Killzone Shadow Fall: Take the Oath and Build Your Own Trailer

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Killzone Shadow Fall: Take the Oath and Build Your Own Trailer

Killzone Shadow Fall: Take the Oath

Your epic moments are meant to be shared, and PS4’s Share button makes it easier than ever to show the world your greatness. We just launched one of PS4’s hero games, Killzone Shadow Fall, and it’s an exciting example what the Share button is capable of.

Killzone Shadow Fall: Take the Oath

Killzone Shadow Fall has evolved for the new generation, and will be exploding with stunning graphics and intense heroic moments that you can capture and share with your friends and the gaming community.

For Killzone Shadow Fall, we’ve also created a never-before-seen custom sharing experience to bring the content you share to the next level. For the first time, you and other gamers can upload your own gaming footage into a Killzone Shadow Fall trailer and create a personalized, filmic story filled with your most epic Shadow Fall kills, combat honors, and war zones. We’re handing over the trailer to you, so you can make it greater. Make your own Killzone Shadow Fall film at

Killzone Shadow Fall: Take the Oath

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  • what happened to the original playstation motto “it only does everything” sure it can play higher quality games now but it has lost quite a bit of its features like viewing and listening to your own music, videos, and photos. I would love to be playing my own music while playing this games single player. Oh and would love it if you guys brought the youtube app over to ps4

  • I’ll get a Facebook account when he** freezes over, and tweeting is for birds. Whenever you can upload videos to youtube and export your images to a USB thumb drive, then I will take advantage of the share button, until then its completely useless.

  • It”s too bad… I only ended up with 1 choice of a game to get, don’t get me wrong I love playing Knack it’s amazing but I wanted Kill Zone. Well at-least I can enjoy screen shots and videos lol The graphics for this game are sick, I love all the work you put into this game, I can’t wait for more to come on PS4 \m/

  • What ever happened to every game having a demo. I didn’t get to buy this game yet. And was hoping to download the demo to try and I can’t find any…

  • This is pretty cool and I would love to take part of it, but it sucks that sub accounts can’t enjoy the Share functionality even though the Master account has the choice to allow them to use it or not, but the PS4 will not enable it. Please fix this issue ASAP, whether that is allowing Share functionality for sub accounts or upgrading sub accounts to master account.

  • My only and biggest disappointment with PS4 is the lack of Share functionality for sub accounts… literally disables the Share button which is a huge feature and one of the things I was looking forward to the most.

  • is there going to be any DLC for killzone Mercenary, please and i mean please !!!! tell us please !!!! we need to know.

  • So there should be an asterisk in the post explaining that not everyone can take part on this since the Share button currently is a master account only feature.

  • Killzone: Shadow Fall’s campaign is amazing but it’s damn tough

  • I was all ready to take the oath… and then I was forced to try and sign in with facebook.
    No thanks.

  • Some of you crack me up. This post is about creating a trailer for Killzone, to be creative with the options that are available on this new console. Why turn it into a gripe session to complain about the functionality? Good grief people, enjoy the PS4 for what it is, a great gaming machine.

    Just my 2 cents, now back to work…. got to finish so I can go play more KZ afterward.

  • I haven’t stopped playing since the PS4 dropped! Killzone Shadow Fall is the best Killzone ever!! Im loving the share functionality!

  • @11 Because not everyone gets to use the Share functionality due to the lack of hindsight made by Sony as it should’ve been expected that people who created sub accounts would eventually get OLDER and fit the requirements for a master account. If you were unable to use one of the PS4’s bigger features for something that really was not your fault then I am sure you would also have something to complain about.

  • Not to mention creating a trailer for Killzone Shadow Fall through captured footage from the Share functionality that is only available to master accounts.

  • Well I just got my copy of KZ shadow fall & waiting for my PS4 to arrive today from Amazon. But for the features that people are talking about patience will be your test.

  • Why Kill zone 2 and 3 not on the psn?

  • What happened to This franchise??? The first 6 or so chapters of SF are great, then the game just goes off the rails, pointless platforming, poorly designed areas and controls for halo jumping… Time for sony to start a new FPS franchise.

  • Same as Rios on this one. We need support sharpish. I don’t want a Facebook account and several of my friends don’t either. Google Plus and Youtube upload support is a must guys. Thanks.

  • I’ve been REALLY enjoying Shadow Fall! Everyone at Guerrilla Games has done a phenomenal job at creating a great game that really improves on the great Killzone formula that I loved on PS3.

    The custom warzones is a great new addition, and really flips the multiplayer onto it’s head (in a good way). And the single player is a gorgeous display of what the PS4 is capable of, and an awesome feat in open game design!

    It’s a shame that so many of the reviews are mixed, but everyone is entitled to their opinions I suppose. At the very least there are many people (like myself) who really love this game, and will continue you play Shadow Fall throughout the PS4’s long life :)

  • limiting videos to facebook really detours broadcasters, heard of one broadcaster for youtube having to rip a video off his own facebook account just to put it on youtube. this is completely unacceptable.

  • Just saying… I want Helghast action figures! *_*

  • Let us share videos on something besides Facebook, and don’t force us to use our first and last names on our menus if we don’t want to!

  • @9: I agree, I’m playing on normal and keep dying. Enemies spawn out of nowhere and ambush me while I’m fiddling with reloads that take forever and frantically trying to command the OWL while still shooting. The game forces you to do too much at once.

  • @5: I agree, and what’s worse is that you can’t promote a sub account to a master. My wife is 31 years old and a subaccount because we didn’t understand the restrictions back in 2008. Guess she’s stuck with it forever, thanks for nothing Sony.

  • Dear everyone! Try this to get your gameplay videos on YouTube (I haven’t picked up a PS4 yet, so I haven’t tried this yet).

    Stream a normal gaming session to Log on to Twitch from a web browser, cut up a highlight reel, click Share to YouTube. It’s a few extra clicks but it should work. That’s what I do when I want to post a new personal best speedrun record to YouTube.

  • Share button as implemented is not very compelling. It will be a button I press by accident and then lament that it is occupying space on the controller.

    I will wish I could map another function to it entirely, and will be perpetually disappointed by its very existence.

  • Every time I try to sign up on the site to do this trailer making thing it says I have to link to facebook.

    I don’t use and never will use facebook.

    Nor will I ever link any kind of social media site to my GAMING console.

    So how do normal game players take part in this (with no facebook)??????????

  • I’d like to echo that being forced into linking a Facebook profile to participate is poor form.

    I’ve got a profile, but it’s not for random folks I bump into while gaming – nor is it for Sony. Toggling some privacy setting after linking a Facebook profile isn’t acceptable; the link would have already been made. I and others do not want to have to link a Facebook profile to access any content, in game or out.

    You have no right, reason, or privilege to that information or level of connectivity to your users’ lives and information, and you should operate without that expectation.

  • Here’s a solution to those who don’t like Facebook. Don’t use it.

    BTW this link sends my browser virus scanner crazy. What’s up with that?

  • Yeah, Obviously you guys will be working hard to make the next update. Video and music streaming from the home computer hub, HAS TO BE FIXED, that was a MAJOR let down, especially the way that the PS3 was sold being one machine for all entertainment purposes and going to the next generation (PS4) and take away that option, that was not a smart move replacing it with sharing options to me is just idiotic, who needs to share constent screen shots, it’ll get old pretty quick. People will be flocking over the xbox one console after your sale debut because of the home computer sharing issue I am sure of it. You should get on that quick, I thought of returning it the same day but, I will be patient and hope to Chr… an update come soon. Having said that, the load time and powering on are lightning fast, unreal even. I ws playing COD GHOSTS on my PS3 and switched it over PS4. I couldn’t believe how good it looked, FIFA looks amazing , KIll zone best game ever, I know this is just scrapping the surface and can see the potential of this machine. ….. Fix that video stuff and work on some more app goodies and I wont trade this machine in for the XBOX ONE console.

  • @Elektro; Practice make perfect, This KIllzone is made to play with a bit more stealth I like everything about it.

  • Sorry to post this here, but I keep posting it everywhere at the moment. Sony please let us know when you are going to give us an update to allow us to watch 3D Blu-ray movies on the PS4. Also would really like to be able to listen to music CDs and play MP3s. This is the only thing the One has on you at the moment.

  • Seriously, KChow? I get the problem, but it’s pretty easy to create a new PSN account, although I know you probably won’t be happy with your purchase of PS Plus on a sub account. I thought you couldn’t even do that. Oh well, out of my hands, some people need to learn the hard way…

  • Hmm, great idea…if only the Share button wasn’t completely broken for sub accounts.

    Seriously guys, sub accounts CANNOT USE THE SHARE BUTTON. Whether its a bug or a ‘feature’, there’s no way for you to capture screenshots, videos, or broadcast live. In fact, sub accounts CAN’T EVEN CONNECT TO FACEBOOK.

    Next time, before doing a crazy cool promotion like this, make sure the service behind it is actually accessible. I’m deeply upset that many of my most anticipated features are completely locked from me because I decided to start a sub account like seven years ago. Had I known it would bite me for two whole generations, I probably would have skipped the whole thing.

    This is maddening. All I can say is please fix this.

  • Looks like I’m not the only one who’s upset about this. I don’t see how ‘create a new account’ is anywhere near an acceptable answer. I have far too much invested in this one. Whether its trophies, purchased games, PlayStation Plus, or my list of friends, there’s far too much tied up with this account to make a new one.

    I’d love it if I could transfer my trophies and purchases to a new account. Or upgrade this account to a master account. I’d even appreciate a stop gap measure of allowing sub accounts to use the share button. In any case, we’re seeing no traction on this and its one of the major issues that has really tainted my experience with the PS4.

    It seems the new Xbox doesn’t have these account issues. If I’m going to have to start a new account to get what I paid for, I might as well just cut my losses and go to the service that actually cares.

  • Facebook blows sony I do not have an account and I’m not making one for U or gorilla games I might just buy this in the barging bin Killlzone is one of the best games U got and it is one reason I play PlayStation and your killing it for me.

  • 17

    you are no longer a gamer saying halo jumping.

  • PS4 FTW …. & not the lame for the win … F#%K The World … Yeah baby this system is sik… PS To all this ppl in perpetual disappointment … In the end death awaits us all &I expect you to b disappointed then too … Suks 2 be you

  • I love the PS4 so far, but the sharing options are kinda limited for such dedicated functionality. Broadcast features work great – nice job – but uploading is almost useless for me. Facebook and twitter is the last place I’d think about sharing my videos/pictures. Youtube support and the ability to just export it to a usb drive would be perfect. please make it happen!

  • Hello,

    I would build my own if I could be given a PS4.




  • Anyone else feels like these mysterious PS4 failings are blown out of proportions?
    I mean when you look at the reviewers, some double post their reviews on multiple packages while half of them never even purchase a PS4.

  • I’m curious….how do you pause a game on PS4….?….with stupid “share” and “options” buttons I really don’t know ha..dumbest idea ever to remove the classic “select” and “start” buttons.

  • Yeah, Sony will let you know what their plans are with DNLA/MP3 just as soon as they sell another million PS4 systems!!! Hehe nicely played Sony.

    Let me just tell you right now and keep you from waiting for an official answer….
    They will NOT let you connect via DNLA or play MP3.
    But you can still play music videos for free with the YouTube app on the PS4… oops scratch that too!!

    MUSIC UNWANTED is your only choice… better cough up $60.

  • give them time just got released i am sure in future things will get added.

  • Um, to all those posters in the middle complaining about the trailer site needing to connect to FB? It’s because that’s currently the only place you can upload video. How else is it supposed to access your game footage to make the trailer? Your complaints are non-sensical. If you want to make a trailer, you have to upload footage… to FB. If you don’t have a FB account or you don’t want to link your account to your PS4, then you don’t get to make a trailer.

    I started Shadow Fall on Saturday and finished the campaign Sunday afternoon, on Hard. Yeah, there were some places that really, really tested my patience, but all in all, about the same as Veteran in KZ3. And the freefall levels… oh god, the freefall levels… they killed me so many times, haha. Loved this game. Gonna try for the “beat the game without dying” trophy by playing on Easy. Will get around to the MP portion hopefully this coming weekend.

  • I need to get a pair of gloves to use with my dualshock 4 because they refuse to sell controller covers.

  • Does the DS4 touch screen still work with those gloves on? How are you going to control the OWL!?

    Also, WHY do I get logged out of this site every time I close my browser? I seriously can’t stand it. No other site does this to me.

  • A shame KZ:SF turned out such an unremarkable game.

    The universe had so much potential but GG kind of screwed it up with weak story, forgettable characters and corny dialogue. Would have thought they’d have learnt after the dogdoo that was KZ3. If anyone from GG reads this, watch some good war movies to get some inspiration and hire some decent writers. Steven and Hermen, sorry but you’re doing it wrong. You really need to get an outsider to give some strong constructive criticism. Your games are technically great, look fantastic and have strong gameplay but are let down by the lack of anything compelling or ground breaking when it comes to narrative, things that will set it apart from the pack. You’ve had more than enough chances to get it right and blow it every time, with the possible exception of KZ2.

  • Why the hell must i use facebook? facebook is not a video sharing site… i cant even post the videos i capture to my gaming website i participate on or even

    What is the point in me spamming facebook will PS4 games when half the people on my facebook dont give a S***?

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