PlayStation Blogcast 100: Not Like This

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PlayStation Blogcast 100: Not Like This

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With our precious Blogcast recording equipment in limbo and our big episode 100 plans still in the oven, be sure to tune in next week for a real celebration! For now, we bring you new game releases for December 10th, a slew of post-Thanksgiving PS4 impressions and tips, Resogun strategies galore, a fresh batch of voicemails and the requisite silliness. Please enjoy!

Stuff We Talked About

  • 100 Episodes! (kind of)
  • Resogun strategies
  • Tearaway
  • Doki-Doki Universe
  • Battlefield 4
  • The Suttner Curse
  • Pinball tips
  • Game of the Year 2013

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Send us questions and tips: or leave a voice message! 650-288-6706

The Cast

[Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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2 Author Replies

  • You guys rock! We would love to have you all on Radio PlayStation sometime soon!

  • My PS4 feature I don’t think everyone knows, is that you can play any PS4 game via remote play on your vita, not just the single player the WHOLE GAME like COD or BF4 multiplayer with little to no lag. Very cool

    Please interview these guys for the PlayStation blockage please:
    1:) Martin Jonasson of rymdkapsel
    2:) aaron webber associate brand manager, Sega of America
    3:) terraria and mine craft creators.

    PS: I’m still very upset terraria was not release on vita this week

  • *Blogcast*damm auto spell

  • Hey guys – having fun online playing KZ SF and just picked up a Vita. Fun to play Knack co-op with my son, or to play while sitting downstairs doing something else. AMAZING feature.

    My tip would be to download the Trine2 demo immediately as it looks INCREDIBLE. I want to hook the PS4 up to my 3D TV. Folks on GAF are raving about it. Can’t wait to try it in 3D!!

    LOVING the experience, enjoying the podcast despite my earlier comments, Sid you still talk a lot but I love ya man. Would love to toss grenades at you guys in KZ SF if you’re ever online. I’m the one getting his head handed to him.

    My question(s):
    Can I cut and paste text on the Vita? Can’t figure out how to do it. Anyone? Bueller?
    The DS4 desperately needs a chatpad. Sending text messages via the keyboard now is slightly clunky.

  • The chatpad sentence is missing the obligatory: “Any plans for one?” Sorry.

  • Dat Gif :D

  • Why didn’t Nick try remote play while his TV was dead?

  • Well, I commented that before you mentioned it :P

  • Congratulations on the 100th blogcast :-)

  • That voice mail was suspicously high quality… Oh well, he might have a great phone :P

  • Dat anonymous voice mail!

    Congrats on 100 episodes guys! I think you may have found the ‘classic’ cast with the team you have now, like a rock band that made their best hits with a certain lineup. Keep it up!

  • You guys from dat dere blogcast should do an all vita show soon. The vita is finally getting some good games lately with Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate, Tearaway and my personal favorite Ys Memories of Celceta. It’s an amazing game, and I think it hasn’t been given enough attention. Most of the other videogame sites don’t even acknowledge the vita anymore. I would also like some status updates on some of these vita games that were supposed to be released months ago like Bit Trip Runner 2, Shoot Many Robots. Terraria, Dead Nation and God of War collection.

  • I thought Jeff was gonna be here for the 100th episode!!!!
    :, (
    That’s what you guys said in “Sports Friends Forever” which was around episode 50 I think?

  • @13 Listen to the voicemails carefully :)

  • Another great episode. I’m going to call in for next week’s show. ;)

  • Congratulations on your 100th show! Been listening since the first and you guys have only got better every week.

    Great to hear Ryan is settling in well (long time beyond listener) and really contributes tot eh overall feel of the show.

    Thought I put myself out there and if anyone wants to increase there friends list, add me natep_87.

  • Good show! Always wish they were several hours long.

    Dat Resogun!

  • Add me on PSN: Jaepee

  • hey congrats guys!

  • what about a video podcast?>
    I know it sounds perv but actually it “looks” better.. we can actually “see” the games, trailers, gameplays and more

  • Add me on PSN: REDSHADOW559

  • My tips for Resogun. Phobos is king for full-on assault. Obliterates bosses, most powerful main shot, Overcharge fills up the fastest and lasts longer once activated, and standard fire has a nice little shotgun effect once you level it up a few times, allowing you to get enemies just above and below you.
    Nemesis was my ship of choice for getting the 15x multiplier, as the homing shot makes it really easy to keep your combo going. Also used Nemesis for running through Experienced without losing all my lives.
    I used Phobos again for beating the first level on Master. Dem Revenge Bullets, ugh… the trophy name for that is also one of the best ever, I have to say.
    I used Ferox for the most part when I first started playing (on Veteran, no less), but I ended up finishing with Phobos, and never went back to Ferox. While it’s somewhat balanced between overcharge and boost abilities, the completely horizontal firing pattern with no pizzazz, even at max weapon level, is a deal breaker for me when compared to either Phobos or Nemesis.

    • Pretty much my thoughts exactly regarding the ships! I really feel like Housemarque totally nailed the balance between the three — there isn’t a “best” ship; they’re all truly balanced.

  • Also, congrats on episode 100! Been listening only since episode 88, but I’m “really~ really~” enjoying it. :D

    As many others have said, you’ve got a great group right now, you all just sound off of each other so well. It’s great to listen to. Keep up the awesome job guys. Looking forward to 200! And to the proper 100(redux) episode next week.

    PS> I’d love to rate the blogcast and give it a review, but I refuse to use iTunes. I do, however, use Sony’s own Media Go to subscribe and download the show. Just throwing that out there for anyone else who is not a fan of Apple products. THERE IS AN ALTERNATIVE! Haha.

  • Forgot to mention: Loved the Jeff cameo. lol

  • Hell, why not. Add jonny2010 on psn

  • Congrats on the 100th!!
    Btw can’t wait for the next weeks show! Cheers

  • Congrats on 100! I like the Media Player.. Fancy stuff.
    Having fun with all things Sony.– Even my Bravia.

  • Congrats on the 100 blogcasts, guys! Always love tuning into each of them!

    and boy, Dat anonymous caller. Sure sounds familiar :P

    And by the way: I bet you guys get this sometimes, but have you considered getting Dormilón to change/update the theme song? It’s a fantastic theme song, but it’s been the same song for these past 100 episodes, and the Vita & PS4 have come out during that time. I’d personally love to hear a new theme song for the next 100 episodes that reflect PlayStation’s latest offerings w/ PS4 & Vita sound effects, but that’s just me!

    Keep up the great show, guys! Here’s to many more episodes! :D

  • I haven’t listened yet but I hope you talked about Ys Memories of Celceta. XSEED did a fantastic job with it!

  • add me on psn TheAngrystickman

  • It’s alright to mention Derrick Rose by name! Interestingly enough, Portland fans know your pain since they lost both Brandon Roy and Greg Oden to injuries.

  • I just wanted to let people know that Amazon has several first party vita games on sale for $9.99. I bought Resistance Burning Skies, Sly TiT and Gravity Rush. I already owned the digital versions of Gravity Rush and Sly, but I like the cases and It will free up 5 gigs on my memory card! Unit 13 is also $9.99 btw.

  • @32 Thanks Mate! Just bought Lumines for $12.15 and Gravity Rush for $9.99. :)

  • Hello I am new poster around here, Add me on PSN PrimeDarkDragon!

  • Hey Blogcast! Congrats on 100 great episodes!!! :) been a listener since day one and you guys just keep getting better and more entertaining.
    P.S. My psn is experimental_jet so come add me!! I’m also Gryflet over on the Twitter :P so follow too

  • ^^^ Add me ^^^

  • Allow me to offer my own congratulations to the PlayStation Blogcast team for making it to this milestone – may there be many more in the years to come.

    Also, I wonder what to make of that mystery caller near the end… Hmm.

  • Add me on PSN: JaReedBmn

  • Add me on PSN: Pikoale

  • Add me!

    PSN: ItsKayJayBee

    Love the show guys, keep up the great work. It brings me a much needed boost on the days where work gets long and tiresome.

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