PlayStation Home Launches Feature to Deliver You Community News In-World

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PlayStation Home Launches Feature to Deliver You Community News In-World

PlayStation Home

When you log in to PlayStation Home, you’ll notice a new tool. We have been hard at work to bring you the News Viewer: the one-stop-shop for the latest goings on in PlayStation Home and the PlayStation Home Community.

Now you can browse the latest news, watch some trailers or see what’s new in the store. If you see something you like, you can even jump straight there.

The News Viewer will be regularly updated with all of the latest and greatest things to discover in PlayStation Home. It will also bring you updates on the latest releases in PlayStation Home and even some of the exciting content made by the PlayStation Home community.

In the coming months, we’ll be expanding it with more and more dynamic content and features. We want you to get the most out of your time, whether you’re into gaming, interior decoration, hunting for treasure or just kicking back and hanging with the rest of the PlayStation Home community.

You can access the News Viewer from anywhere in Home by selecting the ‘News’ link in the menu screen (press START to begin).

The News Viewer allows us to bring you Home news where you are – in PlayStation Home! So be sure to check it out each Wednesday for your weekly content update. As always, you can check the PlayStation Home Community Forums for regular content updates as well!

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  • Cool announcement.

    I’m with nYcFrEeWiLL82 and many others, waiting for the announcement of PlayStation HOME coming to the PS4.

    I’d like to see mini-games and mini-game spaces centered around “The Tester” events. Was kind of surprised PlayStation never thought to create them when this program was in its prime. Would be cool to engage in some of the single and group – based challenges in HOME that the contestants went through throughout the three seasons of the show. As a plus you could also sell the PlayStation Loft as a personal space in HOME, and / or maybe a clubhouse. ;)

  • No one knows if Home will be on PS4. It won’t be this year though.

  • Any news on how thw PS4 Home beta is going?

  • Well like everyone here, it looks like a great tool for now but I’m worried about the future of PSHhome too :S

  • That’s cool, but I won’t be on PS3 for quite a while cause of PS4, I didn’t like the slow home, and so much technical issues, hope home is refined and brought to PS4. Would be a way better upgrade

  • This is a very useful tool to find new stuff at PS Home but nothing for this week I think. Keep it up with new materials and hope that PS Home gets a bigger update to fix issues and better experience (better graphics, more new spaces, more avatar animation moves, etc.). Keep up the good work!!!!!! ;) .

  • For those still asking about PS Home coming to PS4, I wouldn’t worry about that & you don’t even have a PS Plus membership lol.

  • PS home on the PS4 would be awsome :)

  • Bring Home to ps4 please :)

  • if home comes to ps4, i hope they give you the ability to play as your avatar in certain games. that would be awesome.

  • Why not keep PS Home alive on the cloud? Am I the only who thinks it makes perfect sense?!

  • I stopped using PSHome for some months now because of the PS4’s presence. I check feed in hopes of hearing news of the application coming to PS4. I sort of expected that it would when everything went on the cloud.

    I don’t believe that PS+ would be required for this PS4 App because it might draw away a huge crowd of dedicated PS4 Home users who have sold their PS3s and who are already supporting PlayStation financially through Home’s virtual purchases.

    I am worried about cross-PS3-PS4 Home connection. If I’m not wrong, there could be conflict in the coding between the two systems, but I don’t think it is impossible to make it work – it just might be very complicated. Maybe this is the reason PlayStation is holding off on confirming anything about Home for PS4?

    If PlayStation can cement Home as an optional but super-smooth, immediately-accessible experience for the PS4 (which I think is technically capable), then they can easily make it the central point of the PS4 interactivity/communication (as it was dreamed to be) for those users who choose it to be so.

    I beg the devs to make it happen.

  • I really don’t get it is as pointless as folding at home, if Sony were bringing it over they would of said by now, I think it will be round for another year and then Sony will close it.

  • I am so glad to see PS Home expanding. Keep it up and do not close Home! Ever. I think PS has a thing here. It can continue to grow.

  • This new navigator thing is neat, and the challenges seem like non-specific mini-quests (which are still MIA, despite the Activity Board getting a spiffy new coat in the Hub). My only “frustration” so far’s been needing to realize I’m already at my destination and just needing to exit the screen-consuming GUI.

    However, looks like I’ve been burned by my Plus subscription again. This is truly frustrating to miss out on promotions like the PS4 Experience. I already picked up Warhawk and Destruction Derby as free-with-subscription games back in 2011, but because they have to dollar-and-cents transaction themselves, PlayStation tech support is incapable of removing the titles from my account, meaning I cannot redeem the codes for keeps. Even though these codes last ’til the end of next year, my Plus subscription’s here to stay until January 2016.

    Seriously, what’s with the irreversible nature of PSN dealings? Between un-“refund”able PS+ “freebies” and permanently childed accounts (my sister will be 17 in a month, yet she’s still stuck to my account!), if feels like Sony has a lockdown on even itself when it comes to fully servicing their users.

  • And count me down as another Home-for-PS4 hopeful. At least tell us whether it’s in consideration or definitely denied.

  • Before PS HOME goes to the PS4 Sony needs to fix a lot of things with the console .
    I don’t like when sending a message to a friend from the PS4 to the PS3 , he receives the message saying ” The message was sent from a device other than the PS3 ” wouldn’t be easier to just say, message sent from PS VITA or PS4 ?
    The lack of APPS , YOUTUBE being one of them .
    The web Browser on the PS4 SUCKS , every website I went that contained video, didn’t play , it says ” Missing plug ins, Please download ADOBE FLASH PLAYER , which you cant . I don’t understand why is it so hard for Sony to give us Flash player , like WTH .
    I don’t like how the PS4 doesn’t play any MUSIC CD`s , I understand they want to PUSH US to use Music Unlimited but this is not right .

  • part 2

    Now lets get to the movies , I bought the movie AVATAR from the PS STORE IN HD , in trying to learn which bottom you press to make the movie go fast forward and rewind , I discover the movies have bars , much like the bars of a cell phone , but these movie bars, the lower they go, the movie changes to STANDARD DEF , the higher the bars go, then turns into HD , So even though I bought AVATAR IN HD, the movie kept fluctuating between SD AND HD 2 mins was fine , in HD, then all of the sudden went to standard Definition on and off, little to say I am P.O .
    I tried connecting my PSP using the USB CONNECTION, it doesn’t even read it .
    All the personal information, like my first name and last name so others can see it , is absurd .

  • part 3

    I wanted to changed my displayed AVATAR but I cant , every avatar, dynamic theme, etc is not even in the PS4 STORE for Download , so if I want to change my Avatar , I have to turn my PS4 OFF , turn my PS3 on and make the change there, then turn my PS3 OFF and go back to the PS4 , what`s wrong with this picture ? Everything .
    Sony Focused on the Gaming part but Neglected everything else .
    If you don’t have the PS CAM you cant use the PLAY ROOM, and I guess everyone knows that PS4 DOES NOT PLAY ANY PS3 games .

  • If you are on the PS4 , You will appear as OFFLINE to your friends on the PS3 .
    The way they made it so you can plug your PS4 to a Home Theater system is the most idiotic I ever seen .

    Paul Sullivan , I have said this over 5 times already , but we need more Furniture slots , 100 is not enough .
    Color Customization for skin , eyes and POP OPS , who was the genius that came up with an extra 8 colors ONLY for PS plus Members ? when the rational thing would of been Color Customization .

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  • Home for PS4 is a must!

  • This is how you reward your most loyal customers Sony? I am so disappointed that I traded in my PS3 for a PS4 when there are barely any launch games, The SONY HEADSETS dont even work on the next Gen consoles, AND The PS4 has BARE bones features compared to the ps3 or the XBOX ONE! HOW could you forget to include PlayStation home on the PS4? yOU ARE GETTING GREEDY LIKE Microsoft AND YOU SEE WHAT THE FAN BASE DID TO besmirch THEM off THEIR VAINGLORIOUS pedestal! IF you don’t step it up FAST you will loose all your customers like you did last gen!

  • I refuse to spend any more of my money or time on this until I catch wind of a PS4 version, and only then if I can convince my friends to get on. It had some cool ideas (Such as that fantasy MMO in the ruins or Sodium 1 & 2) that were unfortunately executed poorly due to the base engine.

    If they fix that (Such as allowing us to move faster or letting us run instead of that strange quasi-jog and let us jump at least in the games), then I’d easily take another look into it. Of course, the fact that everything costs money is another turnoff, but I doubt that they’d be willing to let trophies award some kind of virtual currency based on their value.

    It has potential, but I don’t think it’ll ever live up to it on the PS3.

  • Wow judalation, such big, rude words..vainglorious, besmirch..relax man..first you should be nicer, second you should learn how to spell “lose”.

    You guys are doing a great job..the sysem is beautiful..keep it up

  • damn, then i forget the T in system..ah well

  • hello.

    I would like to know why did i lose all the stuff i bought in PSH. and its all listed in the purchases list but i dont have it. What happend??

  • Playstation home has to be on the ps4 I spent to much money on it a lot of ppl did to come on Sony

  • Is there any official update from playstation regarding ps home for ps4? I haven’t found anyhing and it’s kinda weird since i know a lot of people buy a playstation because of home only, so at least is you sony folks say “yes, there will be ps home in ps4” we will leave you alone :p

  • just trying to find places to spread fix wish list for the PSH service

  • When will PlayStation home be running again ?

  • i want home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all us pls members need to join together and write sony

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