This Week in PlayStation

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This Week in PlayStation

Hey folks! How’s everyone doing this weekend?

We’ve sold a lot of PS4s, you guys have made some incredible costumes for your messengers in Tearaway, Zen Pinball 2 is coming to PS4, the fine folks from XGen Studios gave us some tips to earn a fortune in Super Motherload, and the ultra-weird Doki-Doki Universe launches on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita Tuesday.

Speaking of new releases, Gran Turismo 6 is out now! I’ve been watching the opening cinematic on loop for the past couple days now. How many cars are in your garage so far?

I finally dove into Assassin’s Creed IV on PS4, but I’m still working my way toward the Platinum on Tearaway. Between those and the absolutely massive GT6, my gaming schedule is pretty well packed for the next few weeks.

What are you playing?

  • I’m playing: Assassin’s Creed IV, Tearaway, Gran Turismo 6
  • I’m watching: Mythbusters (it’s like a black hole for productivity)
  • I’m listening to: Shigeto, Special Others

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