Resogun Out Now on PS4

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Resogun Out Now on PS4

To celebrate the official release of RESOGUN and PS4 in North America, I am delighted to to share yet more details about the game, from the team at Housemarque, and of course, some more great explosions!

I know a lot of readers skip right ahead to the videos, but I am going to start with a piece of concept art, depicting a whole bunch of initial enemy designs.

Resogun on PS4

A few of these may not have made the cut for the final game but most of them lie in wait for you to blast them to pieces.

Did I mention blasting? Ok, it’s definitely time for some explosions then and the most epic RESOGUN video yet!

The best thing about RESOGUN of course is that the gameplay is just as epic as the explosions and so the last video I will share here today is all about the gameplay.

RESOGUN has lots of subtle tricks to master in order to achieve the best score possible and as you can see in the video, it’s possible to play with a lot of style that is sure to amaze people watching over your shoulder.

RESOGUN is a truly mesmerizing experience but I want to keep this update short and sweet, leaving you with more time to play the game.

Thank you for reading and watching — we look forward to seeing you on the leaderboards soon.

We will reveal some expert gameplay tips to coincide with the European launch at the end of November, so check back in a couple weeks for these, and please check us out on Facebook.

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  • this was the first game i played when i got my ps4 hooked up last night. great fun game :)

  • First download for me. GREAT file size. Congrats on an amazing launch! Just listened to the blogcast with grace chen and Nick Colberg, good job on a great PSN exchange launch as well !

  • ” Posted by Tommy Rydling // Senior Community Manager, DICE ”

    Since when is EA DICE handling projects for Housemarque I’m so confused. Different DICE?

  • PS Vita version!

    … And consider my money in your pocket.

  • This game is free to PS Plus members, and Plus is needed to play online. So it will wind up being free for most people.

    Before someone asks, you CAN reserve a copy before/without having a PS4. I just did so via the website. Resogun was easy to find in the Plus section. Hit up the PS4 section for Contrast, etc. Same deal going forward: Free PS4 stuff without a PS4.

  • Glad this is free.

  • Hi Tommy! Great game Resogun, i have a doubt. Currently i don’t have a PS4 and i’m planning to get one close to x-mas. I don’t wanna lose the opportunity to downlod this title for free using my PS+ membership, can i download it via PS3? Thanks in advance!

  • You won’t lose the opportunity if you use the PS Store’s website. Just add the game(s) to your cart and complete the transaction like always. They’ll be on your download list if/when you get a PS4. :)

  • I played it last night (on rookie for shame, but it was late) and I had a BLAST! Can’t wait to get back to it after work to try it on a harder difficulty.

  • I was getting a maintenance notice at first when trying to get this and Contrast downloaded but looks to be coming through now. Can’t wait!

  • please tell us we’ll see a 3D patch in the future! Super Stardust is *amazing* in 3D, and it’s weird the PS4 regresses in this area.

  • I love dead nation (A LOT) and all the super star dust games but Resogun is such an AWESOME game. I love how different it is from your predecessors. but what else other than perfection do I expect from you guys? :)

  • Having a lot of fun with it, really addictive.

  • Yes. What plaztiksyke said. 3D patch please, please, please! SSD in 3D was exceedingly wondrous!

  • I’m a PS PLUS member and when I downloaded Resogun and went to play it told me I do not have a license for the content… Seriously?

  • I did use the 30 day free trial that came with the ps4.. is that the problem?

  • Great game. So much fun.

  • When I tried to download this on the web store, it said the game was $14.99? I thought this game was suppose to be free with Plus?

  • I am having trouble downloading this as free since im a ps+ member !

    when i put this in cart it shows me 14.99$ price instead of coming as free as shown before putting in my cart. what gives ?

  • you’re doing something wrong.

  • This game is more fun than I expected. I cannot wait to play co-op with my friends.

  • So anyone ? whats the issue ? is there some kinda problem on the sony webstore that i can’t put this in my download list ?

    here’s a picture for proof

  • I spent about 10 hours yesterday slogging through Veteran. The sense of accomplishment when I finally beat the last boss… wow. This is an amazing game, and I look forward to finishing the plat run, as long as that 15x Multiplier trophy doesn’t hold me back.

  • Are any of you having issues playing the game? Finally was able to download this morning, but it will not start up, it stays stuck at load screen… Any thoughts or suggestions for fix?

  • I’ve seen several people post comments about putting Resogun and Contrast in their download queue so they have them when they finally get around to getting a ps4. Since I’ll be getting one for the holidays most likely I plan on doing the same…

    Yet when I go to the ps store neither games are showing form me. Contrast just has a description and Resogun is entirely absent. I’ve searched for them manually, looked in the IGC and checked both new arrivals and the plus section and nothing.

    What am I missing here? How am i supposed to do this?

  • Wait, i just clicked on contrast as im a ps+ member on the webstore and it just told me that IM NOT ELIGIBLE to get the game now ? im a ps+ member why not !

  • I’d like to see 3D support as well.

    And while I don’t know if voxels are possible on PS Vita, I’d love a Resogun Delta on PS Vita. A game like Resogun for PS Vita would be great! I don’t want a port, so it’d be like SS Delta. Unique to Vita.

    I don’t know, I think it’d be great. Remote Play with Resogun is great.

  • @TrueLordX: You are using the web store, right? As far as I know, it can’t be done on a PS3.

  • The game is ok…

  • For some reason this is not showing free when I add it to cart, but says free when I add it :(

  • + subadictos on November 15th, 2013 at 9:21 am said:

    “A fix for the CONTRAST BUG: put two games first on the shopping cart and then Contrast. That trick do the magic. Then you can delete the other two games if you want and Contrast will continue FREE for Plus members. :)”

    This was posted in the PS4 launch games thread. Hope it helps Plus members who are having the problem where the games (Contrast/Resogun) aren’t showing up as free on the store. :)

  • @TrueLordX (and anyone else wishing to reserve PS Plus content for PS4 without having one):

    Eliminate “blog.” and anything after “com” in the URL of this page.

    (Sorry, I know that sounds weird but posting links around here means your post won’t show up until a mod approves it.)

    From there, look for PlayStation Network at the top, then PlayStation Store -> Shop Now button which will launch the PS Store in a new tab/window. Ignore the Plus section; PS4 content is inexplicably absent right now. But it doesn’t matter. Got to PS4 -> New PS4 Games to find Contrast & Resogun free to Plus. Go to New PS4 Add-Ons if you want the free Warframe bundle. Add them to your cart and complete the transaction like always. You’re done! :)

    Use the method described by subadictos (my previous post) if the games aren’t showing up as free to Plus.

  • ^^ yes finally the above method works, also try to let the page fully load etc before putting the items in cart..

    finally got resogun free

  • ThumbsOfSteel74, you are an awesome human being. Stay the way you are and never change. I can’t say thank you enough for helping me, and others our with our issues.

    Kudos to subadictos for the original post <3

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