The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for December 17th, 2013

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The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for December 17th, 2013
The Drop

What better way to skirt the mind’s boundaries than to plunge into the colorful and cascading world of Flow? This week sees a few familiar favorites kindle new life on PlayStation.

One of the first games developed by thatgamecompany, Flow, emerges onto PS4 this week in all its surreal glory. This unique and beautiful experience made a mark on PlayStation gamers when it first launched on PS3 several years ago, and now enjoys a visual enhancement on PS4. Players control an aquatic organism and dive deep into a layered environment, surviving hostile creatures along the way.

But if you’d rather plunge into hazardous mines instead, perhaps you’ll take an interest in the newest version of Terraria, which launches on PS Vita this week. The well-loved sandbox game invites players to explore, collect, battle, and build — solo, or with friends.

Oh, and there’s this little game called Minecraft coming out for PS3, too. You may have heard of it.

There’s much more coming to PlayStation this week, so head below for a complete list of inbound games, and enjoy the Drop!

Flow on PS4

Aabs Animals
Bit.Trip Presents... Runner2
Eufloria HD
Indoor Sports World
Mutant Mudds Deluxe
Pinball Arcade
Pro Evolution Soccer 2014
Toki Tori

New PlayStation Releases This Week

PS3 — Digital (Also Available on PS Vita)
A little different from the average game, Aabs Animals invites you to have fun with digital animals and play the way you want to play. And you can’t really deny the cuteness of little animals.
PS Vita — Digital (Also Available on PS3)
A musical, rhythm-based platformer, Runner2 will have you running, jumping, kicking, and soaring through incredible environments. Stop the evil Timbletot and his plans to destroy every world in existence.
PS Vita — Digital (Also Available on PS3)
An ambient strategy game with surreal visuals, Eufloria HD will both relax and challenge you. Expect 25 story levels, replayable skirmish levels, a Dark Matter Mode for the brave, and hours of play.
PS4, PS Vita — Digital (Also Available on PS3)
Pierce the murky depths of an aquatic environment in Flow. This surreal adventure allows players to intuitively customize their game experience with dynamic difficulty adjustment. Runs at a stunning 1080p with up to four-player local multiplayer. Cross buy.
PS Vita — Digital
An adorable, physics-based puzzler featuring more than 100 levels. Multiple solutions to puzzles allow players to experiment, and scoreboards will rank you with your friends — and the entire world.
PS Vita — Digital
Classic indoor sports, all in one place. Includes 11 game types with four modes, set over eight venues. Share your progress on Twitter or Facebook, and compete with friends.
PS3– Digital
The legendary sandbox game comes to PS3 in all its blocky glory. Gather resources, build strongholds, and survive the night.
PS3, PS Vita — Digital
Jump into a “12-bit” action platformer starring Max and his trusty water canon. Fight against the Mutant Mudds, and seek out the legendary Water Sprites in order to cleanse the world! Cross buy.
PS4 — Digital (Also Available on PS3, PS Vita)
Enjoy a realistic, comprehensive pinball experience, running in sizzling 1080p. Challenge classic tables like Monster Bash, Attack from Mars, Black Knight, and Big Shot.
PSP — Digital (Also Available on PS3)
The new FOX engine fuses with a revolutionary soccer system that puts the ball right in the heart of the action. All-new physics, custom team and player AI, and new animations make this a whole new experience in the world of soccer.
PS Vita — Digital
Uncover the secrets of Crowberry Woods in this simple puzzler. Match three orbs, discover powerful amulets, and launch devastating power-ups in order to turn the tide of the game in your favor.
PS Vita — Digital (Also Available on PS3)
Traverse deep caverns and high hills in this sandbox adventure. Craft hundreds of items, defeat enemies, and build sprawling structures to call your own. New touchscreen controls and eight-player support.
PS3 — Digital
Help Toki Tori in this addictive puzzle platformer. Try your hand at more than 90 levels spread across four worlds, and employ a variety of items and weapons. Features a new mode exclusive to PS3.

Demos and Betas

The above information is subject to change without notice.

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13 Author Replies

  • All are welcome in the Drop!

  • OMG so many Vita games! Also please fix the game description and picture allignment!

    • Hey JesteR1701one (that’s a tough name to type),

      I’m arranging the images and text in such a way so that both columns are ultimately level with each other at the end of the post. There’s a spacing discrepancy because we also have a section at the end for demos and betas.

      If you’re having trouble keeping track of the images, just remember that you can also roll over the image with your mouse for the title of the game.


  • YEAH!!!!! TERRARIA!!!!!!!!!

  • Thanks Ryan Beyond!!

  • Ryan, any word on TWD?

  • Mr. Powerhouse, thank you for the updates sir.

  • Some sweet Vita lovin’ this week. Nice!!

  • Oh sweet, Terraria for Vita and a demo.

    Also, demo for DBZ on PS3 AND Vita. Thank you Namco! :D

  • I never tried Mutant Mudds despite owning a 3DS. Might check it out.

  • Flow will be mine again. I’ve always loved Flow.

  • Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Demo — PS Vita – this!! Insta-download on day 1! I’m so excited!

  • I have Terraria on PS3 already, do I have to buy it again once it releases on Vita?

  • No sales this week?

  • Ryan, do you know if we get a copy of Terraria for Vita if we already own the PS3 version or do we need to purchase it again? Thanks in advance.

  • SO MANY VITA GAMES!! Thanks for the updates Ryan!

    Cant wait for Terraria and that DBZ Demo!

  • Forgot to list Zen Pinball 2 for PlayStation 4.

    Getting Flow for sure.

  • Can you confirm PES 2014 (PSP) is Vita compatible?

  • @14 I don’t think so. I have friends in the UK and they say it is not cross-buy.

  • I thought the next chapter of the Walking Dead was out this week

  • Wooo!
    I can’t wait for Battle of Z. It’s been like 2 years since the last DBZ game.
    I sure hope J-Stars Victory Vs comes to the states, but haha, I doubt it.

  • Flow? well good to see games pushing the ps4 to its peak lol

    still i suppose atleast there is something for the ps4 finaly (still no word on this months ps4 psn+ game, looks like it is indeed skipping this month, despite the fact were still charged for the month) all in all not good

  • @MrGReaper

    Technically, they wouldn’t have to rotate a game until mid January for PS4, as they promised 1 free game per months for it. As PS4 was out mid-November and they actually gave two games, that would cover 2 months, right? So wait until mid-January for another PS+ PS4 game. if it doesn’t happen by then, I’m onboard with you.

  • @21 You still have online play so your are not getting nothing. IGC is just a secondary reward for subscribing.

  • hey ryan any word when call of duty ghosts will have a demo? its not doing so well by gamers and i would play more for the story line than anything.

  • Ryan, maybe the demos section at the bottom could stretch across both columns? I’ve noticed that the image alignment is a bit jarring as well, but it’s ultimately not a big problem.

    Lots of great stuff on the menu this week! I’ve been waiting for Pinball Arcade since I got my day-one PS4. :)

  • Tearaway is on sale at GameStop for $19.99. Just wanted to let people know about an awesome deal.

  • @ 23 reynolds-wrap1

    Actually, that’s a beef I have with Sony.

    When there is “maintenence” with PS3, regardless of whether you pay for PS+ or not, if you can sign in, you can usually play online.

    However with PS4, you HAVE TO pay for PS+ to play online and yet when “maintenence” occurs, you can’t play online…at all!

    Why is it PS3 can play online during maintence regardless of paying for PS+ or not, but PS4 can’t at all during those times? It makes ZERO sense at all, as you’re paying for a service you aren’t receiving at that timeframe, meanwhile someone who didn’t shell out $450 for a next-gen console or for PS+ can?!? wtf???

    Meanwhile, what if there’s 30 maintence days in a year? you’ve just paid for 12 months and basically gotten 11 months. That’s something I asked Sony CS and they’d said “too bad, ToS states we can do what we want, when we want”

  • What build is Terraria?
    When are we getting the 1.2 update?

  • Wow… look at all those fantastic indie games! I’ll buy them all.

    said no one ever.

  • Always nice to see new stuff coming on PS4 store… Thanx to the easy o code for X86 we should see stuff coming faster sooner then for example the ps3 post launch period … Exciting times !

  • What’s the price for Terraria?

    15 Dollars…?

  • Thanks for the info Ryan. My PS4 comes this week and I’m glad Pinball Arcade will be my first game for it.

  • I just ordered a PS4 from amazon, should be coming tomorrow (NO class that day and it is also the last week of the semester for me). Also ordered Knack in NEW condition for $49.99 from ebay. Can’t wait to play!

  • @DaGimp13

    Stop crying. First of all, you don’t have to pay for PS Plus to play online. But wouldn’t you want to? Who doesn’t like free games, discounts, and other exclusive content? IGC is only getting started on PS4 and its already paid for itself for the next 3 months at least.

    Secondly, you can’t always play PS3 during maintenance. Couldn’t last week.

    I was able to play PS4 multiplayer last week but couldn’t even sign in on PS3.

    I just don’t get how people think PS Plus is a burden and that Sony owes us something for sort of making us by it. If anything, they’re giving us too much. Look at the instant game collection from the past year. It’s insane. They have given us 100’s of dollars worth of free games and you’re complaining about having to pay?

    Also, online goes down for one day and you act like it’s the end of the world? It sounds like you’re one of those people who only play multiplayer 24/7. I’m sorry but anyone who never plays single player games isn’t a real gamer.

    You need to open your mind to more than just multiplayer

  • @Ryan

    honestly, my PS+ maintenence beef would be solved in 1 of 2 simple ways.

    1) No downtime for PS4, despite maintence, period. if we have to pay for online, it better be there like it was for PS3 during those times.


    2) Credit PS+ PS4 users additional time towards their subscription…that way there’s no true financial loss, while the cunsomer actually receives the 365 days they pay for.

    just a lil something to pass along to the higher-ups there, as once Sony has 10 Million PS+ PS4 users that can’t play online during an outage, I guarantee a lot of people will be hopping mad.

  • I haven’t felt the need to comment on here for a while, but the amount of PS Vita games being dropped is freakin awesome!!!

    Great work!

  • Ryan, are you still there?

  • not enough ps3 content. all ps4 ports and handheld stuff. 1 Poll rating from me.

  • Interesting Drop. Great if you have a Vita, I guess. (I don’t.) Need a demo for Aabs Animals. XD

    @DaGimp13: I’d be interested in knowing if that’s a policy, if it’s something everyone with a PS4 experiences all the time, or if it’s just been your experience during the few times they’ve done maintenance since the PS4 launched. If it proved to be a policy or was pervasive across all users that PS4 couldn’t play online during maintenance, I would agree with you that it was unfair and such.

    Also, I highly doubt there will be 30 maintenance days in a year. They’re annoying for everyone, and there do seem to be a lot of them. But hopefully some good comes from having them and they ultimately keep PSN from going down altogether like 2011. *shudder*

    + reynolds-wrap1 on December 15th, 2013 at 10:24 am said:

    “IGC is just a secondary reward for subscribing.”

    Couldn’t be said better. I so wish all my fellow PS gamers saw it that way. As it was in the beginning and still is. Thank you.

  • Zen Pinball 2 for PS4 isn’t listed, but it drops on the 17th as well.

  • Oh nice! Mutant Mudds Deluxe is this week? Sweetness.

  • @HugoStiglitz_420: Exactly. Not all PS3 users can or ever could play online during maintenance. But knowing you were able to play online with your PS4 confirms my suspicion that people like DaGimp are just crybabies. They can’t imagine thinking of themselves as anything but victims of some horrible injustice.

    First world problems, yo.

  • Hugo I feel the same way as you do except… ps4 most games you do have to pay for plus to play most games online & LoL I been gaming for a long time across multiplatforms and i mainly just play online multiplay these days ! :o) .. But the rest about plus Spot on … Sony has raised spoiled ungrateful brats and they give a superior

  • @ HugoStiglitz_420

    umm, yea dude, you do have to pay to play online…..except for a few F2P games.

    I enjoy my secondary rewards nicely, however when I paying for my cellphone, I get my cellphone and my service, as it’s a long-term subscription that provider offered.

    This provider (Sony) has promised free games as secondary rewards, however I’m still paying for the long-term service, and I do expect to be able to receive what I’m paying for, 100%. or do you as the consumer believe it’s ok to be ripped off, if even for a day?

  • @42 plus one that statement

  • the only way you can play PS4 online with a PS+ sub is 1 of 2 ways:

    1) play a Free to Play game. they don’t require sub.

    2) the Primary account holder of the PS4 must be PS+, Secondary account users can play online using the Primary account holders PS+ permissions.


  • If The Walking Dead: Season Two comes out this Tuesday, we won’t know until Monday at the earliest. Telltale NEVER confirms this stuff in advance. It’s always super top secret and last-minute. Walking Dead for Vita wasn’t on The Drop, for example. And I don’t believe Wolf Among Us was either. Could be wrong on that last one.

  • Dagimp when your said cellphone drops a call (& even the best carrier’s lose signal) … Would you call the cell carrier & demand credit / money back?

  • Any word on when Teenage mutant ninja turtles: out of the shadows will release?

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