Media Molecule: About Us

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Media Molecule: About Us

The last video in our little Tearaway miniseries is all about us: Media Molecule, the studio behind Tearaway and our first game LittleBigPlanet.

The video focuses on how we work, and how we assure everyone’s ideas are counted. Mm is an interesting place, a rather chaotic place where the term ‘herding cats’ gets thrown around a lot, but where somehow the chaos is channeled into communal creativity and the games we love to make. We love to inspire creativity in people, and we love to create our own unique games that we think will give people experiences unlike any they’ve had before.

Tearaway is out this Friday, November 22nd and we hope it will provide players with exactly that – a new game experience unlike any other – we’ll let you be the judge!

We hope you enjoy this last video in the series– remember to pre-order Tearaway to secure the cool pre-order bonus items. Week one orders at the PS Store will also include the bonus items, so those who prefer the digital version will not miss out!

Tearaway launches on Friday (yay!), so take a good look at the trailer above to get ready for the big day!

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  • This week I feel like I have been over saturated by tearaway, there has been more media for it then for the ps4

  • Yea Tearaway!!! Now PLEASE announce your first PS4 game!!! Can’t wait to see what you do with all that power.

  • I appreciate the exposure given to Tearaway on the PS Blog, but it seems like there’s a real dearth of ads for it elsewhere. The majority -if not all- TV spots I’ve seen have been for the EU region and, more recently, they also had the killer Tearaway/LBP/16GB Vita bundle announced.

    I really hope the game does well for MM, as all the early previews/reviews so far seem to point to it being a title to not be missed.

  • This looks great. Can’t wait to play it! Please bring the Tearway bundle to the U.S. and market the heck out of it! This has so much appeal to the average non gamer and creative types. Kids who play minecraft would eat this up.

  • This game look so nice, I hope the launch goes well for you guys. I don’t own a vita right now, but I’m going to buy one before Christmas for sure. That being said, I sure hope NA is getting the nice bundle that was announced in EU (wink wink nudge nudge…). I would be so happy even without the 16 GB memory card and LBP.

  • Really love to see passionate people making games, who aren’t in it JUST for the profit margin. It’s clear whenever you see MediaMolecules’ games, that they love what they do. Congratulations on creating another great game, can’t wait to get my hand on it.

  • Love the creativity at Media Molecule! Can’t wait to play Tearaway and whatever you guys have cooking for PS4 :)

  • I really want to pre-order to get the bonus content, but I can only pay with PayPal and the only place I can find that carries the bonus content is Gamestop, who don’t take PayPal. Does anyone know if Best Buy carries the bonus content? Because it doesn’t say on their website.

  • Mm is by far the most creative studio around.

    I cannot wait until Friday to get my hands on Tearaway.

  • @9: I believe I read that all PSN purchases made in the first week will also get the ‘pre-order’ bonuses. also has the pre-order bonuses listed.

  • hurry up and announce little big planet 3 on PS4

  • I can’t wait until Friday!

  • @Zoomguy53 if you buy the game on psn in the first week you get the pre-order stuff. Also concerning paypal you can add funds to your playstation wallet using paypal on the web store. Just click the little coin icon and it will take you to a page to add funds.

  • Do you know when I can pre-order this game off the US playstation store. I’m looking at the updated store, I found the tearaway game page thing but I still can’t pre-order or anything. Will I be able to pre-order from the US store? Will I have to wait for next Tuesday to get my hands on this game digitally?

  • You can’t pre-order vita games on the US store yet for some reason. Will be able to get the game on the store on Friday tho.

  • SCEA not supporting SCEE content well? NO. NEVER.

    SCEA doesn’t support Europe (or Japan really) content well at all. I know the markets are different, but it’s still Sony Computer Entertainment content and you should be trying to push it to some extent. Not just shove it out and watch it flop then use that as a “reason” for not localizing future installments… *looking at Invizimals*

    Hey, SCEA. Don’t be lame. /salty

    Anyhoo, can’t wait to play Tearaway.

  • Recently got in the market for a PS Vita this holiday season, and naturally the Tearaway title caught my eye. However, I’m extremely disappointed in the lack of PS Vita bundles for the US market for the 2013 holidays.

    Now if Sony would only bring the PS VITA/ Tearaway/ LBP/ 16 GB bundle to the US sometime in the next month as gold_og_roger said… would be a happy camper.

    I’m sure that ANY PS Vita/ Tearaway bundle in the US this holiday season will do exceptionally well!

  • I have to get this game for my PS Vita, but after all of my mula that was spent on PS4. I’m gonna have to wait on this for now. I’m guessing Little Big Planet Hub will be for PS4 hmmm.

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