This Week in PlayStation

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This Week in PlayStation

Hey folks! How’s everyone doing this weekend?

We’ve sold a lot of PS4s, you guys have made some incredible costumes for your messengers in Tearaway, Zen Pinball 2 is coming to PS4, the fine folks from XGen Studios gave us some tips to earn a fortune in Super Motherload, and the ultra-weird Doki-Doki Universe launches on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita Tuesday.

Speaking of new releases, Gran Turismo 6 is out now! I’ve been watching the opening cinematic on loop for the past couple days now. How many cars are in your garage so far?

I finally dove into Assassin’s Creed IV on PS4, but I’m still working my way toward the Platinum on Tearaway. Between those and the absolutely massive GT6, my gaming schedule is pretty well packed for the next few weeks.

What are you playing?

  • I’m playing: Assassin’s Creed IV, Tearaway, Gran Turismo 6
  • I’m watching: Mythbusters (it’s like a black hole for productivity)
  • I’m listening to: Shigeto, Special Others

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  • Any new for War Thunder? When is it coming to the NA Psn store?

  • Yes! Love watching mythbusters. They show you so many different ways to use duck tape.
    They should make a mythbuster game where all you can do is use duck tape to survive

  • Well, I just beat Contrast yesterday so I’m going back to my PS3 for more of Dragon’s Dogma until more games come to next gen.

    I’ve been more on a TV watching binge recently as I’m trying to catch up on shows. That list includes Elementary, American Horror Story, The Blacklist, Grimm, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Covert Affairs, Homeland, Scandal, Revenge, and a lot more that I can’t think of off the top of my head.

  • DANG, GTA6 ALREADY?!?!?! God, I only just got 5! This is INSANITY!
    Check out my WatchDogs rap on YouTube at…

    I worked so hard on this and making the video.

  • I’ve got Ys and Rainbow Moon on the Vita so I’m good for now but we really need some Vita announcements. Toukiden on 2/11/14 is the only thing that has my attention. Well I guess FFX HD also but we all know how that process is going. (Crickets)

  • The PS4 have sold like hotcakes and still u didnt announce ANYTHING at the VGAs while letting microsoft steal the show with titanfall…. and to finish a VGAs, GTAV won game of the year… PFFT…. not even some trailer or gameplay of Uncharted… no news about crash bandicoot going back to sony…. NOTHING! Bah total waste of time…

    Playing FF14 realm reborn / Killzone Shadow Fall / Killzone Mercenaries
    listening Trivium: Vengeance falls
    reading naruto manga
    watching Dexter….

  • I was following the updates for the 2013 MLS Cup (congrats to Sporting Kansas City for their title win), watched the new trailer for Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky (which looks very impressive – is that going to be on any PlayStation platforms?) and saw the new PV for Chou Megami Shinkou Noire Gekishin Black Heart (which will be an SRPG co-developed by IF/CH and Sting Entertainment, released on the PS Vita in Japan next May).

  • @DarkOne_PR Microsoft stealing the show? The Titanfall trailer was very ******* really.
    Still, I agree with the rest of your comment, it was a waste of time, and there I was hoping for new Uncharted 4 trailer. At least I expect a VERY GOOD E3 next year.

  • Why has there been nothing mentioned about the hack that is stealing psn members credit and debit card info and using them to buy lots of Fifa 14 dlc on your account and then leaving accounts in negative standing? I mean Sony is resolving this for me but I have to wait a week for my bank to investigate and reimburse me and I can’t even play Fifa 14 because that would give my bank reason to say I purchased all the dlc for the game which I didn’t. This is happening with many ps members and its coming from a group in China so why has this story not been posted on the blog?

  • We need more PS4 info..U guys said there wouldn’t drought but I’m not seeing anything till March…. I would really like to hear more about infamous seeing son

  • Day 1 PS4 owner and I’m playing,
    On my ps4, Killzone Shadow Fall, Need For Speed Rivals, Resogun.
    On my Vita, Tearaway, Killzone, GTA:Liberty City Stories, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom……
    I’m lovin my Vita right about now, PS4 remote play is awesome.
    Keep on Gaming.

  • Ok, I cant find a better place to write it and be sure that someone at Sony wil be reading it… but I have to say this.

    Why some PSN Friends cant see my shared videos and Screenshots in “Whats New” at XMB?
    One of them said I had to set my sharing privacy to Public, and have them in my Facebook. Is it real?

    I dont want to add everyone that I have in my PSN in Facebook. And I dont want to share all my videos and SSs in Facebook! Are two different types of community’s, and I dont want to mix them!!

    If its true that I have to open it for public share in my facebook and add all my PSN friends, just to let them see my stuff about PS4 in PS4… then this is a HUGE let down for me in this aspect!! Please, someone tell me that is not like that! =/

    You need to upgrade the options about sharing, letting us transfer our recorded data to a external hard drive and upload it wherever you want, and not force us to use facebook or twitter for even record something. I really cant understand why is that… =/

  • I’m Playing: Killzone: Shadow Fall, Killzone: Mercenary, Ys: Memories of Celceta, Fallout 3
    I’m Watching: Two and a Half Men, South Park, The Walking Dead
    I’m Listening to: Krewella, Zomboy, RWBY soundtrack

    I’ve already finished the plats on Resogun, Lego Marvel PS4 and Sound Shapes PS4, and got 100% in Contrast. Working through the KZ MP, and needing to start on Knack soon. Bought Rainbow Moon for my Vita, but haven’t booted it up yet. So busy, not even worried about more PS4 games coming out. People who are complaining about a lack of things to play shouldn’t have bothered buying a PS4. There’s a ton of stuff available, not Sony’s fault that it’s not to their liking.

    I’m Disappointed by: The Destiny release date announcement. Was really hoping for an early summer release, so having to wait until next September is just brutal. Guess that’ll give me plenty of time to play inFAMOUS: Second Son and Watch_Dogs.

  • @ Kssio_Aug: No, they don’t have to be on your Facebook friends list. However, the content in the What’s New section shows gameplay milestones and trophies earned on PSN, and links to videos and photos on Facebook. If you don’t “Share” the videos and photos, they won’t show up under What’s New. The content isn’t being stored on PSN. I do think that you can share it to Facebook as “Private”, but still have it set on PSN so that videos and photos you share can be seen by your PSN friends. Haven’t tried this, as I don’t care what my FB friends think, and I just share my PS4 stuff to “Friends only”. If they don’t want to see it, they can block PSN updates from their feeds.
    Hope this helps you out some. :)

  • WAR THUNDER!!please wat is the hold up????not even on the ps4 right now cause im on pc playin WAR THUNDER!!im rdy to play on my ps4 please!!!

  • You need to built 2 to 2.5 million PS4 each month to supply the demand.

    Have more factories to built PS4 because people are impatient to get their PS4s.
    The investment will be worth while.

    The Wii opened up more factories because they couldn’t keep up with the demand and you are in this situation.
    Do NOT let your competition have the upper hand that people got tired of waiting for PS4 and bought the other console instead, that’s unforgivable.

  • Hi all

  • amazon =D

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