Eufloria HD Coming to PS Vita on December 17th

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Eufloria HD Coming to PS Vita on December 17th

Hello friends! Eufloria HD is coming out on December 17th for PS Vita!

This makes me happy, indeed. As an indie game developer, I remain amazed at the journey this game is taking, and the superb response it gets from fans. And as a proud Vita owner, it’s fantastic to be able to announce this release.

Having launched a few different iterations of Eufloria over the years, I’ve come to appreciate that each one poses a new challenge. How do we adapt the controls? Does the game speed work nicely? Are the visuals “right?” Generally there are real problems to overcome before you can settle on a solution that’s right for everybody. Well, this Vita version is quite different, but in a very positive way. Here’s why…


Eufloria is a funny thing. It may be “just” 2D, but you end up controlling thousands of seedlings across dozens of asteroids, zooming in to the level of individual blades of grass, or zooming out to see a bird’s eye view of an entire asteroid belt — all within the space of seconds.

This works really well, and is very pretty, but admittedly can be a bit of a strain on the game’s framerate. As a result, we’ve often tried to lock the framerate to 30 frames per second, and this is a pretty good compromise for most levels. On Vita, however, we found that with we could push things much harder. As a result, Eufloria HD runs at 60 frames per second in almost all circumstances. NICE!

Eufloria HD Vita, 03Eufloria HD Vita, 05


Not only does this performance increase make the levels much smoother, it makes the controls super responsive. More so than I anticipated. The superfast update we get from running at 60 frames per second, combined with the Vita touch screen, makes for a very immediate and tactile experience. It’s a different feel from the PS3 version.

Eufloria HD offers dedicated and refined touch controls, which support a broad range of play styles. Because we allow the player to play at three speed settings, it’s possible to luxuriate (yes, it’s a word) in Eufloria’s ambient mood, strategize nicely at double speed, and really go for it at triple speed. And it all feels natural.

I actually had to get used to how quick and easy it was to control the game (and I know it pretty well). Panning and zooming is insanely crisp, and when you speed the game up (a nice feature anyway), you don’t lose any control at all. The screen is sensitive enough to deal with the responsiveness, but not so sensitive that it becomes fiddly. It becomes second nature.


Eufloria HD has (rightfully, in my opinion) received a lot of praise for it procedural visuals. Alex May created a look that took inspiration from Japanese art, watercolours, and nature. That’s what’s cool about indie games — you can do whatever you feel is right for your game.

We have also integrated the play mechanics in the visuals, so the entire look of Eufloria HD is designed to deliver vital gameplay information through visual cues. You can “read” the game very well, after spending some time with it.

Eufloria HD Vita, 06

Eufloria HD Vita, 07Eufloria HD Vita, 02

Ironically, Vita’s excellent screen worried me a bit. Because of its super-high pixel density (bear with me), the visuals could be very sharp, which could alter the overall feel of what we originally achieved. In reality it’s given us the best of both worlds. The almost hazy and zen-like quality of the visuals is intact, but a new clarity is added in places as well. You can easily see the small details on the game’s inhabitants, enhancing Eufloria’s readability. I like this a lot.

Vita Loves Eufloria HD!

This port was developed by Titanium Studios, and they did a wonderful job. The lovely surprise for me, without detracting from Titanium’s achievement, is how well it all gels on this hardware. Great port meets great platform.

I’m a lifelong gamer, and remain a huge fan of all kinds of different devices. But I must say that I’ve fallen in love with Vita. This means I’m pretty excited that we can add to its gaming ecosystem with the newest (and in my opinion, best) iteration of Eufloria HD. Vita is already a home to some amazing indie games, and I hope that people will appreciate Eufloria HD in a similar light. I’m playing through it again myself, and despite my knowledge of the game (I did design it, after all) it feels fresh and immersive. Hopefully you feel the same.

Let me know what you think in the comments below! I can answer any and all questions you have. Alternatively, get in touch via our website.

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  • Very Nice. Will Look Forward This.

  • Great! I’ve been putting this one off, but now that I can play it on Vita I’m looking forward to December 17th very much.

  • Very goood! Eufloria HD will be available in the Brazilian PS Store too?

  • Cross-buy? Pretty please?

  • Looks good. I have a couple of questions: 1) Is there a Eufloria Adventures game still in development? It was said that it was being developed for the Vita awhile back. 2) Will there be any sort of cross-buy promotion or a discount for owners of Eufloria on PS3? Thanks!

    • Heya!

      1) Eufloria Adventures is still being developed. In fact it is nearly finished. :-) (it’s a PSM game though, not native Vita)
      2) Not to start with, as it is more complicated than it may seems. Cross-buy doesn’t quite work as this new version has some new features, and it is non-trivial to update the PS3 port to match. We haven’t decided yet on future bundle deals though, and nothing is impossible. For now it will just launch with a nice launch discount. :-)


  • Simply wonderful game, I have had it on PC for years and I still come back to it.

  • What a nice birthday present to my 27th anniversary. Thanks!! :D

  • Yay, more Vita games!! Thank you for supporting the Vita. Before the Vita, I hated playing on handhelds but the introduction of the 2 sticks made all the difference. Now I spend hundreds of hours playing on this convenient, take-anywhere console.

  • Yes, Yes and Yes!

  • I missed this on PS3. I’ll most likely pick it up on Vita

  • It looks pretty, Im gonna try it =)

  • I will drop in in a little while to answer more questions, but just want to say thanks to all the lovely comments we have already received.

    Thank you! :-)


  • Nice. I’ve only played this on android and loved it. But I may have to rebuy it on vita now. My Amazon vita bundle is supposed to arrive today.

  • Guess what game I will be getting day one.
    Yep, you guess about right (most of you at least).
    THIS ONE!!!

  • Enjoyed the demo for the PS3 demo for Eufloria but never pulled the trigger. Can definitely get behind a Vita version though :D.

  • So, that means day 1 for me! ^^

  • Any specific japanese art inspiration you could share with us? Thanks!

  • At first, I thought it looked like a bug swarm.
    But after watching a little more, I am slightly interested.

    Will check out more, when it becomes available.

  • You can zoom in all the way to individual seedlings and flowers, but also zoom out to see a whole asteroid belt and control thousands of seedlings. :-)

    Works very nicely with simple pinch gestures.


  • I loved the PS3 version and having it on the go makes it a lot better. But if have a concern. Is the ‘Pacification’ trophy still bugged?

    • All trophies are fully functional. :-)

      We have upgraded the game for this release, and any old trophy issues should be gone.



  • I’m not really one for RTS games, but that trailer actually looked pretty neat. Question, what kind of music appears in the game? I feel that classical piece fit the trailer quite nicely, and I would love to hear that in-game.
    All-in-all, you have me interested, I may consider picking this up. Any chance for a demo?

  • Loved the way this game looked on PS3. Now with the vita OLEN screen… that would be amazing.

  • Great game, and great news! A perfect fit for the Vita :)

    Any chance of an updated/expanded Trophy list? I’ve loved when later-released Vita ports (of existing PSN games) use the opportunity to expand the list of Trophies (Plants vs. Zombies springs to mind as a good example)

  • So the PS3 version was not in HD? interesting i tought every game on PS3 was already in HD, i was playing a Lie…

    • The “HD” moniker comes from mobile conventions. ;-)

      The PS3 version is actually proper HD and runs at full 1080p!


  • @21…. this isnt’ a RTS game….. idk what the hell it is. Command and Conquer is a RTS game….. can we get some real games on the Vita please??? >.<

    By the way, it's spelled COLONIZE, not colonise……. (30 seconds into the video).

  • I must agree with #25..we need some REAL GAMES on the PS Vita..KillZone and Call of Duty..are amazing but i think we have enough FPS games in our gaming world. Im looking forward to some GOD OF WAR or Infamous..even a socom game (i know it would be a miracle but hey you never know) …if anything we deserve a official Motorstorm game and a Grand Turismo game – GT6..should have just been GT Vita…be cause we SERIOUSLY DONT NEED ANOTHER GT GAME FOR THE PS3…lets ATLEAST ALLOW US TO PLAY PS3 DOWNLOAD GAMES ON THE VITA ON THE MEAN TIME..I WOULD LIKE TO PLAY SHANK, BIONIC COMMANDO OR JOE DANGER ON THE GO! – COME ON PLAYSTATION DEVS STOP SLACKING ON THE BEST PORTABLE DEVICE IN THE MUNDO!!

  • It’s great to see a PS Vita game coming out in hd, just might get this for my PS Vita!!!!!!!!!

  • @25. Actually, it’s colonise. They are using UK english rather than American one.

    The game looks really interesting though.It’s clearly an inspired game.

  • bah wish you could edit posts on here……. so what you should’ve said is “they’re using UK english rather then normal english the rest of the planet uses” lol

  • @28 Actually the rest of the planet uses UK English. Glad we could all learn something today.

  • you talking to me or Frosthaze? Cause he was 28… and if the rest of the planet spells words like the Brits then I’d see bad spelling from places other then there, but I never have in 37 years so try again buddy. Sorry…..

  • I have to say I really really enjoyed this game on Steam PC but I am even more excited about this being on Vita. It really is a perfect fit and I can’t wait to play this game again knowing what I know about the strats. Great job! Can’t wait!

    • Thanks!

      It has a lot of features the PC version doesn’t have, so fans of the pc release should find lots to like here.


  • You can control thousands of seeds!! that’s awsome

  • Hey this is really great news…I missed the chance to get Eufloria on PS3…but looks like a perfect fit for Vita…I think now its the right time to get it…I’m already getting the feeling this game will be awesome on Vita.

  • I’m sad there’s not cross-buy, but I like Eufloria so much on PS3 that I’ll gladly support this game again if the initial discount is reasonable.

    Will the Vita have HD (24-bit/lossless) audio assets? or at least 320kbps AAC/Ogg? I wanna get lost in my headphones with awesome dynamic range in the ambient music :)

    Any plans for a PS4 version?

  • Thanks for this article, Rudolf. I love coming to this blog and getting real insights into the development process – the creativity, technical nous and ingenuity that goes into making the games we play.

    I’ll be looking out for Eufloria HD. Congratulations on your release!

    • Thank you!

      All platforms have something unique about them but as an old fashioned games fan I think releasing on major consoles and handhelds is special. :-)

      I never expected to release an indie game of intergalactic gardening warfare though!


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