This Week in PlayStation

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This Week in PlayStation

Hey friends! The holiday season is in full swing, and I haven’t even started my shopping! Wish me luck.

Here are a few highlights from the ol’ PlayStation.Blog this week:

PlayStation 4 was the biggest. Console launch. Ever. Doki-Doki Universe is out now on PS4, PS3 and Vita, Lightning Returns’ Collector’s Edition got an official unveiling, The Walking Dead Season 2 is coming soon to PS3, Naughty Dog sent along an adorable holiday card, the newest Tales game is PS3-bound, and Bit.Trip’s Runner 2 is dashing to PS Vita on Tuesday.

As for me, I’ve been tinkering around in Doki-Doki Universe. It’s adorable, and super weird. If you’ve got a PS4, PS3 or PS Vita, you’d be wise to give it a go — especially since you can check it out for free! Dear old Sid thinks he’s good at Resogun because he beat my score on Veteran, but as soon as I hit publish on this post I intend to remind him who the true master is. It’s the game that keeps on giving. And by giving, I mean perpetuating rivalries between co-workers.

What are you guys and gals playing this weekend?

  • I’m playing: Resogun, Doki-Doki Universe
  • I’m watching: Frozen, Saving Mr. Banks
  • I’m listening to: Shigeto, RX Bandits

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  • I’m playing: AC4 (not exactly much choice on the ps4 at the moment)
    I’m watching: Doctor Who
    I’m listening to: AC4 sea shanties, dont judge me :)

  • Thanks for the recap, I actually missed the PS4 launch post the other day…all work and no play last couple weeks.



  • I’m playing: Dragon’s Crown (PSVita), Spelunky (PSVita)
    I’m watching: Arrow, waiting for Doctor Who Xmas Special
    I’m listening to: Hotline Miami soundtrack

  • I am playing: battlefield 4
    I am watching: Blazblue alter memory
    I am listening to Maximum the Hormone if it could only be streamed to PS4

  • What happened to the what we are reading posts?

    • I took them out of the weekly recap post. It took a really long time to put that list together (I basically had to sit down and scour the internet for a few hours each week to find stuff and make sure it’s okay to link to), and by the time the end-of-week recap rolled around a lot of those bits were old news anyway.

      We still retweet a lot of cool stories we find online though — if you find something cool, let us know on Twitter!

  • PS, in case there are any Bibliophiles out there, thought I’d add:

    I’m reading: The Heroes, by Joe Abercrombie

  • Playing doki doki and need for speed
    Watching top gear UK
    Listening no bunny
    Reading everything about upcoming fighting games for ps4 and for the book nerds altered carbon

  • I hate this new format for “This Week”…

    The only part I ever liked was the “What We’re Reading” section and you’ve removed it.

    Why do I care what the Top 10 Posts for the week are when I’m checking the site every day. I want EXTERNAL articles, which the aforementioned removed section provided.

    • Hate is a strong word! Thank you for the feedback though. I just replied to Robbie G below but will echo that reply here: I personally saw this post as a recap of which posts were most popular on PS.Blog during the week, as well as collecting the Store post, Plus post, Blogcast and #1 YouTube video into one place. An overarching recap. Keep up with us on Twitter for links to external stories… we retweet cool stuff pretty frequently.

    • I think I said “post” about forty times in that reply. I’m tired.

  • I’m playing: Resogun, Waframe & CoD Ghosts
    I’m watching: American Horror Story Coven
    I’m listening to: Madeon & Skrillex

  • @8 Yeah, I’ve gotta agree. I understand that maybe it takes too long to find interesting articles but it really makes this post almost pointless. You might as well just make it a “random chat” post.

    • I guess I always looked at this primarily as a recap of what happened on PS.Blog — which posts were most popular during the week, and easy links back to the Store and Plus posts. Thank you for the feedback though! Definitely keep up with us on Twitter if you want more external stories; we retweet cool pieces we find pretty regularly.

  • when’s home coming outta mainence

  • I bought my PS4 here in Chile at the midnight launch november 29th! Congratulations guys!

    I only have one thing to ask of you: Could you guys add more resolutions options for the PS4? Most Non 1080p TVs are 768p and most monitors are 900p. At 720p everything looks blurry as the resolution doesnt match AND is lower. If I use 1080p on the other hand, it looks better (as the TVs downscale to their native res) BUT you get some notorious lag and input latency, as the downscaling is being made by the TV!

    All in all, please add different resolution options cause not all people have 1080p TVs :( And we all know that the best resolution to play in is not neccesarily 1080p but your TV NATIVE resolution :-)

    Cheers! I am playing Battlefield 4 & Killzone Shadow Fall! At 720p….. bring 768p and 900p guys, the PS4 is more than capable!!

  • I’m playing: Fallout 3, Spelunky (PS Vita), Rainbow Moon (PS Vita)
    I’m watching: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug HFR 3D, Despicable Me 2 (on BD)
    I’m listening to: Frozen OST

    @Justin: So glad to hear you loved Frozen during the blogcast. I’m with you, I saw the teaser trailer a dozen times, but I randomly stumbled across the full trailer online about two weeks before the movie came out. Had no clue what it was about before that. And I definitely know which song Nick and you were talking about. Disney actually has the full video clip in HD up on youtube on one of their official channels. :D > SPOILER >

    Kinda want to see it again, but not going to have time right now. I watched it in 3D the first time, so enjoy that. The ice castle scene was very, very impressive. ;)

  • Can’t wait for Walking Dead! So excited.

  • Hey All,

    I got that $10 credit for spending tons of the PSN store during thanksgiving. I’m considering Dragon’s Crown for PS Vita, worth the plunge at the current price? I wish I knew in advance what this week’s new deals would be…trying to save the $10 for a MUST buy, lol….

    • I enjoyed Dragon’s Crown a lot, even if I didn’t get consumed entirely by it. Ryan Clements, on the other hand, has put like a million hours into it. He still talks about it all the time.

  • @mahirghari, Dragon’s Crown is worth full price on Vita! Great game and the touch controls for finding secrets and cooking makes it the superior version to PS3.

  • Thanks xClayMeow, I’m definitely an Atlus fan. Dragon’s Crown seems like a game you can pour hours into at a time or some quick rpg action on the go, so I’ll probably just buy it, thanks for your recommendation!

  • I’m playing: Diablo 3

    That’s it… It has consumed my life. Thank you Justin for the recommendation and discussion on the blogcast. Looking forward to the PS4 version.

    • Oh man, Diablo 3 is so, so good. I’m jonesin’ hard for the PS4 version, even though I sunk 60 or so hours into it on PS3 already.

  • I’m playing: Ys Memories of Celceta (PSVita), Fifa 14 (PS3)
    I’m watching: Arrow, The Hobbit
    I’m listening to: Fifa 14 Soundtrack

    Can’t wait for this week’s deals!

  • I’m playing: Spelunky, Tales of Xillia and Velocity Ultra. Velocity Ultra is driving me insane. I tried to get a perfect on level 10 for about an hour straight. I missed it by 1 second 3 times and 2 seconds more times than I can count!! I can’t do it!
    I’m watching: Survivor season finale, Korean action movies on netflix(especially The Man From Nowhere) It’s one of my favorite movies ever! I also can’t wait to rent Prisoners when it’s released Tuesday!

  • @rabidninjamonky The Man from Nowhere is one of my all time favorite movies, so brilliant!

  • Speaking of Hotline Miami, that would be really fun to play on the PS4. *cough*

  • I’m playing: Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen (just finished Dragon’s Crown on PS3)
    I’m watching: Arrow, Homeland
    I’m listening to: Hotline Miami & Datura OST

  • Can we have a Diablo3 release date for PS4?? dammit i hate waiting

  • I’m playing: GOW Ascension on PS3
    I’m watching: IGN on youtube
    I’m listening to: Hotline Miami

    My PS4 is still on the way.
    Guys, any plans for a bigger playstation TV? I love to watch 3D movies and play games in the 24 inches model, which by the way, I use as my main TV. But I would like to enjoy my PS4 in a bigger screen. The price and settings for the first one was perfect. I am looking foward for a possible Playstation TV with more USB and HDMI entries ^_^

  • The around the web with news about playstion from gaming sites was my favorite part about this post too

  • Hi Guys at Sony,

    I have recently purchased the PS4 and noticed when registering my blutooth devices even the USB stick

    headset that they are not compatible with the console. The devices are all Sony but yet not supported? This has

    hampered my ability to communicate properly with team mates. Please Sony Dev’s come up with a resolution for

    this issue soon the headset supplied for the Ps4 is weak and I would like some bass when listening to

    explosions or even footsteps from near by enemies. I don’t care is this isn’t for random request but this needs to

    be brought to the attention of Sony for a speedy fix.

    Kind Regards,


  • Justin, which Twitter account do you keep referring to? @PlayStation, @HeyPlaystation or something else?

  • Hey xClayMeow and Justin,

    Thanks for recommending Dragon’s Crown on vita, absolutely LOVE it, it was instantly fun right from the get go, worth every penny!

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