Holiday Greetings from Naughty Dog!

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Holiday Greetings from Naughty Dog!

Happy Holidays from Naughty Dog

Wishing you all a very happy holiday from everyone at Naughty Dog! Aside from launch day, this is the most wonderful time of the year!

2013 marked the launch of The Last of Us and the two-year anniversary of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. We also were honored to take home the Studio of the Year award at the Spike VGX and hope it’s the first of many to come. The Last of Us won many awards already and is up for even more so please show your support where you can and wish us luck on the ones you can’t vote for!

Currently The Last of Us team is hard at work on our first ever single player DLC, The Last of Us: Left Behind. It’s shaping up to be awesome and we’ll have more news on it soon. We released a glimpse into its world recently:

Holiday Greetings from Naughty Dog!

As for our Uncharted team, they’re really busy too. If you haven’t seen the teaser trailer yet, you should definitely watch it now.

Once 2014 hits, we’ll start frequently rolling out fresh news and information about all our upcoming projects on PlayStation.Blog and the Naughty Dog blog, so make sure to visit frequently.

Thank you for your comments, critiques, feedback, love and for showing up whenever we dropped games, DLC or news in 2013. Your support keeps our studio going and our aim true. We’re grateful to have some of the best and most passionate fans in gaming and it’s just tremendously cool to have backing from all of you. 2014 marks a very special time in Naughty Dog’s history — we’ll have more information about what that means early next year.

Have a joyful, wonderful holiday season!

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  • Joel-Banderas.gif

  • Cannot wait to see the new Uncharted in action!

  • Thanks for all the great games and have a good holiday!

    Just want to throw my 2 cents in… TLOU for PS4. :)

  • Can we expect some good sales on the PS Store this coming weekend?

  • Shame Shame Shame PSN plus version of uncharted III does not include the coop mode…

    Will not paid 7$ for the plat… SHAME ON YOU Naughty Dog !!!

    Not thinking of the people loving trophies….

  • Megaton: Joel is Jewish.

  • Thank you for awesome 2013 and looking forward to magical 2014. The moment Uncharted 4 comes out on PS4 I will be getting both of them, for now waiting for The Last of Us DLC. Happy Holidays.

  • I actually just got around to playing (and finishing) The Last of Us this week. It was, by far, the best, most amazing game I have ever played. Can’t wait to see what Naughty Dog has up next.

  • can you share who is the character speaking in the uncharted teaser is?

  • The Last Of Us is quite simply one of the greatest achievements in video games in a very long time for me. The atmosphere, brutality & sheer beauty was absolutely some of the best I’ve seen in any video game. I loved the game & I love Naughty Dog’s work towards making sure video games as a medium is taken seriously & that this art form can stand shoulder to shoulder with the likes of films & television.

    I look forward to the DLC for TLOU & I am beyond excited for Uncharted 4 ( I Platinum’d Uncharted 2 & 3 I love them! )

    Go Naughty Dog!

    I also wrote an article on how your ending to The Last Of Us was perfect. It got decent reception too. I love you guys, I love PlayStation & I love being a gamer. Thank you guys for everything.

    Link to my TLOU ending article:

  • Looking forward to what naughty dog has cooking for the PS4 in the coming years

  • Happy Holidays! Thank you for the great games and keep them coming!

    After a nice holiday break of course.

    Can’t wait for The Last of US DLC !!

  • Can I PLEEEEASE get this as a 1080p wallpaper? This is SO awesome!

  • For those that want this as a wallpaper go here (not 1080p but it’s close):

  • I just finished The Last of Us and I’m looking forward to Uncharted PS4 (If I wasn’t getting a PS4, which I am, it would be for that!)

    Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune was the first game that I bought for my PS3 way back in 2007. I’ve bought all of your games and definitely trust you with every facet of game/ entertainment design. Deserving the studio of the year and arguably of the generation. And I’m pretty sure you’ve already got next…excuse me, current gen in the bag.

    Enjoy the rest, see you guys next year! :)

  • So… Crash Bandicoot for PS4 and Crash Team Racing 2 for PS Vita?

    And a “The Last of Us: Definitive Edition” for PS4 for buying the game AGAIN?

    Please? XD

  • The last of us couldve been a huge hit..if they wouldve let you create your character who would be the main characters side kick and made it open world like dead rising..ITS THAT SIMPLE!! Dont get me wrong the environments look amazing..and the infected look pretty creepy..but it would be cool if we were to go against the old school days. Thats why games like mario and crash are huge..we keep playing to beat a little bosses then reach the final boss and save the day. Again this game is amazing..but i think it couldve been alot better. Looking forward to Uncharted on the PS4..hopefully its open world..but i highly doubt it..although they did jump into the multiplayer wagon(which was a move im so ever greatfull for) ill keep my fingers crossed :p Infamous looking at you too..:p

  • Like the giraffe on Ellie’s shirt. Love Joel’s expression. He’s too old for this. Wish we had a clearer view of Nathan’s sweater as it looks suspiciously untucked. Also can’t stop laughing at that clicker. Keep imagining him/her/it saying “God bless us! Everyone!”

    Happy holidays Naughty Dog. You guys and gals are truly one of a kind.

  • Naughty Gods

  • any plans to release a Last of Us GOTY edition on PS4? I’d insta-buy it :D

  • Could we please get a “definitive” version of TLOU on PS4? I propose 1080p, 30fps (cinematic), 3D stereoscopy and once it’s released all the DLC as well. Make it an anniversary release (14 June 2014).

    After Uncharted 3 it’s clear that ND does 3D justice, in fact that was the best 3D I’d ever seen on PS3, so I’m hoping to see TLOU get the 3D treatment because no other dev does it better and the PS4 is more than capable of running it in 3D without any fps drops.

    and Joel Banderas, GOTY for sure (that’s gif of the year of course).

  • Thank you, Naughty Dog, for releasing one of the most amazing games I’ve played all year. The Last of Us was excellent on so many levels, not just the narrative. I cannot wait to see what you guys have cooking for PS4.

    Also, Joel.Banderas.gif was about as absurd as it was awesome. How that became a meme is beyond me, but I laugh every time I see it.

  • And Crash 1, 2, 3 and CTR for PS Vita?

  • I’ve haven’t put much interest in The Last of Us, maybe a PS4 port will do the trick?

  • Thanks for the new wallpaper Naughty Dog! Love you guys and hope you all have an awesome Holidays! Thank you for making great game after great game, ever since Crash you guys just keep out churning out gold! if anyone deserves a good Christmas break or whatever you celebrate its you guys!

  • My body is…. not ready!! can’t wait ND you guys are the best developer ever!!!!

  • I’m getting “Error #2035” when trying to watch the video. Has it been posted?

    Other than that, I’m really looking forward to another Uncharted game. I’ve enjoyed everyone so far, even if I can’t get a Platinum Trophy on them. ;-)

  • coop is included in the ps4 version on plus

  • We need some Vita love from you guys :(

  • It would be good if we seen some Coop in TLOU Multiplayer

  • I would love to have a wallpaper sized version of that picture.

  • @ subadictos they haven’t made a crash game since team racing (aka a long time) not only that they don’t have the rights to him so they can’t make another game about him

  • As far as I’m concerned… Naughty Dog is the “Studio of the Generation”. Wish you all a Merry Christmas. I am chomping at the bit to see what you can do on the PS4.

  • Happy Holidays to you too!!!

  • Thank you for all the great games, I still have my original copy of Jak & Daxter. Uncharted was great,(looking forward to the PS4 game) and The Last of Us was amazing!!!!! Happy Holidays to all of you at Naughty Dog and best wishes into the new year.

  • Thank you Naughty Dog, and Happy Holidays to you as well. I was very excited to hear about Uncharted 4!!! Haven’t been able to sort out any clues in the teaser trailer, but it was still nicely done. Loo forward to doing another Movie Theater Gaming Event like you did for Uncharted 3!!! It was awesome playing the game on the big screen. Anyway, thank you for your enormous talent to tell stories that people care about.

  • Lastly, I did Plat Uncharted 1-3. Even though Bend Studios did Golden Abyss, I Plat that as well.

  • when are we going to see more of jak and daxter naughty dog give your die hard fan what they really want and that is more jak and daxter at least give us jak x combat racing hd and daxter hd please then we will be happy til we get jak 4

  • Happy holidays Naughty Dog!! Ya know what would make a nice Christmas treat to the fans? A new Uncharted trailer. ;) Make it happen! You know you want tooooo!

  • I love you Naughty Dog :D

  • Happy holydays! and thanks for the wallpaper, Chloe looks pretty sexy in there and Sully really funny xD. Cant wait for Uncharted on PS4!!! damn, would love to have a time machine right now!


  • Have you seen the Last of Us LEGO video?

  • Why can we still not gift digital psn purchases. It’s a no brainer from a marketing standpoint.

  • Merry Christmas to all the Dogs! Please consider bringing at least the multiplayer component of TLoU to the PS4!

  • The Last of US is the defining gem of my PS3, the justification for it’s purchase (despite buying it for the former FF Versus XIII turned XV >> <<). Really looking forward to the DLC and some more time to play the game in 2014. Thank you so much for this masterpiece guys, Happy Holidays to the whole team.

  • Merry Christmas and Happy New year to the entire Naugty Dog team and to everybody at PlayStation. I’m currently playing The Last of Us and I absolutely LOVE it :-) thanks for another amazing year of awesome entertainment…makes me so happy and proud to be a PlayStation gamer. Can’t wait to see what the future holds :-)

  • Dear Naughty Dog…er…Santa,

    For Christmas I’d like more multi-player CO-OP game options so boyfriend-girlfriend, hubby-wife, friends and pals can play together nicely instead of having to shoot the crap out of each other incessantly.

    Thank you.

    *offers cookies & milk*

  • Greatest holiday card ever.

  • Thrilled that Joel is Jewish, but I don’t remember if that was referenced in the game at all.
    I always assumed Elena was Jewish.
    I will continue to assume so.

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