Doki-Doki Universe Out Today on PS4, PS3, PS Vita

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Doki-Doki Universe Out Today on PS4, PS3, PS Vita

Doki Doki Universe, 01

Yay! Doki-Doki Universe is out today for PS4, PS3, and PS Vita on PlayStation Store. Woohoo! Sorry, got a little too excited, there. We’ll be livestreaming Doki-Doki Universe later today, so be sure to follow the official PlayStation Twitch channel — you might win a code for the full game.

To get the ultimate Doki-Doki Universe experience, you can download our Limited Edition Mega Awesome Deluxe Bundle (our LEMADB, or Limited Edition for short) starting today. This includes all launch content — the story mode, personality quizzes, and Doki Doki Mail — plus two packs, two quiz packs, and nine mail packs, and a bonus dynamic theme which is only available in this bundle. It only costs $24.99. And thanks to the cross buy support, when you purchase it once on PlayStation Store, you’ll be able to download it for free on any other available PlayStation system.

You can alternatively download the Doki-Doki Universe Starter Pack, which by the way, is free! Great for those who want to get a feel for our bizarre, yet adorable universe. There’s also, of course, the Full Game, which is $14.99, and includes the most important bit: the story mode. There are also all kinds of downloadable packs available on the store today, so you can cater your gaming experience a bit more — story packs ($1.99), quiz packs ($1.49), and deko packs ($1.99).

Doki Doki Universe, 03

Doki Doki Universe, 02Doki Doki Universe, 04

Before you get to downloading, I’ve put together a few insider bits of information to get you started.

  1. In Doki-Doki, you get presents from everyone you meet. But, if they won’t give you one when you’re being nice, you can fling them in the air or pound them into the ground.
  2. You get to ride around space on a giant, flying poo. Or a slice of cheese, or a flying whale, etc…
  3. You have a therapist named Dr. Therapist on your home planet that calls you up on the phone when he has something new to tell you about yourself. Well, not your real phone.
  4. You can collect four or five hundred different things, like a T-Rex or a Duck on a teeter totter… and make them magically appear whenever you want. Everyone will react to them when you do, which is its own form of entertainment.
  5. The people you meet on each world will send you letters as you play the game. These all have fun animations in them that you can read in your Doki-Doki Mail box.
  6. Your guide, Alien Jeff, is a little bit of a jerk sometimes, but you’ll find out he’s not quite what he seems.
  7. You can tilt the world and make everybody fall down. But don’t get carried away with your power unless you don’t want people to like you very much!
  8. Super-secret tip: If you’re ever looking for some dolphins for a certain cactus, they happen to be behind an ancient temple pillar.

After you’ve had a chance to play, tell us what you love (or don’t love) about it right here. We really hope you enjoy playing Doki-Doki Universe!

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  • I’m excited to try this. especially after needing a PS4 game besides Resogun.

  • looking forward to this game :) still have very little idea about what the heck it is though, lol :P

    better start reading this blog post more thoroughly

  • What time does PlayStation’s livestream on Twitch start? Either way this game seems fun to play.

  • Hi Greg, there`s already a european release date?

  • There’s many reports that the game is very buggy and crashes every 30 minutes or so
    (Buyers beware)

  • If I download the starter pack, play for a little bit then decide to buy the full version will my progress transfer over? Or will I need to start all over?

  • by the way, will there be a Playstation Plus discount? :)

  • Will the limited edition be available to purchase in the coming weeks? Id like the full package, but I wont be able to buy it for another 2 weeks or so.

  • According to, the Vita version has an unplayable framerate and the PS4 version crashes roughly every 30 min. Going to steer clear from this turd until I’m certain all the bugs and issues are ironed out.

  • I’m pretty excited for Doki-Doki and can’t wait to try it out later today.

  • So nobody is angry about the Day 1 DLC?!

    Thats BS.

  • I’m really excited for this. I’m gonna grab the limited edition, and as soon as it’s downloaded, ill take off the rest of the day of work to play.

  • I’m looking at the PlayStation Twitch channel … but when does the Doki Doki Universe Playthrough start?

    No time for the Twitch Channel play on this post, or the other DDU post that announced it before, nor on HumaNature Studios Twitter account.

  • You had me, then I read

    “You get to ride around space on a giant, flying poo. ”

    and you lost me.

  • So let me get this straight. You can buy the game for 15$. Which is average price of a PSN title. However.. you have day 1 dlc? That means the content COULD have been included in the game as it is ready to go with the release. However instead it was decided NOT to include completed content in the initial purchase?

    I can understand DLC coming out AFTER a game is done.. but if you are going to have day 1 dlc.. make the base game 5 bucks, then have people pay for DLC.. not full price for a game where things were purposely left out of the “Full game”.

  • UPDATE THE STORE! Lol, I’m excited to play this :P I’ll probably be at work by the time the store updates unfortunately. Also…DO WANT the balloon avatar!

  • Sony, please remove the 100 app limit from Vita. I have a 64GB card with 20GB free that I can’t use for games because I have 100 apps, 15 or so are system apps that can’t be removed.

    I have room for more apps, I shouldn’t have to delete more to install them. This is prohibiting me from buying more Vita games.

  • Yay! I’ll be picking this up when the store updates later today.

  • I’m now worried about two people saying this game is very buggy and crashes so I may wait a couple days and read reviews first. Bummer.

  • why is it not available in my playstation store !!!!!!!!!!!!! Im in the US!!!!

  • If I buy this for PS4 will I be able to download it on PS3 also?

  • yes now why cant i download it??

  • Come on! Store is taking forever to update! I want to go flying in space on a poo…. D:

  • Sweet! Really excited for some of the crazy and innovative games we will see this generation. Kudos for creating something truly unique looking!

  • Any idea when/where the Limited Edition Mega Awesome Deluxe Bundle is/will be available?

  • Also interested in knowing when the Limited Edition Mega Awesome Deluxe Bundle will be available!

  • its been more than 10 days Sony There’s nothing on PS4 to Download -__- i dont want to see movies i want Ps Store Update plus there’s no games to download that i want .. sure Resogun is fun but only like 4 levels cmon now … just can we get an update an new games i havent even been playing my PS4 due to im getting bored of the games Ive played Fifa since 04 came out now bored NBA 2K14 its awesome just cant stand playing it for hours an COD : Ghost talk about worst game ever!!! Battlefield is Glitchy ,, and you guys can an see that i have these games .. but these games are from the old console Cant we just get a new update with some Games pls Jesus an not these little Kid games …. SONY PLS!!!!! I beg you Fix!!! the Store an bring some new games!!!

  • Yes we’re all ready for some new games, how ’bout Pinball Arcade please? We’ve been waiting since launch day. Please get the discount details worked out and release this game as soon as possible please. It’s already done for cryin’ out loud, it’s just sitting there waiting to be distributed. :(

  • and minecraft, or a warthunder beta, or a towerfall ascension demo, or the starbound beta or a terraria port, the list can go on and on, im more than sure that it would be quite easy to get SOMETHING that your customers have been begging for for months now on the store, but still we wait, after shelling out the money you wanted for you overpriced brick, and anticipating even the simplest things just to have them delayed and doused in secrecy…. WHY SONY!?!?!?!?!? WHYYYYY!??!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?

  • Love this game so far! Can definitely feel the Toejam & Earl influence. A question regarding cross-buy: my girlfriend bought this on her account for our PS4, and I am able to play the full game in my account on there. But when I try to play on my account on my Vita, it requires me to buy the full game. Do cross-buys need to be for the same account?

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