Strength of the Sword 3 Out Today on PS3

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Strength of the Sword 3 Out Today on PS3

Hello everyone — Ivent Games here to announce that Strength of the Sword 3 is out today on PS3! I know you’ve never heard of us before, so I think an introduction is in order.

We’re a tiny, indie team, comprised of just two people: me (Lyubomir Iliev) and my friend and colleague Georgi Rakidov.

For the past five years we’ve been hard at work on developing our first project: Strength of the Sword 3. It’s a downloadable, challenge-driven sword fighting game exclusive to PS3. In it, you take control of a mechanical knight sent from the heavens to battle a rising evil that has swept the land… and that’s pretty much all the story we’re going to give you. Yeah. But this isn’t a game about story. This is a game about CHALLENGE! It’s very old-school in that regard. It’s the kind of game you “beat” instead of just “finish.”

Strength of the Sword 3 has quite a different kind of combat system that combines action, strategy, and management challenges, centered on three types of resources and their offensive/defensive uses.

  • Stamina: a self-replenishing resource.
  • Mana: a player-generated resource.
  • Ammunitions and Shield: finite resources.

Mastering this system means learning to juggle these resources and finding a flow of combat that suits each situation.

Strength of the Sword 3, 01Strength of the Sword 3, 02

Then there’s an advanced “Group AI” system that analyzes the player’s gameplay style and adapts the enemy tactics accordingly, making even the simplest of enemies an evolving challenge that will keep you on your toes… or face down in the dirt.

The combination of these two systems provides a very different and dynamic style of play that will appeal to the challenge seekers among us.

So, if you’re one of those players looking for the kind of game you “beat” instead of “finish,” we hope you pick up Strength of the Sword 3 and give it a shot. And if you do: good luck and HAVE FUN!

Check out our website and Facebook page for more screenshots, artwork, videos, and discussions about Strength of the Sword 3. We’re also going to keep posting new updates and details here on PlayStation.Blog. But in the meantime, if you have any questions for us, we’ll be right here to answer them.

See you soon. Rock on.

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  • Neat. Any idea when they will send out the $10 vouchers?

  • This looks really cool! So looking forward to playing it, I’ll get it when it’s out over here in the UK. Wonder how the combat will feel, is there a demo?

    You guys should get on Twitter rather than Facebook, I’d follow!

    • It’s already available in UK as well. Hope to see you on the leaderboards! You are 100% right…we really should get on Twitter! Thank you for the nudge!

  • Looks neat, the combat gives me some demon’s/dark Souls vibes, just a couple of questions: Is it only single player? and where are Strenght of the Sword 1 and 2?

    • I’m truly honored by that comparison! Thanks, dude!
      As for your questions: It’s only single player so far…we don’t have the development capacity to deal with multiplayer at this point. But we’re looking into it ^_^ maybe in the future.
      And there are no 1 and 2. Here at Ivent we’ll be finishing all of our trilogies right of the bat! ‘Cause we’re that awesome (or lazy…not sure which one) :D:D:D

  • I would like to second Maverick_fox1’s question. Was there ever a 1 and 2?

    • we get that question A LOT :D I’m just gonna keep pasting the answer if you guys don’t mind: “And there are no 1 and 2. Here at Ivent we’ll be finishing all of our trilogies right of the bat! ‘Cause we’re that awesome (or lazy…not sure which one) :D:D:D”

  • Looks cool. Have you thought of a Vita or PS4 port?

    • We didn’t have the man power to pull off a double system launch, but we’re working on that Vita version as we speak…and I must say: the game looks awesome on that gorgeous little screen! We can’t wait to bring out that version too! Thank you for asking!

  • Game looks pretty decent.

  • Looks really cool! Might pick this up. Any chance this may come to the Vita in the future? The structure and the design of the game look really suitable to that format.

    • It really is a great fit for the Vita! We’re working on the Vita version right now…but it’s still too early to talk about a release date. Sorry.

  • This looks totally sick! It’s amazing! The game play is 100% solid. @ Lyubomir Iliev, However, while I will probably download this to the PS3 at some point, I’d love to have this on my PS Vita more than anything else because I use my PS Vita FAR more than the household PS3. I sincerely hope that you guys have plans to bring Strength of the Sword 3 to the PS Vita sooner rather than later.

  • Wow…whats up with all these games coming out of nothing?…ha game looks good…any chance of a demo?…I want to give it a try.

    • Our marketing guy sucks-big time…mostly because he is imaginary :D We’ll try to do a better job giving you guys a heads up in the future, I promise! We had no plan on making a demo either…but we’re rethinking that too. Thanks for asking!

  • Yeah this should definitely be on the fact any new game should be automatically made just for the vita then maybe the that new Rachet and Clank game and GT6. Seriously..the PS Vita could use some more game support! I will try to support this game but I already have my fav sword fighting game SOUL CALIBER 4..with Dark Vader!!

    • Vita version currently in development. Totally agree that platform is not getting enough love…we’re on that!
      If you do end up trying out our game, I’d love to hear some feedback from a SC fan’s point of view^_^

  • So where’s Strength of the Sword and Strength of the Sword II?

    • we get that question A LOT :D I’m just gonna keep pasting the answer if you guys don’t mind: “And there are no 1 and 2. Here at Ivent we’ll be finishing all of our trilogies right of the bat! ‘Cause we’re that awesome (or lazy…not sure which one) :D:D:D”

  • For those asking, there is no Strength of the Sword 1 and 2. I can’t remember their reason for the naming though.

  • I wish it was on vita:( i want more 3rd party support

    • Vita version currently in development. Totally agree that platform is not getting enough love…we’re on that!

  • Sorry but demo or no sale. And if its your first project, why does it have the suffix 3? Never heard of this series before.

    • I respect your position on the demo thing. We’re currently looking into that. And as far as the 3: “there are no 1 and 2. Here at Ivent we’ll be finishing all of our trilogies right of the bat! ‘Cause we’re that awesome (or lazy…not sure which one) :D:D:D”

  • This seems like the latest version of medevil. I wonder will this have a demo? It should.

    • I am honored by that reference. Thank you! And as far as the demo: we’re looking into it ^_^ sorry for not having one right now…we just couldn’t wait to get on the store!

  • Hmmm its looks cool tho, but does it have dlc for multi-player vs. in this map? Like custom your avatar and weapons. facing other players live? Maybe the player portray as a boss against the heroic scene. 8 vs. 8 one player portray as a boss to gain up ranks and stuff. Idk it could work? anybody have suggest a good ideas?

    • That’s quite a tall order for our little two man team, dude. But we will do our best to expand the experience in that direction.

      P.S.: Your name…it fits our game so well :D:D:D I hope you like it dude!

  • level up some ranks or title in the multi-player online I guess? New weapons and armor?

  • 1 on 1 a duel I guess?

  • $4.99 Price Tag

    This isn’t an illusion right?
    If not then I be happy to buy it, looks interesting too.

    Also does the 3 refer to the 3 chiwawas in a man suit?

  • Welcome to the PS family guys!

  • I remember this game being announced a while ago and was intrigued. Still intrigued. Can’t wait to get it. Thanks for update. :)

  • I like the visual design of the environments. Looks like 720p, but is it using some kind of MSAA or FXAA solution to even out the jaggies?

    who did the music? are the sound assets 256kbps Ogg/AAC (or better)?

    • Thank you, man! The game render to the 720p with 2x MSAA and then resolve it to 1080p with quincunx filtering. In my opinion this works better than FXAA
      The sound is mp3 with 64 kbps for mono sounds and 128 kbps for stereos. And as for the music, it was done by the awesome Georgi Strezov ^_^
      Thank you for that extremely technical question, man! It’s a pleasure to know there are people like you in the audience.

  • This DEFINITLEY looks like a Medevil 3

  • Good luck with your game guys! Welcome to Playstation.

    It always amazes me when a few people (2 in this case) can put a game together into a solid finished experience all because they are passionate about their project.

  • This game looks cool. I think I’d be more inclined to get it if it were on the PS Vita.

    • Thank you! And like I said: “Vita version currently in development.” We really think it is a great fit for us too!

  • My favorite part of videogames are the boss fights.
    Thats why i love Shadow of Colossus, No more Heroes, the Ys games,God of War, classic Megaman games, etc.

    I have 5 bucks so im gonna try this game.

  • To all those that still haven’t put in the effort to find out on their own:
    There aren’t parts 1 and 2 to this game. Ivent studios just have some in-studio philosophy against doing sequels or trilogies so they end the series with the first game and just put a “3” at the end. Which is weird, but weird indies are the best indies, right? Also do yourself a great favor and search youtube for their clip “EPIC WIN” day that followed the European launch of the game, AWESOME video.

  • If its a “I beat it” game, I definitely suggest putting it to a portable rather than console. So, Vita port this shizznitt all the way!! :DD

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