Pure Pool: Bring the Pool Hall Home on PS4

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Pure Pool: Bring the Pool Hall Home on PS4

VooFoo has been building quite a reputation for bringing you gorgeous looking games, and today is no exception with the announcement of our latest labor of love: Pure Pool for PS4.

Over the years we’ve worked hard to create visually stunning games. From the the critically acclaimed Hustle Kings, winner of Kotaku’s ‘Best Downloadable Sports Game of the Year’ award, to the visual tour-de-force that is Pure Chess, the most realistic looking chess videogame you’ll ever play; we certainly like our games to make jaws drop here at VooFoo.

We like our pool games here at Voofoo, so when Ripstone approached us with the opportunity to develop one for Sony’s new hardware, we jumped at the chance.

Forget everything you know about pool games, because we’re taking Pure Pool to a whole other dimension! This game will bring a living, breathing, connected Pool Hall to your living room. By now, you know we enjoy pushing hardware to the limit to create photo-realistic games. Well, using the immense power of PS4, we’re working on graphical techniques that will blur your perception of what’s real and what’s a game. Sound over the top? Wait until you see this thing in action!

Check out the teaser trailer above to get a feel for the game, and rest assured: we won’t be happy until Pure Pool is not only the best pool game out there, but an essential purchase for every proud PS4 owner.

Let us know what you think in the comments!

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  • Looking really good! Any psmove support like in hustle kings?

  • Loved me some Hustle Kings. This is a buy for sure. When can we expect it?

  • How about an in game trailer?

  • How about an in game trailer?_?

  • PURE CGI ;-)

  • do love hustle kings, not sure if i need another pool game, rather wait for hustlekings to be updated to ps4.
    but this one does look pretty if thats ingame engine

  • Hustle Kings?

  • Looking forward to a billiards game being on the PS4 but as far as the trailer goes… That has some pretty bad marketing work. I bought pure chess and that was just that nothing but a chess game.

    The fact that the billiards table and balls look stunning then you have the two guys that look not bad but do not match the quality of the table. Next is the lady. so bad. I mean scantily clad woman and billiards is not the first thing that comes to mind. When I think of the title… Pure Pool The table looks professinal lighted as though at a tournament but then the characters playing look like they are in some bar and the lady looks like she just came off the corner that has done a whole lot of drugs..

    Right now I want a billiards game on the PS4 along with chess and backgammon and all the old strategy games.. Poker, euchre, and Cribbage

    Will I get this game right now I just want to see gameplay if it is a smokey pool hall type thing… I will have to think about it.. Make the game a little more classy and put some clothes on the woman she looks so cold and like a front end of a ship.

    Less is MORE


  • looks horrid but love a fun billiards game.

  • i have this for the ps3 it this a free for those that already purchased for ps3y?

  • Complete with Cougar I see. What’s the name of the bar, the Litter Box? Game looks great! Really enjoyed Hustle Kings, and I am confident I’ll enjoy this too.

  • Is Pure Pool basically an updated version of Hustle Kings that was released for PS3?

    Hustle Kings was great so if Pure Pool is indeed a newer version of that game with PS4 graphics then call me super excited :)

  • Crazy…I just started playing Hustle Kings again last night and then I see this. I’m pretty excited about it, but those characters being there is a mistake. They look absolutely horrible and do not blend well with the amazing detail of everything else. You want us to be immersed and want realism, but those characters will completely take me out of it. they just kind of ruin the atmosphere.

  • Just t add to my last comment (since we can’t edit them), yes even just a floating stick would have been better than those sorry models.

  • I do like playing pool so this is a pick up for me Doods!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I loved Hustle Kings on PS3. I’m sure I’ll be picking up Pure Pool on the PS4. I hope it has remote play or a port to the vita.

  • my bad, its pool nation that i have on ps3!

  • I also loved Hustle Kings on PS3 and really liked all the UK Billiards add-ons.

    One question: can there be a “alternative bar” mode where it’s not busty woman with mid-riffs showing? like, with Go-go boys dancing in the background? I’m half-serious :)

    I assume 1080p 60fps, but what about the sound reflections and audio assets? are the audio assets 24-bit/lossless? are the sound reflections just single bounce off of nearest surface, or more complex like in Killzone: Shadow Fall?

    Hope you guys got a great theme song like before :)

  • Hot women check?
    Rated r pool table room check?
    No repeat animations check?
    Play your own music check?
    Online play check?

  • This looks like Pool on Playstation Home… Hustle Kings was good but Pool Nation was more fun.

  • Looks pretty good. NEEDS a release date. PS4 is STARVING or some QUALITY games.

  • Why not call it Hustle Kings 2: Hustle Harder..


    Where’s the release date?!

  • I was gonna make sure you custom music soundtrakcs.. but that’s not possible.. yet.

    stupid music unlimited bull****.

  • Outside of her, which I wouldn’t want advertising to me, the game looks like it can be fun.

    As a woman, I seriously don’t need her on my screen. You can be sexy with class ya know. She looks very trashy.

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