New Killzone Mercenary Updates Coming, Free Multiplayer Maps

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New Killzone Mercenary Updates Coming, Free Multiplayer Maps

Killzone Mercenary on PS Vita

Hi Everyone. Amongst all the excitement for the launch of PS4 and, of course, Killzone Shadow Fall, here at Guerrilla Cambridge we’ve still been busily working away on Killzone Mercenary. We’re now very pleased to announce that there will be a number of updates coming over the next few months.

First up is Update 3. In terms of functionality there will only be minimal changes, but this is the patch that reduces the size of the other patches! After installing this patch it will free up around 800MB of space for those who have already installed Updates 1 & 2. Update 3 should be ready in the next few weeks.

Killzone Mercenary on PS VitaKillzone Mercenary on PS Vita

Update 4 is due in January and is being designed to improve Matching and to help reduce join-game connectivity problems, as well as adding an auto team-rebalancing feature.

Following that is the big one: Update 5. Two new multiplayer maps for FREE, and the release of offline Botzone for Mercenary and Guerrilla Warfare modes.

Also in the first few months of 2014 will be Update 6, in which we’re working towards continued refinements and adding support for playing Killzone Mercenary on Vita TV (only applicable to territories where Vita TV is available).

We hope you enjoy the additions to Mercenary. Happy gaming.

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  • Awesome. Thanks. I just luv this game. Hope to see some story DLC in the future.

  • Awesome! Any window on when the free maps will be released?

  • Thank you for reducing the amount of space the patches take up. New maps are also very exciting as well. Great year to be a Killzone fan.

  • Already have the Platinum Trophy for this game but I am looking forward to all the tweaks and new maps. Keep up the great work!

  • Update 6 = Vita TV US launch confirmed.

  • Yay for space savings! Also, the news of free multiplayer maps is always welcome! Keep up the great work, I love this game!

  • Sweet, I would love a botzone mode. Thanks much Guerrilla Cambridge. True that isn’t this update, it’s nice to know its inbound.

  • Amazing support for this game. I’m looking to get this game on Black Friday. I’m playing through Killzone Shadow Fall right now and it is epic!

  • Awesome support for this game! Kudos to you guys!

    As someone who didn’t download Update 2 due to storage limitations,will I still have to download it in order to get at Update 3?

  • Thank you Guerrilla Games Cambridge the game is awesome i just finished the story missions been playing MP mostly, anyway looking forward to the new maps

  • Offline bots is exactly what it needed because on the go we don’t all have the luxury of internet:P :D

  • Awesome. THANK YOU!!!!!!!
    You are definately proving you are the best Vita purchase hands down.

    Love this game, even more now.

    *Now if we coud just work on a better way to zoom.*

  • Its great to see that you guys really listened what the people wanted in this title. really looking forward the botzone and the new maps

  • Wow, that’s awesome news – especially the new maps and botzone. I’m impressed that you’ve been able to add these features. This is a great game, and the multiplayer is a lot of fun. I’m into the Shadow Fall multiplayer now, but I think Mercenary retains the feel of classic Killzone, so it will be great to continue playing it too -especially with a couple of new maps.

    Thanks for continuing to support this game!

  • This is excellent! Just started playing online and I am really loving it!

  • I can’t wait!!

  • Guerrilla Cambridge = winning! Smaller update size, bots, and free maps?! Ya’ll are amazing

  • Sweet! Glad to see the continued support, especially right after the release of Shadowfall. I’m looking forward to the offline botzone mode the most. Thanks guys!

  • Support for Vita TV? So does the confirm that Vita TV will be coming to NA? I hope so

  • Seeing that Vita TV update makes me think it’s a hint that the Vita TV is coming West in late Winter, early Spring 2014

  • Marvelous news!!! I can´t wait!!! Thanks for still supporting this VITA masterpiece! VITA needs more developers like Guerrilla Cambridge!

  • When will in game chat be available?

  • amazing news! thanks GG

  • Vita Tv support seems like a Spolier alert (fist pumps)

    Cant wait for the new maps!!!!!!!!

    Reducing the Space is clutch also

  • dont get me wrong, these updates are great, but at some point, u really should integrate all updates into the original binary and make a new version of the game that integrates all previous sizes thus optimising size., this latest game version could be updated to the ps store for those who got the game digitally. a bit like how ios games appear on app store, a new version that has all the patches and fixes.

  • The only thing I ask for (which I don’t see coming according to this post) is the ability to save at checkpoints during contract (adding a “Resume Contract” option or something to the Main/Campaign Menu).

  • Oh..? :D This is music to my ear lobes..

  • Great news!
    Glad to see such support.

  • Love the dedication to free updates. Even so, would have happily paid you for maps, this game definitely deserves every penny it earns.

  • As one other person pointed out, Update 6 pretty much confirms vita tv for US. I think most of you missed that. But the free maps are just iceing! So glad I got this day one!

  • @31 I don’t believe that, as they may be referring to those people who are playing the physical copies on their imported VTVs.

  • awesome
    any word about weapon’s DLC for killzone

  • This is excellente! Guerrilla Cambridge / GG, you guys are awesome! The only things I wanted in KZ: Mercenary was botzone and more maps and my wishes have been granted. Currently working my way up to earning 1,000,000 Vektan Cash.

  • Why does a Vita TV patch tell people that the Vita TV is coming west? This game came out in Japan as well. I am sure that the Vita TV will eventually launch here, but that has nothing to do with a patch.

  • HAHA AMAZING! Online Botzone in the future please!

  • Shaving off 800mb. How is that possible?

  • + Tjoeb123 on November 26th, 2013 at 11:42 am said:
    The only thing I ask for (which I don’t see coming according to this post) is the ability to save at checkpoints during contract (adding a “Resume Contract” option or something to the Main/Campaign Menu).

    Anytime you go to the armory it saves your progress. I thought this was common knowledge?

  • Yes! That’ll make 2 games I have that use VitaTV!
    Thank you!

  • This looks freaking awesome. CAN’t wait.

  • seriously awesome guys. such a great game. keep up the good work!

  • @38 Nope. I’ve played the first mission, visiting the armory along the way, and after a few deaths (at the part where you have to cover that doctor guy while he does his thing in the elevator), I didn’t feel like playing anymore as I only wanted to play for a few minutes. So I quit the game and closed the application, and next time I booted it up…..I had to start all over, even though there were checkpoints.

  • @35 Well, considering the VITA tv doesn’t support the U.S. store right now, why mention on it on the U.S. and EU blogs. That seems completely pointless. It does sound like this was an unintentional confirmation on the product coming to the West, and I don’t see why they wouldn’t.

    -(It is an instant seller to people that don’t have a VITA, and it will help build VITA support. SONY knows this, and it is their best way of doing so without allowing VITA games on other platforms, yet still supporting the VITA.)

    That being said, is there a Japanese blog? I can’t find an official one like with U.S., EU, and many other South American countries. If this post was also given to them, then it could have just been a general message. Being that, to my knowledge, there is no Japan blog, this is almost certainly proof that we are eventually getting the VITA T.V., and probably by Spring 2014 at the latest.


  • “Also in the first few months of 2014 will be Update 6, in which we’re working towards continued refinements and adding support for playing Killzone Mercenary on Vita TV” so does this mean that Vita TV is coming stateside?

  • No one is looking at these maps and seeing Killzone 2’s Blood Gracht and Tharsis Depot?

    What kind of Killzone fans are these people? xD

  • I would rather hear about music ownership and a Youtube app coming to PS4.

  • @Tjoeb123 and @RoyMunson

    I’m pretty sure the game doesn’t only saves your progress as a checkpoint when you visit the armory while you continue to play the game. It doesn’t save it if you quit the game. So your best bet is just to put the vita in standby until you have time to finish the level, instead of quitting the game and turning off the vita completely.

    Hopefully you’ll find a chance later in the day to return to the game and beat the level so your progress gets saved!

  • sounds fantastic!

  • Botzone! Hell freaking yes! As much as I enjoy playing multiplayer online, the addition of botzone will give the game added value when a network is unavailable. I’m very happy to hear this news. Of course, the additional maps will breathe new life into multiplayer, and the patch optimization is much appreciated. This is all great news, Mark.

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