The Walking Dead: Season Two Premiere Out Today on PS3

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The Walking Dead: Season Two Premiere Out Today on PS3

It’s been almost a year since the season finale of The Walking Dead: A Telltale Games Series, and we know a lot of you have been wondering what the world has in store next for Clementine… today, we get to find out! The season premiere episode, All That Remains, is available to download today for PS3 on PlayStation Store for $4.99.

I don’t want to say too much for fear of spoiling the episode, but if you missed last week’s trailer and want a little sneak peek, check it out below.

The Walking Dead: Season Two Premiere Out Today on PS3

We’re working with PlayStation to get the Season Pass option up as soon as possible — stay tuned for info on that.

If you’re looking to wait until the Season Pass option becomes available on PlayStation Store, remember to check out the Season One DLC Episode, 400 Days. Not only will choices from Season One carry into Season Two, but choices from 400 Days will affect your Season Two playthrough as well.

Haven’t played Telltale’s first season of The Walking Dead? It’s not too late to get caught up for Season Two. The Walking Dead: Episode One — A New Day is free to download right now, so you can see where it all began.

As ever, thanks for reading, and be sure to let us know what you think of All That Remains in the comments… but please be mindful of spoilers for fellow readers who have not yet had time to play!

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  • awww man i want buy that episode so bad but i don’t have ps3 system anymore.. i has new ps4 system but not able to play this episode on ps4 system.. gosh.. i am very sad now

  • So I plan on buying the season pass. Does this mean I have to wait for the pass to appear so I can start playing? What happens if I buy the single episode and then buy the season pass once it’s out? Do I get discounted or do I have to actually wait for the pass? Please reply soon because I am upset at the thought of having to wait longer to actually play this. Thank you.

    • Hey there! The season pass offers a 25% saving over purchasing the episodes individually. You’d need to wait for the season pass in order to get the discount – since the season pass includes Episodes 1-5, purchasing Episode 1 first would negate your discount. If you’re planning to wait, hang in there!

  • Any word on Vita release date for TWD Season 2 & The Wolf Among Us?

    • The team is working on both of those right now, and we hope to have an update for PS Vita folks soon after the holidays!

  • yessss finally!
    QUESTION do we get a theme if we buy the season pass?

  • i can’t wait for the store update :’)) OMG OMG OMG

  • Needs a Vita version… ASAP!!!

  • hey Laura Perusco , when does season two coming for ps4 ?

    • We haven’t announced a version for PlayStation 4, but we certainly love the system! If we ever did plan a PlayStation 4 port, you can bet we’d let you know.

  • heya Laura :)

  • @happydude633, I also want to know if the season pass will be available today. I wouldn’t buy the episode until confirmation.

  • What exactly is happening with the Vita version? I’m very excited for the game, but since my save data is on VIta, I’m essentially locked into that system. I’ve been asking a little while, along with other fans, and radio silence is all we’ve heard. Any idea when there will be an update?

  • No season pass, no buy for me until it happens. I’ve seen what happened with the Wolf among us.

  • I agree with hawjbol2009. I’m really enjoying my ps4, but a little ps4 love would be appreciated in the area of games, which are very few. I have 8 games and have played and finished them all.

  • How can you not get the season pass up at the same time as the first episode? This was not an issue when the 1st season of Walking Dead released but now with Wolf Among Us and season 2 of Walking Dead we have to wait on season passes?

    So should we expect it Friday again? Or whatever random day it was that you released it for Wolf Among Us?

  • OMG guys episode 1 is already on PS store but the season pass isn’t.
    what gives?? where’s the season pass?

  • @11, what happened? I’m tempted to buy the first episode already but I want the damn season pass.

  • I’m working my way through Season One on the Vita, any update as to when the Vita versions of Season 2 and The Wolf Among Us will come out?

  • @2 No discounts, If you buy ep. 1 today and then the season pass, you will pay full price, $25 for the whole thing. I don’t know why they even bother releasing it if the seaon pass isn’t ready? Who buys on episode of this and doesn’t get the rest?

    …well maybe some people do, but come on Telltale!

  • @15
    People bought the first episode, but the season pass came out later. So you bought the episode and the season pass came out later. No discount whatsoever to the people who bought the game on day one.
    I’m waiting till a season pass becomes available.

  • I stopped caring right at the “no season pass” part. the game is 5 episodes long at 5 bucks each for a total of 25 bucks.. I hear the season pass will be 25 bucks.. which means if i bought episode 1 now then the SP later thats a total of 30 bucks.. in which case Im not saving money Im spending 5 bucks more than what buying each individual episode would cost.

    but lets say the season pass is 20…. ok so I buy episode 1 now for 5 then 20 on season pass later and again I spent 25 bucks… thats not a saving I might as well just buy all 5 episodes separately in that case… so yeah no season pass no buy.. guess Il just have read all the wonderful reviews of it until an SP is finally out despite having money in my psn wallet for months waiting for this.

    • The Season Pass will be $19.99 USD or equivalent. So if you purchased Episode 1 (for $4.99 USD) and then later got the Season Pass, you’d end up the same as if you’d purchased the episodes individually. Up to you!

  • Never bought 400 days, do I really need it?

  • Hi :) Laura will The Walking Dead: Season Two have platinum trophy?

  • Any news on the EU release? If its delayed, we won’t have it until after the New Year!

  • I really hope they can get the Season Pass up today. :) I have been waiting for Season 2 for a long time and not being able to play it because a delay of a season pass depresses me. I can’t wait any longer. :/

  • Spanish subtitles?

  • Will get as soon as the season pass is available.

  • What a mess… Why can’t we download a Season Pass right now? (!) Also, will there be some kind of discount over Season Pass?

    (Can’t wait to play! :P )

  • @DuoMaxwell007 It’s been confirmed earlier on twitter and several other sources, that the new Season Pass will be priced at $19.99.

    However i’m not touching that Episode 1 DLC until that SP-offer is up… everyone doing otherwise flushes a saving of 5 bucks right down the toilet.

  • @Noctis_91

    The trophy list has been revealed on a few different trophy related websites. Looks like we’re not getting a platinum this time. Hopefully that’s wrong, but that’s what it looks like so far.

  • This is really disrespectful toward dedicated gamers on a budget. I really hope the Season Pass is gonna be on PSN today.

    I think I’ll try to play The Last of Us in multiplayer for the first time while I wait for answers…

  • I bought the PS Vita bundle just for The Walking Dead! And I’m glad I did. It was awesome.

    When do you think Season 2 will come to PS Vita. Please tell me we can buy a season pass and not have to wait for the whole game all at once. Keep the information coming. Thank you.

  • Please get the season pass up today. It was awful having to wait like a week or two for the wolf among us to have 1. please dont make the same mistake again sony and telltale

  • So after waiting a year for Season 2, it comes out, but no season pass day one therefore punishing players who want to play now? I just don’t understand.

  • When will the PS4 version come out? I’m holding out on PS3 purchases wherever possible.

  • I love all the people who abandoned the PS3 for the PS4. You do know that only 2 months ago a new PS2, yes PS2, game was released. When you jump ship for the new and shiny you will lose out.

    That said, this is a definite buy once the season pass is up and running.

  • I wanna buy the season pass pls tell when its ready up! cheers!

  • Hey TellTale, is there any way to set up some sort of system to transfer your Season history from PSVITA to PS3 or Vice Versa? Not because I want to continue my Season 1 save on my PS3, but because I was hoping to start Season 2 perhaps today. I can’t start it because the VITA version isn’t coming out. So if you were able to set up a system for VITA-> PS3 or PS3-> for Season 1 players moving on to Season 2. Is this possible at least in the future?

  • Told ya soooooo LOL …. just like the first season episodes :D

    no season pass… oh well i couldnt buy it today anyway, i bought tearaway at gamestop for 20 bucks :D ill get this next week…. or whenever the season pass is ready

  • Yes, any info towards the Season pass-release would be greatly appreciated and please don’t come up with something like very soon, as “soon” can mean up to two weeks!

  • Completely stupid that you’re not releasing the Season Pass TODAY. Disgusting greed is the only reason I can think of. Wolf Among us where the Pass was only for episodes 2 – 5 was a MUCH better move. That pass also came later, but at least you were NOT trying to rip off early adopters!

  • @34 Considering sports games haven’t really changed much, assuming that’s what you are referring to as PS2 games, I don’t see the reason why they would be coming out on PS2. It’s pretty much a roster update with most companies. So yeah…PS2 games…Wooo…I would only buy a PS2 again, if I didn’t already have one, to buy into the back catalogue of games, especially SONY published games. Not to buy new PS2 games. Same as it will soon be for the PS3 with the exception of a few cheaper price point games that don’t need the system upgrade. They work just fine. Difference with the PS3 is that is has a digital platform, the PS2 didn’t, so it couldn’t survive for as long.

    That being said. Last newest PS2 game I played was the Force Unleashed. And that was the best version of them all in my opinion. Seriously that game launched on like everything.

  • I really want to play this, but I was EXTREMELY disappointed with The Wolf Among Us’ launch. The season pass wasn’t available day one, so I bought the first episode assuming that I could get the season pass at a discounted price (which was available on Xbox Live), but was cheated out of $5. I think I might wait until the PS Vita version comes out, hopefully the season pass will be there at launch.

  • Thanks for the heads up on the Vita versions of TWD2 and Wolf Among Us. I really appreciate it!

  • I’ll be waiting for the season pass since I got burned with The Wolf Among Us. I thought they would price things like they did with the Xbox where the season pass got you ep. 2-5 at $15 so the price was still $20 total, but for whatever reason that was not the case, and I feel like Telltale did a rather poor job of making people aware that there would be such a difference. I don’t get why season passes on PS3 have suddenly become an issue since they are available right away for every other game I own, including season 1 of TWD.

    I’ll also agree that I’m a bit confused by the folks that apparently got rid of their PS3s when they got their PS4s. I guess I enjoy playing older games enough that holding onto the system was worth it, especially since there is no backwards compatibility on PS4. Not to mention, just like every transition to a new console, the new one doesn’t have a lot going on right now, and the old one still has new titles coming. Like I said, it’s a strange choice.

  • You’ve got a PR nightmare on your hands Laura, release the bloody Season Pass TODAY!

  • This is ridiculous. Why is it so difficult to put out the season pass with Episode 1? Especially when you managed it just fine for the first season.

  • I don’t care about what is on the ps3. The ps4 just needs more games . The ps4 is a beast of a system when compared to the ps3 , with much better features and options of things to do, but I do understand that this is just the beginning for the system. I just wish it had more games than what it has at the moment.

  • wow i wasn’t expecting a cross-buy but no season pass either?!?!?!?! I’m waiting for the Vita version since I got the 400 days DLC on that platform but if there is at the least a cross save, I may reconsider the platform. If you plan to put it out across all platforms then maybe consider using one of the cross features. Cross play, Cross buy, Cross save

  • Stoked! Getting the season pass

  • Why no Vita? Its really annoying that Vita is the last thought with you guys. We STILL don’t even have Wolf Among Us.

    Also what about PS4? I don’t buy last gen games anymore.

    Very disappointed :(

  • Telltale, what’s going on with this new trend if not having the season pass available on the first day? First it happened with Fables and now with The Walking Dead Season Two. I love you games, but it’s not fun having to wait longer to play them.

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