PS Mobile Update: UFO Dad Arrives This Week

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PS Mobile Update: UFO Dad Arrives This Week

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Every Tuesday, there are new games, apps, and updates added to PlayStation Mobile. UFO Dad — our featured game of the week — and Night Riders were released this week. We also have a ton of updates on the way.

We’re at the midpoint of our Festive Giveaway, which started Thanksgiving week. If you didn’t get a chance to snag some of the games then, we’ll kick it back up (after a break for Christmas) during the week of January 8th.

Also, don’t forget that you still have time to pick up either an Xperia Z smartphone or tablet to get 10 free PlayStation Mobile games, a 60 day trial of Music Unlimited, and six free movies (including Elysium). Click here for details.

New Releases

UFO Dad by Edit Mode ($4.29)

Kevin Oke, Lead Designer and founder of Edit Mode, provided us some insight into this exclusive for PlayStation Mobile:

We at Edit Mode are extremely proud to bring you UFO Dad, exclusively on PlayStation Mobile. UFO Dad is a mashup of platforming and match 3 — think varying degrees of Mr. Driller + Tetris Attack + Bejeweled + Sokoban. Development was largely inspired by Mr. Driller (a series I love), but over time the game has taken shape into its current form.

PlayStation Mobile Update, 12/18/2013PlayStation Mobile Update, 12/18/2013

We’re very excited to be one of the first PlayStation Mobile titles to support PSN leaderboards, so you can compete with your friends for intergalactic (or just neighborhood) grilling supremacy.

Our hero is a suburban dad, master of the grill, sufferer of male pattern baldness, and wearer of sandals with socks. His homemade “wonder spatula” has attracted attention from those beyond the Milky Way — hungry aliens have come to abduct him and steal his scrumptious burgers!

Armed with the “Wonder Spatula,” you can use it to chain burgers of the same color, keep the invaders at bay, and go for the highest score. The more burgers you chain, the more points you earn. Our hero will have to stay on his toes and be careful as the UFO’s tractor beam will try to pull him and his burgers upward. Survive the invasion, unlock new family members, and compete to dominate the online leaderboards!

In the future we’ll be updating the game with new features for free. Follow us on Twitter to stay in the loop.

Night Riders, 3D Arcade Racing by Baka-Neko.FR ($1.79)

Night Riders is a 3D motorbike racing game inspired by 80’s arcade classics. Ride through 10 beautiful tracks and 4 challenging courses!

PlayStation Mobile Update, 12/18/2013PlayStation Mobile Update, 12/18/2013


  • Vacc-Balls-Chin by BoobyTrap., Ltd ($2.29 for full game, DLC range $0.99-49.99)
  • Picbox by Stinky Badger Games (Free for full game, DLC $0.99)
  • VitaBounce! by Havishamone Games ($0.99)
  • Merum by SeazDevelop ($1.49)
  • Saicoro-puzzle*KURA:ssic by Emily&Charlotte Lounge (Free for full game, $0.99 for DLC)
  • The Sexy Seashore by Nia ($1.49)
  • Crash Planets by Tomonori Misawa ($0.99)

PS Vita owners can download these games from the PlayStation Mobile section of PlayStation Store; Owners of PlayStation-certified devices such as the Sony Xperia Z smartphone, Wikipad or Sony Xperia Z tablet, can obtain them through the PlayStation Mobile Store for the same price.

Click here for a full list of the certified devices or here for installation instructions.

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  • Is the festive give away still going on??

  • Lol never mind just read your going to continue after Jan. 8th

  • @jhernandez360 From a previous blog post: “Between November 27th and December 18th of 2013, and then from January 8th through January 22nd of 2014, you can download two PS Mobile games . . .”

    So, we’ll have to wait a few weeks for the other free games :D

  • Oops, looks like you(jhernandaez360) entered another post as I was typing mine.

    On another note, I’m glad to see Sony showing some attention to PS Mobile lately.

  • looking forward to when PSM has trophy support. That will sell a lot more copies of those games once it finally exists

  • Yea trophies Equals more Sales over here!!

  • @6 well said i also agree i definitely bump up my playing on the platform

  • Is the ps mobile festive giveaway promotion going to be available in Mexico now that the service it’s on in this country?

  • Well I can’t wait to see what other games we will be getting!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i really appreciate these offerings for the Playstation Mobile Platform.
    i have a few issues thou id like to address.

    i come from having a Sony Xperia Play only to LATER find out that the device will never get android 4.0….
    Pretty disapointing considering it was hailed the de-facto Playstation Phone.
    Very disappointed that NONE of the new Sony Mobile devices have “PS3 Remote Play Support”, yet the
    Sony Aino does?… still dumbfounded by this.

    Now I have the Sony Xperia TL or “T” which is stuck on 4.12 at the current time and it seems “DualShock3”
    support is only available for 4.3 devices…..

    I need Dualshock 3 to play these games……

  • Definitely waiting on trophies, but I’m quite happy with the service as is.

  • Pinball game & Ice Rage on PSM please.

  • When will you be integrating ultraviolet into the vita? On the ps 3 we have a cinema now app can we get one on the vita? Maybe even a sony music app so that we can download music kind of like the apple itunes store? Also being able to do a snapshot of a movie we are watching so we can show our friends what were up to. Can we add a watch with friends feature so that we can watch a movie with our ps vita and ps4 friends? there are a lot of us who want to be able to have a more content rich experience with our friends.

    PS4’s are sold out in my neighborhood and i refuse to buy a xbox so instead i bought a vita and when available i want a ps4, the point you ask? I have owned every playstation ever released and i am loyal to your products but we have alot of untapped potential. Keep us loyal make more available.

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