New on Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited

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New on Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited

Featured New Releases

See what’s new on Sony Entertainment Network! For full details, head over to the SEN Blog for the weekly Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited updates.

New Releases 12-10

Music Unlimited Highlights

  • The 12th studio album from R&B legend R. Kelly, featuring appearances by 2 Chainz, Ludacris, Kelly Rowland, Juicy J and more.
  • Community star and rapper Donald Glover’s sophomore effort under his moniker Childish Gambino.
  • Three original soundtracks from highly-anticipated holiday movies – American Hustle, Saving Mr. Banks & The Hobbit.
  • Pretty Lights’ summer album, A Color Map of the Sun, remixed by the likes of Datsik, 12th Planet, Eliot Lipp and more.

For further exclusive access to all the new album releases – click here for this week’s full Music Unlimited update.

Video Unlimited Highlights

It’s a pretty busy release week on the Video Unlimited service, with amazing holiday deals in our annual Holiday Sale, plus new releases like Insidious: Chapter 2 and Prisoners.

If you haven’t seen J.J. Abrams’ latest blockbuster, Star Trek Into Darkness, then now’s the perfect time! It’s this week’s Big Holiday 99¢ Rental. Watch as a ruthless mastermind (Benedict Cumberbatch) declares a one-man war on the Federation. Captain Kirk (Chris Pine), Spock (Zachary Quinto), and the rest of the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise set out on an explosive manhunt. Rent it today and make sure to check back next Tuesday for another Big Holiday 99 Cent Rental of the Week.

Don’t miss this week’s Holiday Sale with action packed films like White House Down, After Earth and Olympus Has Fallen, along with gripping TV series like Chicago Fire and Heroes all at super low rates. Visit for more info on what Games, Movies and TV Shows will be on sale through December 31st!

Holiday Sale Week 2

Want more info on this week’s new releases? Get the full Video Unlimited update here.

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  • Going to try and listen to the new Pretty Lights release.

  • Speaking of Donald Glover being a Community star, when will Music Unlimited get the first season soundtrack? I’m shocked it isn’t already on the service, what with Community being a Sony Pictures-owned property.

  • Still 90% happy with music unlimited.

    one complaint. The screensaver. 5 Minutes for the timer is far to long. Please shorten it to Maybe less than a minute and or add a command button to turn it on on command. And everything iinterrupts it messages especially so I have to turn notifications off which is very annoying.

    please fix the screensaver. I would love more screensaver options to. Could even make money off of featured screensavers like you do with themes for ps3

    • Thanks for letting us know, Passivefamiliar. Our technical team are always looking at changes/improvements to the Music Unlimited service UI. Typically, the shortest power saving option is 20 minutes, but they will definitely investigate on the PS3 console for you.

  • Music Unlimited is getting better on the PS4 and isn’t dropping as much as it had previously.

    One thing however I’ve noticed on the PS4, I’m using the same ports I used for my PS3 for hookup, but the music only comes from my front speaker and there isn’t any sound coming from the back speakers.

    When I use Music Unlimited on the PS3 it has music coming from all 6 speakers (also does this on my pc).

    Not sure if this requires an additional update, but for now I listen to Music Unlimited from the PS3 only, as the sound isn’t nearly as good on the PS4.

    Video Unlimited works well on the PS4 as well as the sound coming from all speakers.

    Was also hoping that Wolverine would have come out on 3D as well for the movie section, but apparently so far only regular HD is there for this movie.

    Keep up the great work !

    • Glad to hear your feedback, GGCAN! Our technical team will further investigate on the audio output with Music Unlimited service on PS3. Typically, all service content is stereo only, and not surround sound. Can you tell us more about the 6-speaker output on your PS3? Are you able to adjust the A/V receiver that is taking the stereo input from the PS3 and upsampling that to 6-channel output? We recommend to set your receiver as the same with the PS4 input for optimal sound.

  • Music Unlimited is getting better. It still skips songs randomly sometimes and some songs will not play.

    I would like to see Snoop Dogg Doggy Style and Dr. Dre first album in the library. Hopefully this happens before my 3 month discount expires in march. I also would like to see some updates that make the whole system load up faster on Android. I have this service to listen to music and sometimes I have to open and close the app several times to get it to load up. Update the service on the Vita as well. This is the system that refuses to play songs sometimes.

    This isn’t the right place to say this but the Youtube app on the Vita has been stuttering a lot lately. The video will load up just fine and never gets behind, but for some reason it just stutters a lot.


    • Thanks for expressing your concerns, SolduNuts. Our technical team are always trying to improve the performance of Android app. for Music Unlimited service. Can you also tell us more about what’s happening on the Vita when the device doesn’t a play song? We can have our experts investigate about it.

  • Bundle 3D movies with HD/SD. I would have bought Ironman 3, Man of Steel and Despicable me 2 but I’m not paying for each format separately. .

  • please add back mp3 support and mp4/avi video playback for ps4, so we won’t be forced to use these limited streaming services you offer.

  • I’m still waiting to try the music unlimited code that came with my PlayStation 4, every time I try to redeem the code it gives me a error (E-8200012F) not happy……

  • Hi Elina and thank you for someone finally asking a bit more about this.

    I think I just figured it out after reading your comment what was wrong, but had to adjust it differently for the PS4 and the PS3.

    Yes, I have a high end Onkyo receiver.

    I can see the input onscreen from the device and also how it’s being output for me to listen to.

    On my PS3 I have the HQ set for high quality (the same is on the PS4).

    My PS3 tells me I am inputting via
    PCM 48 KHz
    2.0 ch,
    however, I can set my listening mode on the receiver to output to all speakers by selecting
    DTS Neo 6 Music
    5.1 ch.

    On the PS4 I have selected the sound output to be Bitstream DTS and the receiver says it’s outputting
    DTS 48 kHz
    5.1 ch
    I had to set my listening mode to
    All Ch Stereo
    5.1 ch

    and this now works from all 6 speakers !

    I wondered why everything else worked on all 6 speakers, but didn’t realize because as you stated it’s only stereo…I had to set the output differently on each device (PS3/4) as it was being input differently on each device as well…(bit confusing, but it worked for me..ha ha).


  • Further to my post, I can see that my receiver says it’s outputting a DTS signal and verifies it’s going to all 6 speakers.

    Love my PSV, 3 & 4.

    Keep up the great work Sony !

    Again thank you Elina.

  • My Music Unlimited Subscription ran out, but I don’t have a credit card to re-new. Are you guys ever going to sell it by the month/year again?

    • Great question, Gus_xl! We’re always looking into various offerings for Music Unlimited service, but currently do not have plans/ provide annual premium subscription at this time. Feel free keep on a look out for any annoucements that may come up via the Sony Entertainment Network Blog in the future here:

  • ps4 version of music unlimited needs to have an ‘close application’ option after holding the ps button. its annoying to have to logout/ turn off ps4 to exit M.U.

  • Hi on the ps4 the music unlimited verry often the music just stop and thats really bad. on my android phone u guys have a offline mode wich the songs get download to my phone can u guys add a offline mode on the ps4 thanks

  • I got an email to sign up for first time and get 5 dollars. It would not take my credit card, and now it says im not eligible for the promotion because im not new to the service…wtf Music unlimited doesnt even have customer support, kept calling from the number It says in the email for nothing, all it does is transfer me to a psn specialist which know nothing of this….. Im REALLY disappointed, I will continue to pay for spotify, that promo was a scam

    • Thanks for sharing your concerns about our recent Music Unlimited service promotion, SolidSnakeOtaku. The promotion should have only been sent to those who are new users – never entered a Music Unlimited trial or subscription. Also as this promotion was an exclusive offer, to qualify for a $5 wallet credit you must sign up for the 30-day trial using the Sony Entertainment Network account associated with the email address to which this offer was made. If you have further questions, our customer support team will be happy to help in your region at:, or 24-hour Community Forum here:

  • Love music unlimited, I really do. My one complaint it only outputting in 2.1. . I got myself a nice sony 5.2 receiver with some nice klipsch speakers just for my PS4 so I can get lost in my music, so that’s a shame. I do love watching my blurays on it though.

  • Sorry, forgot to mention. Please add some Garth Brooks, all I see is tributes to him. Also, more Emerson Drive specifically the song “Moments” it’s my favorite song! The only other way I can listen to it is on YouTube, but the ps4 browser dosnt support any type of flash player I’m screwed. Thanks! ;D

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