Doki-Doki Universe Launching December 10th for PS4, PS3, PS Vita

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Doki-Doki Universe Launching December 10th for PS4, PS3, PS Vita

Doki Doki Universe, 05

Hi there! Greg Johnson again. We here at HumaNature Studios are excited to finally announce that Doki-Doki Universe will be available next week on Tuesday, December 10th for PS4, PS3, and PS Vita. In Doki-Doki Universe you play as the adorable robot QT3 on a quest to learn about humanity with the help of Alien Jeff.

The full game, available for $14.99, includes the story mode, 31 personality quizzes, and the Doki-Doki Mail messaging system. Or if you prefer to test out the waters before diving in, you can alternatively download a free version of the game — the Starter Pack — which includes 16 personality quizzes, Doki-Doki Mail, QT3’s home planet, and a tutorial planet. Doki-Doki Universe will support cross buy, so once you download the game on one system, you’ll be able to download it at no additional cost on the other systems.

In the spirit of the upcoming launch, I’ll be joining the PlayStation.Blog team to do a live playthrough on December 10th. Check out the official PlayStation channel on Twitch to watch and ask questions. We’ll also be giving away voucher codes for the full version of Doki-Doki Universe!

We thought we’d share a sneak peek at one of the many little stories you’ll encounter as you travel around Doki-Doki Universe as QT3, and one that’ll we’ll also be sharing with you on the live stream next week. This story seemed especially appropriate for the holidays as it has a wintery theme, as well as a theme of love and acceptance.

Doki Doki Universe, 02Doki Doki Universe, 04

This story takes place on a planet called Brrr. As QT3, you’ll encounter an insecure young snowman named Junior, who is ashamed of the fact that he can’t stand the cold. Junior is afraid to tell his father, as he’s sure his dad would never understand.

Meanwhile, his father is worried because Junior is always getting sick, and he doesn’t know why. In this scene, you help them resolve their problems by conjuring up items and helping them to communicate. As we play through this new level on the livestream, we’ll show you how QT3 ultimately helps Junior and his dad.

We hope you enjoy this little preview, and we’re looking forward to our big release day. Everyone at HumaNature Studios wishes you a warm holiday filled with love, acceptance, and happy snowmen.

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  • Looking forward to this game, glad it’s not far away!

  • US$ 14,99 is pretty much the new standard on PS Vita for this kind of game, but I’ll only buy when there’s a big discount

  • Crossbuy for all the versions pretty please!

  • Thanks for posting about this (FINALLY!)

    I’m a bit surprised at the $14.99 price … unfortunately for my family, I’ll get to play on my PS Vita, and they won’t on their’s, but they’ll get the trophies (PS3/PS Vita shared list). Of course they can have the free part of the game on their PS Vita…

    I’m the one in my gaming family, though, totally psyched for this game!

  • PS4 Trophies are separate from PS3/PS Vita shared Trophies.



    That means for people with either PS3 or PS Vita playing it (or both) and also a PS4 … Double Trophies. :)

  • @3 “Doki-Doki Universe will support cross buy, so once you download the game on one system, you’ll be able to download it at no additional cost on the other systems.” Located in the article.

  • Here’s a quote from the Nov 6 post from user “Toejam Designer”:

    “Hi! I’m Greg, also known as um… “Greg”. I designed Doki Doki Universe (and Toejam and Earl ). I thought I’d answer a few of your questions. Yes, it is Cross Save. The game auto-saves every 5 minutes to the cloud so you can jump over to any other PS platform continue your game. When you download the game for free, you can land on most of the asteroids (each has new personality questions) and you can land on your home planet and get your personality evaluation and customize your home planet. You can also land on another planet called Tutorial and try some of the game, and you get the animated messaging for free too. Then it’s pay once (Sony hasn’t officially set the price yet, but it’s way low, and unlock all the story planets. You can also purchase a couple additional planet packs or quiz asteroid packs. Those will be super cheap. Also, you can download animated messaging on your mobile device (iOS and Android) for free, and that’s cross platform. And yes, it is available in Spanish (and lots of other languages). If you have other questions feel free to post em and I’ll try and answer them.”

  • Can’t wait to try this one out, it looks really cool. Thanks Greg!

  • @7 That’s exactly why I wrote in #4 “I’m a bit surprised at the $14.99 price ”

    I followed HumaNature Studios since they announced the project earlier this year, and that “it’s way low” [price] stuck in my head. Free to Play is how it was introduced in an interview, with “small price” when you land on a planet later, that’s all there was to paying, low one time price.

    I’m gonna buy it, but hope it’ll be PS+ discounted at least. I want to support the project, but would have rather have it the way it sounded it would be, just get the starter pack and pay a small fee later at some point. Adding on packs later would be a great way to recoup that “14.99” idea. Sony set the price point, but wow, it’s low for a big game, this looks to be a good game, but a DIFFERENT sort of good game than a $14.99 good game. Hope that makes sense!

  • The UK will also be getting this next week, right?

  • Yet another indie dev that is asking for too much. This should be $9.99 imo.

    Indie games on PS4 will never take off if all of these PSN/Indie game are over pricing there games.

  • @10 On their Twitter account he assured everyone EU gets it on December 11th

  • Question, if you try the free version first, will it add a trophy list to your profile? I hate when games give you a trophy list when you can’t get a trophy without paying for something. (super stardust demo for example & DC Universe Online)

  • Glad there is a free version to try.

  • First of all, congrats on what I believe is the first ever simultaneous Cross-Buy PS4/PS3/PSVita launch!

    I look forward to picking this up on launch day!

  • Hi again. Thanks for all the thoughts on this. You know the folks at Sony read this blog (a lot) and see all of your comments. They very well may decide to have some promotions where they drop the price for awhile so perhaps some of your comments about that will affect their decision process. Anyway I think you’ll be surprised at how much is in the free version, as well as how much content is in the full game. This looks like it’s an Indy game (which we’re very proud of – POWER TO THE PEOPLE!) but it’s got way more in it than any Indy title out there. Anyway, nuff said. I gotta go build some DLC. :) We’ve got some really fun new features for the Personality Test on the way that I’m totally not supposed to talk about yet. Oops! DOH!

  • YAY…this game looks great!

  • Cross-buy on PS3/PS4 and Vita? Count me in!

  • That’s more than I was expecting. Is there a discount with Plus?

  • I have to get this game, no matter what price just because I LOVE quirky things, aliens and robots, and personality tests … I just hope Sony will allow a PS+ discount right away, since not everyone knows how great this game will be (I don’t know firsthand, but I sure FEEL like I know!)

    I’m afraid of others being scared away by the cost, not realizing what they are missing. For me too, it’s not really the fault of the game or anything, it’s PS Vita and digital content licenses, having to pay multiple times (for all the folks in my family with a PS Vita) when I was thinking in this game’s case it’d be a smaller amount and maybe some more for DLC down the road.

    Some people have multiple gamers in their family/house, so I think like one, I am one. Just ultra sensitive to what low price is from that multiplying position for a must play game.

  • Just a whole lot of question marks….. ??? I give it a shot :)

  • Is $15 really a lot for a game? I spend almost that if I go to the movies, more so if I buy food and that only last 90 mins usually, not to mention I have to leave the house to do it (shudder).

  • Oh man, can’t wait for this! Glad to see it’s coming sooner than I expected. And even though I think $14.99 is a reasonable price, I too wanna know if there’s any chance for a plus discount.

  • Not sure about why some think $14.99 is not a reasonable price, after all, if you have all three platforms, you will get them on all three.
    I do like that I don’t even have to play the PS3 version to get the trophies, yay!

  • I’m getting this. I really want a cross-save game and this will be the first for me, on my PS4 and Vita.

    The thing about price is that people who buy all those phone games have gotten the idea that prices should only a couple dollars. For me, price is way secondary to an enjoyable gaming experience, and I hope Doki Doki is such.

  • Now this is a game that i’m going to get for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • been waiting for this and Hohokum ever since seeing them at PAX. I hope the PS4 and VIta versions have HD audio assets!

  • Day 1 for me!!! I’ve been jazzed up about this game for a while. The price is just right considering the cross play options and the universal amount of content planned for this game. For once, I couldn’t care less about a plus discount.

  • Dec 10 is my Birthday! You should get a free $14.99 PSN discount game on your birthday!…

  • Lovin those next gen graphics…….

    Maybe next week we will get a game on PS4 that is equal to the quality of a SNES game!

    If this costs over $1.99, it’s flat out insanity.

    Yay Indie games! (Like Torchlight II)

  • I’ve really been looking forward to this game, but that’s part of the reason why I’m hesitant to tune in to the stream on Sunday. A chance to win a free copy of the game is awesome but I want to go into the game fresh… ah Greg you are tearing at my heart!

  • #25 It’s not because of that for more than me, I can’t speak for everyone, it has to do with what was said in other articles and interviews, never expecting a full price like that, expecting free-to-play with an upgrade or monetized part of the game when you get to a certain point in it. We have multiple PS Vita’s in our household.

  • Ow! I have 13 bucks on my wallet and I’m not seeing a a penny until next payday, in January. This game will have to wait. Too bad.

    Still getting it though, but I would love to have it on launch.

  • I agree with @Knightedrik. $1.99

    At this point I am regretting making my PS4 purchase in November. The quality of games on this “next-gen” system is substandard. Yes there were decent games released Day One but now I feel I should have just waited until April of next year. That seems to be the month when we will actually have a variety of solid titles to play.

    Apologies to Doki-Doki, but I am not interested in paying $14.99 for game that belongs on iOS.

  • The game looks awesome, and the $14.99 plus Cross-buy make me want to get this game day one! You deserve full price for porting this on 3 different platforms!

  • Sorry I noticed the Developers worked on Toejam & Earl so I have to tangent. HD Toejam & Earl & HD Toejam & Earl Panic on Funkatron would be amazing. Both were amazing on Sega, so much so that I purchased them both on the PSN. But the ‘side black bars’ were too annoying for me to enjoy(much more enjoyable on my Sega Genesis I soon after dusted off to play my old carts). I would gladly spend $30 on HD Toejam & Earl & Toejam & Earl Panic on Funkatron,… not interested in Doki-Doki.

  • I just Bought this game it has a shared ps3/vita trophy set so no trophy set for ps3 and no trophy set for psvita, two games one trophy set I was ok with it since I have retired my ps3 (collecting dust) then I download it to PS4 yet no trophies I saw a site that said it has it’s own trophy set (Same as vita/PS3) but no luck……is there a patch coming out for it?

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