Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Collector’s Edition Revealed

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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Collector’s Edition Revealed

We’re thrilled to announce the Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Collector’s Edition, which will be available for purchase exclusively through the Square Enix Online Store.

Instead of just throwing together a bunch of cluttered pieces of cardstock, paperweights, or stuff you won’t ever look at again, we spent a lot of time coming up with some things we thought you’d really enjoy. In other words, we wanted to make this Collector’s Edition just that — something you’d actually want to collect.

Collector Box: As a lifelong fan of the Final Fantasy franchise like many of you, I’ve always loved the aesthetics of the Japanese cover art. We don’t want you to feel forced to import the Japanese copy of the game for obscene amounts of money just for the fantastic cover art, so that’s how we came to the decision to choose this specific artwork for the collector box.

80 page Hardcover Art Book: This art book, simply put, is awesome. Everyone is well aware that the Final Fantasy series is known for its iconic art, but we wanted to go above and beyond on this one.

This art book is wrapped in a dust jacket featuring legendary character designer Tetsuya Nomura’s original drawings. Diving into the book itself, the first thing you’ll notice is the foreword by visionary art director Isamu Kamikokuryo. As you flip through the pages, it only gets chock full of more awesomeness, like a retrospective look at the Final Fantasy XIII franchise, more character sketches and renderings, Lightning’s full range of customization, the world of Nova Chrysalia and its architecture, as well as the massive amounts of monsters contained within.

Finally, there are the two full gatefolds that give you an even more introspective look into Lightning Returns. It would have been tragic to force some of these pieces to fit on one page, so instead we spread it across two pages that fold out to reveal even more art.

Silver Embossed Pocket Watch: Lightning Returns revolves around a 13 day countdown doomsday clock — an ever-present challenge that forces you to make game-changing decisions throughout your playthrough. We wanted to give the gift of time back to you in the form of this premium pocket watch.

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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Collector's Edition

Click here to pre-order the collector’s edition.

Aerith Gainsborough ‘Midgar’s Flower Girl’ DLC: For you true Final Fantasy fans, we wanted to make sure you got a DLC code to put Lightning in one of the most recognizable costumes in franchise history.

PS3 Game: And of course, a copy of the game.

If that wasn’t enough, pre-ordering the Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Collector’s Edition also equips you with Cloud Strife’s Buster Sword, SOLDIER 1st class outfit, and victory fanfare, all for free.

The Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Collector’s Edition will be available exclusively through the Square Enix online store on February 11th, 2014 for $89.99.

Anything else you’d like to know about the Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Collector’s Edition? Let us know in the comments below!

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3 Author Replies

  • Nice collection.

  • SE online store only? Boo. Doesn’t ship worldwide. Why don’t you just take my money Square Enix?

  • No soundtrack? That was easily the best pack-in with Final Fantasy XIII-2. Still looks nice though.

  • What about Europe?

  • just on the se site? … and you didnt make a trilogy box set :( …. oh well maybe that’ll come later in the year when its cheaper :) …. make sure that box set has all the DLC though ;)

  • For anyone wondering, Square Enix’s digital store is run by Digital River…aka the company that completely messed up the Ni no Kuni collector’s edition debacle in the beginning of 2013. I’m sorry – I was excited for this first, but if it’s going to be exclusively through your online store then I can’t do it.

  • And yet it doesn’t include the Samurai Gear that GameStop is getting for preorders…I really would prefer the collectors edition but I don’t want to chance not being able to get all of the DLC garbs/weapons. Looks like I’m preordering two copies >_<

  • I wish you guys would port this to PS4 as well as PS3

  • I was interested in this, then I found out it was a Square Enix store exclusive, so no thank you. :(

  • I would have purchased this in a heartbeat if this wasn’t being supplied by DIgital River. These guys are horrible. Not only that but the shipping is ridiculous. 5-7 days for USPS costs $6? 2nd Day shipping costs $19? What century am I living in here? >__>

  • I want FFX HD.

  • I’d love to get this, but I don’t want to deal with Digital River, either. I was fortunately lucky to get my Wizard Edition of Ni No Kuni, but seeing what happened to hundreds of others that had pre-ordered their copies (and having half of my order not shipped from last years winter sale at SE’s site), I’m done dealing with that company.

    Let me know when you’ve wised up and put it up on Amazon, or even GameStop’s site. I’ll be among the first. This Collector’s Edition looks top-notch!

  • ugh, wish I could edit comments. “Fortunately lucky?” What an awful phrase; pick one word or the other! :S

  • SE let Amazon sell the FFXIV collector’s edition. Why can’t this one too?

  • Pre-ordered can’t wait to play.

  • Was going to get it, if it wasn’t for the fact that I read “SE Store Exclusive”.. made me totally remember how bad Digital River is. I’m a sucker when it comes to art books and all sort of knick knacks that come with CEs. Well I guess I’ll settle with waiting a bit before getting it, since SE apparently doesn’t want my money. X_X

  • $90 collector edition?! lol. This game is a gamefly rental to me at best. I hated FF13’s cliche characters and linear exploration. FF13-2 had a fun battle system, but boring characters.

    I don’t understand why Square continues to try and shove this uninteresting world down our throats. Out of all the Final Fantasy games you’ve made, what would make you think we needed 2 sequels in this universe?

    Even you know people don’t care because you changed Versus 13 to FF15 to distance it as much as possible from this.

  • These would be nice pre-order bonuses, but $90 plus shipping is absolutely ridiculous.

  • I was excited about this, but I’m glad some other posters mentioned who was running the sale. After missing out on Ni No Kuni’s Wizard Edition because of their inability to handle a simple webstore I’ll have to pass.

  • We saw this with the Ni No Kuni special edition exclusive through Namco’s “special site”, this is a horrible idea. I trust, that is where I go to buy my gaming wares. I also get guarantied release date delivery coupled with free shipping. You guys aren’t even giving us that. WHY WOULD I WANT TO DO THIS THROUGH SE’S STORE IF YOU CAN’T EVEN TOUCH THE GOLD STANDARD LET ALONE BE IN THE SAME ROOM WITH THEM!

    Keep your Collector’s Edition and Keep your game, I’m done with square trying to manipulate my dollar with Final Fantasy.

  • So lets see…in one hand I get Aerith…and the other hand I get Cloud and Samurai….obvious choice is Gamestop preorder and not Square Enix’s. Besides All game companies lie when hey say “exclusive” and the DLC always ends up on the network on a later date anyway.

  • Mat, I have a question. I pre-ordered both this and Drakengard 3 on the same order. Before checking out there was red text that said “Shipment of the ordered items may be delayed until 12/31/2014 for Drakengard 3 [PS3].”. I took this to mean that D3 might be delayed but that the LR Collector’s Edition would still ship at it’s normal time. Then after I checked out the red text said “This order will be shipped after the release date of 12/31/2014 for Drakengard 3 [PS3]”. Those are two completely different wordings that mean two different things. So which is it going to be? Will I have to wait for D3 to be shipped before getting LR? or will D3 ship separately later? Thanks.

    • Hi FearMonkey,

      Apologies about any confusion, so allow me to hopefully clarify the situation.

      The Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Collector’s Edition will ship out on 2/11/2014.

      Drakengard 3’s launch date has not been announced, so the reason why the system is saying it will ship out on 12/31/2014 is because that is simply a placeholder date until we announce the release date.

  • I really wish a port of this would at least come to the PS4! I got rid of my PS3 and really want to play this but 1 game doesnt justify me having a PS3! Square please make a PS4 port happen!!!

  • @24 Not trying to be rude or anything, but really, as a Plus member why would you get rid of your PS3? There are so many free games yet to come. Have you actually finished all the free and discounted games you’ve received in the past?

  • It took me 30 frustrated mins to pre ordered this. The site keeps rejecting my address even when i’m clicking on their suggested address. When it finally randomly accept my address, I didn’t even get an email notification saying I ordered, and there’s no number to call for support for situations like this.

    • Hi ragnarok_weapon,

      Sincere apologies that it was such a headache to preorder this.

      I’m glad you were able to get through and we’ll look into this situation on your behalf so as to alleviate this for others.

  • wow the shipping is insane. WTH man I preordered through NIS and NamcoBandai and didint get this crazy amount.

  • I actually like the FFXIII games and I’m definitely getting LIghtning Returns.

    I also tend to buy collector editions for RPGs.

    But the SE site is pretty much the only one I don’t trust, thanks largely to who you use to ship.

    If this was on Amazon or Gamestop sites it’d sell like hot cakes and I’d line up today to get one.

    But SE site only = one more lost sale.

  • @24 @25 I still have my PS3, to still be able to play the games I already own for it, but I would still prefer this for my new PS4. As a result, I’ll definitely be holding out until a port or the Gaikai service goes live. Shame, because XIII-2 was a big improvement over the first and I was excited for Lightning Returns… dat artbook tho ;)

  • Shame on me if I ever buy another Final Fantasy product again. I’m done, I like some of the other work such as Tomb Raider, and TWEWY. But Final Fantasy, had it’s Final Fantasy for this old fan.

  • Same thing for me. Clicked their suggested address but no confirmation email.

  • Meh, it would be nice if you could actually buy it. Since it’s through Digital River, I have tried with 2 different cards, and paypal. So far all 3 go to a black page that, if you look carefully at the black lettering on the black page, it says “payment unable to authorize”. And that’s it.

  • @22 it says on the post that it comes with clouds weapon and costume “If that wasn’t enough, pre-ordering the Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Collector’s Edition also equips you with Cloud Strife’s Buster Sword, SOLDIER 1st class outfit, and victory fanfare, all for free.”…

  • Looks good but I refuse to deal with Digital River. Drop them, Square Enix.

  • No thanks, rather wait for Final Fantasy XV.

  • Digital River is completely awful.

    I actually just ordered the game on SE’s site (which was an endeavor and a half), then I see you can get free shipping on an order over $100. Thanks for telling me NOW.

    So I go back to find my order. There is no button anywhere on SE’s site to view past orders. I FINALLY got the confirmation email from Digital River, and I try to pull up the order to BUY MORE STUFF from them.

    It asks for my order number *and* a password. I don’t have a Digital River password, and they don’t take my Square-Enix password (go figure). The other option is my email and last 5 of credit card… but I paid with PayPal.

    SO. They have a “forgot your password” link. I clicked that, gave them my order number again. They said they emailed me my password.

    It’s been twenty minutes, and I’ve done it twice. Checked my spam, even. No email from them.

    This is the worst online shopping experience ever. 0/10.

  • Oh. Cool Collector’s Edition, though. That looks pretty cool, at least – just sell it at real stores (Amazon and/or Gamestop, preferably Amazon) next time!

  • @36 – And I’m trying to contact a CSR to ask them about my issue (See post #23) and I can see no way to get a phone number and their live support requires you to find your specific issue in the knowledge base and I don’t see it anywhere in there because their knowledge base is super limited. Very frustrating. >_<

  • That’s a beautiful collector’s edition. Also, I’m thrilled with all of the new garbs Lightning can get through the game, like that Locke-like Heartstealer costume that is featured in the linked youtube video. The art direction for this game is probably the best I’ve seen from the FFXIII trilogy. I still need to play XIII-2, but I liked how Lightning looked in that game’s promotional pictures too.

    However, I’m going to stick with my Gamestop pre-order. I like the Dark Samurai costume and, as much as I enjoy Aerith’s costume, it doesn’t seem to fit Lightning’s demeanor at all. Plus, yeah, I don’t really want to spend $30 more and cancel my Gamestop pre-order, regardless of how cool I think that stuff is. Still, liking what I see of the game so far, as someone who did not enjoy FFXIII.

  • So much want… On Playstation 4. :(

    Don’t get me wrong, Retro Consoles are cool and all, but I would much rather play it on my current system.

  • I was reluctant but i decided to pre order it…they don’t even accept my address so screw you square, ill wait for the game to be 19.99.

  • I’ll pre-order this if they can also hook me up with a copy of the Ni No Kuni Wizard Edition.

  • Let me list some feedback…

    1. Why exclusive to SE website? Pretty dumb imo

    2. How much will you guys have? Because SE website is still offering the “limited edition” of KH 1.5 HD if this will be available way after launch then maybe I don’t need to pre-order and could just wait till I get more money

    3. Why no figurine of Lightning? Figurines are ALWAYS WELCOMED

    4. PLEASE consider making a COLLECTOR’S EDITION for FINAL FANTASY XV, I guarantee you that millions of people would want that including myself. (Noctis figurine please) Thanks

  • 1) FFVII remake? (couldn’t resist, lol) I’d settle for the remastered PC version ported over with some trophies. NAOW!

    2) FFXIII-LR PS4 version? Easier to port from dev PC to PS4 than to PS3. Don’t be slouches…

    3) FFX HD PS4 port. It is still in the dev stage on a PC. Probably easier to port to PS4 architecture than PS3. Just do it!

    4) FFXII HD for PS4?

    5) Time to start porting SE games to PS4 with some added trophies. We need to kick this PS generation off like the PS2 days. Let’s get crackin’!

  • Mat,thanks for the quick reply. However, my question is are the two items going to ship separately? i.e. LR on 2/11/2014 and D3 whenever it releases? Or am I going to have to wait for both until D3 releases? Thanks.

  • Mat, is that a working pocket watch? Does it tell normal time, meaning a 12 or 24 hour cycle? I’m thinking of getting this for that watch alone.

    As for the people grousing about Digital River, I have to add my complaints too. I pre-ordered the Ni No Kuni Wizard’s Edition and I was one of the people that got their order canceled in favor of people who ordered it many months after me. I called Digital River and spoke to a nice lady who said they are located in the Philipines. I threatened to cry and shoot up the place over my cancellation and she actually scrounged up a copy and I did get it and Namco still sent me the consolation hardcover guide.

    So maybe as a customer of Digital River Square could work with them to improve their service?

    I do want to know about the watch.

  • This is a great CE! But why is this through Digital River only? Please at least consider Amazon. I’m sure they’d be more than happy to carry your product.

  • I have a question: if I preorder Lightning Returns CE on Square Enix’s site it would come up in Europe? And if so, would the game subtitles in my language(italian)?

    I know it’s a silly question, but hope dies last

  • As long as you keep using Digital River to handle your online store, you’ll never see a dime of my money that way. They are awful.

  • Oh, wow. Thank you for putting up a Collector’s Edition for the U.S. Order placed. :)

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