Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Tips and Tricks

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Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Tips and Tricks

Hey everyone, Mark Pacini here, Game Director at Armature Studio for Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate. We have some videos highlighting our latest game on PS Vita. Blackgate is a 2.5D Metroidvania take on the popular Batman: Arkham series. The game itself takes place three months after the events of Batman: Arkham Origins, where Batman is sent in to investigate a riot at Blackgate Prison.

We recorded several “Case Files” to both introduce people to the game, as well as give a few hints here and there. We want you to be able to get the most out of Blackgate, as we tried to pour as much variety and intensity into it as possible.


FreeFlow Combat is one of the core pillars of the Batman: Arkham franchise, and we’ve adapted FreeFlow Combat from the console editions of the games into the 2.5D perspective of Blackgate. We had specific challenges in bringing this combat into the 2.5D plane on a completely different game engine, while maintaining the feeling of “being Batman” in combat.

This video highlights the various combat encounters in the game, including the different thug types, as well as some environmental effects that influence combat.


Prior to the final boss, Batman will encounter six boss characters. Here are a few quick tips for each boss, as they have totally different strategies. We don’t give everything away, but enough to help people along. Purists may want to skip this video, as there are some spoilers here!

  • Bronze Tiger: Bronze Tiger is a hand-to-hand battle, but keep in mind that after you find his weakness, he’ll evolve his fighting style, so you’ll need to change it up.
  • Deadshot: Deadshot is the “man that never misses.” Luckily, his gun cannot fire immediately, so as soon as the gun is about to fire, get behind cover. Also, he is not a fan of spotlights shining is his face.
  • Solomon Grundy: Being an undead monstrosity, Batman’s gadgets (and fists) are useless against him. Scrub the whole environment in detective mode to find things that could help you.
  • Penguin: his thugs have motion sensors and advanced weaponry that will make life very difficult for Batman. You’ll want to find a way to pull the munitions backpacks off of their backs at a safe distance before descending on Penguin from above.
  • Black Mask: at the beginning of the battle, Black Mask will toss grenades while you fight his goons. You’ll want to flip over enemies to dodge them. Afterwards, he will overload the generators and you’ll need to shut down the three switches simultaneously.
  • The Joker: the Joker can outrun Batman, so you’ll need to quickly cross the room with the line launcher. Also, when the Joker takes out his stun stick, you’ll want to use something in your utility belt to short it out.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this look into Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate for PS Vita! For more information and the latest updates, visit

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  • This is a great game. I platinumed it already so i was wondering if you guys will make a real open world batman game. I’m really enjoying the amazing spider man game and can’t put it down. We need a lot more games like this for vita. Please reply….

  • Fun game for the most part, but navigation could be a head-scratcher at times.

  • I still haven’t played this game yet hopefully i will get the chance to check it out.

  • I really liked the game as well, but it would be nice if the enemies re-spawned and had a map that made more sense (seeing where you need to go, but no clear way to get there).
    The art in the cut-scenes is amazing, love it.
    (SPOILER) I do need some help beating the final cat-woman boss. I just can’t get the timing correct for the final phase, so frustrating! I’m to the point of just giving up, and having it mar an otherwise good game.

  • I can’t wait to trythis game. I’ve heard great things about it frommy friends.

  • Do me a favor and post a link to Firmware 1.51 so I can download it to a thumb drive. I just upgraded my hard drive and I need the update in digital form to reformat my system!

  • for the PS4

  • I really wish you did a map more like Metroid Prime (it was 3D).

    That would have fit the game better. Or you should have created the game in full 2D (no turning around corners and that). I mean it was cool and all, but it makes the flat 2D Map completely useless. Especially since it’s ‘top down’ and the game has different floors. :|

    I gave up on the game because I can’t figure out where to go, and while trying to get all the collectibles on the map I couldn’t figure out how to get into one of the rooms. I tried everything and still couldn’t figure out how to get in there. Despite, on the useless map, being right “by the entrance” but I couldn’t figure out wtf was happening.

    I beat two of the three bosses. I’ll try and go back to it, but I really hate the map. It really hurts the game. Otherwise, it’s great.

  • I loved the other three Arkham games and really wanted to play this, but I hear from everyone that its a navigation nightmare.

    The developer should have made a better mapping system. Very important for these type games.

    I am afraid I will pass on this.

  • I really enjoyed this game since I played it on E3, but there are two things that need your attention guys. The first one can be corrected and is the bug with the Penguin. I cannot reach him and, searching the web, is a well known bug. I’m waiting for a patch to continue playing, but I think that I’m going to restart the game anyway… :( The second one is that the game shows too much the path that you need to follow. It’s very rare the moments that you stop and think “ok, where I have to go now? Let’s see the map”. Most at the time I was just going ahead, room after room, with very little backtracking. I cannot see this as a “Metroidvania”. Just to be clear: I loved the game, but the “exploration” should be more difficult, in my opinion.

  • I’m three bosses down and having a great time. However, there are a couple of things that could really make the experience better:

    First, please make the enemies re-spawn, traversing empty corridors can be very tedious, not to mention all that effort put into the combat ends up getting wasted. Second, let the map show where entrances and exits are located. Also, a 3D map would be nice and really help with the exploration.

    I really hope you guys come back with another iteration in 2D. Keep up the good work.

  • According to psnprofiles — I was number 9 in platinuming this game! :)

    Had a lot of fun with it… It was smooth and definitely a game I’d play again… if I hadn’t had to play it 3 times already.. Hahahah. I’ll go back to it someday.. but thanks for the great game! It reminded me of days in my childhood, I’d grab a random superhero game for my gameboy advanced.. and no matter what others said about it.. I would think it was the most awesome time playing with my superhero of choice.

    I’ll probably pick up the Spiderman game when the next spiderman movie comes out.. Idk. It doesn’t look like it’ll be as smooth and responsive as this game was– and also.. there’ll be remote play… so I’d rather play a full blown smooth graphic experience then.

  • Other than the worthless map, I’m enjoying this game–I recommend it to all Vita owners once it gets a bit cheaper.

  • Please give word on the timing of the patch for the Penguin bug. I hit it on my first playthrough of the game and I have 100% of the collectibles and detective cases up to that point and I don’t want to delete and restart. This game was so great until that point and it’s just like hitting a brick wall.

  • Really enjoyed the game! I sincerely hope you guys get o make a sequel, or just another Vita game in general, you guys have a great handle on it!

  • Game looks good….I would really like to try it out…any chance of a demo be released in the Store?…there are a lot of people talking well about it…but still I need a demo.

  • I enjoyed the game but didnt beat it. I got tired like halfway through of all the repeated areas and having to go back and forth over and over again. I hope to see a real Arkham game on Vita next time, but if you make another one like this, please don’t require so much retreading of areas again

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