answered with “not sure, yet,” but I’m going to keep asking at every opportunity I can: Will this be cross-buy? I appreciate the fact that you are addressing the issue, and not ignoring it. For me, and I’m sure for many others, we’ll appreciate knowing a “yes” or “no” to this question. With a “yes,” I’ll buy this version instantly. If not, I can patiently wait.

  • Endermen don’t like water.

    For the people asking for cross buy, we’ll likely know when the other versions are set to release. Stop asking. Gosh, you people are cheap.

  • I cant wait for The Division to come out. It makes watchdogs look pants.

  • How do you tame a horse in Minecraft?

  • If you have found bugs with the PS3 version, let 4J Studios know.

    @12 Consult http://minecraft.gamepedia.com

    @2 Next year

    @3 Not happening.

    @4 Not at this time.

    @1 A pro you say? You’ve been playing how long?

  • This will come in handy when I buy it for my Vita or PS4…

  • @12

    Probably by talking to it and giving it carrots,that’s my guess.

  • Hey mojang thanks for making minecraft for ps3 sorry for all the hateful comments weve been sending its becuase we heard minecraft was cancceled and anarchy broke but mostly thanks for bringing minecraft for ps3

  • It’d be nice if I could actually play the game without it constantly freezing/crashing. :/
    But still, i love it!

  • @13 Multiplayer mode is full of sync issues. Also, when friends walk too far away from the host, their games start acting weird and not working properly.

  • Is anyone else having the problem where when the click play game in the main menu it completely freezes? I am so if anyone knows how to fix that issue please tell me. Thanks!

  • MINECRAFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pro tip:dig DOWN in a 2×1 , this way if one does end up a mistake you can block up or if all goes correct you are by diamonds quicker when you set your veins.

  • These are some awesome tips, hopefully this will be cross-buy. Because if not i am only going to buy 1 version of this game. Minecraft is cool but i don’t like it that much to buy 2 other versions as well. 1 version for my PS4 will be good enough. Since we had to wait like a eternity for the game to come to our system dead last anyway. You would think Mojang should make this cross-buy, it would be nice if it was but i’m not going to get my hopes up.

  • I just bought it anyone want to play minecraft that has a mic add me xl_YOUfailBRO_lx

  • I like some of the tips users have given, though I want to try this it seems that with all the bugs and current cost for what seems to be a broken game I wont be trying this, if this was a bit more polished atlease I would pick it up if it goes on sale for 50-75% off

  • Any easy way to power a mine cart?

  • I’d rather have a point when playing my pixelated block games. ;)
    3D Dot Game Heroes is a great game.

  • Hey guys, so when i try to buy minecraft my whole PS3 keeps freezing and i need to restart it to make it work again.

    What can i do against this cause i really want to play Minecraft :'(

  • I bought minecraft today and i haven’t had any problems with it until i multiplier with the headset but that was an easy fix and everything works great :) but i am looking for some people who wanna play i am on right now send me a friends request!! :)

  • Guys, 4J says they are working on PS Vita Edition and PS4 Edition, give them time to work, we’ll be digging and mining with our friends in no time flat! :D

  • @ xl_YOUfailBRO_lx

    i tried to buy it multiple times but always when i try my whole playstation freezes.

    But if it works i’ll definently zdd ya and invite ya for a game :D

  • I did not purchase minecraft for my ps3, but I still have it. Why? Because my Lil brother has a PSN on my system and he loves minecraft, he bought it. He’s 9 I am 17. I just put our ages in case anyone wondering.

  • Do u guys know when a update for hunger games is coming out ??????????????

  • When I go to buy and download the game at the playstation store my PS3 locks up, why????

  • hey MurDa_Bo1z im going to freind request you we should play minecraft sometime

  • I have a PS4 now. Any game coming to the PS4 is nothing more than a DEMO on the PS3. When the PS4 version come out i will no longer play the PS3 version. I will not buy it twice. I am more than happy to save my money and wait a little while loner for the version I will always play. I can remote play this on my Vita. Win win.

    Cross Buy is not a free game its a PRE-ORDER of the game you want. If they are not taking pre-orders there is nothing i can do but wait. I am not a got to have it now type person so it fine.While you also have to wait on my money :-)

  • great tips im new at minecraft so thanks for the tips

  • Where can I buy it..

  • Cross-Play!

  • As far as Cross-Buy goes its far less to me about being cheap, and more about feeling like a developer cares.

    If someone has to choose between a Vita Version and a PS3 version they might just choose neither. However if you give someone who was on the fence a deal, most likely you’ll get increased affection, loyalty, and if they can of course they will buy it. Why wouldn’t they? They can play it when ever they want?

    If Dragon’s Crown was Cross-Buy would have bought it at full price. Instead I waited till it dropped quite a bit down in price, and used PSN vouchers I got discounts with coupons on. Don’t get greedy, make your community love you and want to support you and evangelize your game. Don’t make people have to make platform decisions anymore than they have to and you will reap better rewards.

  • Will ps3 get hardcore mode in the future?

  • I dug strait down today.

    2 mins after i hit bedrock i found diamonds…

    4 mins after that i found lava above…

    popped a heat res potion, swam up lava…

    found caves with coal, iron, gold, and lap luz…


  • anyone want to play add me Demon_King369 i usually play in peaceful creative

  • I’am getting it on Christmas :)))

  • I got it

  • We just downloaded and have been playing and noticed when a creeper blew us up we couldnt find our stuff to pick up after we respawned like in the ipad version. Is this true or am I just not doing something right?

  • I have a very important question will there be multiplayer minigames like cops and robbers,hunger games,and,quick sand

  • Guys if you want to play multiplayer with me on minecraft add me!
    xXSilentBloodzXx. I also have a mic add me

  • a few questions about the new game… (love it by the way! i was praying for this to be on PS3 someday! its a xmas miracle!)

    1) where’s the pumpkin pie?
    2) will there be a way to warp in the future? is there a way now?

    not being able to get back home or to a death point quickly/easily makes things very interesting/difficult.

    anyway, love this game and can’t wait to play some more. My son and I bond over this and having it on the big living room screen via the PS3 is just amazing.

    THANK YOU!!!!

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