Trucks & Skulls Coming to PlayStation Mobile Today

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Trucks & Skulls Coming to PlayStation Mobile Today

Trucks and Skulls on PS Mobile

Appy Entertainment is excited to bring our award-winning physics puzzler, Trucks & Skulls, to Playstation Mobile later on today. This is a subtle game that invites you to explore your feelings and pick pretty flowers, a game that firmly positions itself at the center of the games-as-art debate, a game that…

Oh, wait. It’s not that at all. Trucks & Skulls is the game where you SMASH NITRO-BURNING MONSTER TRUCKS INTO PILES OF LAUGHING SKULLS.

We made Trucks & Skulls because we wanted to blow stuff up. It really was that simple. We felt the physics-puzzler genre could use a good boot to the backside with a game full of things that explode, so we created the loudest, most obnoxious, most explosive game possible. Trucks & Skulls is a fuel-soaked, heavy metal ball of boom. Playing our game is guaranteed to raise your blood pressure, and lower your IQ.

Trucks and Skulls on PS MobileTrucks and Skulls on PS Mobile

The physics model used by the game is quite sophisticated, but you should check your sophistication at the door — this really is an angry and exuberant game that doesn’t take itself seriously. There’s no hidden meaning. Trucks are good, Skulls are bad. Destroy Skulls!

We’re pumped up to see this game made available for PlayStation’s audience — and we’ve added levels unique to this version of the game, along with special truck skins for our new players, and there are even some extra advantages you can purchase with the currency you earn inside the game — but really, this is a game all about hitting things, and hitting them hard. You can reach out to us on Twitter.

Have at it! And remember… destroy Skulls!

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  • Heavy metal Angry Birds version?

  • still waiting on trophy support from PS Mobile…

  • I wonder which will come first sub account to master account upgrading or trophies for PS Mobile.

  • Controls? All touch based or can we use physical buttons?

  • Sorry, Appy Entertainment. It’s not your game or the overall PS Mobile library that’s at fault. I’m just not willing to invest in PS Mobile after the severe burn i’ve suffered from being an early XPeria Play adopter.

    Though my phone it keeps throttling thanks to the XDA community, I still need Sony to prove they’re investing as much as they claim they are on PSM before I go back on that storefront (which needs a serious layout update, by the way).

  • More mobile games aye, the level of interest doesn’t seem high enough. Because a lot of people haven’t posted there comments about this.

  • i am waiting on trophie support as well. soon as it comes xperia z1 650 dollar purchase coming your way sony

  • It is bad enough you charge six dollars (Australian) for a game that is free on iPad. For that price I would expect a physical control option on the vita. But the iap is a slap in the face that is just too much. It is a fun game but this is just too much to swallow. Shame.

  • Oh yeah I just checked the iap prices for this game on iPad. It seems that we have to pay twice as much for that as well as my previously mention insults. I payed for this game and I think I can get some enjoyment out of it but I will steer clear of games from this dev in the future.

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