Gran Turismo 6 Exclusive: Drive the BMW M4 Coupe

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Gran Turismo 6 Exclusive: Drive the BMW M4 Coupe

GT fans! For those that are still waiting for the perfect reason to pick up Gran Turismo 6, we may have something for you. Starting today, the newly announced BMW M4 Coupe is available for your virtual test drive in GT6, before the actual car goes on sale in 2014.

As a celebration of this collaboration between BMW and Gran Turismo 6, a unique seasonal event featuring the BMW M4 Coupé is available to all on GT6 for two weeks, from today until December 26th, 2013. The BMW M4 Coupé Superlap challenge will take place on the Nürburgring Grand Prix circuit, and gives players the opportunity to drive the car to complete the event, giving anyone the chance to experience this stunning new vehicle in the virtual world before it launches in the real world.

Until now, the BMW M4 Coupé has only been shown publicly as a ‘concept’, but thanks to an innovative collaboration with BMW, Polyphony Digital was able to get early access to the car during its development phase in order to meticulously recreate the BMW M4 Coupé for Gran Turismo 6.

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  • 0oh! Yeah I can’t wait. I’m playing it now & I’m in love with it…

  • Please if your listening polyphony digital … Port gran tourismo 6 to the PS4 :o)

  • M4 is ‘meticulously’ made to look like a modded M3.

    bring GT6 to PS4. :D

    and bring back car gifting/trading to GT6.

  • You PS4 people will have your GT game in two years I’m sure. They don’t just do sloppy ports.

  • @3 they took away car gifting because people would abuse it and take advantage of naive people who trusted complete strangers to give them cars in exchange for nothing, easy to say more people should get to know each other before gifting cars/paint chips. I myself would like to see it return, but I understand why they did away with it they didn’t want people getting cheated.

  • Please add an option to import our cars from GT5! Or at least let me carry over the collector edition cars! Makes me sad leaving those behind :(

  • @4 LOL a game can be ported well … Your prob just used to the fact that lazy devs do sloppy ports alot of the time … Pretty sure if PD ported GT6 it would be done well … That being said PD will probably focus on making GT7 for the PS4 and release it when the install base for the PS4 is much more robust … And if so i’ll just have to wait for GT7 to hit the PS4 it won’t kill me to wait … My guess will be GT7 in close to 3 yrs from now for the PS4 but we’ll see

  • I would love a Gran Turismo for the Vita. I know I’m not alone on this either. I still have my PSP version and thought it was a solid game so it can be done.

  • Please add an install option for the game so my PS3 doesn’t make loud noises while it loads the game. Thought you learned your lesson.

  • INFIDEL_JIHAD – PD is the opposite of lazy. I don’t see them just porting GT6 to the PS4. They have always made two GT games per console. For the first PlayStation they made 1 and 2. Then 3 and 4 on the PS2. Now 5 and 6 on the PS3. It takes a lot to make these games for a new console. Going from the PS3 to the PS4 isn’t that easy either. They probably used a lot of tricks for GT5 and 6 that work on the PS3 but not the PS4.

  • As for sloppy ports, that’s a pretty hilarious comment. Year in and out, Forza is being released almost yearly and they’ve been great. As for GT5 and 6, they’ve been mediocre at best. GT either needs a new team or some fresh people to put new innovative ideas because Poly hasn’t done anything amazing for a very long time.

    Prob won’t see GT7 like INFIDEL said, in 3 years or so. And they better cut the nonsense and release a top notch racer, they’ve been either lazy or just getting way too comfortable. I hope they learned with the PS3 because their games haven’t gotten great reviews like the past games have. So far Forza has been in 1st place for a very long time.

  • That was actually the point i was making … I would trust them if they did port it to ps4 they are not lazy like other devs … And as far as the other goes it would be easier for them to port it from the cell architecture to the x86 architecture … Then it was for them to code for the cell in the 1st place … cell is a pain to code for thats 1 reason why the PS4 is so awesome x86 architecture

  • @ sega i played forza on 360 didn’t like the feel of it at all but thats my opinion just like forza being better than GT is your opinion and thats all preference that being said forza looks top notch

  • Also i agree that they did have to do alot of workarounds with the SPE’s the cell processor uses and the limited 256mb of ram the ps3 has devoted to games to get GT to look the way it does but the PS4 does not suffer from this … What took them months to code for the ps3 now takes weeks with x86 architecture … Ps4 over 30x the memory as opposed to ps3 it’s a good time to be a gamer

  • This is why i love Gran Turismo we got to drive exclusive cars before the world, first the Vision GT cars then the NSX concept now the BMW M4

  • Great game and amazing car, fun to drive in game.

    :Hint: If you get gold in the seasonal event you will get a M4, i bought one not knowing this before but it’s all good cause now i have one in yellow and blue!

  • The physics engine in 6 is very good compared to 5. I have been designing vehicles in virtual worlds since 2007 and the main goal when it comes to vehicles is for it not to flip when terrain changes or from simply bumping a placed object. In 5 I actually ricocheted off of barriers when going low speeds.
    I’m very pleased with 6 and I looked at the M4 before I headed off to bed last night, 120k, fair price and will probably pick one up today with my winnings.

  • Very cool bringing this to a game from the real world. Thanks to microtransactions, I won’t bother with this game until there is a GOTY or free version.

  • This game should have been created for the VITA NOT THE PS3!! or BOTH!! SMFH.

  • “Thanks to microtransactions, I won’t bother with this game until there is a GOTY or free version.”

    This makes no sense. I only see one thing you can buy and that’s credits so you can buy cars and upgrades faster. To me that takes the fun out of GT though. It’s not like they have a bunch of cars you can only get by buying them. The microtransactions are just there for people who don’t have time to race a lot.

  • GT6 with backwards compatible PS3 (fatty) HUGE BUG!!! Crashes the system!!! PLEASE FIX!!!

  • It’s because it’s a pay to win micro-transaction.
    Someone with deeper pockets could get the best cars in the game and outperform everyone else.

  • Great drive, but no interior view. :( same with the Mercedes Vision GT.

  • @2— Don’t forget we have Drive Club coming very soon. I think it will hold us over, not to mention the game is free for PlayStation Plus users.

  • “It’s because it’s a pay to win micro-transaction.
    Someone with deeper pockets could get the best cars in the game and outperform everyone else.”

    You don’t need deep pockets to buy the credits in GT6. And as for someone buying the better cars sooner and beating everyone, can’t you set rules about power for online races? I haven’t played online but I believe you can set that to keep the races fair.

  • @25 yes Driveclub is looking quite good … I wanted it on launch but that’s ok now they have time to polish it upa bit

  • An extention of GT5, I finished it the week before GT6 came out . I like 6 : I want to try every car. Why is there 28 Mazda Miata ? Or 10 Skyline? Why the tiny cars with no guts ? And most of all, why the anniversary edition is not available ? Still unanswered questions. Looking up for GT Vision…to compensate?!
    I find its much better than any Forza ! The night tracks, I had to stick on the leader to find my way and beat it at the last minute. The drift is useless, the lunar module was fun. The game is great. Not perfect.

  • who cares, where is the Crown Vic and other american sedans.

  • I hope the improve the camera for GT7. GT’s gameplay just looks bad and makes the driving feel jerky. I got GT6 from Gamefly and tried my hardest to like it but just couldn’t. I sent it back and went back to Forza 5. It’s a shame because with all of that content it’d be a great game, but without good gameplay amount of content just doesn’t matter.

  • The M4 is nice, but PD please add the McLaren P1 to GT6. thanks!

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