Killzone Shadow Fall: Free Multiplayer Weekend Starting December 28th

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Killzone Shadow Fall: Free Multiplayer Weekend Starting December 28th

Killzone Shadow Fall Free Multiplayer Weekend

As hinted back in August by Shuhei Yoshida, President of Worldwide Studios, we’re excited to announce that starting today, PS Plus members can begin pre-loading Killzone Shadow Fall now for a special FREE multiplayer extended open weekend from 12/28 through 12/31.

Through this promotion, the PS4 owners who don’t yet own Shadow Fall can easily try the game’s acclaimed multiplayer mode, and experience first-hand the excitement that thousands of videos and livestreams have already spread via the PS4’s powerful share functionality. Check here for current competitions and tournaments you can watch and/or participate in during the open weekend.

It’s also important for us to reiterate that the Shadow Fall multiplayer experience will continue to evolve and expand with new content and additional features. In fact, a new update will soon go live that addresses many oft-requested features, including the addition of voice chat. Moreover, all additional maps will be made available for free to ensure that the community grows without fragmenting. We’re committed to supporting Shadow Fall, and we’re excited to share more about that vision early in the new year.

Don’t forget to start pre-loading today to make sure you’re on as early as possible on December 28th.

See you all online!

NOTE: Plus members who don’t own Shadow Fall but opt to pre-load and participate in the MP open weekend will also be downloading single-player content (although MP can be prioritized to complete first). Please be aware that while this single-player content will be automatically downloaded, it will NOT be unlocked during this trial weekend.

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  • Yes this is pointless my PS4 got shipped to Europe for some odd reason guess I wont get until PlayStation stocks there shelf’s with PS4’s sometime in march I’m guessing. I know I should have preordered PS4 back in Jan.

  • This is a smart idea. Fortunately, I have it on good authority that Santa will be bringing me Shadow Fall for Christmas, so I won’t need to download this.

  • Can someone help me please.

    Ever since I have gotten this game at certain times in playing an online match all of a sudden my PS4 will say server timed out or connection timed out. Its getting annoying and I dont know what to do. This rarely happens to me in any other games and sometimes this happens multiple times in a gaming session. Any suggestions in a way to fix this problem?

    I have looking online and I have seen that others have been complaining about the same problem.

    Also any news into changing the spawning system lately any matches people will just camp at the enemy respawn and once you leave the base your getting killed it would be nice to change it up so the enemy team doesn’t always know where your spawning at.

  • @3 also look into port forwarding/port range forwarding.

  • Really wishing I had a PS4 now. I took my pre-order off it two days before it’s release so that I could use that money to get my wife her Christmas gift…. Is it wrong to almost regret that? Oh well, I’m sure I’ll be getting it at some point in time. I’m certainly looking forward to KZ: Shadow Fall and Resogun!

  • @6 That’s a pretty awesome thing to do for your wife. Respect.


  • Glad you let us Pre-load the game. Hopefully we’ll be able to do this with future pre-orders from the store.

  • For a weekend it’s not worth the bandwidth. The entire game itself is mediocre [imo, of course].
    However it’s BEAUTIFUl.

  • What about that Q&A??? Hmmmmmmmm??

  • I have the game & it’s fun as always because it as its own identity. There will be a lot of great things coming can’t wait. Now all I have to still do is get the season pass ASAP!!!!!!!!!!

  • This is awesome let’s reward people they did not buy the game! :-/
    how about for us guys and gals that did?_?

  • @snakeeys211 They are not rewarding people they(sic) did not buy the game, they are obviously trying to expand the userbase by offering this “free weekend” to ps plus members.

  • The game looks amazing. Truly shows off the power of next-gen consoles.

  • Dang, guess I need to get back into the MP and get wins on the two maps I haven’t yet for that one trophy. It’ll only get that much harder once they add more maps…
    Really do enjoy the MP, though. First time I’ve ever played a Killzone online, and only the fourth game this gen I’ve played competitive MP in (the others being AC:B and AC:R, and the first Transformers game). The MP is absolutely gorgeous, running at 1080p/60fps. Gotta hand it to Guerrilla, they make pretty games.

    And VOICE CHAT! THANK YOU! It’s really frustrating to not be able to coordinate with my teammates, since so many of the modes require a lot of team cooperation. And it’d be annoying to have to friend every single person I randomly play with just to use the Party app to talk with them. Voice chat is much appreciated!

  • Woops… can’t believe I did that… I played three competitive multiplayer games last gen (the three I mentioned), and that was it…
    This is the first one this gen, and the first of many, most likely…
    Wow, I’m really wishing we had an Edit Comment function right now, haha.

  • I wasnt able to play multiplayer for this game since i bought it on day 1!.I keep getting error 10101 so I gave up trying to play this game!!!. SMH..

  • @13

    Your reward is the floodgate of newbie cannon fodder fresh fish who’ll have the chance to be mowed down by the vets that weekend.

  • if only the game really did have 4 classes like shown in the picture… it could really use it.

    Still, it’s nice to see GG pushing the multiplayer for a free weekend. Flaws aside, it can be pretty fun and everyone should at least give it a go.

  • I cant understand why the dev dont allow us to download the MULTIPLAYER PART ONLY, it’s just logical and it’s supposed to be already completely coded almost since we can choose to download multi or story first when we buy it, no?

    What happened to this announced feature of PS4?

    Devs should understand that everyone have different internet cap. I’m not in a super bad part of the world for internet and this download will consume half my monthly bandwich! : / …so I’m still thinking about if I’ll try it or not.

  • As much as I enjoyed the single player of Shadow Fall, from a pure gameplay perspective I think the multiplayer is even better. I can honestly see multiplayer shooter fans getting their money’s worth even if they only played the MP portion of the game. Of course, you need to enjoy the Sci-fi setting.

  • @10, I know it’s just a matter of opinion, but I really enjoyed the single player in KZ:S and as far as I’m concerned, Warzone is head and shoulders above any other FPS multiplayer with its rotating objectives. Is like to see Assassination from KZ3 comeback though.

  • I will be passing on this game, but my brother will be buying it next year. The Division is the game I want, infact the The Division looks the best game I’ve ever seen. Its top notch I hope it looks this good on ps4.

  • Started the download now!!!

  • When are we going to get the coop levels?!?!!

  • Im sorry, but Sony made a HUGE MISTAKE with killzone Shadowfall, They claimed it would be a whole new game, but its more of the same! They should have copied the MASTERPIECE that is killzone Mercenary on the vita. How sad that the best killzone game EVER is on a handheld? Im sure that once people see the same old killzone weightyness and sluggish movement they want nothing to do with shadowfall. I think Killzone 3 had better weapons, Killzone 2 had the better multiplayer, and killzone mercenary had the best story and features.

  • @saab01

    contact sony support they should be able to help you with this.

  • Pretty sure this game could have been offered on ps3 as well. :/

  • Is gg hinting a 4th class like commando class in that pic?

  • I wish this was actually free. I mean, I would like some F2P features on the portion of multiplayer so I can play a shooter online. Yes, my wallet is empty for this holiday. That was my point. No, Blacklight Retribution isn’t enough and it’s not a game that’s like Killzone.

  • Yeah OK.

  • Hello guys can you please help me out here, I’ve just finish downloading Killzone Shadow fall for free on the ps4 both multiplayer and single player, and here is the question, why can’t I start it? There is a lock sign on the start(application) and when I click it, it says ”cannot start the application. Only users who hold a licence for this app can start it.” Please help

  • So stoked! Been wanting to try this game out FOREVER. I would have bought it at launch but i only had enough money for 1 game (Battlefield 4) and my 2 other friends that picked up Killzone at launch werent so happy with it… glad i’ll get a chance to see it and try it out for myself. looking forward to the weekend :)

  • @Bananplockarn – lol you gotta read the post and youd have your question answered. the single player is locked until you buy the game and the multiplayer is only available during certain times, like this weekend for example 12/28/13 – 12/31/13

  • People need to seriously try this MP and play more then a couple matches. Once you learn the classes and unlock some attachments it just gets better and better. The Keyzer is a good weapon to start and upgrade I think. Also free maps? What else can you ask for? They did miss on the Ranking system. Most people I know dont give a rats butt about challenges.. Maybe cool for the weapon unlock etcc.. But people like ranks!!! ADD IT

  • Well i wanted to play tonight and and…Nothing, game keeps crashing when loading a map. Guess i won’t be buying digital for this generation.

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