Gran Turismo 6 Out Today, Kazunori on Lunar Racing

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Gran Turismo 6 Out Today, Kazunori on Lunar Racing

Gran Turismo 6 Out Today

Today, Gran Turismo 6 takes to the track. In keeping with the series’ MO, Polyphony Digital has once again created an incredibly sophisticated and convincing racing simulation, which proudly wears the developer’s unconditional love for the automobile on its sleeve.

And alongside the huge roster of new cars available to take for a spin, and the 37 tracks waiting to be mastered, Polyphony has thrown in something of a surprise. For the first time ever in a Gran Turismo title, you have the opportunity to swap the racing circuits of planet Earth for the Moon, and pilot a lunar rover across its surface. Hands up if you saw that coming?

“We had been working for a while on simulating the stars properly in the game, and the moon was being recreated very accurately. While we were working on that, the idea just came out of the blue,” recalled Polyphony president and series creator Kazunori Yamauchi, when we caught up with him at the game’s launch in Ronda, Spain, earlier this week.

“We thought, ‘wouldn’t it be interesting if you could drive on the surface of the moon?’ So we did some research into the lunar rover and thought we should make it available in the game to drive.

“It was something we knew we could do with the technology that we had. It was really born out of curiosity. And if you remember in the opening movie, the opening music is Rachmaninoff and the theme of that piece is ‘the moon’. Things just connected one after another.

Considering the emphasis Polyphony places on realism and precision, transporting GT’s trademark action into zero-G was no small undertaking. The same eye for minute detail that the studio would apply to any earth-bound automobile would need to be applied to the lunar rover too.

Gran Turismo 6 Out Today

“Researching the geography of the moon’s surface and going back and looking at the actual routes that Apollo 15 took was actually a lot of work!” insisted Yamauchi-san.

“It was a difficult process but we did as accurately as we could possibly manage.”

GT’s lunar adventure isn’t the only space-age inclusion in Polyphony’s latest. One of the most exciting additions to the series formula in Gran Turismo 6 is the Vision GT project. The studio has teamed up with a number of leading car manufacturers, including Alfa Romeo, Mercedes-Benz and BMW, to create concept models offering a unique insight into the future of automotive design. These pioneering designs will duly be fully drivable in the game.

Gran Turismo 6 Out Today

“I think in terms of the beauty of the cars and the driving experience, the cars that are going to be released as part of the Vision GT concept, they pack amazing possibilities in terms of the enjoyment that people will experience.”

Back on the subject of the moon, while a huge amount of effort was put into making GT’s first extra-terrestrial outing both fun to play and a genuine simulation it’s, as Kazunori puts it, a “side dish” – “and the main course is just about to be served.”

And what a feast awaits when the game arrives on PlayStation 3 today.

“The objectives of Gran Turismo are very simple actually. We want people to enjoy the beauty of cars, we want people to enjoy driving, and we want people to enjoy the beauty of the environments. Those are things that have remained the same throughout the series, and it’s the same for GT6.”

Gran Turismo 6 Out Today

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  • PlayStation keeps giving

  • Lunar racing must be fun.Good addition.

  • Been playing, and loving it all morning.

  • Anyone know why i can’t redeem the preorder bonus from EBGames ?

  • Great game, but not agree with “MACROTRANSACTIONS”

  • The king of the racing “sim” has reclaimed the throne. Congratulations to the Polyphony/Sony team on a job well done, time for me to put away the “other” new racing game that ends with a number 5 and spend some quality time with this new GT iteration.

  • Id really like to download the game i bought, but it seems that you guys have had the store down for the past two hours…. pretty frustrating i’d say.

  • The article is scientifically inaccurate! The moon certainly has gravity!! ;-)

  • You may want to update the blog about the issues with redeeming pre-order codes for GT6. Probably many frustrated players trying to figure out why they don’t work clogging up support lines today.

    I understand they are not working in the PSN store yet for the free cars&credits for pre-ordering.

  • Go pick up my copy that i payed for months ago to get exclusive dlc that is going to let me start the game for a change with a nice car instead of a pos. Try to redeem my dlc and shocking the codes are not activated yet! Come on sony get you crap together! You have had my money for MONTHS now, i took a day off work so i could spend all day playing this and here i am waiting an hour for the 1.2gb patch and angry cause the supposed dlc exclusive i preordered in advance is useless…. Also you customer service team says code will work within 2 weeks or so when you call in to complain… So glad i got excited for this game and gave you my money and gave up a day of work to play it…..

    I cannot express just how disappointed i am. I promise you i will never preorder a single game again cause there is no point in giving you my money months before you give me a product and when u finally do i get the same thing that any joe blow gets who kept his money for the last few months and just walked in off the street today gets.

  • There are a few things im am disappointed about the car list.

    Wheres the Ford Fiesta ST?

    Wish those cars were “premiumized”

    All RUF’s

    All BMW M3’s


  • For those of you interested, the voucher codes are now working.

    Go on and give them another try. :)

  • WHEN WILL THE PLAYSTATION STORE BE WORKING ON MY PS3 SO I CAN DOWNLOAD THIS GAME???? going on almost three hours now and its still saying


  • When and where will ps4s be available?

  • I just picked my copy up from GameStop; and away I go.

  • The pre-order downloads are working alright now.

  • CHUNTY IS HAPPY!!!!! ps store is still not working on the ps3, but it’s working via web browser, and the gran turismo page now has a button to press to download to device, WHICH IS WORKING!!!!! praise bob!!! now for the next 8 to 13 hours while this slowly downloads, i’m going to vaporize my legal medical marijuana continuously . cheers.

  • @18..”medical marijuana” lol…All i have to say is why not bring this game to the PS4..its only logical and it wouldve helped pushed more sales. I wouldve purchsed a PS4 just to play GT6 on it..while i wait for MG5, Uncharted, Infamous, Tekken vs Street Fighter and a new SOCOM game..something seriously worth buying a whole new system that doesnt allow me to play my old ps3 and psn games or even listen to my mp3 and watch my 3D movies on..smh – EPIC SONY FAIL..On a positive note..the game does look amazing and i cant wait to rent it off of gamefly :p

  • No offense but all these racing games look the same to me (Forza, Drive Club, This). Is there really any reason for anyone to get this with Grid 2 given free just a couple days ago?

  • @ 19: Uh because PS3 has a larger fan base, and GT 7 is already in development for PS4. So GT6 makes perfect sense .

  • I like that the car and track options in GT6 towers over FM5 but the fact that GT6 still has no real damage physics makes it a second rate game. You need the damage to keep it from being nothing more than bumper car racing.

  • @19. i’m glad you find my never ending sucidal levels of pain so amusing!


  • Uhh… The moon is a zero-G environment? Who writes stuff like this? Picked up the game. Kind of bummed to hear that the sounds are still unimpressive, but excited for all the different circuits.

  • Sony why didn’t you put this on the PlayStation 4? I really don’t what to go back and forth with games for a PS3 and PS4.


  • @20 None taken, but Grid 2 is more of an “arcade racer”, while Gran Turismo 6 is a driving simulation. Or as it has been put in the article, “the main course.” (I know, I really should stop using double-quotes so much, it is a bad habit).

    Don’t worry, I haven’t finished the download either–mainly because I had Netflix on and the download was paused. Over a third of it downloaded so far, and the numbers on the screen are increasing, which is a good thing, I think.

    Should be ready in a couple of hours or so.

  • Bought this on impulse today (my first GT game since GT3 A-Spec), and I could not be happier with my purchase! Now I am excited for a next-gen Gran Turismo :)

  • Is putting out GT6 while giving away Grid 2 at the same time a great idea? I know they are different games but somebody with a casual driving itch probably wont go for both.

  • Racing on the moon? seriously.. what part of the driving simulator is that?? was that really necessary? how about working on the car exterior customizing instead..?? or fixing those basic cars, they are almost night and day difference between the premium ones.. the AI is still pretty stiff and boring.. the game has barely changed in a good way since the beginning… its just stuff we dont need or want… im pretty sure i wont be buying this edition…

  • @Ryumoau All racing games are the same. Drive car, reach finish line, end. Are you always annoying? At least D-Squad is being appreciative and not as annoying like he used to. No wonder why Primero hates your face.

  • @31

    What part of a driving simulator is that?

    The part that simulates DRIVING ON THE MOON.


  • I’m having trouble with using my Ps3’s music folder playing as the background music in GT6. Every single time i cross the finish line it pauses for about a third of a second before continuing. Very small pause but it seriously wears on you after a while. Is it perhaps an isolated case because of my Ps3’s HDD or are there any other people with the same problem. Doubt its my HDD. Its brand new and all other titles function properly. If others have the same problem then Please can we see an update to rectify the problem? It is insanely irritating and tears me out of the game every single time but if i set it back to default then it functions perfectly well.

  • I’m dying to play this but I’m not willing to buy it for my PS3. It looks beautiful, but I want to do it right. I want to experience this on a cool gaming chair, with the gt racing wheel, surround sound, in front of my 60 inch. I’m not going to spend the extra money accessorizing my PS3 when I have a PS4 in the house. Port it over bundled with a steering wheel and get us PS4 gamers ready for GT7.

  • Loving the game so far. So awesome that I can buy any of the cars in one spot now.

  • Wait is there another problem with the preorder bonus ? I was able to redeem it yesterday but, where’s the Beyond the Apex II app ? Its supposed to come with the preorder bonus

  • What a massive disappointment. PD and Sony are running this franchise to the ground. Still horrendous AI, rolling starts, no damage?? 200 MPH run into a wall or smash your way to first with n penalty in a sim? NO yellow flags, qualifying. The cars have the worst sound in the industry, they sound like vacuums……After all this time the MAJOR legacy issues were not even touched on…the Mixed reviews were being kind. GT is no longer the top racing sim, they have blundered it bad.

    This is not a racing game a glorified time trial. The driving feels great but there is no racing with the Ai from 1998, and lack of race tension in general. Should have been not released and waited 1-2 years to finally make a proper GT game with rebuilt AI and racing for PS4.

  • Forza 5 has a 81 metascore. Gran Turismo 6 has a 80 metascore. However, Forza 5 user score is a measly 5.0 and is really getting ripped on. It appears that Gran Turismo 6 is the better game of those two. When Drive Club is released on the PS4, I think it will be the new drive simulation KING for playstation gamers! The realistic graphics alone makes it look like a whole higher level above Forza 5’s cartoonish look.

  • I understand you can buy in game money with real world money. That sounds awesome. I saw many posts by Polyphony defending this as a way to help gamers who cannot invest the time to get along in the game. However, I heard that one end stage car can cost $100. Burnout Paradise allowed you to unlock all cars for money – the cost? I believe it was $10 TOTAL! What happened between Burnout Paradise and GT? Developers discovered via the Apple Store that a significant portion of people play video games like gambling and are willing to pay absurd amount of money and developers got greedy and decided to abandon any semblance of fairness in pricing hoping to get extra cash off their game. On a dedicated gaming console if you cannot make money with the sale price and some nominal one time fee to unlock everything like Burnout (I unlocked everything in Fists of Plastic for $1.99) than quit. These pathetic money grubbing attempts are destroying gaming. The prices are absurd as revealed by Burnout and put the lie to a desire to help gamers. If unlocking your $60 game in real world money costs hundreds of dollars than no one can trust your claim that your game has not changed. You have changed.

  • There’s not a single H body car in the game! Offerings from manufacturers are very limited and missing legendary cars from the early 80’s in particular. I’m going to sit down today and compile a list of cars that need to be in game and yes, I will purchase them if you offer them.

  • You need to drop the Micro-Transactions, it gives you a bad reputation.
    It’s hurting you more than the trouble it’s worth.
    Removing it immediately would make you better as a company.
    The longer you wait, the less sales of GT6 you’ll have and you’ll also tarnish the PS brand altogether.

  • You also need to produce at least 2 million PS4 a month to supply the demand.

  • GT6 is awesome. It’s way more fun than GT5 with the new menus and career progression. The only thing that would make it better would be a $10 upgrade to PS4.

  • @38. While most of what you say is true, thats not what GT is about.Its a DRIVING sim, and in that area its unparalleled . The feel of the G’s and centrifugal force pulling you as you fight to keep a perfect angle through a corner. The never ending search for the perfect line on every course. The DRAMATIC difference it makes as you take a corner after a split second late brake or the slightest increase of entry speed, or get forced to take the outside by another racer screaming through the course,or with a more radical toe or camber angle you adjusted give you more stability but has put extra ware on your tires than expected in the late laps.Driving at its finest. 1. Try playing with a decent set of headphones the sound is way better though still far from perfect, you wont be able to make out the engine layout or anything and not everycar has its own individual sound or even sounds REMOTELY how it does in real life, grrr, you can hear a clear difference in what class of car your driving roaring muscle or a purring exotic or a high scream of rotary etc. Also some subtle nuances like the hiss of a turbo or clutch release when you shift or an opponent creepin up on you._

  • @38 continued …_
    2. Drive from the inside car perspective HUGE difference
    3. Try NEED FOR SPEED SHIFT. excellent game great racing sim and incredible crash physics.
    Ps sorry for the rant.
    And SONY i love you please keep being awesome, bring us more PS4 games especially Metal Gear, Gran Turismo and a new Marvel vs Capcom or even a port would be nice. Also please make a new VITA WHITE WITH 3G KEEP THE OLED GIVE THE STICKS A BIGGER RADIUS not much just a couple milimeters and most importantly MAKE STICKS CLICK!!! I miss my R3 L3

  • On look a realistic simulator car game with no smash up effects.Pretty Lame if you ask me.

    Why didn’t the developers think more about implementing car smash up effects that’s more of a priority then having yet another useless 1000 plus cars most of them are old. Such a waste.

    When Gran Turismo 7 comes out for Ps4 please have destructible cars, if its doesn’t have destructible cars then someone is having alaugh.

  • I bought a limited edition and my voucher code still doesn’t work… HELPPPPP ! :(

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