Super Motherload Out Today on PS4

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Super Motherload Out Today on PS4

Super Motherload, 02

With the launch of Super Motherload and PS4 today, we count ourselves lucky to be among the small number of indie games available at launch, helping to make good on Sony’s promise to support innovation from small teams. What we don’t push in polygons, we hope to make up in truly social gameplay experiences that keep drawing you back. For the next puzzle, the next Special Upgrade, and of course your next grudge-match against pals.

One unique PS4 feature we didn’t have space to mention in our last post is Super Motherload’s use of the Activity Feed. As certain events unfold in Super Motherload, such as the untimely and permanent death of your hard-won upgraded character at the hands of fuel depletion in Hardcore mode, the activity feed will broadcast notification of your controller-hurtling rage to your friends on PSN. Other, more celebratory activity feed posts include the acquisition of Special Abilities and Character Unlocks.

Super Motherload, 04Super Motherload, 01

There has also been quite a bit of interest in the soundtrack for Super Motherload since our last post. We’re pleased to announce that we’ve decided to stream the entire soundtrack on YouTube for free (with digital download & a vinyl edition also forthcoming). You can check out the entire soundtrack here.

Super Motherload’s soundtrack is an electronic score written by Eric Cheng, inspired by sci-fi / horror movie themes and synth-pop hooks. Eric is an Edmonton-based producer who has worked with artists like Mac DeMarco, Coeur de Pirate, and Michael Rault. He’s a member of electronic pop artist Born Gold’s touring band, and also toured with Grimes in early 2012 during her North American Visions tour.

We hope you’ll make Super Motherload one of your titles on Launch Day!

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