Telltale’s The Walking Dead: Season Two Premiere Coming Soon to PS3

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Telltale’s The Walking Dead: Season Two Premiere Coming Soon to PS3
Telltale’s The Walking Dead: Season Two Premiere Coming Soon to PS3

It’s been an extremely busy — and an even more exciting — month so far for Telltale Games, and we’re gearing up for our biggest year ever in 2014! In case you haven’t heard, this weekend we announced two new series premiering next year, including Tales from the Borderlands: A Telltale Games Series, an all-new story driven episodic series in collaboration with Gearbox Software and 2K Games; and an all-new episodic series in partnership with HBO, Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series, which will premiere later next year as our currently running series conclude.

This month we’re preparing for the premiere of The Walking Dead Season Two! We’re still waiting on some final confirmations from everyone involved, but as of this morning, we can only tell you that the premiere will be hitting North America very soon on PS3. We’ll share the official premiere date in the near future, including our release plans for our European fans and PS Vita, which are also coming along very quickly!

After that, we’ll have an update on the release for the upcoming second episode of The Wolf Among Us, which will be huffing, puffing, and blowing your house down when you least expect it. Until then, watch the new trailer starring The Walking Dead Season Two‘s protagonist Clementine, and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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  • very cool
    Day one buy for me , I have season one on ps3 and vita

    questions , are those borderlands and game of thrones games going to have the same game play style and art style and walking dead ? If so they will be day one buys for me too

  • I forgot to say that I have not bought the wolf among us yet but will after you finish the game , I prefer to wait until these episodic games have all episodes available so I can play the whole game at once instead of waiting months for the next chapter .

  • Awesome, can’t wait to play it.
    I’ll pick it up on PS3 or Vita anyway but any chance it could be coming to PS4?

    • Sweet! We haven’t announced any titles for PlayStation 4 yet, but we’re definitely excited about the possibilities there. :)

  • Awesome. Looking forward to playing this and The Wolf Among Us on Vita. Also, please bring your Game of Thrones game to Vita. I am SO hyped for it.

  • I might hold off until the Vita version releases. Can’t wait for this and the Wolf Among Us!

  • I loved the first season. When is the PS4 version coming? I’m holding off buying until it is announced. Unless it has cross-buy/ cross-save.

  • This is great news! Also, can you let us know when to expect Episode 2 of The Wolf Among Us? I thought there was going to be a tighter adherence to a monthly release schedule with this one. Thanks!

    • The team is working super hard this month to finalize ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ (and it’s shaping up to be another episode full of surprises)! We’re anticipating an update on its ETA for release very soon after the holidays.

  • yeah im just gonna wait lol till all TWD is released.
    At the rate The Wolf Among Us has been releasing (its been over 2 months since episode 1) i’ll die of old age by the time its actually all released lol. Telltale makes amazing games but like… work on one series at a time not 4 lol.

  • Maybe I am alone with this, but I find it difficult to go backwards. I was fortunate enough to buy a PS4, and I can already tell I am not using my PS3 anymore. Would love to see this on PS4 and/or Vita.

  • so no vita version at launch? :( disappointing, might have to hold off until then

  • Will season pass options be available when the first episode is released?

  • Wow, awesome trailer, looking forward to playing it!! After replaying 400 days and improving my ending, it was well… We get to be Clementine, woot!

  • I hope the trophies will be as easy to get as season 1 instead of like 400 days. I don’t want to have to alter my walkthrough just to get certain trophies and TWD is a game that should be played once in order to keep your experience true.

  • I hope they release the full season on a physical cart for the Vita, like they did the first. I’m not a fan of buying the episodes individually, I rather get them all in one purchase.

    Looking forward to TWDs2 and the other TellTale announcements, hopefully they make it to the Vita as well.

  • Probably will wait for the Vita release and I like the idea of the entire season on a single cart.

  • i thought it was coming on december 17th :(

  • JUST PS3?

    Where is the PS4 launch? And especially Vita? Wolf Among Us isnt even on Vita yet and that is where I want to play your games :(

  • I agree with you Thwip. I really hope they release TWD Season 2 and The Wolf Among Us soon on PS4 or Vita (hopefully PS4). I’d really like to buy these games and play them on the newer systems. I still have my PS3 hooked up, but I already want to play everything using a Dualshock 4 from now on. Come on Telltale, I know you will get these games on every platform known to man – make sure that includes PS4!

    Thanks for your consideration :)

  • Oh man. This has me super excited. Even more excited that it’s coming to vita later on.

  • @16 I would qualify the 17th as “very soon”. Hopefully, that’s what they mean, too! :-)

  • Well Guess I should stock up on some tissues, if that is the credits music for each episode I think ill be crying regardless of what happens.

    • The music in that trailer is a mix from a piece called ‘In the Water’, by our friends Anadel… who just so happened to be fans of Season One! If you’re interested in tearing up some more, the track will be available for download this coming Monday. :)

  • TELLTALE! It’s great to see you guys working up the ladder! :) I’ve been with you guys since Tales of Monkey Island, and I’ve played I think every game you ever made up until JP & B2TF were announced. Although your recent work is a little too mainstream for me, that is in no way intended as an insult, and I hope you continue to follow the path of prosperity for many years to come! Don’t forget about your old pals Sam & Max though. *hug* :)

    • Hey, thanks for the words of encouragement! If you like Sam & Max, hope you saw they were both in Poker Night 2 (released earlier this year). That game was also our first time working with Gearbox – they let us bring Claptrap to the table, and by winning certain pots you can also win bounty unlocks for Borderlands 2. It was kind of the genesis for us teaming up for ‘Tales from the Borderlands’. :)

  • @6 Ill bet money that after Season 2 is done there will be a “TellTale’s Walking Dead Complete Collection” Including Season 1, 400 Days, 2, and “Lee’s Grindhouse Walker Slaughter”
    That last one is just a joke me and my brother had thinking Telltale would do a false teaser trailer for Season 2 with Lee alive, and acting a bit like Ash from Evil Dead

  • Can’t wait for this !! Just hope each episode isn’t too many months apart like A Wolf Among Us. Gonna have to redo the first episode to remember what’s going on lol

  • I can’t wait for all three, The walking dead, borderlands and game of thrones!! Going to be exciting!! How long will the wait be between each episode? I hate to have a long wait for the next episode so I think I will wait until they are all finished and then play them all at once.

  • I read several places it was getting a Vita release. When can we expect it?

    • The team is working on the PS Vita version RIGHT now! It won’t be premiering at the same time as PlayStation 3, but we’ll let you know as soon as we have a release date for Vita.

  • Is it still at least coming this year on PS Vita? I really can’t wait to continue the story, but my save data is on Vita, so I can’t switch to PS3.

  • GRRRREATT!!! I love that news! =)

    • We love you guys! Can’t wait to share the season premiere with everyone who’s wondering what’s next for Clem…

  • Really hope season 2 episode 1 will hit psn november 17th.

    And congrats on getting all the addition licenses to make more episodic adventures set in both the Game of Thrones and Borderlands worlds. :)

  • um…. Laura …. why is Telltale & Sony making you do this bad marketing scheme? lol …. we all know its coming next week …. its coming to everything else next week…. JUST SAY SO!!! lol sheesh

    on a side note …. since its 14.99 …. is it just 4 episodes this time or is it still gonna be 5? jummm…. >.>

    • The Season Pass on PlayStation 3 will be $19.99, and that’ll get you access to episodes 1 through 5 as they become available (yep, still 5 episodes!).

  • @29 november 17th LOL

  • you will get them in one purchase Borshay …. lol with the season pass :)

  • omg you just spoiled everything for me with that trailer!!! EVIL!!! lol

  • Subtitles in Brazilian Portuguese in The Walking Dead: Season 2?

  • Why not add this to the PS4???

    Also whats going on with The wolf among us which is episode 2 arriving???

    • We should have an update on the ETA for ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ right after the holidays. No word yet on what our first title for PlayStation 4 will be, but the team is definitely excited about the stuff we could do with it!

  • waiting for the vita version then :)

  • Wow so the Xbox gets this weeks ahead? Thanks for nothing

  • I really need to get in gear & play this game. Great thing about it since I have off for Christmas break this is the perfect time to play the game as well as the 400 days dlc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I am hopeful for a PS4 release soon.

  • ha thats why i am keeping my ps3 even after i get a ps4.. but the real question is are they going to release it all together or break it up then release the whole thing after… and the big question do plus members get a discount like last time i only paid 9 dollars for the entire season 1 then 5 for the dlc 400 days?

    • The season premiere will come out for digital download first, and the rest of the episodes will release periodically after that – we really do develop them LIVE (that way we get to incorporate your feedback into later episodes)!

      The Season Pass (US $19.99) on PlayStation 3 will get you access to each episode as they become available, and BONUS, it saves you 20% over purchasing them individually.

  • Season pass Day One please.

  • ps4 version? if no, idgaf lol

  • Didnt season 1 of TWD launch on a friday a few days ahead of the Xbox version?

  • Whats with all these PS3 releases? Why aren’t these coming to PS4. Did i trade in my old system for the “next gen” for no reason?

  • Likely not for Asia (at least EU would get this soon).. I guess I’ll need to buy a US PSN card to buy this from my faux US account. D:

  • will wait for full package cheap….as i got SEASON 1 for 5$.

  • Premier only? Quit the drip feeding. And no ps4? Btw I think that these games would look great in 3D!

  • Ok Telltale, I don’t think it’s too much to ask. Get on the phone, call up Jim Butcher, and get to work on a Dresden Files game. If anyone can do the series justice

  • season one was amazing. im sure this season will be to.

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