Kratos’ Blades of Chaos Recreated by Man at Arms

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Kratos’ Blades of Chaos Recreated by Man at Arms
Kratos’ Blades of Chaos Recreated by Man at Arms

It’s been an exciting year for our show “Man at Arms” on the AWEme YouTube channel. Every other Monday, master swordsmith Tony Swatton forges viewers’ favorite weapons from video games, movies and TV. We quickly reached more than 1 million subscribers in less than a year thanks to the enthusiasm of our fans – many of whom requested Tony recreate Kratos’ weapon from God of War. Well, we heard you loud and clear. This week, we’re excited to share the newest episode of “Man at Arms” — featuring Kratos’ Blades of Chaos — with the PlayStation.Blog!

Tony creates all his weapons freehand, and it took him more than three days to complete this piece.

Check out the new episode of Man at Arms here and subscribe to the AWEme YouTube channel or follow us on Twitter if you like what you see.

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  • Man, those Blade of Chaos looks sweet. How would I like to hold them with my hands.

  • Very impress. Much want. Wow.

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    Please answer.

  • Holy cow……. If he started mass producing these Kratos swords (real ones not just for show) I’d buy one. That’s just sick looking, I love it!

  • Looks amazing. Now if they could mass produce those xD

  • Very this makes me want to get online tonite and play GOW: Ascension..which i will and “by the gods i will destroy all my enemies!!!” – ( thats exactly what i say before i start any match! lol) Man i hope they make a GOD OF WAR for PS4..ASAP!!..or atleast a new one for the PS VITA..:p

  • I tought ech mouth we saposte to get something from plus for ps4 I ownly seen 1 time and that’s when ps4 came out on the November 14 now its dec 16 2013 that’s more then 1 mouth

  • He said he scaled it down. How big is the actual blade if that was the *scaled down* version? xD

  • Just watched it earlier this morning on Youtube. Gotta say, it came out great! (as with all of Tony’s builds) Awesome to see it’s getting a spotlight here on the PS Blog!

  • Mankind is NOT ready to wield around that kind of power! That Blade is the very definition of Chaos! God of War IV..please come to my PS4!

    *kneels* The PS4 is worthy.

  • Agree on the mass production. Definitely getting a pair just to have it.

  • This. Is. HOT!

  • God of War IV confirmed?

  • That is awesome. I love all of the stuff they make, but I’m partial to Cloud’s Buster Sword. lol

  • One of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

  • I love seeing what Tony and his team come up with every other week. The Keyblade and Link’s Master Sword are my favorites so far. This makes me wish I lived in California so I could go visit his shop where all of these weapons are displayed. :)

  • I want a blades of chaos.

  • Was sad to see they didn’t even take the time to hide that the center of the blade was hollow by melding the two pieces together 8( They did a really good job up to that point.

  • That is pretty awesome! Seeing that I enjoyed all the God of War games, I would love to see those in the weapons section of an asian gift shop.

  • Amazing!!!

  • Hoouu….thats some real impressive work……there are some real talented people around the world,and I’m always amazed with that.Outstanding job.

  • Very cool but I think they should have used the blades from God of War 3. The version with the large hooked point on the underside of the blade. They were the blades of choice from the whole God of War saga in my opinion.

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  • I thought it looked better with the shiny detail. The end result is nice but it looks far more rustic than a weapon created by the Gods.

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