Knack on PS4: Unlockable Characters and Challenge Modes

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Knack on PS4: Unlockable Characters and Challenge Modes

Knack, Unlockables

Knack launched alongside PS4 in every territory, and now that there’s been some time for the players to get up to speed on our game, I wanted to talk a bit more about the unlockable features waiting within. As you probably know, there are hidden treasure chests in secret rooms scattered throughout the story which contain random items.

Some of those items are parts of gadgets that will help Knack in his quest; however the treasure chests also contain more exotic items called Crystal Relics. There are six different types of Crystal Relics, and if you collect enough of one type, you can unlock a special Knack that can be used when replaying the game, or in one of the challenge modes that you unlock upon beating the game.

For example, collecting 15 Ruby Relics unlocks Vampire Knack, who has stronger attacks, but also a weakness — he’s slowly melting, Parts drop off his body and he loses health as he fights. He can replenish that health by defeating enemies, so in a sense he’s sucking their energy into himself! So as soon as you collect the required 15 Ruby Relics, you can start the game from the beginning, playing this time as Vampire Knack. It’s a special challenge — easier in areas where there are lots of enemies, much tougher when the enemies are scarce and Knack has little to feed off of.

Knack, UnlockablesKnack, Unlockables

Two more characters — Massive Knack and Brittle Knack, which are unlocked respectively by collecting Emerald Relics and Aquamarine Relics — have even stronger attacks than Vampire Knack, but each has a weakness. Massive Knack can only store one super move’s worth of energy, and Brittle Knack is… well… brittle. His punches, kicks, and dash attack are all much more powerful, but he shatters easily when hit — overall, this definitely gives combat a faster feel.

Sunstone Knack — which can be unlocked by collecting Sunstone Relics — is all about the super moves. Not only do the super moves last longer and do more damage, but Sunstone Knack can pick up energy from defeated enemies and fill up the super move gauge much more quickly. He’s tough at any size! Do try to avoid getting hit, though; Sunstone Knack’s defensive power is a touch on the weak side.

If you collect 20 Amethyst Relics, you can unlock Dark Knack. He has the best defense of any character in the game, so he can absorb twice as much damage before dying. Like the other characters, though, he has a weakness. In the case of Dark Knack, he needs to collect twice as many sunstones before unleashing a super move.

And finally, if you pick up 10 Diamond Relics — the rarest of the rare — you can unlock Diamond Knack. He’s strong all around: better attacks, stronger super moves, and he can fill his super move gauge twice as fast as any other character. This is definitely the toughest — and the hardest to unlock — character in the game.

These six characters can be used in replaying the game, and they can also be used in two special challenge modes, playable with one or two players, that are unlocked by completing the game at any difficulty: Time Attack and Coliseum Attack.

Knack, UnlockablesKnack, Unlockables

Knack, Unlockables

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Time Attack is a race against time. The goal is to finish a section of the game as quickly as possible; the faster you are, the higher your score will be. You also pick up bonus points in a number of categories (defeating enemies using super moves, for example), so it’s important to think about strategy. Where and how you use the super moves makes a big difference to your score. There are 13 different Time Attack stages, each taken from a different part of the game.

Coliseum Attack is about survival. You face ten waves of enemies at steadily increasing difficulty. The first challenge is just to finish at all! But once you’ve managed to do that, the challenge becomes to finish as quickly as possible, and to finish without taking any damage. There are three arenas you can choose from in Coliseum Attack, each with its own very different style of enemy setups.

Whichever challenge you choose, the character you choose to play as is vital. These challenges are tough, and the extra damage you can do as Massive Knack, or the all-around strength of Diamond Knack, can make the difference between ending up at the top of the leaderboards, or somewhere far below. It’s also very important to play with the proper gadgets equipped, as something like the combo meter will really cut down on the time it takes to complete these special stages.

So those are all of the unlockable features in Knack. Don’t forget to collect items while you’re on the go with Knack’s Quest, a free downloadable game for iOS and Android devices, where you can unlock gadget parts and rare Relics for use in the full Knack game on PS4.The team and I are really looking forward to seeing the scores at the top of the leaderboards once everyone has had a chance to hone their fighting skills — I’m sure they’ll be most impressive!

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  • Earning diamonds are so hard… :(

  • I am enjoying the game. Thank you Mr. Cerny and all involved in this game for such a high quality production.

    The difficulty level of the game really reminds me of the good days of challenge from Playstation one platformers. The combat mechanics are perfect!

    I am hoping for a sequel with more level variety and more platforming sections.

  • I’m enjoying the game as well. It’s not perfect, but still fun. My biggest complaint is that Knack feels a bit sluggish.

    My 2nd biggest complaint is how rare diamonds are! I just finished chapter 4 and still haven’t found one diamond! And I need ten?!?!

  • I completed the game and found one. So by my math, it takes around ten playthroughs to get Diamond Knack on your own. This is where it pays to go on forums and friend a whole crapload of people who have played the game. :)

  • @3 Wait until you get over twice as many ruby relics than you need to unlock Vampire Knack. That made me way more upset than how rare other relics are, since having an excess doesn’t do anything and thus it’s just a waste. :/

    (It’s slightly better if you have more friends playing the game though)

  • I love this game like many others do, especially for the old school feel. However, I’m coming up on my 6th playthrough and I only have 4 diamonds. The diamonds are simply *too rare*! Please adjust this. It’s incredibly frustrating and sours many gamers’ outlook on the game when trophies are tied to something luck based like the diamond drops.

    Thank you

  • I’m trying to get diamonds through the Knack’s quest app.. I don’t think it’ll be too easy.. :/ But I don’t want to have to play through the game a hundred times. —

    That said.. It IS a fun game. :) I might beat it once and then go back to it someday.

  • Ah, I was wondering what the diamond did. I had one drop last night. I see quite a lot of the ruby’s, and I had no idea there were that many other forms. Other than ruby’s, I’ve only ever seen a dark crystal and the diamond.

    I’m playing on Hard. Does playing on a higher difficulty increase the rarity of drops?

  • As someone who achieved platinum, the game was very enjoyable. The only time the game felt grindy was getting those diamonds (got my 10th on the second to last chest on Hard mode, 3rd playthrough). It was a little disheartening that playing Very Hard as Diamond Knack was easier than playing on Hard as Normal Knack, but other than that the game was really fun! The different knacks were a fun addition, especially when doing the challenge modes, but the fact you can’t change mid-game (or between games on the same save) was a bummer.

    Overall, pretty good launch title! Definitely recommend if you enjoy the brawler/platformer play style.

  • I wish you could change difficulty mid game or start a new difficulty without losing all of your gems. I’m having to replay the same difficulty a second time in a row in order to collect the gems when I would really prefer to move up to the next difficulty level. Please fix this via a patch.

  • Everyone who posts on this blog post should add all of the other posters to their friends list so that we can help each other find the missing gems. I just found a diamond somewhere in chapter 5 or 6 so add me and you’ll be able to get it as well.

  • I’m really enjoying this game and I have had a lot of luck with the diamonds (I have 4 and I am halfway through my second playthrough)

    Ever since the last update this game has been freezing pretty often, to the point where I’ve been avoiding playing and this is the only game that freezes for me. Is there going to be another update that will straighten this out?

  • Since multiple people have posted about it, I thought I should let everyone know that diamonds cannot be shared between friends with the share feature like you can with other items. Diamonds are exempt from this feature.

  • Add me on PSN so we can help each other!

  • @Mark Cerny
    Seems some of the issues I was having with things like input lag may have been resolved by the stability updates the PS4 received.

    Definitely having fun with this game. Thank you for taking the time to put it together along side your team for launch. For all the flack this title got, its definitely a worth while buy to just play it co-op with a friend.

  • Disappointed that to get Diamond Knack I had to resort to farming and cheesing the game to go it.

  • You guys should release a demo. Theres no way i’m popping down $60 on this without trying it, especially after the mediocre reviews it received.

  • Amazing game, i love Knack !!! but some of these treasures are hard to find… gotta keep playing !

  • I already added a few guys at the weekend and it definetly makes it easier to gather those emeralds. So, please add me so we can get those diamonds faster! :)

  • Is there a code to unlock a version of the game that’s actually fun? What happened to all the platforming elements that were present in the intro stage? Thank goodness GameStop is giving $40 credit for this game until Dec. 22nd–I’ll be all over that.

    Sorry Mark, but I know you’re capable of producing much better gaming than this.

  • I love this game and am collecting most of the relics with no problem. But I am with the other people here in that the diamond relics are TOO rare, I haven’t gotten even one yet, and I have almost 20 people on my friends list who are playing this game. I would love to see this patched, or even as DLC. I would gladly buy it and support this game :)

  • On my 3rd playthrough and I’m still missing 2 or 3 characters… This is getting ridiculous… Getting Relics from a character you’ve already unlocked shouldn’t happen… I need like 15 Rubys or something like that, and I have 30… I mean, come on…

    Also, not being able to use your Gadgets if you want to start a new game on higher difficulty is also a bad move in my opinion.

    Obviously, the game is really good, but these 2 things are really annoying to my son and I…

  • I finished the game and am halfway through a single playthrough. Have all gadgets and Massive Knack and have been playing Knack’s Quest extensively, not to mention a lot of friends to choose quest rewards from when opening chests, BUT I HAVE NOT FOUND A SINGLE DIAMOND RELIC! ZERO!!!!

    Come on!

  • At some point I still would like to play this game despite what the reviews were of this game.

  • The diamond farming is ridiculous. We have 50+ of most gems now and still not a single Diamond. I’m not going to keep playing through this on the same difficulty just to get a Diamond Knack. This really should be fixed.


  • I just got out of the cave so far in terms of the story. The graphics are superb and the story is great so far. The controls are also very simple. I just have a question about the Knack’s Quest App that can give you items for your PS4 gameplay. I’ve been playing Knack’s Quest for a long time and have collected a variety of the gemstones and I believe every piece of each gadget that is available. However, there is no option to link App items to PS4 in the main menu of the game or in the options menu. How can I transfer the items I obtained from the Knack’s Quest App to my PS4 game. Thanks for your time everyone.

  • Got Platinum this week (when rarity was 0.3%).I really enjoyed it :D

  • Feel free to add me on PSN for sharing purposes! My PSN name is Spazgadget, just like here… :)
    Finished the game on Hard and got a lot of items through Knack’s Quest so happy to help out!


  • @28

    when playin the quest app sign in when you play, then look at your treasures and it should say “items sent to ps4”

    then when you play knack on ps4, continue your game and press start during gameplay and there will be an option titled “receive item”

    use that option to grab your quest app items

    hope that helps, it will be grayed out if you dont have new items to grab

  • I wish that you didn’t find the same relics over and over. I’ve got 43 ruby relics, 34 aqua relics, 22 emerald relics, 23 sunstone relics and 26 amethyst relics.

    I have 3 diamond relics. 3. I’m on my 4th play through and have added 15 new friends that all play knack so we can help each other with relics.

    3 diamond relics. It’s almost at the “not fun anymore” stage. I don’t want that to happen, I LOVE this game!

  • I really love this game so far, criminally underrated IMO. I am however my PS4 has been locking up while playing it since the 1.01 update, this seems to be an issue that many other people are having as well. This game is in serious need of another patch, so please Sony or Cerny, fix this wonderful game you’ve made so I can continue to enjoy it without my system locking up.

  • Diamond Knack is a pain to unlock, but I stuck with it and got my Platinum trophy.

  • Just getting finished with my first playthrough very good game reminds me of crash back in the day..can’t wait for the squeal

  • I played Normal after i completed it I moved on to hard. I finished that and started a very hard game. I noticed the gems and relics don’t combine across games. How are you going to collect them all?

  • This game looks very good. From everyone I talk to about it, they enjoy it. Great work Mark.

  • @JohnKarnes

    You have to “Continue”, using the same file for a new playthrough. It tells you this after the end of the credits.

  • Feel free to add me for sharing purposes. I will be sending some invites based on these posts.

    Really enjoying the game the more I play and looking to get the Platinum.

    Just beat the first boss which took me back to the good ol’ days of timing based gaming.

    Still not as brutal as DuckTales, LOL

  • I too very much enjoy this game and my 2 biggest complaints is how sluggish Knack feels when he is large (especially on boss fights) and the fact you can still collect crystals you don’t need.

  • Too bad Knack’s Quest doesn’t work well on android. Just freezes my Samsung Galaxy S2 when I get to the first reward at 20000 and doesn’t give it to me.

  • I think my friend is using Google Play on Android. At least that is how she is getting me all those high scores, I take no credit for that :)

  • My husband and I enjoy playing Knack’s Quest together — definitely two heads are better than one! One request, though: Can Knack’s Quest please not give me parts I already have in the game? I stopped playing because it kept giving me duplicates :/ if I’ve reached the “end” of Knack’s Quest by getting all the parts I can, I wish the game would tell me.

    Love the look and controls overall (as well as the co-op!), but the repetition and barely competent story take away most a lot of the positives.

    Any plans for a patch that fixes the framerate issues? In several scenes (while playing on Easy), I did super moves in an arena with 3-4 large enemies and the framerate dropped like a stone :( Would also love to see 3D support added.

    Definitely looking forward to a sequel with a more cohesive/sensible story and character arcs.

  • Earning diamonds not easy hope i can find away!

  • @#31

    Thanks for the assist! I figured it out after I went to play Knack that same day. *face palm*

    If anyone needs help with getting more relics add me and type Knack in the subject line


  • Got the platinum trophy today.

    Love the game.

  • Congrats to the people who got the Platinum!

    Any secret to getting diamond relics?
    Haven’t finished the game yet, so not sure about replaying levels.

  • I also think this game is a lot of fun and enjoy the variations of the character between the different Knacks.
    Sadly, I’m equally as frustrated as many above on the issues of “relics” and farming for them without being able to make changes or loose the “save game”. Just how many times does one have to play through to get all the “relics”? Talk about grinding!
    I have very few friends who play this game )1) and while I tell the others it’s fun, the hunt for “relics” is just a little over the top in terms of hours played as “Basic Knack”. 5 – 10 play throughs just doesn’t do it for even my compulsive obsessive nature. Please ‘patch’ this… please.

  • Thanks for making Knack. It has become my favorite PS4 title so far despite initially thinking it looked so stupid. It actually has a lot of subtlety in it I wasn’t expecting. Hope to enjoy a playthrough on “Very Hard” next.

  • so, i’ve a question, if you finish the game (i am still in 10.3) will all of your relics and gadgets be transffered if i restart the game from the beginning?

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