VidZone Update: Bruno Mars, Holiday Zone, and (Mackle)more

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VidZone Update: Bruno Mars, Holiday Zone, and (Mackle)more

Now that all of you are done with Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, what better way to continue the holiday spirit, than with the launch of VidZone’s Holiday Zone! So if all you want for Christmas is Mariah Carey and to reminisce about ‘Last Christmas’ while sitting next to that Yule log fire, all Wrapped Up with Kelly Clarkson… then we have the place for you.


Artist Of The Week: Bruno Mars

We have crowned the one and only Bruno Mars as this week’s Artist Of The Week, so make sure you log in and check out his Featured Playlist which includes the brand new video for ‘Gorilla’ starring the lovely Slumdog Millionaire actress, Freida Pinto.


Holiday Zone

We can’t believe it’s come around so soon, but yes the Holiday Zone is LIVE and has been sprinkled with enough festive cheer to bring a smile to the grumpiest of Grinches!

You’ll find all the classics here, including memorable songs from Mariah Carey, Wham!, Andy Williams as well as Justin Bieber and The Killers. Plus we have a few new Christmassy delights like Kelly Clarkson’s Wrapped In Red playlist.


Hip-Hop Zone

VidZone is proud to bring you the awesome rapper/producer team of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. So you can now watch all the videos from their chart-smashing album The Heist, including ‘Thrift Shop (feat. Wanz)’ and ‘Can’t Hold Us feat. Ray Dalton’.


New VIP Playlists

Here at VidZone, not only do we want to know what music videos YOU love, but we also like to ask our favorite artists and bands who they like to listen to. This week, we’re pleased to have all new VIP Playlists hand-picked by T-Pain, Britney Spears, Foxes and Latino singer/actor PeeWee.

Latest Videos

Check out our other great selections this week:

  • Bruno Mars – Gorilla (RnB) EXPLICIT
  • Hunter Hayes – Everybody’s Got Somebody But Me (Country)
  • T-Pain – Up Down (Do This All Day) (Hip-Hop)
  • St. Lucia – Elevate (Alternative)
  • A Great Big World Ft. Christina Aguilera – Say Something (Pop)
  • Sleeping With Sirens – Congratulations (Rock)
  • Escape The Fate – One for the Money (Metal)
  • Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Centre Stage (Hip-Hop)
  • The Notorious B.I.G. – Flashback (Hip-Hop)

VidZone brings you a world of music videos tailored completely for you. Download it now for free from PlayStation Store under the Apps category. As always, keep in touch on Twitter and Facebook. We read everything and love your comments, so don’t be shy! Got any requests for VidZone? Let us know!

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  • Please just tell me a ps4 version is coming in the near future please…

    • Hi DaPinz, bball230, Vigilante711 and jr217,

      We will be launching on PS4 shortly! So keep an eye on the blog for further details coming soon.

  • PS4 Version?

    Its already out in europe. im sure it will come to the us 5 years from now when the PS5 is about to come out.

  • Well seeing Canada never got this in the first place, I could care less, I’ll stick to YouTube/Vevo, when ever it hits PS4

  • I see what you did there… Well played.

  • Ok… I would like to watch, but when I go to the apps section on my PS4 I do not see it listed anywhere. *facepalm*

  • It’s good to see more content coming to vid zone, this app is too hype!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • still waiting for better video/audio quality. unfortunately, the Video Unlimited store on PS4 is now stream-only and had sub-Netflix audio quality :( The main reason I bought things from the PS Video store was the great audio and video bitrates, but it’s taken a step backward on PS4.

    Music Unlimited, on the other hand, has dramatically improved their audio quality over the last year. I hope the producers on the other services follow suit real soon :/

  • When will Vidzone be available in Canada? If not, then what PS3 app is there for music videos in Canada?

  • When is VIDZONE coming to the PLAYSTATION 4 ??????

  • i dont understand why content is not available across all playstation / sony platforms. Android and apple products play everything. All apps from their phones are available on their tablets as so is their store. If i have a vita i should have everything a sony phone has and even a vita equivalent of ps 4 apps. I should be able to put my vita down and continue on my ps4(example as ps4’s are still sold out in my neighborhood). Help us to remain loyal to Sony, give us content.

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