Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God Out Today on PS Vita

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Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God Out Today on PS Vita
Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God

What a delectably delicious day it is! The roguelike RPG Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God launches today. Sorcery Saga is exclusive to PS Vita and is available at both retail and on PlayStation Store. Like the name suggests, it’s wacky, fun, and a real challenge. Today, we wanted to give all you folks an overview of the game.

So what is Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God all about?

Sorcery Saga tells the story of Pupuru and her brave quest to save her favorite curry restaurant from the big, bad curry chain that’s just moved into town. Harmless, right? Wrong! In order to do so, Pupuru and her grumpy (and always hungry) creature friend, Kuu, must travel to find ingredients to make the legendary curry. Along the way, Pupuru meets many interesting and strange people, including the rather forward Gigadis and the mysterious, non-committal Puni.

How Does This Thing Play?

As Pupuru, you’ll enter a dungeon and travel on a grid-like system. Attacks are turn-based, but what makes Sorcery Saga truly challenging is its roguelike quality. Meaning, if you fall in a dungeon, you lose all your items and levels. And don’t be fooled by the awesomely cute monsters you’ll encounter (including a square tofu man or a pork bun blob) — they can pack a spicy punch.

Luckily, there are a variety of ways to avoid such a fate. You can power up by whipping together a delicious plate of curry in the dungeon, save items in “My Room,” or have Kuu help out.

Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry GodSorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God

It Comes with Some Satisfying Sides

Sorcery Saga’s artwork and its playful style make it light-hearted and fun. But to drive home the wackiness of it all, there’s a special section called “Chara-Theater” which features skits from the cast. Sized down into “chibi” (small) form, these characters showcase their comedic prowess and perform some truly hilarious skits.

Anything Else?

Aksys Games wanted to create something truly special for Sorcery Saga’s Limited Edition. We also wanted to make everything in the LE fit the style of the game, so we decided to create custom spoons, bibs, and plates featuring the cast.

Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God

Never before have we seen cooking ware part of any limited edition, and we felt that this would really be fun — just like the game. For us, the question wasn’t “Why?” but rather “Why not?” We took a chance and dove right in, and as a cherry on top of the great curry cake, we decided to give it an extra long name. It’s officially known as “Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God Hot and Spicy, Everything Nicey Limited Edition.”

Sorcery Saga is out today on PS Vita.

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10 Author Replies

  • Now this seems to take a different approach to jrgp’s. This seems interesting indeed.

  • Waiting for my Amazon Preorder to arrive now! I hope this does well enough to keep Aksys and other companies localizing interesting games like this!

  • Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God Out will be available in the Brazilian PS Store?

  • Forgot I pre-ordered this! It will be my first rogue like. Let’s see how it goes. BTW, Aksys, yesterday I finished VLR after buying it on release last year, couldn’t put it down for more than a week! I need news about part 3! Congrats on your localization.

  • Any plans for a demo? I’d like to try it before buying

  • I’m really interested in this game but… No Vita
    Hopefully by the time i might bother getting a Vita there are still copies around

  • Ohhhhhhhh snap, Sanabu is posting on the playstation blog now! THE BOO!

  • Is this going to be available for download on the PS Store today?

    Just found out that no retailers are carrying this in Canada and I’d like ot be able to play it without having to import from the US. Your answer would be most appreciated.

  • Im really excited for this game! Im gonna get it as soon as is available! ^_^

  • Available on the PSN store on the PC. Downloading now!

  • I really wish demos were mandatory.

    A Roguelike JRPG sounds quite interesting, but without a demo, not sure I’ll bite.

  • seems great i will buy it later

  • :O Forgot this was coming out! So I ordered the LE on amazon, can’t wait!

  • Is Mind=0 still on the table for localization? Otherwise, any teases for future Vita titles you’re willing to share?

    • For now, the first portion of DLC stories for Muramasa Rebirth is in the works for a release early next year. Keep an eye out for more news!

  • Without a demo i don’t see myself dropping a full $40 on this type of game, sorry.

  • chippychan:

    It looks like has the standard and limited editions of this game listed, so it may be possible to order from a vendor in Canada. (Unless those listings are for American imports, in which case never mind…)

    Washizuka Sanabu:

    Is there any word about other Vita titles (or PSP ones to be made available on the Vita storefront) being in the works at Aksys, or will that have to wait until the New Year?

    For example, after handling the first Fate/Extra, I’m sure Aksys has had more than a few questions/requests concerning F/E CCC. Whether it is to be picked up or passed over, should a statement on that title be expected at some point?

    • We are currently readying the new DLC stories for Muramasa Rebirth, the first batch of which will release early next year!

  • I agree with @5 and @11, I think there should be a demo for this game. It looks interesting, but I just haven’t seen enough gameplay to risk wasting $40. I have tried finding gameplay on youtube, but the only way I could find any was by typing “Sei Madou Monogatari”. It looks fun and reminds me of Cladun, but I really would like to see gameplay in english and unfortunately “Sorcery Saga” brings up nothing but a short trailer. I really would like to support you guys, but i just don’t know enough about this game. I might have taken a chance for $20 though.

  • Wondered why the price wasn’t listed until I found it to be $40. Now I see why that wasn’t part of the announcement.

  • @18

    lol i thought the same thing. Sony should make it a requirement for game promotion articles like this to list the price of the game, especially when it releases that same day.

  • Been looking forward to this one for a while, I love me some Compile Heart games.

    If I could just make a small criticism, it’s that I think you should communicate with your customers better. When Sorcery Saga’s localization was first announced on the PS Blog, I asked if we could expect Canadian pre-orders to open soon, and was told to “stay tuned.”

    As the release date inched closer, pre-orders still hadn’t opened up for major Canadian retailers. I tweeted you guys twice asking what was up, but I never received a reply. One person did in early November, but was once again told to “stay tuned.” As such, the game was never released to major retailers here in Canada and I had to pre-order from a smaller store, rather than the retailers I already have confidence in.

    I understand that retailers can turn down games. I don’t know how the whole process works, maybe the silence is due to Aksys’ relationship with these retailers. Whatever the case, telling your customers to “stay tuned” for more information and then not giving any is a poor way to handle the situation. I hope you can remedy this communication issue in the future, as I really do love the games Aksys localizes.

  • I preordered mine at Gamestop and they said the game got pushed back to next Tuesday, I checked the website and it sure is. Why is that? I might as well cancel it and buy it from the PSN.

  • Hey, It’s available on psn now for $34.99. I might buy it just because I’m almost done with Ys Memories of Celceta, and will need an rpg soon. While I was checking though, I noticed that Sony FINALLY added vita support for FF5!!!!! So Excited!!

  • I was sold on the title alone.

  • @rabidninjamonky woohoo! thanks for the heads up about FFV.

  • @Sanabu Washizuka

    Thank you very much for the reply to my comment :).

  • Reminds me of Azure Dreams, a favorite of mine from the PSX days. I’m just not willing to take a chance on this for $40, especially not being familiar with Aksys. Anyone know if they do straight translations, or just make things up as they go along?

  • @sydra: They normally make great localizations. The Zero Escape, and Muramasa Rebirth being my points of reference.

  • Thank you Aksys, for the US$5,00 discount on the PSN version. Unfortunately, it’s rare for third party publishers to do that.

  • I ordered the Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God Hot and Spicy, Everything Nicey Limited Edition and should get it tomorrow. I’m so excited!

  • I’m going to add to the chorus of needs a demo. I love rogue-like games and role-playing games but I’m not going to pony up $40 for a game that hasn’t been widely reviewed (glowingly) without a demo. I’m used to rogues style games being in the under $15 price-range as forcing one to start from scratch repeatedly doesn’t generally contain loads of
    original content.

    Color me confused why anyone take-on the huge financial risk of bring a full-priced game to market here – and in the intense Holiday Season to boot – that is going to have to compete toe to toe with all of the heavily promoted established franchises without at the very least having a demo ready to go. It simply makes no sense what so ever.

  • My copy should be in by tomorrow. Still hoping for a localization of Mind=Zero and looking forward to next year’s Muramasa DLC!

  • This game’s release date snuck right up on me. Good thing I get paid this week, just debating between physical or digital for the moment. Are there any DLC plans for Sorcery Saga?

    • The only plans right now are the hats and outfits to put on the main character Pupuru, up on the PS Store for download.

  • This game also snuck up on me, forgot about it until now. Really on the fence about it. As most have said, I’ve only been able to find one gameplay video and a review (which the reviewer gave it a B rating). Looks promising might just take a chance on it and get the digital version.

  • Hey Sanabu can you tell us about this game DLCs? are they just hats or are there any cool costume? the PSN store description isnt helping at all x-x.

    • The DLCs are various hats and costumes to put on Pupuru for dungeon exploring. Some examples are an adorable Japanese-style kindergarten outfit, a blazer-style high school uniform, and there are even mocks of other character’s costumes, namely Cliora and Gigadis.

  • @ $34.99 I’ll add it to my Gamefly que.

  • This looks very unique and interesting

    Does this come with Japanese voice overs?

  • Just bought it from your store Aksys! Games like these need to keep getting imported and I will show support to whoever does so.
    In fact, all PSVita games need to be imported, specially:
    Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment
    To Love-Ru Darkness: Battle Ecstasy
    Project 575
    Magica Wars
    and many others!
    Keep on bringing them over!

  • That’s sad. :(
    But that doesn’t mean I won’t play the game! I’ll import the physical version! ;)

  • If I think carefully, I just found out that I bought games (on PS Store) only after I tried the demo
    same with my recent purchase Rainbow Moon…
    I really can NOT purchase a game I never tested before – how it looks on the Vita, how it feels, sounds, the battle system and more…

    you don’t have the demo guys and that’s pretty bad for you

    The less people try –> the less they are impressed –> the less purchases

  • I want this game. I’ll get it sometime this week. >.<

  • #36 yes,the game have japanese voices.
    I gonna get this game later,in this moment the atelier games have me without time to play other jrpg.thanks for bringing jrpg to the vita,the psvita is the best device to play this type of games.

  • @ #39 Well there wasn’t any demos for Atari 2600, NES or SNES when I was growing up, yet those systems sold games quite well.

  • Disappointed I had to import from the US and pay more for no reason. Please don’t make this a trend Aksys. I love supporting you, but that will not continue if this keeps up.

  • Its two days after the release date and I went to three stores looking for this. No one had even heard of it.

  • Purchased the game digitally a couple of days ago and can say I’m glad I did. The story and characters are silly and the game play is addicting. If you are on the fence about this title (like I previously was) I would say go for it. I can’t seem to put it down. Pupuru & localization FTW!

  • @42: Times have changed. In today’s digital world, it shouldn’t be a problem for one to make demos for their games.

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