Killzone Shadow Fall: Actors on the Frontlines

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Killzone Shadow Fall: Actors on the Frontlines

Last week we released two behind-the-scenes videos that provided an intimate look at the Guerrilla Games studio and Killzone Shadow Fall’s PS4-powered technology. This week we continue where we left off with two brand new behind-the-scenes videos that focus on Killzone Shadow Fall’s story and characters.

The first video goes into the creation of the story, which takes place 30 years after the original Killzone trilogy.

The second video looks at the intricate development process for characters in Killzone Shadow Fall.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our behind-the-scenes videos for Killzone Shadow Fall. The game is out in stores now along with PS4, so we hope you’re able to get one of each in time for the holidays! Also, keep an eye on the redesigned for the latest Killzone Shadow Fall news, tips, features, and interviews.

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  • Ya lets talk about that awful ending and how the writing was so bad that no matter how good your actors were it could not be fixed. I don’t feel like these actors are being properly utilized and the direction maybe part of the problem on top of some pretty sparse dialog.

    Lets also talk about why sixaxis control still hasn’t been re-enabled for the sniper rifle.

    Lets talk about how the game is beautiful in some areas and others it just seems like Killzone 3 assets were thrown in at the last minute.

    Let’s Talk about Popin.

    Let’s talk about why this game feels like a stop gap title and is missing a lot of what made Killzone 2 great nor does anything in the single player to make its campaign stand out.

    Look I love Killzone, while I haven’t had time to jump into the multiplayer just yet, I have to say this is the most disappointing single player campaign to date.

  • Lets talk about why i havent been able to play online since day 1!!! i tried so often to get online with this game with no success i just gave up and havent even tried now in awhile. i keep getting error 10101 and its real annoying. i have no troubles getting online with call of duty. Fix this please!!

  • I haven’t played the single player yet…well, just the first level, but I have completed a little over 700 challenges in Multiplayer.

    The multiplayer is a lot of fun.

    I like:

    How the classes and abilities are broken down.
    The maps design, color, and style all with multiple routes.
    How the challenge count is displayed next to the player.
    The importance of teamwork and the roles of each class.
    Spawn Beacons!!
    The chirp sound when getting kills/headshots.

    I dislike:

    No Clan support
    No player ranks, weekly/monthly
    No voice chat besides party chat…proximity chat would be ideal.
    No music in Multiplayer, it seems kinda dead.
    Having zero notification that I am about to walk into an enemy base. Either color the enemy base on the map so I know my limits, or some kind of sound notification that I am about to get killed by a base turret if I turn the corner.

    I know the multiplayer will be getting updates and addressing some of these. Anyway, great start for a solid multiplayer experience. Will eventually get around to playing the single player and checking out the things mentioned in this post.

  • I have this game but have yet to play it because I have to get the season pass ASAP.

  • I’m one of these crazy people that got a PS4 and no retail games. I really was looking forward to this game but the inclusion of an online pass absolutely killed it for me. Sony, at least with your 1st parties change this awful trend, because if I knew my $60 purchase was going to get me the full game, you would’ve had my monies.

  • I thought, by far the best Killzone so far! At least the singleplayer… keep improving!

  • won’t load on IOS just started this morning
    PS: I think it might be a word press problem.

  • I did think that the pacing was a bit uneven towards the end and the flying level that was patched recently was terrible, but head and shoulders over the last 2 games for PS3.

  • @ Falaut – This game doesn’t have an online pass. If you mean the season pass, then that is optional to expand the multi-player side of the game.

  • @Kchow23 – I agree with you this is by far the best killzone game. Killzone 1,2, and 3 only showed you the military side of the Helghast, in Shadow fall it shows you how the actual people lived in the city and how they are really are compare to the military side of it.

  • I love MP.

    I would like to see a KDR balancing system match per match in official warzones, Too often the great players stay together, dominate and make it impossible to even get single kills. A lot of time I look at the leader board and realize I am the only one from my team still there because no one likes losing and the other team is way too dominant to even make it playable.

  • @9 Sal0713

    You really didn’t get to see how people lived in the city, it was a bunch of mindless drones walking a path, none of them were engaged in activities, speaking with each other, or ever really giving you an impression of how things were. The only exception was in new helghan and the was the only real character the people had and even then it did nothing to really guide the story. That’s not even getting into the stupid AI or how a whole section of the game took the shooter out of First Person Shooter. I get puzzles and all, but the pacing was just jaring in the ladder half of the game. The games final moments in lucas’ tale were poorly conceived and thrown together haphazardly. With Killzone 2 you got a sense of who Sev was and where he was with his comrades. The very end left you wondering “where is Sev gonna go and how will he survive”, this game just slapped you in the face at the very end and did it oh so abruptly. I’m fine with how they wanted to end it, I’m not fine with out they executed it.

    Simply put this game needed more time as it felt like it was not finished and the story could have used more love.

  • Really enjoying my ps4 so far, I got your game killzone sf and assassins creed 4 with it but I’m having really trouble getting into killzone so far do you have any plans to update it I find the text in the corner of the screen to small to read (I know am getting old) also the way point marker I wish it would stay on the screen it annoying having to keep pressing down on the d-pad and then it fades and having to press it again.
    Also have noticed at points the waypoint marker is pointing in the wrong directions I have spent a good few minutes trying to figure out where to go only to found out I had already gone passed in the 3rd chapter.
    Plus the mp is disappointing as ever, wish I could trade in this game but I can’t no barcode eBay it is then.

  • The best Killzone I played.

  • I give up:

    Not rank system
    Not be able to choose side or server at MP
    Not helghast Campaign
    Not Clans
    Not vehicles
    Boring ISA campaign

    Killzone SF is a waste of resources, money and time !

  • We finished the campaign the other night, and really enjoyed it. I hope the “half-breed” female character returns as a prominent character in future games. Her character is ripe for a compelling story about identity and self, like the film The Other Son or Worf from Star Trek TNG. I wish she had been the main character in this game, actually: playing yet another Gruff White Dude(tm) seemed like a marketing-driven decision than any kind of interesting expansion of the universe.

    Any chance there will be multiplayer maps that both ShadowFall PS4 and Mercenary Vita players will be able to inhabit at the same time? *That* would be interesting.

    Still holding out hope for 3D and Move support. It was very weird to everyone I knew that KZ3 had those two great features, and KZ4 took a step backward in those areas.

  • KazeEternal pretty much summed it up perfectly. An extremely mediocre game and an insult to the concept of “next gen” experience. KZ 2 and 3 had god awful scripting/production but at least the games were far more intense as well as being awesome in the gameplay department. I was ready to give up on this game after the first space level out of pure apathy. I quit for GOOD with the chapter 9 “free-fall dodge the buildings with horribly bad controls” sequence. My time as a gamer is precious and KZ Shadowfall is a big waste of it. Sony, take the Killzone universe and give to Santa Monica, I’m begging you.


  • The story is weak.The visuals can be outstanding.The MP can be fun.The single player campaign is weak.
    Listen I agree with above comment about this being a stop gap,This is merely a showcase piece of what is to come with the PS4.Some of the OWL stuff is cool.I just couldnt wrap my head into the story,just didnt feel helghan evil to me.I felt alone in the campaign and like above has said about not being able to read objectives and see markers unless im sitting 8 ft from my tv.
    Dead Space serious has the best HUD implication of them all.IMO.they should have looked into something like that.

  • I don’t care what other ppl say.This game is amazing and the story is REALLY good except for the ending which felt kinda empty, they should’ve added some extra cutscene at the end

  • Per the PSN pre-order, the game would be available at 12:01am EST. It is now 12:16am EST. What time will the game be available for download? I need to start the download before I go to bed. Thanks.

  • I’m with SureBigBuster. I really enjoyed the game’s story, as it was the story of Lucas Kellan 30 years later in the aftermath of the Terracide. Seeing things from one man’s perspective, rather than from the POV of an entire army, is a new way of telling the story for Killzone. Also, so much of the story was in the dossiers, audio logs and newspapers. And the comic was quite the depressing read to top things off. The final confrontation totally caught me off guard, and I personally liked the abrupt ending to the final chapter. Kinda leaves things vague for wherever you decide to go next with the story.
    I also got the enjoyment of watching someone streaming their first run through the campaign, as they were finishing it. That was quite the treat, seeing him go through the last couple sections, and freak out at the ending. Mirrored my emotions quite closely, haha.

  • I also have to give my props for an enjoyable MP mode. This is the first time I’ve ever gotten really into the MP aspect of a shooter, so it’s been really nice to get in there and learn everything.
    I’m looking forward to seeing things get tweaked here and there as we move along, and there are a few things I’d like to see added/changed. Jumping right into the MP, I was surprised at how many little things there were to learn through trial-and-error, such as base locations and near insta-kills when you stumble across an enemy base turret.
    And the matchmaking needs some serious work, as well as team shuffling between matches. I’ve been in several of those rounds where my team was completely dominated, with the top player on my side being 6th or 7th overall. Then to see no player rotation on the next round, I’ve had my team mass quit. I tried exiting one of these rounds once myself, and rejoining a new game, and it stuck me right back in the same match. Tried 6 times, including rebooting my PS4, and it still stuck me back in the same match. At that point, I quit playing for the night. Really disappointing. And there were 30+ games supposedly running at that time.

  • I’d also like to see a bit more info on the weapons available, such as being able to see the stats on the currently loadout without having to go into the edit area and selecting a different weapon first. And just how much damage those little tick marks relate to in Player Health. Love it, but could use some more attention to the little details. Keep up the awesome work!

  • Hey Poria

    I perceive from your first and last name, that you or your parents are from Iran. I just wanted let you know that there are avid PS fans like me in here who follows and are excited about every PS news. KZ1 wasn’t near anything that KZ is today. That shows your hard work on this series. Thank you and keep up the good work with KZ.

  • I love these type of videos…keep’em coming…its always great to see some behind the scenes.

  • This game proves that beautiful graphics mean absolutely nothing, when gameplay is dull.

    This is the most disappointing single player experience of any game I have played in recent memory. The gameplay is something that would have been boring ten years ago.

    The chapter where you are moving the spark plugs around to open doors in particular was awful.

    It has been a chore to play this, and I have yet to finish it.

    I doubt I will.

    Guerrilla makes a great game engine, and that is about it.

  • Beat it today and do *NOT* understand the hate.

    This game is amazing.

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