First to Greatness: 64 PS4 Challenges to Test Your Mettle

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First to Greatness: 64 PS4 Challenges to Test Your Mettle

PS4’s North American launch heralds the dawn of a new gaming generation, and today we’re upping the ante with an interactive event called First to Greatness. Using DualShock 4’s Share button, you’ll capture and upload videos of your conquests across 64 challenges detailed on the First to Greatness site (see the full list here). The challenges are spread across a who’s who of PS4 launch titles including Killzone: Shadow Fall, Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, NBA 2K14, and Knack.

Of course, the first player to complete each challenge will earn a spot in PS4 history and some killer bragging rights. But even if you’re not the first to complete a particular challenge, the site will serve as a handy archive of your greatest PS4 accomplishments. Once you’ve completed a challenge and uploaded the video to your Facebook account using DualShock 4’s Share button, submit it to by signing in with Facebook. Many of your “firsts” will be featured soon in a special remake of PlayStation’s recent “Perfect Day” TV spot. Once a total of 64 “firsts” are achieved within the PlayStation community, the site will unlock a cool new experience — but we’ll leave it to you to discover.

Who will be the First to Greatness?

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  • First to Greatness :D

  • haha! Awesome!

  • “We’re sorry, but something went wrong.

    If you are the application owner check the logs for more information.”

    Am I first to break the site?

  • Kratos is the First to Kill a God!

    Won’t be playing some of the games mention above but I will join in the fun.

    I was the first to Preorder at my local GameStop and I was the first to show up at 7am that morning before Midnight. Being First Pays Off :D

  • I won’t be able to jump in on the gaming until Friday night for Shadow Fall or Knack but you bet I’ll be going for this!

  • I wonder if anyone can actually reach all 64 challenges. I already know I don’t want to play NBA 2K14, but I’ve done most of the Assassin’s Creed stuff already.

  • WTF. This is like something that less than 0.00000002 percent of anybody can do. How about a contest or :auction” thats less super-farout-highclass-elite and any normal Playstation fan has a chance of winning

  • I want to point out that they didn’t say there were any prizes. It’s a promotional event. There is a “rewards” section in the official rules, but it basically says that rewards may or may not be available at the discretion of SEN.

  • This gives me an idea. @Sid

    Can you pass this idea around.. can we add the ability to send our friends challenges?

    Its nice to view the “Whats New” section to see what everyone else is doing, but it would be sooo much more useful and become competitive if we could send challenges to our friends if we get a new highscore in resogun and see that we just beat some of our friends.

    The whats new section would update and tell us what challenges we have, and if our friends beat us in any challenges.

    I think that would be a really fun system to have implemented :)

  • i would LOVE to upload some videos….but i CANT since im still a Sub-Account. Any ETA on the ability for people who became 18+ with sub-accounts to become Master Accounts so we can actually use all the features of the console?

  • #9 bball230, I love that idea!

  • Sadly not every PSN account can use the Share button, please add the functionality to upgrade to a master account or give the master account to choice to enable or block it instead of blocking it outright.. It just doesn’t make sense and it is anti consumer.

  • There should be an asterisk on every Share post explaining that it is a master account only feature until sub accounts are able to use this feature.

  • give the master account the choice*

  • Unfortunate for people who don’t have a PS4 like me. :(

  • @15,

    There’s no point in complaining about being stuck in a sub-account in every post you make.

    Shuhei Yoshida is fully aware of the situation that you and countless others are in, and I’d give it a 90-95% likelihood that Sony will fix it eventually since he stated a week or so ago that it is a complex issue to address, but that they are actively looking into it.

    In the meantime, you are free to create a new master account of your own until the fix is live if you are that intent on participating in these community activities.

  • best system ever, I can’t wait for more psn games ^_^

  • This is a great idea, just wish Facebook wasn’t the only way to compete. I dislike the social network.

  • @17 Cool, I like to keep reminding them… I thought that they would’ve bothered to fix it before PS4 or on the 7 years they had on PS3 and they haven’t.

  • I just keep posting on all the blog posts that feature Share since it isn’t clear to everyone who sees it that not all of us are enjoying the Share features.

  • Back on PS3, they also mentioned that it is a complex issue to address for both for sub account to master account upgrade and PSN name changing, and he said recently that it isn’t a priority. I would imagine if they had started to work on it when the issue first appeared it would’ve been fixed already.

  • Absolutely Postively Brilliant Idea! But by the time I get my PS4 this campaign may be over lol.

  • I’m having a problem with this contest. It seems the video recording feature doesn’t work the way its advertised on the PS4. I just spent about 90 minutes trying to take down a legendary ship in AC4. This was really difficult because I’m about half the level I should be for taking on this challenge. After 10 or so attempts, I finally took it down. I hit the share button and went to edit my video. But it seems that the ps4 only recorded the FIRST 15 minutes of gameplay, then the file stopped. It was not the most recent 15 minutes. Is this how its supposed to work?

    I can’t even tell you how disappointed I am that I went through all that effort to discover this glitch. Any help??

  • @24: Should be the last 15 minutes. That’s very weird. Try to contact Sony Support.

    As for the AC4 thing, I’d suggest going for the White Whale challenge though. If your Jackdaw isn’t upgraded all the way those Legendary ships are a hassle.

  • @25: I’m trying to contact support but their live chat is unavailable right now (even though it is within working hours) and I can’t spend 40+ minutes on the phone right now. I made a topic in their support forums, so we’ll see if that works.

    I was going for the white whale at first, but they only appear randomly and I couldn’t find one. So I went for the ship because at least I could find it. I’ve taken down a white whale before.

    The more I think about this situation the more frustrated I feel.

  • Awesome. Yet another thing that those of stuck with sub accounts are locked out of. Thanks, Sid.

    Or yeah, you know, I could follow Shu’s advice and just start over with a new account: give up over 1000 trophies, over 250 games tied to my sub account through PS+, and everything else tied to that account. Yeah…

  • @22 The name changing thing is a hoax. JP accounts can freely change their names. There is no logistical reason why US or EU one can’t as well.

  • The new XbOX is looking real good right now, please tell me something that will change my mind!

  • Uh, yeah, we won’t be seeing that Killzone Shadow Fall platinum challenge completed for a while…

  • Is the PS store ever going to work properly? It has been awful since it launched and now with the PS4 it’s even worse. I can’t look for more than 2 minutes before it freezes up and just goes to a blue screen forcing me to exit and try to go back several times. I’ve tried to buy VC for NBA 2k14 and it says it’s taking me to the store and 3 times in a row it’s taken me to a blue screen where it says store but shows nothing and all I can do is back out. I really think it’s time to get a much and I mean much better team to work on the PS store because it’s inexcusable for it to be this bad after this long and especially on a new console where I’m sure I’m not the only one that would like to buy a couple games and some dlc.

  • We need a video upload options BESIDES Facebook! I do NOT want to mix my Facebook and gaming lives together! Why can’t we upload to cloud service like Skydrive, or to YouTube, or even directly to PSN itself?!

  • another joke. will never post a video or any content to facebook. please, integrate with Google+ or YouTube or directly to a SEN website. this is a ridiculous feature. might as well call it the FB button. how much is facebook paying Sony for the share feature?!

  • Sony, Your failures are obvious, and people NEED to stop supporting them until they stop going backwards.

    3d support
    Media Server

    Just for the headsets alone. Your third party “partners” says bluetooth ps4 compatible and then you pull this crap.

    F u sony and I’m returning everything and going xbox one. You won me and lost me all at the same time.

    I had the Ps4(399), PSN Plus(50), Turtle Beach PX4(150), the Vita(200), 2 extra controllers(120)

    Its all going back. People need to stand up to this crap. The PS3 has 10x the features on 7 year old hardware.

    This is not how a business should produce products and support. Pulling promised features, for down the road, or NEVER like the 3rd party headset.

    Bye Sony, Hello Wii U, Xbox.

    Oh returning the Sony AV receiver and soundbar I picked up for the other room as well.

  • OH is one of the challenges to successfully login to a multiplayer match in Battlefield??? No one would get that though, so it wouldn’t be fare.

  • If you’re having problems recording, just double tap the share button before you begin the challenge to set a start point for recording. Kind of annoying for multi-player games where you never know when you are about to achieve greatness, but it helps a lot for these single-player challenges.

    I’ve done 4/5 Contrast challenges. Defy Gravity seems to be impossible, but I’ll keep trying.

  • I’m struggling to make up my mind if I should get the PS4 camera or a game for it. So far I have Killzone, BF4 and AC4 pre-ordered. Just need to know should I get the camera or get Need for speed? Playroom looks fun but it’s not enough. Need some fitness games that don’t require ps move controllers. Is the camera compatible for doing that?

  • I don’t about games besides Playroom that use the camera, but I think you should go for Rivals instead.

    Also, I beat all challenges for Contrast now. :)

  • I was able to view the video posted here from the PS4s browser. Still, there are other video posts from the Blog that I cant. No plug in and a different format. Hmmmm…

  • The First to Greatness site is not supported by the PS4s browser… It asks to download Chrome. What a bummer!

  • Why is this exclusively on Facebook, not everyone (myself included) has an account with them. Sony should host this on their own site. Guess I won’t participating in it :(

  • guys… is it true that sony bought crash back? oh god do i hope so…

  • this seems really awesome, however, i have to wonder if this sort of thing could have been implemented on a system OS level instead of having to reach out to facebook and then link it to their website…

  • I still don’t understand why the PS4 firmware is not available on the Blog website. PS3, Vita and PSP are all available but no signs of the PS4…….PLEASE FIX!

  • Or is finding the appropriate website to download the firmware one of the PS4 Challenges?

  • 43

    Agreed. Would also be even better if we could share videos/screenshots with the entire PlayStation community, (not just our friends on FB) from the system OS. Just like we can broadcast twitch/ustream videos to the PlayStation community.


  • Since I don’t use facebook, I can’t be a part of this. Sadface.

    Sony you really need to find a way to enable sharing videos to somewhere other than facebook.

  • To clarify, as an amateur writer/blogger, I was REALLY excited for the ability to record videos using the share feature so that I could use them in reviews/posts. I don’t have the resources to afford a $200+ piece of equipment for EACH console whose only purpose is allowing me to record footage, and my system isn’t set up in a place that allows hooking my computer to it.

    The limitation of ‘only facebook’ to this aspect of the service cripples it’s functionality completely. I have literally no use for it at all like this. It’s saddening since it was something I was extremely excited for.

  • damn it, I just took out La Dama Negra yesterday. Didnt hit the share button though.

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