Furmins Rolls to PS Vita December 17th

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Furmins Rolls to PS Vita December 17th

Hi there, Tommaso De Benetti from Housemarque and Alexey Menshikov from Beatshapers speaking. After a minor Q&A setbacks caused by a prank our little furry friends conjured up, we are finally able to confirm the North American release of Furmins on PS Vita!

In Furmins, players will attempt to guide the eponymous and loveable creatures across fiendishly designed levels by rearranging a variety of items in real time with well-coordinated precision. Strategically placed items create pathways and physical chain reactions that guide the Furmins to a basket at the end of the level.

Wondering what happened to the Furmins Kingdom to justify a whole gaming adventure? Here’s a quick overview:

Furmins on PS Vita

The Furmins are a happy race of creatures living a happy, peaceful existence.

Furmins on PS Vita

Things were rolling along great until the fateful day their benevolent (yet rather large)…

Furmins on PS Vita

… King fell asleep, rolled over a river forming an impromptu dam and blocked their flow of water!

When it comes to puzzle games, levels are what make (or break) a title. This holds true in Furmins, too. The ultimate judges will – as always – be players around the world, but we are confident in the 100+ unique levels included in the game.

Solving each puzzle is a two-step process. First, players enter Setup mode, where they strategically place items and contraptions to create safe pathways while the world stands still.

Furmins on PS VitaFurmins on PS Vita

There are plenty of items the player can place around levels: small and large bumpers, flippers, conveyor belts, rotating gadgets, blocks of ice, ropes and vines, cannons and even vehicles!

The second phase is called Action mode, where the stage comes to life while physics take over. During this phase, players can interact with certain contraptions (using PS Vita’s touchscreen or rear touch pad) and help the Furmins reach their destination unharmed.

Furmins on PS Vita

Switching between modes at any moment will let you test various ideas quickly, until a solution is found. Each level has multiple solutions, so be creative and use items in unusual ways!

To see Furmins in action, check out the gameplay trailer at the top of this post. For more information, check www.beatshapers.com/furmins and follow @beatshapers and @Housemarque on Twitter.

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  • Remember playing this on iPad a long time ago. Will definitely buy to support Housemarque since we got Resogun for free :)

  • Any updates for Dead Nation for PS Vita?

  • Please let there be smooth framerate.

  • What about Dead Nation?

  • So, ‘The Incredible Machine’… I’m in.

  • Looks like a cool puzzler. Definitely willing to give it a try.

  • I really looking forward to this

  • I like the art design

  • Sony, please remove the 100 app limit from Vita. I have a 64GB card with 20GB free that I can’t use for games because I have 100 apps, 15 or so are system apps that can’t be removed.
    I have room for more apps, I shouldn’t have to delete more to install them. This is prohibiting me from buying more Vita games.

  • @9 you know you can make folders? If you put your games in folders, you can surpass the 100 app limit.

  • Oh, nice probably day 1, my kind of relaxing game. What about the price?

  • What an adorable game. This would be perfect for kids. Thanks for bringing to the Vita.

  • Looks very similar to some Flash games I’ve played for free on Kongregate, so it’ll entirely depend on the price. Looks fun though.

  • @Wtfman90 it will still have 100 bubble limit, you can’t have more than 100 bubbles no matter how many folders you have, any bubble in folder still counts.

  • Love the art style!

  • Tickles my Lemmings and The Incredible Machine itch, but I’m not seeing how its different from Enigmo (available as a PS mini) beyond better graphics and trophies.

    Who did the music? Are the music assets lossless FLAC or 320kbps Ogg/AAC? Is there a platinum trophy? Any chance of a PS4 version later with cross-buy? User-created levels?

    I want to find a reason to purchase, just need a little help :) Love everything Housemarque has done to date.

    PS: Please add 3D support to Resogun. Super Stardust HD is still AMAZING to play in 3D on PS3.

  • @9, Yeah what @10 said. You can put a lot more than 100 apps, cause each folder can house 10 apps. So there is plenty of space within that 100 limit. It’s now more like 1000. Minus the built in apps.

    If someone managed to fit more than that amount of games on the VITA with the memory card restrictions, I need to meet them. They are the ultimate consumer. Ultimate!!!!!!!!!

  • This looks interesting. I might just pick it up. Housemarque was behind Outland on PSN (PS3). Any chance of bringing that over to PS Vita? It would play great on the Vita.

  • How many childish IPs do i need to wade through before some mature titles are released on the vita?

  • Not sure about this game looks cool but a demo would help.

  • @17, @10

    No, you can’t. I’ve tried it. The 100 app limit still applies to everything you have inside of the folders. It’s 100 apps, period. Even less if you do use folders since the actual folder takes up one of the apps.

  • Wow Housemarque?…you got me at this….game looks good….Housemarque games are a must-buy.Looking forward to this one…more Vita games yay.

  • THanks for answering some of my questions, but can you comment on the codec and bitrates of the audio assets?
    Some of the Vita ports from iOS have had pretty low quality music/sound assets, not taking advantage of Vita’s capabilities at all.

  • Holy crap, the music is by Skaven from Future Crew!!!!! His work on Future Crew’s PC demos were/are a major influence on how I approach electronic music myself!

    If his tracks are high-bitrate Ogg/AAC in the game, this is a day one purchase for me!

    • Hello from oldschool demosceners =)
      I got Future Crew huge impact on my path and how i get to industry :)
      We have cool thing coming up to PS4 – stay tuned and its demoscene related.

  • We need larger capacity memory cards NOW!!! What’s taking so long?

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