Check out Gran Turismo 6’s Opening Movie

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Check out Gran Turismo 6’s Opening Movie

Grant Turismo 6 Launch

Hey there, race fans. As many of you know, it’s a huge week for GT. Gran Turismo 6 storms onto PS3 tomorrow, and to mark the occasion we held a grand launch event in Ronda, Spain.

Polyphony Digital president Kazunori Yamauchi was present to make a number of announcements, including the arrival of three new Red Bull cars in GT6: the Red Bull X2014 Fan car (X2014/F), the Red Bull X2014 Standard car (X2014/S) and the Red Bull X2014 Junior car (X2014/J). These three cars were designed by Polyphony Digital Inc. in collaboration with Adrian Newey, Chief Technical Officer of four-time F1 champions Red Bull Racing.

Grant Turismo 6 Launch

Also present was a camouflaged version of the yet-to-be-launched BMW M4 Coupé. The stunning new car – shown publicly only as a concept until now – will go on sale in 2014. In collaboration with BMW, Polyphony Digital enjoyed unprecedented access to the car during its development, and it will be made available through a free update shortly after the release of GT6, allowing gamers around the world to drive it before it arrives in BMW showrooms.

Not only that, but the city of Ronda also honoured Yamauchi-san by naming a street after him!

Grant Turismo 6 LaunchGrant Turismo 6 Launch

As part of the celebration, we also unveiled the official GT6 opening movie that features never-before-seen footage showcasing the game’s creation. Take a look below.

Finally, we also sat down with Kazunori to find out more about his vision for GT6, including the much-teased track set on the moon! Check back tomorrow to read the full interview.

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  • Sweet!!

  • I really want to play this game … But I am using my funds for PlayStation 4 games only … If it comes to PlayStation 4 i’ll be one of the 1st in line

  • @ 1 … At least u didn’t put 1st LoL

  • As a longtime GT fan since GT1, I am going to pass on this game.

    Seriously, what’s micro about a £119.95? Microtransaction for a Jaguar XJ13? That is ridiculous. I’m sure you guys will sell a ton of these, but I’ll no longer be a customer.

    I really hope this doesn’t become a trend. I implore others who feel the same to vote with your wallets against games like this.

    • Always great to hear from a long time GT fan. The career mode you know and love is exactly the same, so you’ll be able to earn in-game currency and unlock additional cars by completing races and challenges. The value of both currency and unlockable cars will naturally increase as you progress. We’re just giving our users the option to purchase in-game currency for instant access to cars and upgrades.

  • You can still buy the game and not support micro transactions by not buying any micro transactions … Or am i missing something ?

  • @4 I’m pretty sure people are going to be able to purchase it with credits earned by racing. I think that £119.95 for the Jaguar was just an example showing how much someone would have to pay to buy one the most expensive cars in the game right from the start.

    I can’t wait to play this tomorrow. I’m craving a good racing game.

  • Long time fan of Gran Turismo but left for Forza 2, 3, and 4 series, can’t wait to get back in to the GT series by this time tomorrow; hopefully the king of the realistic racing game will return (minus the micro-transactions rubbish of course, look at what happened to Forza 5, a huge let down IMHO)

  • I’m happy for Mr. K. Yamauchi. I look forward to watching the film on him.

    I really wish I had the cash to get this game now. For now though, I’m playing GT5 in anticipation – I’m almost at level 40 in A-spec.

    Polyphony Digital has done so much cool stuff. I’m particularly looking forward to the improved Course Maker mode. If they have made the menu navigation smoother and the loading between menus plenty faster in GT6, then I’ll be even happier.

    Does anybody know if I can now take pics of Standard Cars in Photo Travel? I can ignore low lighting effects and graphics just to get my GTO in beautiful scenery. ^_^

  • I’m hoping for a GT 6 HD on the PS4, so I’m going to wait for now…

  • I was disappointed that Sony decided to add microtransactions to Gran Turismo 6. They’re offering people to essentially cheat their way through this game, while making money off of it. Since it’s an option, true fans of the series would earn their credits the good old fashion way.

  • Awesome!

  • As for people complaining about the microtransactions. I don’t think Polyphony Digital will alter the Gran Turismo gameplay we know and love in favour of these microtransactions. This is just an alternative for the people who just don’t have time to work their way up in the game (like us GT fans do) and just want to get their favourite cars quickly and jump in a race and enjoy the stunning graphics and physics that only GT offers.

    I strongly believe, from my perceptions of Mr. K. Yamauchi and Mr. Yoshida’s comments, that the microtransactions are just additions and the GT design we know was not affected by it in any way.

    Now, if the credits system has really been affected by the microtransactions, then I’ll might still buy this game but I will NOT pay real money for credits.

    Off topic: PD, will you be removing X=accelerate and [_] = brakes for the PS4’s version since the DS4 doesn’t have pressure-sensitive face buttons. I’m trying to practice R2+L2 controls but it’s just not working out and I can’t afford a wheel.

    • You are correct! We’re trying to make the game more accessible for those who wants to have instant access to the 1200+ cars and upgrades, but don’t have the time to invest heavily into the career mode

  • @4 You can still get any car in the game the old-fashioned way. The microtransactions are just time-saver packs. Won’t affect how I play the game one bit. I implore you to do some better research next time.

    @9 Sounds like you’ll be waiting a long time and by then it’ll be GT7 on PS4.

  • Thats a fantastic opening…good job.Graphics look unbelievable like always.

  • I’m not under the impression that you can only attain cars from microtransactions, what I do not like is when they are added to games, its a slippery slope and when a game does this, I simply choose to no longer support the developer by not buying it.

    You can say, “but cant you just play to unlock the cars?”, but people forget that adding microtransactions to a game affects the way it’s designed. I mean you only have to look at the current state of the Forza series to see how adding micro transactions can ruin a series.

    Here is the thing I don’t like the most – developers and publishers say it is ‘an option’ for people, who don’t have enough time to play. Well, if you want to give your players the options, and respect their time, WHY NOT TO DO IT FOR FREE?
    They already paid for your game, the least you could do is allow them to enjoy the game the way they want to.

    • This is definitely not the case with GT as we followed the same currency model established with previous installments. The only difference with GT6 is that we’re making the game more accessible by allowing in-game currency to be purchased, not just earned. The only advantage is “time”, as online racing still requires each user to be under a certain HP and Performance Points system, ensuring the racing is balanced, just like real racing.

  • @15 But that’s the point. I enjoy playing Gran Turismo the way it was always designed: Drive properly and earn credits.

    Adding microtransactions to a game doesn’t mean that the developer has to change their design. Forza 5 was designed around the addition of the microtransactions and that was foolish and greedy. From my history of Gran Turismo, PD is not like that. In fact, if I was a developer and I added microtransactions, I will never alter my original gameplay design. Are you going to say that if I do that I’m making a decision that’s bad for my business?

    PD will make their money from true GT fans who love their games and who trust them and their designs. I’ll say it again, I strongly believe that the addition of microtransactions have not affected, nor will it affect the design of GT6 and its future. If it does, then PD will be in big trouble. No game company likes being in trouble. It makes sense, right?

    • Thank you, Seriyuki2002. You are exactly right. The progression and flow of career mode remains the same where you can earn currency and unlock cars. It’s an optional time saver for instant access

  • I understand whats going on here..this game is being released only for the ps3 now..soon it will be available for the a digital download. I think this game shouldve just been for the wouldve pushed more ps4 to sell..bu whatever..the game looks hoping they would bring demolition durby in the game sooner or would be alot more also waiting for a new MOTORSTORM to be announced..i hope they dont ditch that game like they did with jetmoto :/

  • i loved Gran Turismo 5 and i can NOT wait to get this game… its gonna take weeks for me to get it but it will be worth it in the end

  • you guys should should port this to PS4 as well since it launches after the launch of the next gen consoles

  • These microtransactions are going to become Padora’s Box. Developers will start to make the games harder to obtain certain upgrades, thus making the gamer frustrated and finally give in. Look at the state of mobile games and their microtransaction world. Some games are becoming impossible to level up without the purchase of a microtransaction of some sort. The developers and publishers are going to say the right things to make it seem its an “option” to purchase, but we all know of the “wolf in sheeps clothing”. I am extremely disappointed in both Sony and Microsoft for bringing this variable into consule gaming. Now I know why peripherals like GameShark and Instant Replay are no more….

  • Are users who purchase unlock credits going to be able to use those cars in online play? Seems like that gives an advantage to someone who spends money to get them instead of earning them through career mode. Especially after the game launches when traditional players have not progressed far enough to unlock the expensive cars.

    • Yes, they will be. However, there is a rating / point system for online play that would ensure horsepower ratings and performances are equal for competitive racing. So regardless of how much in-game credit a user has, they will have to tune up or down their car to quality for a race

  • I may at some point possibly get this game, but right now I have too many other things going on. But I n’t wait to see GT7 on the PS4!!!!!!!!!!

  • I have a digital pre-order. When can I start downloading the game?

  • Make it available for PS4 and I’ll purchase it! Until then… I’m still trying to clear out my PS3 backlog

  • Dualshock 4 support! I would love to play GT6 with the best controller :)

  • Can’t wait to pick up my copy tomorrow. Microtransactions won’t bother me unless you’re forcing me to pay to win. But since this is Gran Turismo, I’m pretty sure that won’t happen.

    @luvmyR6 This guy is an example why the consumers are greedy instead of the developers themselves. It’s like he’s trying to compare Polyphony Digital with Capcom. Seriously? Shut the hell up. Greedy consumers like you need to stop comparing other companies. They do not have the same policies and their rules are different when it comes to business. We need to get you guys to stop telling us how to spend our hard earned money.

  • My enthusiasm has been dampened by the news of microtransaction. I’m on the fence of not buying it.

    Yeah, you can say it wont be forced. But there may be design flaws that can really push you towards whatever microtransaction you’re offering. Even you cannot promise to all of us that there will be no design flaws in this game.

    I’m still reminded by earlier version of GT5 where I found my progression to be insanely slow. If GT5 had microtransaction, it wouldn’t make me pay to get ahead of the game just so I can save couple of hours. I would quit on the franchise as whole. There are plenty of games out there that I’d rather play that doesn’t have microtransactions (racing games even. Oh look! GRID2 just came out on PS+!)

    I love the new feature that rewards you with extra 10% credit up to 50% every day you come back to the game. That had me playing GT5 for quite a while. Maybe you should reward persistence instead of offering some cheap short cut.

    1200 cars.. yeah that’s great, which is why I’m just disappointed and not angry. But I’m speaking from principle.

    Good day sir.

    • I understand your concerns. Our focus for GT6 is to make the game more accessible for everyone. The great thing about GT is that it allows you to make your own career decision, whether you can compete in races or build and tune your dream car. It’s all open ended, and the in-game currency is no different. You manage the in-game currency as you see fit, and it’s your choice to gain instant access if you so choose.

      GT6 will not push you to purchase in-game currency, it’s just giving you the option to

  • Sorry people, but yes, microtransactions are just optional, not the way to go for everybody.
    It sounds a little childlish if you ask me, but that’s just my opinion. I respect other people’s point of view, so sorry if any of you got offended. We all are free to buy, or not, the game so, that.

    On the other side, I’m really looking forward to try the new and final physics engine that PD has developed. The GT Academy demo was amazing, truly.
    I’m not seeing the intro, I’ve already spoiled a lot of things. The anxiety has killed me too many times, but “it’s not THAT serious” as with other games luckily.
    The sounds in the game were very nice in the few ingame videos that I saw until now, I think PD is in the right path in many ways, but they still need to do the sound system all over from scratch in some cases.

  • Thank you for the response.

    “The great thing about GT is that it allows you to make your own career decision, whether you can compete in races or build and tune your dream car.”

    But the previous GT already has that. Its what made GT5 for me so great (after major upgrade that is)

    “GT6 will not push you to purchase in-game currency, it’s just giving you the option to”

    Sorry, but I’ll need more convincing than that. Its just what everyone says to justify every game that has $60 entry fee with microtransaction.

    To me, microtransaction means “We are not confident in our game design. So we provided the “extra option” to make up the difference. Of course, this probably wont apply to every game developers. I’m sure you made a quality GT game. But this decision coming from group who has made quality games in the past is just disappointing.

    Again, its my opinion. So I’m I wont say that people shouldn’t buy this game. To other consumers: buy it if it appeals to you and then tell me how it goes.

  • And damage… I know that Kazunori feels a true passion and love for cars, as my father-in-law and I do, but that NEEDS to be implemented in a more realistic way.
    I remember playing in some online races, and when you get your car damaged, like REALLY damaged, you can see a “pretty decent” view of your car with scratches and all.
    I know it’s not the first priority, and many of you will say that you need to drive clean. In fact, I DRIVE clean, but accidents happen. We even race with heavy damage all the time in online…

    Anyway, I’m going to die until tomorrow, tonight I’ll be downloading my pre-order, then I’ll sleep, then take my final exam in the afternoon and then HAPINESS.

    A proud Sony User.
    Eager Snake.

  • What’s with the crying over this new money system? GT6 isn’t a Microsoft game. It isn’t going to force you to pay for the cars. At least wait and see how it works out before you get so upset over it.

  • GT does it again! Im happy to have experienced its evolution since GT1. Im sure GT6 will be as amazing as ever. Cant wait to see it on Next Gen.

  • I really wish this was coming to Ps4 I’m excited for GT 7 tho lol

  • ive bought and owned all the GT games, including that disaster that was GT5 Prologue… those of us who bought that demo shouldve gotten a discount on GT5…
    with that said, i wont be buying GT6.. not so muchbecause of the microtransactions, but i dont see it really being that much of an upgrade over GT5… and NASCAR… the idea to include that was just ridiculous… get rid of it… the carts too, or just make a separate Cart racing game… im so tired of those things… maybe ill pick it up someday when its cheaper, but not anytime soon…

  • I absolutely hope that the Gran Turismo Mode is as good as 4’s. GT5’s version really stunk.

  • Will there be a Midnight release through PSN? I’ve already preordered it last week and was wondering if I shoul stay up to que the DL.

    WOuld love to have this ready for me when I wake up.

  • If you are offering currency DLC, why not offer cheats for the credits? just block them from leaderboards and events.

  • Senna’s Lotus! Please say that all of Senna’s F1 cars are drivable!

  • ” Ken Chan on December 5th, 2013 at 10:10 am said:
    You are correct! We’re trying to make the game more accessible for those who wants to have instant access to the 1200+ cars and upgrades, but don’t have the time to invest heavily into the career mode”

    if you really cared about making the content accesible you could have just put CHEAT CODES….remember those?

  • While there is microtransactions in GT6 i cannot trust that you have tampered with the pace of this game. You guys say this is optional but how do I know it’s not going to take me hundreds of hours to unlock the best cars? By imposing these microtransactions are you implying that I won’t have fun playing this game for a long time so I would be more inclined to pay extra for the cars I really want? I’m sorry but as a sony fan i am disappointed. I don’t who is to blame, Polyphony Digital and/or Sony but i hope you do the right thing and remove the microtransactions.

    Yoshida said that it’s suppose to help “busy” people but really a “busy” person won’t think less of GT6 as a game if he or she doesn’t have enough time to play. The hardcore gamers like myself will be the real disappointed fans. Sorry but I won’t be supporting this game and if you have the “If you don’t like it don’t buy it” attitude than that is truly a shame.

  • I see three problems with microtransactions in GT6 (and other games, as well):

    First, Yoshida-san’s argument that it is for “busy” people to experience more of the game makes no sense: 1) plenty of other methods (cheat codes, arcade-y type game modes, etc.) could be employed to give players shortcuts through the game progression; 2) intuitively, one would expect gamers’ time spent:money spent ratio would be directly proportional as opposed to inversely proportional. Unless, of course….

    Second, by including microtransactions, Sony/Polyphony have, at best, embraced what appears to be a conflict of interest and, at worst, adopted the actual conflict. Sony/Polyphony will have, now and forever, raised the suspicion that gameplay is somehow affected by this development. Now every gamer, in the back of his/her mind, will always be thinking, “But for the inclusion of these microtransactions, might I be grinding these races out just a little bit less?” There’s no way around that suspicion now.

  • Third, this far-too-widespread onslaught of microtransactions is really diluting the AAA gaming experience. You save up your money so that you can clear that high ($60 normally) barrier to entry in hopes that you will then be able to lose yourself in that immersive experience for a few hours, days, weeks…whatever the case may be. Yet more and more, those games are finding ways to break that immersion and cajole us into thinking, “Yes, but…” There’s this extra thing. There’s this other bit of content. What you bought isn’t totally complete. Don’t you want to see everything??

    I fear that this next generation is actually ushering in a dark age of video gaming. When publishers/developers look to make more and more titles into “service platforms” rather than just allowing the games to live as…well, games. I have not bought a PS4 yet, and if the future of console gaming is that nearly every AAA title will have a F2P stink all over it, I am not certain that I ever will.

  • Per the PSN pre-order, the game would be available at 12:01am EST. It is now 12:16am EST. What time will the game be available for download? I need to start the download before I go to bed. Thanks.

  • It’s almost 10 pm PT and GT6 is up on PSN now.

  • Oh my so much crying.
    I fear that all these micro-transactions are going to —-
    Just shut up and buy the game if you like it or move along and complain in your sleep.
    You don’t know if the game has changed or not because of micro-transactions because you haven’t played it yet.
    Come back and complain after you play it.

  • @30 EagerSnake,

    Gran Turismo has the most realistic car damage modeling system in any racing game, period.

    Gran Turismo 5 had (and I’m sure GT 6 has it too) point-based contact damage, while Forza 5 (on new hardware) is still using the tried-and-true lazy pre-rendered damage modeling system.

    Guess what?

    Every crash in Forza looks exactly the same every time it happens, not so in Gran Turismo.

    Please respect the amount of work that Polyphony has done to make such technology work on the 7 year old PS3.

  • @JROD0823, wow calm down. I’m one of the most respectful persons about PD’s work, you can count on that. Kazunori is one of my idols.
    I was AMAZED the first time I tested, by accident, the damage in GT5.
    I remember that a bump was generated by a little hit on the back of the leading car. And that was AWESOME, it was circular, convincing…
    After some races, I had an accident again, but the car was completely fine. And that’s the thing that bothers me, the lack of consistency.
    If you got caught in the middle of an accident, driving at 160 mph, you will have consequences. And you don’t have those in GT. And I know the thing about Forza, but I don’t care about it, I just want GT to be better, that’s all.
    The mechanical damage is a great addition, but we need to get more detail in that subject. Besides that, it would be nice if you could choose your difficulty settings for the career mode. If you wanna play like a real racecar driver, you would have the option to set damage, either visual and mechanically, on through out the entire mode.
    BUT I KNOW they’re doing MAGIC with the PS3. The same goes for sounds, but I know that Kaz will surprise us, either on PS3 or the PS4, I know it’s going to be The Drive of my Life :)

  • @martinirage1 Looks like we got another baby of the Greedy Consumer Corporation. This idiot doesn’t know what’s he talking about. Either give us a real reason why you aren’t supporting the game or don’t bother saying anything at all. I bet you can’t even drive a real car.

    @avluis Agreed, the GCC must die. Soon, they will begin to kill the video game industry.

  • people say microtransactions don’t affect the game and I generally agree but when the developers lower credits earned from races and increase cost of tuning by a ton compared to the last gran turismo, its starting to affect us gamers and this upsets me

  • increasing credit pricing on tuning and lowering credits earned through races is just shoving microtransactions in our face

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