Mastering Knack’s Unlockable Gadgets

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Mastering Knack’s Unlockable Gadgets

PS4 released in North America on November 15th, and it was wonderful to see the response! We sold over a million units in the first day, which set a record for any console in the PlayStation family.

Knack: Sunstone Battery

Knack released alongside PS4, which was also very nice and a culmination of a lot of hard work! We’re excited to have the game out in the wild, so to speak. Now that it’s out there, we wanted to take a little time to explain how having friends on PlayStation Network can enhance the game by boosting the number of gadgets you can collect.

There are over sixty secret rooms in Knack, and contained within these rooms are treasure chests – when Knack opens a chest, a random item pops out. Most of these items are parts of gadgets that will help Knack in his quest. There are eight gadgets in all, and they vary greatly in their difficulty to construct. Simpler gadgets are made of three parts, and the tougher gadgets are made of up to seven parts.

Knack: Double BatteryKnack: Secret Room Box

However, you have help! If any of your friends have found this same secret room, you can see the item that they found there. If you’d prefer the item that a friend found – perhaps it’s the final part of a gadget you’re trying to complete – you can choose that instead. So if you have a friend or two playing Knack, it becomes much easier to construct and use these gadgets. It’s a huge boost when you’re looking for the final part to complete a set. Simply put, if you’re playing by yourself, you’ll probably only pick up one or two gadgets on your first playthrough – but with friends, you will be able to build and use almost all of them!

You can also collect these parts while you’re on the go. Knack’s Quest is a free downloadable game for iOS devices (Android version coming soon), where you can also unlock gadget parts and rare Relics for use in the full Knack game on PS4. Knack’s Quest is a standalone three-in-a-row jewel game featuring Knack himself. Gather parts to help Knack grow before the time runs out to clear the level. Unlock endless mode by beating all levels, and post your scores in global and friend rankings.

Knack: Combo Meter

Knack: Combo Meter

One of the most useful gadgets is the Combo Meter, which is made out of seven parts. That’s quite a few, but if you’re playing with friends, it’s not too hard to collect all of them. Once you’ve built it and equipped it, Knack will have a new ability – the more times he damages an enemy, the stronger his attacks get. In the screenshot above, he’s managed to hit his enemies 24 times!

Another extremely useful gadget is the Secret Detector. You need to collect sets of parts in order to build the gadgets, and the parts are all in treasure chests in hidden rooms, right? If you have the Secret Detector, you are alerted whenever you are near one of these rooms – so you’ll be picking up collectibles much faster.

You can also build a Relic Detector. Whenever you are near relics, it flashes. This means that you’ll never walk by a source of relics again without knowing it. Here you can see Knack in Viktor’s palace… did you know that there are relics in the floor waxers?

Knack: Transmuter

The Time Dilator takes a bit of effort to master, but it can also be very useful. When it is equipped, time slows down if Knack damages a number of enemies in succession within a short time period. The more enemies Knack hits, the slower time gets – so you’ll have more time to strategize about which enemy to attack (and how to attack it) in order to keep the chain going. Getting hit will end the chain, though, so be careful to dodge enemy counter-attacks!

There are two gadgets that boost Knack’s special moves. The Sunstone Battery is pretty simple – it allows Knack to store an additional super move’s worth of energy. The Double Battery is much tougher to construct (some of the parts are very rare), but it allows Knack to accumulate twice as much sunstone energy and then release it with much stronger super moves. There are very, very few enemies in the game that can survive the Shockwave super move if Knack has equipped the Double Battery and then filled up the sunstone gauge.

Knack: Harvester

The final two gadgets are the Transmuter and the Harvester. The Transmuter really comes in handy in a pinch – when Knack is low on health and breaks sunstones, the Transmuter uses the sunstone energy to heal Knack.

The Harvester is quite different – when Knack defeats enemies, they release sunstones. It may not seem as if Knack is picking up much energy from the defeated enemies, but over the course of a level it adds up! Knack can do quite a few more super moves with the Harvester equipped.

So those are the eight gadgets in the game! If you have friends playing Knack, you can really take advantage of that when building the gadgets — it’s almost like trading with them. If you don’t have any friends and you’d like to see all of the gadgets, what you need to do is load an already completed game and then select “continue.” You’ll start the game at the beginning, but you’ll keep all of the items you already picked up. You should be able to have all gadgets collected by the middle of your second playthrough – and you’ll have likely unlocked Vampire Knack as well. But that’s a subject for another post!

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  • I could masterbate to Marc’s voice.

  • I really enjoyed Knack. I played the game proper and my wife played the companion app to help me out with building gadgets! That worked out pretty well as I am terrible at match 3 games. Would also like to take a moment and point out the story was good! Usually in these type of game the story can be a bit throw away, but Knack did a great job with its story. My thanks to the team, and heres hoping for a follow up which builds upon the already solid foundation.



  • I thought someone said psn would have black friday sales

  • came here for Mark Cerny.


  • Black Friday?

  • I don’t know what it is about Knack; but it just never appealed to me. Even when it was first announced. I think it’s just the characters design in general. He isn’t very appealing to look at for a thirty second commercial. I couldn’t imagine playing as him for whatever length of time the game takes to complete. Not saying the game is bad; as I’ve never played it. Knack just makes me think of every new generations early games that latch onto some weird gameplay mechanic while also trying to appeal to a younger audience.

  • The PSN is very very late for black friday, this is kinda frustrating :/


  • It would be nice to have ps plus for 25 dollers for a year and some price drops on ps4 games

  • What’s this? PSN being late to update? Is it last week again already?

  • Srsly, Sony; give us PSN Sale , even EU Sales are up . O_o

  • how about an update on PSN black friday deals, and why did Canada get screwed out of the PS+ sale?

  • The Black Friday deals…there is a slot for it on the store marked as “Flash Deals, unprecedented sales this weekend”. On the first day i saw it i could open it and see a list of big games like Saints Row 4 etc. But they all showed the full price. Im guessing me being able to see this was just an error and by morning the link did nothing whatsoever. But today is black friday and still nothing has been seen. Im really surprised by this, Sony is normally the first out the gate. I get that Thanksgiving is here for the US but not announcing a single thing for Today is a little annoying especially with other deals already going on. I havent purchased anything from a store for Playstation games yet in hopes of good PSN deals

  • Beat this game Wednesday. Really enjoyed it. Didn’t deserve the below average reviews. It was really fun and at times looked amazing graphically. The scenery was great. Great job.

  • wheres todays sale guys?! its 11:30 here in PR…. your gonna make people go back to the black friday to get a psn card just after theyve returned from an all-nighter waiting in line to get something come on Sony …. the sale should be all weekend … cuz youve already lost a few hours ….

  • The game was great. I beat in on Normal mode last week after my PS4 freeze about 20-25 while playing it. Got my new PS4 replacement this week & the same things happen so hopefully they will do a bit more patching on the disk version so I can try to play some more. I really did enjoy it though so I hope to see it working better one day.

  • Great tip I didn’t know that could be done. Knack is a throwback to gaming I love so far. I really don’t know why other see it to be … ???

    Never mind very good game.

  • I got Knack with my console at launch and played it a ton to get the platinum trophy. I like the game, but there are some things that are annoying. The PS4 did freeze a lot after firmware 1.51 while playing Knack, I never had that issue with other games.

    The main problem is the collectibles and gems. Getting 10 diamonds for Diamond Knack is ridiculous. After two playthroughs on Hard difficulty, I had gotten 5 diamonds. After that, I started a third playthrough on Hard (to keep my gems and items) just to get more diamonds. I’d go to a chest, and if it wasn’t a diamond, quit the game and try again. This took 5 or 6 hours.

    I was then able to play on Very Hard with Diamond Knack, but of course none of your items and gems transfer over to a new playthrough.

    It just made a fun game very annoying in my opinion.

  • since the PSN is almost entirely insaccessible to me right now – I am not too concerend about BF deals..

    and Hey MARK – please help to allow subaccounts to be master accounts!

  • Hey Mark, when are we getting Knack’s Quest on Android? Been two weeks already since the game released on iOS.

  • I want this game!

    Mark Cerny is da man. Also, congrats on the Europe PS4 launch..I heard it was huge!

    Now, we need more cowbell..

    lol @ #2 comment..Well timed , yet overly dramatic. :)

    Back to the Black Friday cult…They’re half sleep by now, they need sleep..Trust me, sleep cures all.

    Or else, there will be alot of grumpy people. Where my sales?! LOL I’ve been waiting all my life for a sale on gas and I’m still waiting.. They take my arm and leg and can’t even pump for me.

  • I’ll chime in.


    Black Friday is half over, most people are likely done their shopping, a lot of stores started selling yesterday, and the PSN hasn’t even given us a hint of what’s coming sometime this weekend.

    Way to drop yet another ball Sony, good luck with sales when your customers spent all their money elsewhere.

  • For those people asking about Black Friday sales, also don’t limit the sales to only the newest of games, there are a lot of games on the PSN to sale, I have no interest in Bioshock Infinite or should be called Bioshock 2 now with a lot less features and time paradoxs to explain bad plot issues, or Last of Us which not exactly sure who that refers to as it sure as hell isn’t humans, there tons of them.

    Sale some games like Tales of Graces F, or maybe some of those Digital only games like Way of the Samurai 4.

  • something tells me that these ” deals ” Morgan Haro was talking about are for Tuesday and not accessible today. today people are gonna spend a load of money and Sony may not make as many sales cause they kept people in the dark this long. if there is a sale it’s most likely to be TUESDAY as i said before. UNLESS they are updating the store for later then i’ll be wrong but if nothing today then it’s next week. and i really thought Sony was going to update first thing about it but i guess not. and it is almost 8 there time zone so i’ll give them more time. if nothing in another 4 hours then i’ll be shocked.

  • So many off topic whiny post.

  • Black Friday for PS store?
    Crash Bandicoot remastered for Vita?

    why Knack? what’s wrong with Sony.. and the PS Plus for December is only about racing :S

  • @ #27 well the way theyre doing it they arent gonna make lots of sales with a sale today that should have been announced yesterday so we could be with out psn wallets at the ready … but no they announce it today so we have to go back to the store and get a psn card IF …. IF we still have money after spending on black friday … lol thats why i said it has to be an all weekend sale

  • @#29-Borderlands 2 and Dyad are not racing games, so there’s that.

  • #31 Grind 2 and Sonic are >.> doofus lol

  • @30 that could very well be and i hope your right. but my guess is for Tuesday. ( does it make sense ? no ) but i only say it cause it’s when Sony updates store. but right now the Store is down for maintenance so it could very well be Live today abit later on !!

  • @#32 I was speaking with some one else,one who said “PS Plus for December is only about racing”, and pointed out there were non-racing plus games. Certainly your mommy raised you better than to call some one “doofus”.

  • Not to mention the game is Grid 2. Spelling and reading comprehension both escape you, but thank you for your insightful commentary.

  • @Mark Cerny
    First up enjoyable game, but two issues, one technical and one design wise.

    I didn’t have the game freezing issue, but I did notice some input lag after 4 to 5 hours of playing. Also some noticable input lag after trying to use music unlimited while playing the game. This was while doing Co-op with the game.

    Second up is design wise, I wasn’t too big on how specials were so severely limited. It honestly got to the point where I just didn’t use them at all. More time should have been spent providing players with the challenge to accumulate the powers and finding ways to use them in order to survive on the harder settings. Seems like most of the difficult was pushed into not using the abilities at all. Sit down with Resogun on Veteran and then sit down with Knack on Hard, you’ll start to see what I mean.


  • Where are the black friday sales??

  • the link to the store is off. maybe for uploading things, maybe due to whatever.

  • For the person guessing the update/sale is Tuesday.

    There is a post/reply stating there will be sales posted today.

    Also in the PSN store is an ad saying Weekend Flash sales, although none have shown up yet.

    So all the advertising and limited PR responses says the Black Friday sale should be today/this weekend.

  • hehe Black Friday?

  • @40 ok then i didn’t notice that it was today. i saw that it would be posted today on here but i didn’t know that it would be done for sale on PSN today. beside as i pointed up above in a earlier comment that the store is down and that it’s possible they are putting the sales up now as we speak

  • if you check the pc psn store theyre kinda setting it up already its and all weekend flash sale :) were good sony were good …. though i hope its not just diablo 3 or big games that are $60 regular price lol i want cheap games not retail prices XD

  • @ Mark Cerny I really like Knack and think the game is fantastic. I’m on my second playthrough and I wish more people would try it out for themselves instead of making preconceived notions about a game they never played (@ #10 AnoyoIkari). Unfortunately like others commenting I too am having a problem with my PS4 freezing while playing Knack after the patch 1.01 was applied to the game. I found that if I delete my Knack install and reinstall without the patch I can play and enjoy Knack for hours without the console locking up. With the patch which adds the network features to see what friends found in chests on their playthrough, the game freezes constantly resulting in my having to hard reboot the PS4 every time it does so. I don’t believe constantly hard rebooting the console can be great for my hard drive, installed games and save data. Please look into this bug with the 1.01 Knack patch update.

  • for all the BF folks, amazon has a year of PS+ for $30 which is a steal.

  • Brack Friday Bundulu? When is the droid version coming? I have beat knack already and enjoyed it. Id give it a 6.5 out of 10. Wish there was more to it. I loved the visuals and controls were good but overall its very linear. Wish there was more dancing!

  • Yes I know see the store starting to update/lag etc.. so hopefully things are in the works.

    Just trying to pass on some info, hope I didn’t sound Jerky.

    though I do like me some good beef jerky.

  • Please post your freaking Black Friday concerns somewhere else. Like under the Black Friday Deals blog post perhaps.

  • There has been multiple reports of the game locking up and it has happened to me at least 10 times please we need a patch for this

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