Furmins Out on PS Vita Today

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Furmins Out on PS Vita Today

Happy holidays, everyone! Furmins — an innovative physics puzzle game — is out today on PS Vita.

In Furmins, players guide a bunch of adorable creatures across cunningly designed levels by rearranging a variety of items, as well as using bumpers and conveyor belts in real-time with coordinated precision. The quest at hand: to travel across the length of their world to wake up their King, who has fallen asleep and rolled over a river to form an impromptu dam that threatens their very existence! Strategically placed items create pathways and physical chain reactions, which guide the furmins to the basket — and level completion.

The PS Vita version offers exclusive features such as a brand new scoring system, global and per-world scoreboards with filters (overall, friends, your score), and the possibility to play with both the touch screen and rear touch pad.

Furmins on PS Vita

Furmins on PS VitaFurmins on PS Vita


  • A complete version of the game containing 108 levels across 9 game worlds (the 9th world coming as DLC)
  • Unique blend of physics-based, set-up-and-go play with real-time interaction
  • Multiple solutions enables players with lots of creativity
  • Beautiful visuals
  • 14 shiny Trophies to reward outstanding performances
  • Scoreboards with filters and LiveArea with player statistics

Furmins is $6.99, and will be available today when PlayStation Store updates!

For more information, click here, and follow @beatshapers and @Housemarque on Twitter.

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