PS Plus: GRID 2 Free for PS Plus Members

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PS Plus: GRID 2 Free for PS Plus Members

Hop in to the driver’s seat with GRID 2 on PS3, coming to you free for PS Plus members to kick off the month of December. In addition to GRID 2, you’ll also note the start of the PlayStation Store Holiday Sale! The first week brings in some of this year’s best titles including Ni No Kuni, Remember Me, and Terraria; all at really really good prices.

You can take advantage of all these PS Plus benefits after the PlayStation Store updates tomorrow, 12/3.

PlayStation Plus Update 12-3-2013
PlayStation Plus: Instant Game Collection


Free for PS Plus members, Regular Price: $35.99

PlayStation Plus - GRID 2
Be fast, be first and be famous as you join the elite in ‘World Series Racing’ where the greatest cars, drivers and events come together in the search for a new motorsport icon. Experience aggressive racing against advanced AI and become immersed in the race with GRID 2’s new TrueFeel™ Handling system which powers edge-of-control exhilaration behind the wheel of every iconic car. An extensive, separate online campaign powered by RaceNet sets new standards in the genre. Welcome back to racing.

PlayStation Plus: Discounts

Holiday Sale (Week1)

It’s week 1 of the PlayStation Store Holiday Sale! Check out these slammin’ sales on some of gaming’s best and check back over the next few weeks to see what else is on deck for a hefty PS Plus discount.

Game Title PS Plus Price Regular Price
Defiance $2.50 $4.99
Defiance Deluxe Edition $7.50 $14.99
Army Of Two The Devil’s Cartel $7.50 $14.99
The Bureau: XCOM Declassified $20.99 $29.99
Remember Me $19.19 $23.99
Terraria $3.75 $7.49
Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch $9.79 $13.99
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn $10.00 $19.99
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Collectors Edition $15.00 $29.99
Rocksmith 2014 $29.39 $41.99

Other Discounts

In addition to the PlayStation Store Holiday Sale, have a look at these additional discounts including the wonderful Rainbow Moon on PS Vita.

Game Title PS Plus Price Regular Price
Tiny Brains $15.99 $19.99
Draw Slasher $2.99 $4.99
Rainbow Moon $11.99 $14.99
Rainbow Moon Cross-Save Bundle $17.99 $22.49
Rainbow Moon Ps3 Player Special Offer $5.99 $7.49

PlayStation Plus: Last Chance

We’ll be back next week to add another title to the Instant Game Collection as well as more discounts, Holiday Sale Week 2 info, and more.

If you’ve got feedback on today’s Plus update make sure vote in the poll and leave a comment below. To discuss all things PlayStation, including this update, you can also head over to the PlayStation Community Forums where you’ll find topics you can contribute your thoughts to, or start one for yourself.

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  • Too litle discounts for Vita, as always =(

  • I guess Borderlands 2 is coming later in December?

  • Where is the DROP that was due yesterday?

  • So I guess there’s no PlayStation plus game for the PS4 in December?

  • These are some of the sales I was looking for :)

  • Those are some great discounts, even though I’m not really interested in those games. But please have more sales like these.

  • Good sales but nothing i’m really interested in

  • Dang, was really hoping Borderlands 2 would be the first free game. Oh well. Might get defience now that its on sale for only $2.50.

    I also strongly recommend Ni No Kuni to anyone. It was worth the $60 i payed for it earlier this year, so at $10 its insane not to get it.

  • Will the yearly Vita IGC be changed this month?

  • Can you please specify which console the games belong to in future posts? It has not been always clear since the blog recently changed the listing format.

    Thank you.

  • Hmmm…. Hoping for some PS4 deals maybe even another discount on ps plus

    Another note please fix the PlayStation app so I can actually use it thanks

  • I’m in for a free copy of Ni No Kuni because of my $10 credit from the last promotion :) Also, can’t wait to try out GRID 2. Keep it up guys!

  • These are some nice discounts. I’ll likely pick one or two things up. Also that stealthy flash sale over the weekend had some good stuff in it too. Glad to see PSN having some competitive pricing.

  • If you never played “Ni No Kuni” now it is the perfect oportunity! Thanks for the update Kristine.

    • come to think of it; Ni No Kuni seems like a great ‘for the holidays’ game. Think I might jump back in and finally finish it. Got around 50 hours in and then got distracted, but man, that game is great

  • Holy crap on a stick FF14 for 10 bucks is great- does it still come with free 30 days though? Also, will I be able to download PS4 version gratis when it comes out?

    Feel dumb for spending 40 on RS2014 bundle just now when I could get it digitally for 30….

  • May pick up Terraria, been trying to wait ’til it hits Vita (hopefully this month from what I’ve seen), also slammin Space Jam link

  • With Grid 2 and Borderlands 2, this is the best month of PS Plus in my year and a half as a member!

  • Ni No Kuni looks to be about the right price for me. Ever since it was praised I wanted to try it out and $10 isn’t bad at all. But I just bought P4G so hopefully i can juggle between the two lol

    • oohhh, that’s some dangerous JRPG jugglin’. props to you if you can do it. Otherwise, maybe just make the purchase now, then save NNK for later after P4G is done

  • Grid 2 seems like an awesome game but oh man, these sales pretty damn slammin’!

  • rainbow moon for the vita, this has been long awaited, I think I am also going to pick up terraria and Ni No Kuni

  • I was really hoping for better sales right before christmas… Oh well
    maybe right after would be better… I hope I get some gift cards for christmas

  • Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch for 10 bucks? I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! I have been looking for a good deal and was about to order a copy for 17 bucks. Now I’ll just get me a 20 dollar psn card :D

  • What about the “Flash Warning 12.2.13”? This is it?

  • Looks like I’m getting FF XIV: Realm Reborn CE & Ni no Kuni on Wednesday, since I already spend $60 for that Thanksgiving promo.
    I’m hoping that rain, Spelunky, Payday 2, Dragon Fantasy Book II are among the games that will be on sale.

  • As @#11 stated, is that discount for Terraria for BOTH versions? Or just the PS3 version? Also is Terraria going to be cross-buy when it releases on the PS VITA tomorrow?

  • Will Terraria be Crossbuy?

  • Very nice deals. The poll mentions Awesomenauts discounts, are those missing from the post?

  • Any word on terraria for vita? Will the vita version be cross buy?

  • Is that Terraria discount also available for the Vita?

  • How will the PS3 to PS4 upgrade work for FF XIV.
    Will we need the disc or the digital version is ok?
    WE need answers!!!!!!!

  • awwwww yes i’ve been waiting to get FFXIV for a good price ($10 is good for me lol)

  • Man I hope the Atelier+ games on Vita go on sale. I’ve been wanting to play them.

  • also does the digital version of FFXIV come with 30 free days? :c

  • Interested in playing GRID 2 and seeing how it fares to the NFS series.

    Why are Awesomenauts discounts mentioned in the poll?

  • just to echo alot of the comments: will final fantasy be upgradeable to the ps4 and is the terraria discount applied to the vita version as well.

    other then that great sale!

  • Oh… I’ll give Ni no Kuni a second chance. I sold the disc version cuz it’s so boring.

  • Great week yet again for PS Plus.

    Also, how was Japan?

  • Quick (might be silly) question. Does Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn have a monthly fee? I heard that it had one on the PC (bout 10bucks). Thanks in advance.

    • I believe it does require a monthly fee; but if memory serves me correctly, when you purchase it there is a month trial. At least, that was my experience with it.

  • Since all the PSN issues prevented a lot of people from being able to buy things during the flash sale (no psn card redemption) Is your plan to extend the weekend Flash Sale?

    Or will you be doing a special cyber Monday PSN sale to make up for the horrible black Friday weekend PSN problems/people couldn’t buy things because of a Sony problem/etc….?

    This list of games for the Holiday sale has a couple ok titles, but where is the apology and bonus sale to make up for all of your (sony’s) mistakes this weekend?

    • I’m not aware of any plans to extend the sale; but I’ll pass this along to the Store team. Very sorry to hear about folks not being able to redeem voucher codes over the weekend; I know that must be frustrating =| but appreciate everyone’s udnerstanding who might have been impacted.

  • I am super excited to play Grid 2 but very disappointed in the sales last week and this week. It feels like Sony was hyping up a great sale that never arrived and wasted everyone’s time instead. I am hoping for some good Vita discounts this month…

  • @24 agreed. i didn’t like Dragon fantasy book 1 all that much, but i heard the sequel was much better. i’d be willing to try it if it went on sale for around $5.

  • Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch for under $10. Oh yea.

  • @25
    Terraria that will be only on sale tomorrow is only for the PS3 Version.

  • Holy crap! Ni No Kuni for less than $10?!

    I was thinking about buying it at Amazon for $15, but it was going to cost $25 after shipping and taxes, even with the cheapest shipping method.

    It looks like I’ll be getting it on PSN instead and save $15.

    And I get BL2 for free later this month! It looks like I’ll be set for the next couple of months as both of these games should provide over 200 hours between the two.

  • If I buy FFXIV RR for the PS3 for $10 is it then free on the PS4? Does this $10 version come with the 30 free days?

    Thanks, love the discounts!

  • I’m so double dipping on Ni No Kuni.

    I’m considering the Rainbow Moon vita upgrade.

  • Well this is rather impressive! Ni No Kuni on sale for $10.00 is unbelievable! I’ve always wanted to buy it and now I shall! Rainbow Moon is what I’ve been wanting on my PS Vita for a long time now and Borderlands II on PSPlus means I can now go pick up a second controller for our family living-room PS3. I just wish Sony PlayStation would make Shadow of the Colossus playable on the PS Vita with trophies.

  • @45

    Yes and yes.

    All copies of FFXIV come with a 30 day trial. All PS3 owners get a free upgrade to the PS4 version.

  • Rainbow Moon is mine!!!

  • NNK for 9.79$ a MUST! Already bought it on Disc )). Terraria looks good and FF XIV for 10$ is nice; but meeeh for monthly Sub. Defiance for 2.5$ , is it good to play alone or it a must be with friends ?

    I’ll wait for next week sale. Thx anyway.

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