PS4 Launch: One Fan’s Perspective

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PS4 Launch: One Fan’s Perspective

So it isn’t likely that you’ll recognize my name in the byline, as this is my first post for the PlayStation.Blog, but I’m a gamer much like everyone who frequents this site, and a member of the PlayStation MVP program.

A couple of weeks ago, I was presented with a chance to attend the NYC PlayStation launch event due to my involvement in the MVP program, and of course jumped at the opportunity — seriously, who wouldn’t? So on Wednesday, I traveled by train from Boston down to NYC, and what followed was honestly an experience of a lifetime.

My first night in NYC was somewhat low-key and involved meeting up with Paul Sullivan (one of the PlayStation Digital Platforms Community Managers who made my trip possible) and two other PlayStation MVPs. We checked out the venue where various PS4 games were being broadcast onto the sides of rental trucks and buildings, and stumbled upon Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios, interacting with a real-time art installation that made use of The Standard, High Line Hotel.

Thursday, to borrow a phrase from Sony’s marketing, really was the “Perfect Day.” Sony had a mini-E3 set up in the Bier Garten venue that would later transform into the set for Spike TV’s PS4: All Access launch special. This was my first time experiencing PS4 in person, and the gameplay and graphics looked stunning for every game they had on display. I particularly loved getting the opportunity to play the various unreleased games, such as Thief and Octodad.

PS4 Launch Fan Perspective, 04PS4 Launch Fan Perspective, 06

At around 4:00 PM, the other two MVPs and I were given complimentary PS4s, an array of games, and other gear to take back to our hotel and play. Before heading back, we got to meet Shuhei Yoshida and Adam Boyes and had them sign our consoles. Then, once back at the hotel, I fired up the PS4, and — after a short mesmerization with the new user interface — I quickly jumped into Resogun. I followed that up with Knack, tried out the social features using the Share button, and spent the next few hours entirely immersed in gameplay.

Later that night, I headed over to Spike TV’s PS4: All Access launch event with the other two MVPs and our PS4s. We were fortunate enough to watch the live broadcast from the media pit, and while the announcements were great and I particularly can’t wait to get my hands on Destiny, the highlight of my night was meeting Guy Longworth, Jack Tretton, and Andrew House, and getting them to sign my PS4.

PS4 Launch Fan Perspective, 08

After midnight arrived, it was back to the hotel to pack everything up in preparation for the journey home. While I very much enjoyed NYC, I ended up catching an early train back to Boston, because three fewer hours spent in Penn Station meant three more with my console at home.

In the end, I got more out of this trip than I ever expected. It was great meeting some of my fellow PlayStation gamers, such as the two PlayStation MVPs who I got to share the experience with, and the many others willing to wait it out to be among the first to buy PS4 at launch. It was also great to see how passionate everyone at PlayStation is about what they do — not just their jobs and how the products they make influence others, but the games as well, because at their core they’re gamers too.

I realize that my PS4 launch experience is about as glitzy as they get, but a couple of weeks ago I was planning on staring down a clock and waiting for an Amazon shipment to arrive, so I would love for you to share your launch experiences in the comments, below.

If you’d like to join Charles in the PlayStation MVP Program, apply here.

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  • I was lucky enough to take off from work last Friday. I told myself that I was going to be an adult about receiving my PS4, but as soon as Amazon delivered it to my door that “little kid at Christmas” feeling shocked through me.

    The initial set-up was fast and within minutes I was playing Killzone: Shawdow Fall. Thanks to the power of Monster Energy drinks and Oreos, the next thing I remember it was already Saturday morning. It’s a testament to the game, the new Dualshock 4 and Sony’s commitment to giving gamers what they want– games!!!

    What’s amazing about the PS4 is how seamlessly games, social sharing and the PSN have been integrated within the IU while keeping everything clean and simple. I like multi-tasking, but I want my game systems to focus on games of all varieties.

    I spent the entire weekend playing Killzone, Resogun (my personal favorite) and Knack. I also dabbled with Assassin’s Creed Black Flag and remote play with my Vita.

    Sony, keep the games coming and never stop wavering on your new commitment to make the PS4 the destination for greatness!

    • Yeah, there’s just something about getting a new console that brings out that “little kid at Christmas” feeling like you said. I’m glad you’re enjoying the PS4!

  • I had a good experience. I pre-ordered a few months ago at Gamestop. I decided to take a vacation day Friday and try out my first ever midnight launch at Gamestop. Kudos to them for the way they handled it. I was #32 in line and was out and on my way home by 12:05. Everyone rang out and got a receipt early, then at midnight, just grabbed a bag and went. Awesome!

    When I got home, I was able to download the update a lot quicker than I expected. I checked out the UI and was pleasantly surprised. I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t log in to PSN, but not really all that surprised. I was hoping to set things to download overnight, so I could play in the morn. Anyway, when I woke up, all was well and was again pleasantly surprised by how quick stuff downloaded and how easy it was to get it started (MAJOR improvement over PS3, Sony). I must’ve hit a sweet spot window and was able to get all the free stuff downloaded before the network maintanance later in the day, so I got to spend my whole vacation day playing stuff.

    I am very happy with my purchase. I have KZ:SF, NFS and BF4, plus all the PS Plus Stuff. The only thing I have trouble with and regret getting is BF4 because of the horrible QC.

  • Boston Represent!

  • i am really excited for the ps4 cant wait too get mine, but im gonna hold out until they make a version 2 or something, i don’t want a broken console

  • Yo Boston wicked good write up. :) You all make us fellow MVP’s proud and well represented. Glad you made the most of it. I still think TrippleWreck should be carded, there is no way he’s over 18…j/k lol

    Maybe see you at PAX East.

    cool beans

  • Where is our launch event in Miami?

  • Well done Charles. It was a pleasure meeting you and the other MVPs in New York. Keep up the good work, and enjoy your console!

  • Thanks for representing the MVPs!

    Too bad I wasn’t able to go, hopefully next time, if there is a next time!

  • What is an MVP? never heard of it. also my launch event wasn’t that good not 1 chick in the crowd 30 men in ther 20-40’s and not I did not wait with them. I’ll get my PS4 next year when it has games.

  • Charles, glad you had a great time as a fellow MVP, I hope to see you at future events. Great job on your first blog post as well!!!!!

  • Hi, Charles, great story and well-written, too. I think it’s awesome that Sony is continually showing much love for this Playstation nation.

  • I had a different experience at the PS4 launch in NYC. It seemed like much of the attention was paid to those who were closest to the front of the line. Along the rest of the line earlier in the evening it wasn’t bad – Sony reps (I think I heard them being called Vita girls) were walking around passing out goodies here and there. The line dragged to a crawl, the updates to what was happening on the line also grew equally silent. I was in the mid 200’s alongside the back of the Hotel. We could see further down the line there were outdoor propane heaters but they were bunched together and only covering no more than a quarter of the line. As midnight approached we were excited for the launch, but the line stopped moving and we had no idea what was going on. By the time we got to the heaters they had already started to die out. We slowly crept up the line when there was another complete halt. One of the Vita girls came by and started talking with us about how poorly the event was being run and that it was a mess inside, no one was moving and the credit card machines had begun to fail. It was well after 1am and we weren’t far from getting inside (that doesn’t include waiting on the line inside to purchase our PS4s).

  • As we approached the front a few women from inside came out and were boasting an offer for us, they were delighted to extend us the option of getting a ticket to come back to the Sony Store the following day to pick up our system after 1pm. After hours of waiting and no sign of relief we could go back home with nothing to show and the option of waiting again tomorrow. It came as particularly biting because these Sony reps had clearly had enough and wanted to go home too. I understand that it was an option, but it was a very poor one. The reps were telling us it could easily be an hour or more, trying to coax us off the line. Minutes later I made it inside and the warmth made me feel better, but seeing them pack up and tear down the exhibits was kind of disheartening. The whole reason I went was to experience the launch-what I got was 6 hours outside and a nasty cold. I knew by getting in line I potentially signed up for this, but I’m surprised Sony extended nothing as an apology for us. Overall, I am not bitter as I have a shiny new PS4, I do love the system and I’m now getting over the terrible cold I had for the past week. I really just wish the event had more thought put into it and was handled a bit better.

  • Hey Charles lovely experence for you to share with us.

    Do you know if any improvements to the MVP program are on its way, I do feel like there are some great guys in the program but others who are called to rise to the occasion are topically not that helpful and getting normal members confused as to why the person is an MVP.

    With the vague requirements of becoming MVP it would be great if there was more training as to how to properly represent sony to keep a good face.

  • going to AWAIT till MGS5 and Infamous and some other triple A titles get UNCHARTED, GOD OF WAR, MOTORSTORM, PLAYSTATION ALLSTARS BATTLE ROYAL 2..or better yet a SOCOM..with a BF3 game these kind of games will motivate me to buy one…untill then IM…AWAIT!! LOL

  • hi CK congrats on getting chosen to attend the PS4 Launch and represent the MVPs and also very awesome seein ya as a blog author.. who would think of it hehe, great story you wrote there man, so proud :)

    They’re sold out everywhere (Gamestop, Walmart, Best Buy etc). I’m trying to purchase one before Thanksgiving. Preferably from Gamestop.

  • Pretty cool to see a fellow MVP writing on the Playstation Blog.
    I got my PS4 from amazon, and that had such a blast with it all weekend. I have 4-5 games for it but I think I’ve played Resogun more than all of them combined.

    • Resogun is probably my favorite launch title, as well. I haven’t quite figured out why I’m saving the last humans, but I can’t get enough of it. Anyone with PS Plus needs to check out the game while it’s still one of the free featured games.

  • Congratulations, Charles, and congrats to the other selected MVPs that were selected for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

    – Fellow MVP

  • When will more ps4s be available I need 2 of the please let us know…

  • I heard there a vita/PS4 Bundle coming out before Christmas looking to buy that one.

  • Haven’t gotten a PS4 yet, but I will soon enough. I never like to buy new technology when it first comes out, and I also still have a tremendous backlog of games for the PS3, most of which I’ve never even played. I am a patient man.

  • I just love Playstation launches. I have been 1st day launch purchase of my PS2/ PS3 And Now my ps4. The excitement is so much of a rush. Getting my hands on the brand spanking new console is one of the greatest feelings in the world, (next to my kids being born), but man oh man, I just feels so good to boot up my 1st day console knowing that im one of the few that are experiencing this. With that said, Im lovin my ps4. Graphicks in Need For Speed are so sweet, but one of the biggest suprizes to me if the use of the speaker on the controller. oh my, It work so well with Killzone when memo are being read and Resogun also sounds sweet with surround sound speakers and a mix of the controller speakers. Great job Sony.

  • nice

  • Awesome write up and love the video! :)

  • I was suppose to get my PS4 launch day. But I had more pressing issues to take care of 1st. And I received my PS4 on Monday from Amazon & it’s the best experience playing it. I have tried out the twitch feature yet but I will. And I have the PS app on my new iPhone 5s gold which is amazing!!!!!!!!!

  • I know this isn’t the right post for this but there has yet to be an updated one up.
    I read that Ys:Memkries of Celceta will be lsrger than all other Ys games put together,several times over.If thats the case do you have any info on how many MBs it’ll take up?I would wajt but every time I get excited/hyped for game or something else I want it takes ages for that day/moment to come.
    Also will the PSN store get updated midnight of 11/26 or later that day?

  • Hey Charles, great write up of your experience here in NYC. It truly was a “Perfect Day” nothing will be able to beat it at least until E3 2014.

  • can’t wait to get mine 29 november

  • I ordered my PS4 through Amazon back near the end of August, I was so hyped for it! I remember watching the reveal, and the E3 presentation live, I was really excited! My PS4 arrived this Friday, and even if I got it a week late, I was just happy to have it. In fact, as I told a friend, it felt like getting a gift back in the first grade. I got home and I opened it, read the quick start guide, move my PS3 to a different shelf, and stared plugging in my PS4.

    So, imagine the extreme level of disappointment when I am faced with the fact that I am the owner of a malfunctioning console. Yeah, that’s right; I got the so called “blue-light-of-death”. I sort of got into denial, turned it off, turned it on. Nothing shows up on the TV even once, and when I turn the PS4 on, it’s just the blue light that doesn’t go away until I turn it off. I had read several accounts of different people with the same issue, all the while hoping I wasn’t affected. Well, I was. I went back online and read up more on it, to see what I could do.


  • Pt 2

    I changed HDMI cables, tried to use the PS3 power cable, changed TV’s to see if it worked, and NOTHING changed. Still. That. Blue. Light. I contact support, and after a bit of a wait I’m able to get into live chat. I explain my problem and the first thing I’m told is that I should open the HDD slot and check if there is any damage. Not feeling comfortable with that, as I didn’t want to be at risk of damaging the console myself, I asked again.

    I am told that by my description of the issue, the console should be sent it for servicing. Not only that, but that the repair box will take about a week to get here, and then a week to get back to support, add to that the servicing time, and then another week so it comes back to me. Why? Well, I live in Puerto Rico, and that is the shipping speed that support has for here. Add to those issues, that last time I sent something for servicing (my PSVita, last year), FedEx left it at someone else’s house…which means I am not comfortable with doing this again, but it’s my only option, since support won’t send the box to a PO Box address, “because it has to be signed”.

  • Pt 3

    Which means, that the PS4 launch, from one fan’s perspective, MY perspective…is having to wait until approximately the end of December to be able to play with my $400 console. Look, I understand with every console launch issues will indeed arrive, but I did not expect them to be this harming. I bought a $400 console, which turned out to be practically dead on arrival, and then I was told that I’d have to wait until an approximate of the end of DECEMBER to actually enjoy my product.

    I love PlayStation; I have a PS3, PSP, and PSVita. I am a PS+ and Music Unlimited subscriber. I pre-ordered my PS4 as soon as I had the money to do so. And yet, I am so, SO disappointed with this launch. I’m glad that a lot of people are enjoying their consoles, heck, people who bought they-who-shall-not-be-named’s console are already playing it too. Me? I’m sitting here, waiting for the repair box to arrive in about a week, while I play Dragon’s Dogma to pass the time.


  • Pt 4

    What a launch it is for me :(

    And the sad thing is, I’m not alone. Hundreds, THOUSANDS of gamers are suffering from the same issue, with no clear answer to be found as of how to fix it, or why it is happening. We paid the same, and we are left with unusable brick until support exchanges them for working consoles. To be honest, at least for me, this is far more disappointing than the PSN outage. I don’t know if there will be some sort of compensation, I don’t know if there should be, I just want to play with my PS4…and apparently that can’t happen until about a month from now.

  • Thank you ps for youre ps4 , i saved pop cans and other to save up for it ! the ps4 is the best out their and i hope other people will love it like i do ! i got made fun of for picking cans out of the trash but fri.15 2013 made me feel so much better about it ,thanks again ps.

  • The PS4 is a great system, but I request Sony adds just two things to ensure its the best..

    1. Mp3 playback
    2. The ability to sort your games ALPHABETICALLY. For some reason it seems Sony doesn’t believe in this method of sorting. It was purposely removed from the code on the PS3 for some reason and on the PS4 it auto sorts by “last game played” which is nonsense. Please don’t ignore people on these things.

    “PS owner since 1995”

  • That’s cool. I noticed GameOverGreggy from IGN was there. I bet you were happy about meeting so many famous people. I never knew Playstation had an MVP program. I signed up. I definitely am excited to spread the word. Add me on your new PS4 if you want.

  • Before turning my PS4 on, I opened it to replace the stock drive with a 500GB SSD!

  • I’m having problems with music unlimited pausing and ending playback while I’m playing games. Anyone have a fix for this? I was going to continue my subscription , but not if i cant stream while i play.

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