Sparkle on PS Vita Out Today

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Sparkle on PS Vita Out Today

Sparkle on PS Vita

Hello, PlayStation.Blog readers! Greetings from the magical winter wonderland* of Finland. I’m Jaakko from multiplatform game developer 10tons. Even though we’ve been around for ten years now, we’re genuinely excited to make our PS Vita debut this week.

The game we’ve chosen to be the spearhead of our entry to PS Vita is Sparkle. It’s a marble shooter puzzle game, and probably the most popular game we’ve ever made. The game is actually out on PS Vita in Europe already, and we’ve received a whole lot of positive reviews and feedback on it. Many noted that this particular subgenre of match-three is extremely underrepresented on PS Vita. Not anymore!

What sets Sparkle apart from many marble shooters are the big and brash power-ups, considerable level of challenge, and the slightly dark, mysterious theme. This type of game fits mobile gaming really well, and PS Vita is the ultimate device to play it on. Playing Sparkle with the touchscreen is fast and accurate, but if you prefer thumbstick controls, they’re there as well.

Sparkle on PS VitaSparkle on PS Vita

We’re also really happy it’s possible to offer free trials of games on PS Vita. We realize we’re probably not known among PS Vita gamers, and as a small developer we don’t have much in the way of marketing muscle. The free trial of Sparkle means anyone can check the game out and then unlock the full version for $5.99 if they like it. So give the game a spin — we think you’ll like it!

Going forward, we’ll be bringing a few of our other titles to PS Vita in the coming months, and we plan to have a free trial available for all of them. Next up is the spectacular, physics-based puzzle game King Oddball, hopefully some time in January.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments — I’ll be happy to answer them. Thanks for reading, and try Sparkle when it’s out later today.

*Currently, “magical winter wonderland” refers to a mess of ice and sleet.

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  • I have been looking forward to this since I saw the trophy list floating out there, I also feel the match 3 is a tad skimpy on Vita. With a lot of Indy games coming out today Sparkle will be the first one I get. You said you’ve been around for years and have other games( I’m sorry I don’t know what they are), what else could you see porting over to Vita?


    • We’ve done a lot of puzzle games in recent years, and our current plan is to bring our most premium ones to PS Vita. So Azkend 2: The World Beneath and Sparkle 2 (guess which game that is a sequel to!) should be arriving in Q1 2014.

      We’re also in the process of remastering a true classic hardcore top down dual stick shooter Crimsonland and we’ll bring that to PS Vita as well when we’re done. That one might be in Q2 though.

  • Looks good, and great price at $5. I’ll definitely download the demo tonight, though I’m not sure I’ll be able to pull myself away from Tearaway long enough to try it for a few days.

    • Great, I absolutely encourage anyone to try the game.

      And yeah, how about that price… :) I sort of slipped in the SCEE price there, and the SCEA price is actually $5.99. My bad!

  • I just had a minute to look at your guys website, Trouserheart looks super fun! King Oddball says coming soon to Vita, while that type of game isn’t up my alley, we all appreciate support for a device we love.

    • Azkend 1 is actually unlikely, although it’s the same age as Sparkle. The reason is that Azkend is very hardcoded to portrait aspect ratio, and that’d just be weird on PS Vita.

      We were smarter with Azkend 2: The World Beneath, and that is definitely heading towards PS Vita.

  • So much Vita lovin today! Is it because its Vita’s second birthday? :)

  • Always happy to welcome a new developer to the Vita

  • Never heard of this game or developer but this seems like a perfect price point for this kind of game, and its a genre that the Vita is mostly lacking in. I’ll definitely check out the demo and will probably buy.

  • This is like Luxor?…please answer….if it is then consider this bought…Luxor is by far my favorite game on PSP.Anyway will be trying the demo…and for $5.00 ha I’ll probably buy right away.

    • It’s a lot like the Luxor games, except the Orb Slinger is locked in place amongst the Orb tracks, as opposed to moving freely along the bottom edge of the screen. So more like the Zuma games really.

      We have had people very seriously stating “Sparkle is probably the best mobile game ever, period.” to us, so give the free demo a go :)

  • I have Sparkle 2 on my windows 8.1 pro with media its in the app store

  • This is good to read more great games for the PS Vita, I will check this out soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pumped about the PSVita love these days! Keep it coming!

  • Do it got trophies?

  • I’d love to buy this, but I’ve hit the RIDICULOUS Vita 100 icon limit and can’t install any more games. And yes, I’ve deleted everything I can live without! Can someone please complain to the right folks at Sony about this?!

  • oh, nice demo! To buy full game though, on PS Vita, and the PSN PC store, the price is $5.99‚ not $4.99 like said in above blog post.

  • Neat. Are the graphics assets and rendering in the VIta’s native resolution (960×544)? I ask because there’s been a number of Android-quality resolution games in the past month or so.

    Can you detail the trophies and what codec/bitrate the music/sound assets are encoded in as well?


    • Good questions, I’ll have to get back to you with specifics.

      The graphics in Sparkle are 2D frames from 3D renderings, but I’m not sure which resolution renders have been used for the PS Vita version.

      Similarly the original sound sourcefiles are some high rate wav files, but I’m not sure which codec and bitrate is in use on the PS Vita version. I’m quite sure we’ve selected something appropriate.

      Sparkle 2, which we’ll release on PS Vita hopefully in Q1 2014, is admittedly more modern. We have it out on 2560×1600 resolution for high end Android tablets, and could theoretically go 4K if necessary.

    • All right, got the hard numbers. The good news: Music is 44.1 KHz ogg. The bad news: The graphics are scaled from 800×480. It’s not that big an upscale though, and we feel the game looks as good as the assets permit even if the complete crispness of pixel perfection is not there.

  • I’ve seen this game before… My daughter plays a game exactly like this on Webkinz World called Smoothie Moves. Watching some gameplay and it’s the same game. I mean, the pieces have been changed from pieces of fruit to colorful balls, but still. That said, it’s also an incredibly addictive game and a lot of fun to play.

  • Will get this if I get a PSN card for Christmas.

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