Tearaway Arrives This Friday on PS Vita, Watch the Launch Trailer

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Tearaway Arrives This Friday on PS Vita, Watch the Launch Trailer

We’re nearly there! Tearaway is out this Friday. We’re really looking forward to you folks finally getting your hands in our new game — it’s so great to be this close.

Just in the nick of time, we’ve launched the Tearaway community site — Tearaway.me — which is where all your photos and papercraft models will be displayed. You can check it out right now, and get a few free papercraft models for signing in, even before you own the game. You’ll also see some of the photos of people who have been reviewing Tearaway.

To celebrate our imminent launch, we’ve put together this new trailer for Tearaway, a final little teaser of what awaits you come Friday.

There are still two days left to pre-order Tearaway and get your hands on some tasty pre-order bonuses. If you want to buy it digitally, you’ll get the pre-order items as long as you buy it from PlayStation Store in the first week of release.

If you still haven’t made up your mind about Tearaway after watching the trailer, you’ll be able to download a free trial on Friday, and unlock the full game if you like what you see. It’s really great once you see the world up close, and experience what it feels like to hold a little papery world in your hands — try it, you might like it!

Shout out in the comments if you’re gonna be picking up Tearaway on Friday.

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  • Whoa. A trial? Win! I’ll download it while I wait for the weekend to pass… I hate that this comes out on Friday. Means it won’t arrive in the mail until next week. ): The weekend is going to suuuuck.

  • Congrats to MM and Sony for another hit delivered. The reviews are coming out and they’re singing praises across the board.

    I’ll be picking this up along with a couple of extra games and the camera for my PS4 on Friday. :)

  • Woohoo!! I’ll be terrorising the guys at the Xbox One launch just to pick up my Tearaway a tad earlier, lol!
    In all seriousness, I will be ignoring my PS4 as I play the heck out of this wonderful game!

  • What will be the price on PSN, and the file size?

  • It’s a crying shame we’ll have to wait until Friday, but the superlative reviews will help us sleep at night until then. This game was the primary reason why I picked up my Vita half a year ago, and now more than ever am I glad I did.

    Congrats on what’s shaping up to be another critical success. Hope the commercial success finds you too :)

  • No digital pre-orders? lame..

    • Actually there are! Well, sort of. For those who prefer to order their game digitally, the PS Store will include all the pre-order content in the Special Delivery bundle with your purchase of the full game. This offer is only for a limited time so don’t miss out!

  • With the mindset that it released this week I casually walked into GameStop today and asked for Tearaway – since 99% of games release on Tuesday, and then person behind the counter looked it up and said it was actually Friday, lol I’m sure I’m not the only one that did that – It’s funny when a developer doesn’t follow the usual release date patterns, oh the confusion it causes =P

  • Friday’s going to be a very good day. :D

  • awesome. a trial. thanks!!!

  • This is gonna be one of those games that alot of people didnt know anything about, yet ends up being a serious contender for game of the year awards.

  • WHat will be the install size of the game?

  • Yum.. Picking it up on Friday.. I want to know the install size as well.. might decide to get it digitally..

  • Wow… and this games is being praised by the critics…. REALLY, NICE WORK, GUYS…

    Give that Vita some more love S2

    I’m just sad that I can’t buy it right now =[
    so much things to pay now…. but as soon as I can, I’ll dive into that world …. it looks beautiful…

    Again, really nice work guys

  • Looks awesome and incredibly innovative/creative.

  • Will this be on the store at midnight (pacific)?

  • Waiting on my pre-order. This will be my 1st Retail Vita game :)

  • Hey.. I just saw a buddy of mine get a keyring Tearaway doll with their pre-order… Is this coming to the NA regions as well??? If not, WHERE CAN I BUY ONE?! I want it … about as much as the PS4 right now. Please make it for us!

  • Will Tearaway be on the PSN Store Friday or will we have to wait until Tuesday?

  • I might wait to buy this later on sale. Im saving my money for Ys next week

  • Awesome!
    Love the graphic style, gameplay and specially the soundtrack
    Great job!

  • @ChicagoCubsFan It will be up Friday confirmed. Just not sure if at midnight or later in day.

  • My Vita is ready!

  • I prefer my Vita games digital so will be buying on PSN ASAP.

  • Pre-ordered, what kind of DLC should we expect to see from this game?

  • “If you want to buy it digitally, you’ll get the pre-order items as long as you buy it from PlayStation Store in the first week of release.”

    Looks like Amazon’s new digital store is not everything it could be yet and we also get points for Sony Rewards.

  • Why is this game not pre-ordered by everyone is beyond me smh

  • How do I preorder the digital version in Canada?

    If this is not possible, will I still get all of the pre-order bonuses if I buy day 1?

    • No digital pre-order. If you purchase from the PlayStation Store during the first week of release, you will get the pre-order bonuses as well.

  • I will be getting it for christmas!

  • Nice! When does this go live on the PS Store? I’m gonna go get some PSN Cash Cards!

  • allready have it it came out in bestbuy last tuesday enjoying it great game :)

  • Fiiiinally…can’t believe its almost here…I got this baby pre-ordered its been months…I really can’t wait for my copy to be delivered on friday…..oh guys the community site is looking nifty and amazing…Mm typical hu….also sackboy costumes…..its too much awesomeness to handle.This is real greatness.

  • i am so getting this :).

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  • As a 23 year old man, I’m ashamed to say I have to wait until Christmas to play this. /sigh

  • will this be released at midnight tonight?? really need to download this ASAP!

  • Why isn’t Sony promoting this game that much? It’s like they’re giving up on the Vita. It’s all about the Ps4 now.

  • Why cant I download my Pre order download oaf the game, while the non-pre-order-game of Tearaway is avaliable? And that one I need to pay for, again?…

  • Where’s the game?

  • So, it’s 8:25 am EST on the 22nd and the game (which was released at midnight) still isn’t purchasable on PSN. What gives?

  • So why isn`t the game up yet??? In the european store they can already download it. How long are we gonna have to wait?

  • Where is it on PSN? I’m waiting!

  • everbody is playing the game by now. Except those who want to go digital. What a messed up launch!

  • I’m one of the suckers that was thinking I’d be better off downloading the game. Have the funds just sitting in my wallet and refreshing. Gotta love all the press by PSN that says, “Tearaway is out today! If you want the free DLC, hurry up and wait/download!”

  • The demo is now there but no unlock code, what’s going on?

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