November 2013 PlayStation Store Top Sellers

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November 2013 PlayStation Store Top Sellers

Here we go: it’s the first month of PSN top sellers to include PlayStation 4. We’ve got two separate PS4 charts this month: one that includes the PS3 to PS4 digital upgrade program, and one that doesn’t. The games included in that program did very well either way, of course.

Aside from those, Grand Theft Auto V held on near the top of the PS3 lineup, the sublimely adorable Tearaway tore up the Vita charts, Fatal Frame I and II ruled the Classics section.

Do any of these results surprise you? Resogun is pretty far down the PS4 list, but keep in mind that one’s free for PlayStation Plus members, so its position is actually pretty impressive!

Head over to the EU PlayStation.Blog to see how your favorites fared on their side, and let us know what you think is going to shine this month!





PlayStation Mobile

  1. Sola Radio
  2. Beats Trellis
  3. Bloodred Wyvern
  4. Cytus Lambda
  5. Scientific Electronic Calculator

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  • Does free download count for Flower?(for does that already owned the PS3 version)

  • Great job, Justin =D

    I’ll have no problem of lack of games for the holidays, for sure.

  • I miss watching these statistics on Pulse.

  • I love that Flower is so high up. Trine 2 is probably the most surprising thing on there, but RESOGUN being so low is definitely a shock too. The game is FREE, people.

  • Angry Birds Star Wars is a lie, Smartphone has priced a few dollars, but $50? That’s a wrongful idea.

  • I reallllllllly want tearway it looks epic!

  • ps store, why you not work!?!?!?!

  • I just wanted to say, for anyone that has been doubting the Vita, they just need to check out November’s Top Ten Sellers – that is one damn sexy list!

  • More PS2 Classics please, “Vlakyrie Profile 2: Silmeria” will be great.

  • @Fizzy_Amp,

    I think you need to consider your choice of words. Charging $40 is not a lie. The price is the price and there is no lie involved. Gross over charging for the price of a game that can be had on iOS for under $10. You bet. I blame activision. They have the publishing rights for consoles and rovio has the publishing for iOS. Activision is terrible greedy, I don’t need to remind people of the famous quote of “If I could charge more than $60 for a new game I would”.

  • I’m so glad to see Tearaway topping the chart on PSVita! I played the demo and it was pure fun! I’ll buy the full version soon! Also, I’m pretty happy to see two of my favorite franchises (Final Fantasy and Persona) on the top sellers of classics!

  • Congratulations to Media Molecule!
    Tearaway is awesome. Short, but a very fun experience.

  • I read Tearaway as “Terraria” in the Vita section… immediately read through the first 10 comments… in shock and excitement… x_x

  • Loving my PS4. Sony needs to bring the patch for the Wireless Headsets A.S.A.P.!!!
    Looking forward for an amazing gaming year, titles like:
    The Order 1886
    Infamous 2nd Son
    Drive Club

    Also, please bring HBOGO App.

  • Not a single “launch”-y game in the top 20 on PS4. What an impressive rollout!

    However, people sure do love their time-saver packs, huh? Yikes.

  • Apparently no one’s reading the posts regarding PsPlus, so I’ll try here. Please fix the discount on Limbo!!

  • i like the new layout much better.

  • Do these figures include digital purchases made through Amazon, or is it just content that you buy on the PlayStation Store directly?


  • @whatisdelicious The free downloads from PS Plus aren’t counted as sales here. That’s why Resogun is so low on this list. The vast majority of people got it through PS Plus.

  • Shadow Fall should be the 1st on PS4 list and Resogun 2nd….damn people just dont know how to appreciate really good games oh well at least Flower is there….also Black Flag time saver DLC….I can’t believe people really buy that kind of stuff….what a god damn SHAME.

  • The fact that Knack isn’t in the top 5 sickens me. It’s a fantastic game, people! Ugh…

  • @23 Hopefully not too sick that you die. Dying from pretentiousness would be embarrassing. It may be a great game, yet that doesn’t mean it’s worth $60 to most people.

  • Congrats to Infinity Ward. Was curious about getting Ys, but i think i’m going to wait for a price drop.

  • Speaking of Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable, it’s listed as $9.99 in the US store and $19.99 in the Canadian store for the ATLUS sale this week.

    It’s the only ATLUS game on sale this week who’s price hasn’t been reduced in the Canadian store.

    Please fix ; my vita is waiting =]

  • It’s so good to see CastleStorm is selling well. This game is awesome. After I started to play it, I can’t stop. I wish everyone could know just how great it is.

  • Resogun is fantastic!

    Curious about Tearaway, gotta check how much space I got in my Vita….

  • I’m impressed with Ys: Memories of Celceta, grats Xseed. Has some great reviews and I can’t wait to play it come Christmas time.

  • Perhaps the high performance of PS1 Crash is a sign that it should be made Vita-compatible…

  • Hey, what happened to wonderbook? Weeks ago, the drop guy said one or two out of the three wonderbook games were going to be on retail, but nothing. Not even Amazon has it. Did the drop guy made a mistake or what?

  • 1. There’s no way Killzone: Mercenary’s this low in Vita’s list…


  • @32

    What are you talking about, it’s been up there for ages. MGS 1 was one of the first PS1 classics I ever bought. Actually, pretty sure it was the second after Suikoden.

  • It would be nice to have more PSone Classics available on the Vita, I mean it’s pretty much been a year since the last good substantial update.

  • Seeing Persona 3 in the classics just reminded me that Nocturne should be put in the store…

  • I was about to yell at all PS4 owners who hadn’t downloaded Resogun until I re-read the paragraph up top. So does that mean that it got 16th place by people who bought it who don’t have Plus? That’s definitely impressive if true.

  • Tearaway is so incredible, please make more. I love media molecule.

  • Also Sony PLEASE release metal gear solid for the vita. It makes no sense that we can’t play it. I know you can use the ps3 to download it and transfer it over, but I’m in afghanistan right now and only brought my Vita. I own so many ps1 classics as well as a few PSP classics (Valkyria Chronicles 2 and Silent hill origins for example) and can’t play them.

  • i have never played tearaway but it sounds fun

  • People, please buy Tearaway.

  • Why, oh why is Angry Birds on the list? Who buys a game for console that’s free everywhere else? Apparently, you guys do. meh!

  • Kinda sad to see the ridiculously overpriced Angry Birds up there at all. I had hoped it would bomb for consoles at such a price

  • I have one doubt if I bought a digital version for assassin’s creed on the ps3 and my cousin with my account upgrade the digital version for ps4 can we both play it me on my ps3 and my account an my cousin on the ps4 wit his account

  • I am going to second @Elvick_ ‘s comment.
    “People buy Tearaway NOW!”
    You don’t want to miss this gem of a game.
    Got a PSVita but not this game, you are missing out!

  • @43 As long as it is the digital version that you are upgrading and not the disc version!

  • Resogun rocks! I decided to not redeem my 1 month PS Plus Membership yet because I wanted to flat out purchase the game. I did not regret it one bit. Resogun is the best 2D Sidescrolling Shooter I have ever played. Its basically Defender on speed. I also love how Housemarque implemented the use of the PS4’s controller speaker. Even though its a small detail, it really adds to the immersion and makes the game a little asymmetrical. If you like oldschool shooters made into something completely new and fun and have a PS4, Resogun is a great game to add to your collection

  • I’m just going to put this out there for those of you who are complaining about the sales of angry birds.
    since we aren’t including free to play games, games acquired through plus, or multiple versions of the same game (so assassin’s creed 4 black flag and the gold edition count as the same game) There were only 20 PS4 games released at a purchase price during the month of November.
    That being said, Angry birds star wars being in the number 20 spot makes it the worst selling PS4 game. Period.

  • SOCOM 1-2 HD.. H-HOUR WORLD ELITE is coming .. why not re-release the old SOCOM 1-2 upscale to HD for the PSN .. people want SOCOM 1-2 HD on the PSN give fan’s what they want ,what they asked for SOCOM 1-2 HD

  • This is great.. i can’t wait to pick up assassins creed this week =) heard good things about it.

    also can’t wait for Diablo 3 for PS4 give us a Date please I’m dying i have yet to play it!!! been waiting..

    PS3 store looks great i hope all PSN games that come to PS3 from now on also comes to PS4..

    and yes Socom 1-2 HD please idk why you guys are being so hard on the socom fan base and not releasing this!!

  • You need to built 2 to 2.5 million PS4 each month to supply the demand.

    Have more factories to built PS4 because people are impatient to get their PS4s.
    The investment will be worth while.

    The Wii opened up more factories because they couldn’t keep up with the demand and you are in this situation.

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