Minecraft: Playstation 3 Edition Out Today

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Minecraft: Playstation 3 Edition Out Today

Hello fans of video games! Christmas has come early!

Minecraft: Playstation 3 Edition is out today on PlayStation Store! It costs $19.99 and weighs in at a 103 MB (including a handy patch that’ll download when you first launch the game).

Minecraft: Playstation 3 Edition comes packed with cool stuff: split-screen support for up to four players, online multiplayer for up to eight, Creative mode, Survival mode, and a bundle of Trophies. It’s super fun. If you don’t believe me, get the trial and decide for yourself.

Watch the trailer above to see some pretty footage of Minecraft: Playstation 3 Edition, or stop reading this and start the download!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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  • My entire family loves this game…including me. Can’t wait to download it for console. Kids play the pocket edition and my wife and I play PC. It’ll be nice seeing it on that big beautiful screen.

    Now about that PS4 version ;)

    Merry Christmas back at ya!

  • Hope you guys didn’t lose a lot of sleep staying up all night trying to decide on the price since you didn’t post it yesterday. Oh look, the same price as when it came out on the Xbox360 over 18 months ago. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

  • My 8-year-old son will love this fact, but I really wish you’d simply answer the question about cross-buy. I don’t want to buy it for the PS3, and then have to rebuy it for the PS4. With cross-buy, I’ll purchase today. Without it, I’ll wait. Not knowing is just not fun.

  • Maybe…. Maybe

  • Am I going to have to buy the game for ps3 ps4 and psv or is it cross buy?

  • Waiting excitedly for the Vita version!

  • Waiting for the Vita version. I would buy today if this was confirmed to be cross buy. I am happy in any case to see this IP move over to the Playstation eco system.

  • Awesome. My 8-yr old son plays Pocket Edition like crazy on his iPod, but his laptop is old and doesn’t run the PC version worth a darn and he doesn’t have an Xbox 360 so he’s going to be ecstatic about this FINALLY coming to PS3!

    3 Questions:

    (1) Will the PS Vita port be based on the PS3/360 version or will it share more in common with the upcoming PS4/XB1 versions? Please tell me it’s not just PE ported from iOS/Android?

    (2) Cross-buy? Cross-save? I realize probably not between the Vita/PS4 versions as they’re most likely vastly different but what about Vita/PS3?

    (3) WHEN? For the Vita and PS4 versions?


  • I also want to support this game and buy it but, I’m not gonna just fork out $20 for a game for ps3 when I have a next gen console with a currently limited library of games I need to build up to make my investment worth it. I mean I have spent money on the PC minecraft back in alpha stage when it was just coming into it’s own. But, again I’m not gonna buy it unless I know I will get a discount for repurchasing it again on ps4 in the distant future or a crossbuy.. Might I remind you 4J studios you did promise to be a launch title for next gen consoles back at e3.

  • Make it cross-buy and I’ll buy it today, but I’m not buying this on PS3 and PS4.

  • Same here. Unless I have cross-buy info for Vita, I’m sitting this out.

    Will we be able to download all public mods/levels/etc like we could with Unreal Tournament 3 on PS3 in 2007?

    Love the 4-player couch co-op, though! Reminds me of Goldeneye on N64 :)

  • I can’t join a friends server and they can’t join mine and yes I have it on so people can join and by invite only

  • I have a question I hope can get answered; Will I be able to play with users playing the game from PS4/Vita from my PS3? My friends have the Vita and I have PS3, but want to play the game together.

  • Im not buying unless it is cross-buy. Im only interested in the PS4 and Vita versions

  • Waahoo, you can play music from xmb while playing, very sweet :)

  • You guys need to figure out if there will be Crossbuy. I’d buy it today if it were confirmed, otherwise I’m just waiting for the PS4 version.

  • Yeah I know the game is gonna sell well but I can’t imagine how many more sales they would get right now if they just let us know if it’ll be Cross-Buy or not… I would buy it in a heartbeat right now for PS3 if I knew I’d get the PS4 version later.. But I won’t buy it till I know I’ll get the PS4 version :(

  • Does anybody know why the psn store is down doesn’t let me go to it

  • I talked to PSN support and they say the game comes out today but I can’t play it till tomorrow. What a joke!

  • almaraz1234- I have the same problem man!, Really annoyed

  • I CANT WAIT TO GET THIS!!!!!!!!! I am a big fan of this game. I play the pocket edition of this game, and was addicted to it the first time I played it. O and Merry Christmas to y’all at PSN., and GO VOLS!! #VolByVol

  • Well, as much as I love Minecraft, I already have this on the PC and Xbox, so it’s either cross-buy or no buy for me. I think a lot of people feel this way… I guess $19.99 for a port of a down-scaled port is a little steep for me.

  • at last !!!!!!!!! :<

  • Alread got the game! It’s a SUPER FUN GAME to play alone and with friends! It came late BUT finaly got to PS3!!! I dont know but, I guess a PS VITA version will be great too! I know vita can run this game!

  • Why hasn’t my store updated? HELP PLEASE

  • If your PSN store is down need you need to update your system. That’s what I did. If this helped you, I’m a TOTAL genus, if this didn’t help you, you either screwed up or I got lucky.

  • If your store hasn’t updated, UPDATE YOUR SYSTEM!!

  • I updated the system and still no change to the store:(

  • Although I don’t play Minecraft, my friend kept on encouraging me to buy the game since he played on Xbox 360 (he has both ps3 and Xbox 360). I can’t wait to start downloading and installing this game right after school. My eagerness is at it’s limit!

  • Oh I Thought It was going to come out on Friday because I haven’t been keeping up on Minecraft PS3 info I’m surprised I will get it as soon as I can thanks sony mojang and 4jstudios!

  • dumb question i am sure but how do you do multi player?

  • I’ll wait for a Steam OS box and just play my PC version on the big screen, thanks.

  • Thanks for bringing Minecraft to PS3, please let us know when it’s available for PS4 and Vita.

  • I mean, I can make my own player skin on the PC, and I know what the PlayStation Store is going to do now that the PS3 has its own slice of Minecraft – they’re going to sell skin packs.

    Yeah, no.

  • Im gonna spend too much time with my girlfriend playing this! =)

  • seriously?….. like, really, ive been asking about this (among other) games for months now, and I was completely ignored about it and everything else in that list, and now the game is here, without announcement, so if its not too much to ask, could some light please be shed on the ps4 version of this, and possibly warthunder, starbound, , towerfall ascension, and other games like these? it would be greatly appreciated if we could get some kind of information about these things

  • @AlphaGoku1 or @ 36 they did announce it, yesterday, and almost all the gaming blogs announced it, I even announced it. The PS4 version will not be here for a LOOOONG time, somehwhere in 2014, maybe march, and it will probably launch WITH the PS Vita version or AFTER.

  • @Murda_Bo1z well besides yesterday, sorry I missed that day ( -____-). but why so long for a port to ps4? It was supposed to be out soon after launch if im not mistaken, but do you have any information on the other games in that list, since you seem to be the only informed person around here

  • Just got it and I have this addiction once again. I’m going to waste my time for this game but also enjoy it. 2 things from you guys. mic support and cross buy for all playstation platforms (PS3, PS4, PSVITA) when the other versions is release.

  • If it’s crossbuy, I’ll get it right now. If not, I’m waiting for PS4.

  • @AlphaGoku1 Ok here it goes.

    Towerfall is confirmed coming to PS4 early 2014.

    Starbound is confirmed coming to PS4

    War Thunder – I believe it’s already out and it’s free to play.

  • @AlphaGoku1 Ok here it goes. I posted another post with links to the pages but it is awaiting moderation. So here is my post without the links.

    Towerfall is confirmed coming to PS4 early 2014.

    Starbound is confirmed coming to PS4

    War Thunder – I believe it’s already out and it’s free to play.

  • @AlphaGoku1 or @38
    And I think the time it’s taking is because PS4 coding might be a little different (It most likely is, with the ability to minimize the game and remote play ALL PS4 games to PS Vita) it’s definitely going to take longer, and the PS Vita one can’t release yet because it needs to work with the PS4 version, so basically we won’t be seeing either until they’re both done most likely, hopefully they will surprise us and get it done earlier. (I doubt it, but I believe it can be done, I mean, they made a game made out of blocks famous, they’re obviously doing something correctly.)

  • warthunder is available in EU only last time I heard, starbound is confirmed but nothing solid on when, and how early on towerfall, cause theres been nothing new on it since they said it was coming in 2014, not a demo, nothing

  • So I see what’s going to happen here this will be cross-save & cross play only. Just like terraria on the PS Vita & PS3.And since I know this will happen its not a big rush for me to get this game now. I’ll wait until I hear more information leading up to E3.

  • @AlphaGoku1 This is quoted from war thunder’s page.

    “When the game will become available for PS4 in North America?
    It depends only on Sony Computer Entertainment of America, but we’re doing our best to bring War Thunder to US console players as soon as possible.”

    Yea, I see what your saying, but most of the time with game development you can’t put a date on it because things happen and if you don’t meet the date you set everyone will hate you more, it’s sometimes best to not say anything specific.

    For an example look at the soul sacrifice blog post, when Sony didn’t put it on the store for everyone to get it when they said they would….Oh boy…everyone was ready to give up on PlayStation! (Lol, I was one of those people, I’d never quit though, not as long as Nintendo and Microsoft are their only competition.)

  • not saying anything is just as bad as giving bad information though, and yeah I get things happen, but if theres a consistency from both parties and the support ( us consumers) is there, there shouldn’t be much if any reason to have delays or anything like that, I mean, this multi billion dollar industry with decades of experience, shouldn’t have that much of a problem getting the things they want to have done completed. and its not like people aren’t showing an interest in these things, they’re just not being acknowledged

  • Sony give me my Christmas gift by putting it to PS4 and you can play it Minecraft with PS Move please???!!!!!

  • @AlphaGoku1 Nice, I completely see what your saying, they should really be able to do it, but who knows, maybe they spend a lot of their time “Beta Testing” lol.

  • Oh and @48 Sony doesn’t make Minecraft, 4J Studios does, I think. Sony can’t just “put” it on PS4, doesn’t work like that, wish it did, but it doesn’t.

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